WFH Report Review. Which Scam Is it Promoting?

WFH report review

I do not recommend getting WFH Report and in this review, I’m going to explain why I honestly believe it to be a typical online scam.

I first reviewed this program in 2014 when it was a typical work at home scam, but 7 years later, in 2021, I still don’t see that anything has changed specifically regarding this program or opportunity and the fact that it still has people looking it up made me revisit this article to help you understand what is going on.

Quick Report on WFH Report:

Price: Initially free, but requires a deposit later.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars (Scam)

The only thing that makes WFH Report different than the other look alike scams I’ve reviewed before is that it can’t make up it’s mind on what it’s promoting. From what I researched, it’s either the typical link posting nonsense these places keep preaching or binary options.

I will explain both options that are being promoted on WFH Report, but regardless of what it promotes, the end result is that in my opinion it’s a scam. 

WFH Report in a nutshell:

WFT (Work from Home) Report shows the same signs of a scam as the many programs I’ve already reviewed that are like it. You are sold a lot of hype about making money doing simple things like posting links or doing binary options here. You are also sold these things on fake work at home special report sites like this.

They make it sound so easy. All you need is to follow some 2 or 3 steps system. The only part of this that’s true is in regards to the binary options, but that’s in terms of simplicity. When it comes to making money with this, it’s literally a gamble. 

What is WFH Report really promoting?

Usually when I see sites like these, they’ll always talk about making money posting links for companies. In fact that’s exactly what it says on the sales page:

WFH report link posting

But then as I continued reading further, I stumbled onto this:

wfh report binary options

This text is code word for binary options (where it says Call and Put). 

Now I know many people who read this do not know anything about link posting or binary options, but they are different so let me explain how each works:

1) Link Posting:

Link posting is another word for having a website and promoting products for people/companies (Affiliate marketing). For example, if you visit a website that provides reviews on say certain phones and see links there, chances are those links are promotional links which means if you click through it and buy a product, the person who posted that link makes a commission.

It’s actually a very lucrative way and even legitimate way to earn money online and it’s something I personally do (About me).

However with the way it’s described in WFH Report, they make it sound much easier and make it seem like there’s little/no work involved. I already made this comparison when I reviewed a similar scam called Internet Income Commissions which uses the same wording to sell you the program.

There is work involved and it does take time to make this work. It’s not a simple click, click type system.

  • You need a website.
  • And you need visitors to come to that website and those visitors need to be specific visitors.

In my example above, to make this work, you’d need people interested in phones to come to your site. It’s something that builds up overtime. In short, it’s an online business, not a get rich quick scheme.

That’s the more realistic summary of it. Sadly programs like WFH Report probably don’t tell you this. And if my assumption is true based on the other programs like this one I’ve reviewed, you may also have to deal with a lot of sales calls afterwards. This is cleverly hidden in this text they put up (Screenshot):

WFH clever wording


2) Binary options:

This is the second potential thing you’re being promoted here. Remember how I mentioned earlier how it’s free access but then you need to deposit money? Well this is how programs like WFH Report get you.

They give you the illusion of free access to make you think you’re getting some special deal, but what this place does is affiliates itself with binary trading programs which are places that allow you to bet on stocks and which way they’ll go (up/down) by selling either the call or put option.

Once you enter a binary trading website, you will need to deposit money. How much really depends on the site, but from what I’ve seen reviewing them, maybe around $250 and this is to start. 

Once you sign up, the creators of WFH Report are probably going to make a huge commission of you. In fact, they’re actually practicing a form of link posting like I mentioned above. They have a website. They attract a specific audience (those interested in making money) and they promote this. The only problem is that it’s scam. 

The reason I say this is because binary options themselves are in my mind a gamble. I explain why Binary Options are scams here, but even though it’s a gamble, the real scam are the programs which promote them, like WFH Report. They are such because there is no special offer or actually free access. You are going to have to pay. 


  • Not a single one.


  • It’s either a link posting scam site or trying to get you involved with binary options.

Final Rating: WFH Report

1 star

Red Flag (Scam)

1 out of 10 stars. There’s no other way to put it. It’s a scam site in my mind. Here’s my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate for teaching real ways to succeed online.

My Final Thoughts:

If you want to take anything from this review, it’s to save your money and avoid places like these. I don’t trust them. Whether this place is trying to get you involved with one of those link posting scam sites or binary options or maybe even both, the end result is that both are scams. 

Both don’t give you the full details of what it takes to succeed with it. Link posting can lead to excellent rewards, but it has to be done properly such as the way a program like Wealthy Affiliate teaches and as far as I’m concerned, ethically.

As for binary options, you already know my view on them. They can also work, but I don’t know of any real way to get consistent results with them because they are so unpredictable. 

I can also tell you right now that places like these are very common to see on the internet, especially for those who are seeking to work from home. It’s something you should be aware of and avoid if you ever encounter them.

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