How To Get Into Affiliate Marketing. The First Steps You Need To Take…

Knowing how to properly get into affiliate marketing is absolutely crucial because it saves you everything: money, time, stress and a host of other important things.  As someone who has been in affiliate marketing for a good 8 years, I have seen a lot of good and bad things. I’ve made and lost a lot of money and it took me quite a number of years to actually see profits.

This would have never happened if I knew then what I know now. I will share with the best way to start if you’re new and help you avoid the same mistakes I and 99% of new affiliate marketers make when getting into this business.

Here are 3 BEST ways to get into affiliate marketing:

1. Find proper guidance:

You’ve already got that covered since you’re on this site as it will help guide you on the best path to making money through the internet. Proper guidance is without a doubt the #1 thing you need to make it in affiliate marketing.

Learn from people who know how this business works and avoid making the same mistakes all newbies such as myself made. I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as your #1 place to get started with affiliate as it will teach you from the ground up exactly how to make it as an affiliate in the world of online marketing. It’s also completely free to join by the way.

More info on Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Build a website!

A website is absolutely imperative to see success in affiliate marketing. There are many paid/free ways to do this, but my personal approach is this method. It only takes a minute to complete and you don’t have to go through all the traditional red tape approaches of making websites. 

Don’t have any experience in building websites? That’s completely fine. Everyone has to start somewhere and believe it or not customizing and building up your website is actually much easier than you think. Very little to no HTML experience is required especially if you use this approach. It’ll help you set up a WordPress website (like this one). These sites are very easy to work if you’re a beginner. 

3. Taking action!

When you learn what works and what doesn’t, the last necessary step is taking action. Nothing good comes without it. With proper guidance in your hands and you taking action, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t succeed at affiliate marketing.

Again the BEST way to start is through a place which shows you exactly how it works and helps you get going from the best position possible. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for this exact purpose. Click here to learn more about WA.

Putting everything together:

When I first started doing affiliate marketing, it took me a good 2-3 years to actually see any kind of good results. Trust me when I say the best way to succeed is to utilize the 3 elements I mentioned above.

  • Without proper guidance, you won’t know what to do.
  • Without a website, you won’t be able to promote and make money.
  • Without taking action, none of this will happen.

Think of these elements as a trifecta, all depending on one another. Other things I would highly recommend are this:

When starting out, experiment! Play around with this. Most people (including myself) who get into this business try to find ways to make money very quickly and this process distracts us from actually doing what is REALLY needed to succeed. So my bottom line advice here is: Don’t focus on making money. Focus on making quality websites. Then the traffic and sales will come.

Do you have any questions/comments you’d like to share? Please post them below and I will respond to them promptly within 24 hours (usually faster!) 🙂





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