Why You Just Can’t Trust Most Sites That Review Make Money Online Products

To date, I have reviewed over 50 products that teach you how to make money online (MMO). Out of those, there are only 6 that I have given the green light to, with the rest not having favorable scores (scams).

However if you check online for what other review sites rate the same companies I have labeled as scams, you’ll likely find a lot of them them give the same places a green light. This begs the question of who can be trusted and the reason I decided to write about it. 

I consider my reviews to be accurate and provide an honest opinion of MMO programs. There are however many places which give people that impression but try to sell any program they can under the guise of “honesty”.  

For as many MMO products there are in this world, there are even more websites reviewing them, and a large majority of these places rate them favorably mostly because they promote them ( they are called affiliates) and usually the higher the program pays their affiliates, the more likely the affiliate will give the program a thumbs up, regardless of whether or not the program is a scam/legitimate. 

It is my opinion that most MMO programs/products (99%) are absolute crap, scams, pyramid schemes, ect… which means most of the “favorable” reviews I find online for the programs I consider crap are either disingenuous, don’t understand what they are reviewing or are again just promoting the program to make an extra buck. I consider those that promote any product they can to make an extra buck sell-outs. 

With that in mind, I want to warn people about these places and how to spot if a review is legitimate or not. For that, I have a number of “rules” I follow which I would like to share with you. 

My Rules: 

1. Don’t ever buy an MMO program without first doing research on it. This means you should head to Google and look up reviews of the program. You can also find plenty on this page as well! However…

2. If a review you find is “overly” positive, in my experience, these are the ones you should avoid. Just as many MMO products like to label themselves as being so easy that anyone can do it, so are review sites that give you that impression of the program. 

There is NO program out there in the MMO world that is ever easy and any program/review site that gives you that impression is in my opinion misleading you. 

3. I personally avoid review sites that have misleading titles. So many times when I do research on MMO products, I’ll see titles like this:

  • “Warning: Don’t Fall For The “Product” Scam Until You Read This Review!” 
  • “Product” is a Massive Scam!”

Then when I visit the page expecting to read about how the program is a scam, it turns out to be an overly positive review of the program. That in my opinion is misleading and a sign the review is not being honest with me. I avoid places like these. I recommend you do too. At the very least, look at the page and see if the actual review matches the title.

4. Always get second/third & even fourth opinions from other websites. Unless you know of a legitimate review site that you can trust, always look for what other websites are saying about the product you’re interested in. Get both sides of the story basically. Look for negative reviews if need be as those tend to be more honest. 

5. If the site that reviews the product doesn’t actually do a good job of explaining it, then I wouldn’t consider that review to be worth listening to. As often as I review programs on this site, one common feature I keep bumping into is that most of these places never actually explain what they’re about.

Instead most of the time you’ll get major hype in the form of how much money you can make, how easy the program is, testimonials, ect…, but little/no details about what it actually is. 

Well many review sites are like this too in that they rarely explain what’s inside the program, what you’re actually getting and if it’s really worth your time. Instead they just basically paraphrase the same hype I mentioned above. Don’t fall for this! 

Above all, the #1 rule I follow is this: 

Use rational thinking! If something seems fishy about a review, is off or doesn’t make sense, stick to the skeptical side because in the world of MMO, this can and will likely save you a ton of money! 

Websites which I believe have accurate reviews:

Now that we’ve got the negative stuff out of the way, I’d like to share some places which I personally trust and research MMO products on whenever I do reviews. I’d like to point out that I make nothing from recommending these places.

I just believe people should know which places they can trust if they want accurate reviews. In fact the owners of the sites I mention here don’t even know I’m endorsing them:

WaystoAvoidScamsOnline: This site reviews programs which teach you MMO and gives them a score from 1-100, 1 is the worst and 100 is the best. The man who created it is someone I know and trust. He has integrity.

OnemorCupof-Coffee: A friend of mine made this page. He has tons of reviews he does (over 200 I think) and in many cases buys the program/product and reviews it. 

IveTriedThat: While the person who owns this site is not a friend of mine, he provides excellent reviews. Like the title of the website states, he does actually try the products he reviews. He literally buys it and gives you an inside look. 

These are the 3 places I personally trust and recommend you do research through if you’re interested in MMO products. Obviously there is also this site you’re on ;), but I always want people to have options.

One thing the above 3 places and my page share in common is that we all have the same #1 recommendation

What about sites you can’t trust? 

Well there are MANY. I would rather not go through an entire list, but I do hope the above tips on how to spot the good/bad reviews will be more than enough to help you decide. But if you do have a website you go to for reviews which you would like me to check out, feel free to leave your comment below and I’d be more than happy to give you my thoughts on it. 


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