Extreme Home Profits: Some Parts of it Are a Scam.


Quick Report: Name: Extreme Home Profits by Michelle Robinson. Price: $97. Then 1 up-sell for almost $200 that get’s down sold 2 times, all the way down to $47. Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars. Barely acceptable training for the most part and some offers they provide are scams. This is a the second… Read More »

1 Hour Survey Review: Why I Have no Doubt it’s a Scam.


Quick Report: Name: 1 Hour Survey (1hrsurvey.com) Price: $49.99. There is also the possibility of up-sells and I’ll explain why. Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars. Yep, another “paid” survey scam. I was informed about 1 Hour Survey from a person very recently and noticed I had not yet done a review on it.… Read More »

30 Minute SEO Review: Is it Really That Quick?


Quick Report: Name: 30 Minute SEO by Stuart Avis. Price: $13.95 with 2 up-sells (that I didn’t buy), one is 10 extra worksheets and it’s called 30 Minute SEO Advanced and another called 30 Minute SEO Elite for $9.95 which is supposed to give you access to some exclusive group of people who know how… Read More »