What is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach? Is it Real?

Quick Report:automatic income coach review

Name: Automatic Income Coach by Kevin Thompson.

Price: Free trial, but then it’s 3 payments of $397 for 3 months, so about $1,000 in total.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

While the hype for how “good” this system is and how much it’ll bring in to you is there, there isn’t enough evidence to show that this program still works.

I say “still” because the site looks REALLY old, the payment processor is literally a fill in form vs a checkout cart and finally, the price is insane for a sales page which is a bit too vague on what you’ll get.

Recommended? No.

So what is Automatic Income Coach?

It is both a training and coaching system on helping you make an internet business and from what I gathered, it’s through the following methods:

1) Selecting niche markets and making site/s selling products to the niche market.

2) Creating a local business in your area and/or helping a local business in your area expand their base by offering your help to them. 

3) Doing email marketing for the above 2 things to help draw in clients and make money through them.

There’s likely more, but in short, I believe these are the 3 main things that encapsulate the training inside Automatic Income Coach and in theory, I agree that this is a good way to go about making an online business, since I have and do these things personally.

But there’s a reason I gave Automatic Income Coach a low rating and I will explain shortly…

Now the “automatic” part comes from the idea that when you set up the business and the sales funnel, site and other components are running, they are doing so themselves and you can just let it keep going. This is technically true given the nature of successful online businesses, but speaking from experience, it does require a lot of attention, even when it is successful.

Issues I have with Automatic Income Coach and why I don’t recommend it:

I mentioned in the above rating briefly why I don’t like this program, but I will go into much more detail. Before I do, I want to mention that I decided NOT to buy it, and besides the price being one of those reasons, the other is that I run a business online and I know the prices you should pay to learn these things. But anyway:

1) Let’s start with the prices.

For anyone who is entering the online business world for the first time, and looking to make a successful website, a lot of questions may arise, such as:

  • How to start.
  • How much to pay.
  • Which place has the best training.
  • And basically where you should invest your time and possibly money…

Now speaking from experience, the answer is that you should look for places that give you free and HIGH VALUE information on the topic of online business and good training, and then provide a ladder to go further and if there’s a price involved, that it’s cheap.

And very few places offer that all of that. Automatic Income Coach is just too expensive at nearly $400 a month for 3 months.

Even though there is a free trial, the followup prices are too much in my experience, especially for the next reason I will state. But, the fact is, there’s just better programs to meet the standards I just explained such as my #1 recommendation and here’s why:

automatic income coach alternative

2) Vagueness of the sales page. 

So this is another huge reason why I went lower with the rating. About half if not more of the page doesn’t really talk about what you get, more so, it’s a background of the creator, Kevin and his history.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people getting into details on their lives and how they succeeded, but what I seek which is equally important is:

A) Proof that the system works. 

B) Case studies to provide that proof.

C) A CLEAR explanation on how the system you’re pitching works.

In these 3 categories, Automatic Income Coach in my opinion fails to deliver. There’s talks of email marketing and hints at niche marketing if you know your stuff on online business, but aside from that, it’s vague, too vague for me to invest over a $1,000 in the system.

If you want an example of a better program which does show the 3 things (A-C) in their system, see my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

3) The site looks extremely old.

So this is another huge thing.

This site looks like an old HTML set up, which I honestly don’t mind, but there’s talks of the 2008 economic crash which is long behind us, a message for me to preview the system Kevin offers for free if I act, before 2015….

This is probably a typo or just info he hasn’t updated, but I would think 3 years is a bit too long to wait to update these things.

In addition, sites which look like this very often say a lot about the training. Outdated sites typically mean outdated training and outdated training has less chances of working these days.

4) What kind of checkout cart is this!?

When was the last time you remembered filling out a form and FAXING it over the INTERNET? I have seen so many checkout carts, even strange ones, but this one is easily the most what the you know what when it comes to checking out. 

Here’s what it looks like on the site:

I’m not saying this is a scam, but man, in all my years doing online business and I’ve been doing it since 2005, I have NEVER once ran across this type of checkout form. Who in the world still does faxing through a WEBSITE!? This is just absurd.

Final Rating: Automatic Income Coach.

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. I just can’t recommend this program. There’s only about a few good points made on the sales page which do reflect making a successful online business, but besides that, the things he says you’ll get, the old website, the “checkout cart” and a bunch of other things especially the price I saw on the site just really made me feel uneasy about going further.

I’m sticking to my recommended program to running an online business since it’s updated and it’s been working for me, for a long time.

My final thoughts:

There are still a lot websites on the internet that look like Automatic Income Coach’s site, the ones which have outdated looks, and training which also seems to be outdated as well (Simple Sites, Big Profits is one example). You have to understand that online business is evolving just like the internet and there was no evidence on Automatic Income Coach’s site to indicate that it’s been keeping up with this evolution.

Add to this problem the big prices that are charged (among other cons), and you really get a clear enough picture for why I rated the program the way I did.

I’ll finish up by saying that online business itself is a potentially huge opportunity, but to make it work, you need updated training, good prices for the training and I already said that this program is the better choice in that regard. In fact, it’s been the #1 choice for me for years because it’s keeping up with that evolution internet business is always going through and always offering high quality training for it’s students. 

Automatic Income Coach

3 payments of $397 for 3 months.

Automatic Income Coach Score



  • The value this program says it provides are things I can relate to working (niche, local marketing, ect...).


  • This site looks extremely outdated.
  • That fax option to buy an internet product is really what sealed it for me and not recommending it.

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