Profit Bank Review And my Bad Experience With it

profit bank review

The short story of this review is that Profit Bank literally gave me nothing when I bought it. But I’ll tell you everything I experienced and what I found to be better than this “program”.

Quick Report on Profit Bank:

Creator: Thomas Black from the so called “Millionaire Society”.

Price: $17 down-sell a month (plus tax) and one up-sell to Millionaire Society Membership for a $4.95 trial run then $97/month after that.

Considering that you get absolutely nothing for any of these prices, what’s the point? But I’ll explain and prove that in this review shortly.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

The purchase I made got me nothing, but a training video to promote Profit Bank which I could have done without even buying this program. Everything else is an up-sell of some sort to some training and/or the Millionaire Society and I suspect it too could be a scam.

Profit Bank explained (you basically pay for hype):

It’s nothing more than an up-sell website and I’m talking about the members area once you purchase.

All you get is videos giving you a teaser into what’s to come if you buy more of the membership. You are basically paying for HYPE with this program, and I’m afraid that in my opinion, that is a scam.

You would think that after listening to a very long and hyped sales video about how awesome a system I’m about to get, I’d actually get something for it, but that’s not what happened when I purchased Profit Bank.

And the hypocrisy of calling out other “gurus” and how they scam people, only to do basically the same thing is just jaw dropping. 

While growing tired of watching the video, I clicked the back button which activated a discount. This is when I purchased it for the $17. But after seeing all I “get”, why in the world would I want to pay $17 a month for…nothing? 

Proof you get nothing from Profit Bank:

profit bank members area

Take a look at the members area. Basically it’s an intro to Profit Bank to help you navigate it. This type of welcome is normal for just about any make money online program, but the point of it is to actually have you start something and not be given the crap this program gave me.

I’ll be going over everything that’s “accessible” in Profit Bank and that is basically the menu items on the left hand side and the videos on the current screenshot you’re viewing:

So let’s go over the videos first before getting into the menus:

Step 1: Full tour. It’s just the tour of the site.

Step 2: Using road maps.

In this “road map” area, you get a video on how to create an online business via website and then do the basic things, get traffic, but if you click on the icon the left (road maps), here’s what you’ll see:

profit bank road maps

So it’s locked and I can’t access it. If you click on the link, you’ll have to pay $37/month to even try this.

Step 3: Your concierge. They give you a support number to call. Now onto the icons:

First is home which goes over the 3 steps I just discussed. Then we have:

Systems: It’s 6 books, but guess what?

They are locked, just like the road maps. To unlock them, you have to pay anywhere from $7 per book to $147 per month which I guess gives you not just those 6 books, but updates as well. Here’s how it currently looks:

profit bank systems

I suspect these 6 products are just PLR eBooks that may actually be outdated and it just so happens that I know a bunch about this material.

So you can click the links I provided you and get far more content without having to buy or unlock anything to do it!

Then we have road maps which I’ve already explained. This is followed by:

Software: Well this is the ONLY place where I actually get something, but it’s really nothing as I’ll explain in a moment:

Here is how this section looks and one of these areas is locked (surprised?):

profit bank software

And the other, Profit bank is just a link to help you make affiliate links to promote Profit Bank to others. Some may think this is some exclusive thing you get if you buy the program, but it’s NOT.

Aside from the email autoresponder set up form (which they say is optional), you get to make your Clickbank ID to promote this program. And I actually like that place (Clickbank that is, not Profit Bank).

But the thing is, you don’t need this place to promote it. You can easily hop onto Clickbank, join it, visit the marketplace, find Profit Bank and generate the same link there and that won’t cost a penny.

And by the way, the only reason I did buy this program was because it was a part of Clickbank so if I don’t like it (which I don’t), I can easily refund it (which I will). 

More nothing from Profit Bank (stuff you have to pay for to unlock):

Next is businesses: Remember that road maps locked screen I showed above? Well that’s exactly what you’ll see here too. More locked stuff and more requirements to pay for it.

If you scroll down on this page, you can vaguely see that you’re going to be given eBooks to read. I strongly believe they are all PLR content based on the way they are titled. I highly doubt the creator of Profit Bank wrote all of this and it’s VERY common to see a lot of people who have online marketing programs buy a bunch of PLR books and put them up as bonuses for you to check out.

The problem however is that if I’m right, then most of that infoprofitbankiconsrmation is either too vague to use or just outdated, something that’s very common to see with this sort of thing.

Library: That’s the next icon you’ll see, but yet again it’s another thing which you need to pay to unlock. Again, there are vague images you can see and from what I can tell, it’s videos that provide training on wide ranges of internet marketing topics. 

Then there’s the rest of the icons which I’ve put up to the right. First we have offers:

The offers page gives you a link to 3 different pages, 2 regarding PC fixing issues and one for web hosting. How these are supposed to be used does not seem relevant to the program (only the web hosting part). But you may have to buy them…

Rolodex: Again more information you need to unlock. This appears to show videos on buying domain names and tutorials on video marketing.

Blog: More stuff to pay for to unlock.

Support: Just a form to fill out to ask questions.

And finally the log out button.

So if you go through this list, you will see a common theme: The UNLOCK issue. 

Final Rating: Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

0 Stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. Criticize me if you want for not buying the up-sells to see what’s inside, but if I pay money for something, I expect fair compensation in return, even if it’s just information.

With Profit Bank you get nothing and after being promised so much and getting this, it’s a scam. Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that actually does provide actual value and one I completely trust.

My final thoughts:

It’s so wrong to do this sort of thing, the sad story in the sales pitch, the claims that you’ll get so much and more. It reminds me of 12 minute payday which also did similar things like Profit Bank after I joined it. 

I think I’ve made enough points to show you get nothing for the $17 purchase (and it’s going to monthly too!). Just videos that show you how to navigate the site, videos that further sell you more things from within and the ability to promote the Profit Bank system is all you really get inside the members area.

What is the point of even buying this thing? Well after seeing what I saw, the answer is nothing. And how can I possibly trust the man behind this program after I’ve been misled so much? This kind of operation shows there’s probably more like it to expect if I go further into the site. If you can’t gain my trust early on, don’t bother pushing me further.

Profit Bank


Profit Bank Score



  • None!


  • Profit Bank gave me nothing for the money I paid.

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  1. Wow. The “membership site upsell” model seems to be going around a lot lately. They get you in the door for cheap, then try to trick you into clicking the buy button on something else. Shady stuff man.

    • True, but $17 a month is ridiculous! Granted even charging a penny for this would be wrong, but this price is just shocking…


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