Timeless Traffic Review. A True Inside Look.

I happen to be one of the few people out there who actually bought Timeless Traffic, and in this review I’m actually going to be giving you an inside look into it,

And that means, I’ll be revealing what their “secret method” of generating money really is.

There’s a lot of fake blogs out there which pretend to be reporting on this program (and then promoting it) and others like it in general and I want to say right away that this one is going to be different and that’s because, not only will I SHOW YOU what’s inside it, but I will also NOT be recommending it

What I will be recommending is this:

Anyway, let’s jump into this review and I’ll explain everything you need to know about this program:

The quick review of Timeless Traffic:

Price:timeless traffic review



Yes, there’s about 3 of them.

I only have the regular product and honestly, I wish they made one of their up-sells (the case studies reveals) a part of the main program, because it would really help people use this system easier…

Overview of method/strategy:

You’re taught about “influencer marketing”, aka an approach of making money online where you seek out popular people throughout various networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, ect…) and pay them to promote your channel, site, squeeze page, eStore. Then that word of mouth marketing leads to the influencer’s traffic coming to your page and making you sales (more explanation below).


The method is legit. Influencer marketing is a real way to get traffic, sales and build a list.

One of the owners of this product is Stephen Cianco, whose programs I generally like. And here’s one example of those.

There is a good bonus section in the members area which offers you good, additional traffic training.


Very poor video training and presentation. The man who presents the training sounds like he’s reading from a paper, and very poorly. It was tough to follow along.

The training at the core level of this program ($17) is very broad, and leaves a lot of details out. If you want more details, you need to purchase a case studies piece of this program (it’s one of the up-sells) and I didn’t like that.

This method is hard to pull off because trying to get influencers to notice you is tough.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

I like the marketing approach this program teaches, but to be honest, without buying the extra up-sells, it feels like the $17 product is just missing too many details and that makes it harder to replicate when you try to do it.

I really dislike that they made the case studies an up-sell because it feels like an extra money grab. For example, when I show people how to make money online and recommend this free program called Wealthy Affiliate, I actually give them real examples of how my recommended program works, plus the info is free to check out, the don’t need to pay extra! 

So when I take that and see what Timeless Traffic is doing, it’s really disappointing…

Anyway, the videos inside the base program are not high quality either like I said before. The person who presented them stumbles on his words a lot, despite the fact that it sounds like he’s reading from a paper…

Plus I would not consider this method to work very well for beginners and that’s because influencer marketing works better when you, yourself are someone worth paying attention to and if you’re not, then you need to have good money to “bribe” the influencer to promote you basically in my opinion. And regarding beginners, just start here.

When you are a “nobody” trying to pay big time people money to promote whatever it is you’re promoting, they’re likely not even going to look at your messages. Now if you become someone influential yourself, then you have a chance of making this strategy work easier and even have other influences approach you instead of you approaching them.

Let me give you an inside look into Timeless Traffic:

If you’re wondering what’s inside this program, wonder no more, here’s what it’s members area looks like:

Now I want to explain a few things:

The home area and bonuses menus is where you get the real content. 

The home area has the actual training (4 modules, which I’ll be discussing in a moment) and the bonuses has training which Stephen himself presents called Pullii which teaches a different way to generate visitors that has nothing to do with Timeless Traffic, it’s just another strategy.

The rest of the menus in the members area are really just ads for other programs and another link to buy the up-sells which I did not get as I said before.

Let’s dissect the Timeless Traffic strategy:

So I briefly explained above about how the strategy taught in this program is about influencer marketing. Well in this section, I want to cover more details on that.

Within the members area,  you are given 4 modules of training which get into “details” about how this works, although I did quote the word details because as I complained earlier, the base training is very broad and you have to figure out the details on your own unless you buy the extra up-sells.

Anyway, because I know a lot about internet marketing (I earn a full time living, here’s how), I can actually give you these details without you having to figure it out, so here goes:

Influencers are just another word for big time people. In this program’s case, you are told to look for them in different areas. They could be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, those kinds of spots…

The specific details of the strategy explained:

You are first looking to promote a product.timeless traffic strategy

Then you look for influencers who have channels or pages where you could sell those products through (they recommend starting in one influencer network).

For example, if I wanted to sell internet marketing products, I can hop on Facebook, find popular influencers within Facebook, with large followings and then that would complete this step.

The next goal is to message them privately and ask them to pitch your site, your store, whatever you’re selling for a fee. The training does give a basic, broad email to send and does say that it won’t always work, but it’s a numbers game…

If you do manage to get an influencer to take you up on your offer, then you pay them an X amount you agree upon, they deliver the “shout out” and you get the traffic. 

And the goal moving forward is to scale this strategy in that if you one influencer’s shout out worked, do it again, and if not, move onto another one, until you get another one to give you a shout out and repeat this.

The end goal here isn’t just to find people who will promote you, but also to build an email list and find multiple opportunities to sell different things (physical and digital products) through big time influencers. 

Does this strategy work?

The answer is technically yes, but there’s a lot of bumps to consider.

As I said before, if you’re a beginner or “nobody”, finding tons of influencers isn’t really hard, nor is it hard to message them, the tough part is getting their attention and actually getting them to promote you.

The less reputation you have, the less odds you’ll be taken seriously by these influencers. 

That’s really the biggest issue you need to consider before you try this. I personally know about how hard it is to get taken seriously by big time people in my niche markets. 

It wasn’t until I became more popular and successful in online marketing, that I had influencers approach ME and ask to do business with me.

For example:

When this blog became popular and profitable…

  • I suddenly started getting requests to do guest blog posting.
  • I started getting offers from freelance writers to write for me.
  • I started getting program owners asking me to promote their products for me.

This is normal stuff for me now and I have the choice of who to work with, although I still stick to promoting 1 and only 1 major program above all to anyone wanting to make money online:

Anyway, I want to end this review and summarize in saying that once again, while I like the strategy, it could have been explained better without asking me to pay for extra stuff. I understand the formula because I’m experienced, but beginners will have a hard time with this, I just know it.

I really don’t like nor recommend programs which purposely leave out important details to try and get me to spend more on them. It’s just disingenuous…

Either way, thank you for reading my review of Timeless Traffic and at least now if you decide to get it or not, you’ll at least have a real inside look to reference and rely on for your decision.

Timeless Traffic


Timeless Traffic Score



  • The program creator is someone I generally like.


  • Main program is really missing a lot, you need to get the upsells to get the full benefits.

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