Survey Money Machines Review. Worth it? I Say no! See Why.

survey money machines reviewSurvey Money Machines is a “program” which gives you access to completing questionnaires online from different companies for money.

The idea is that this is a way to make some extra cash and although the site does state that this is not a get rich quick scheme, I’m going to advise you stay far away from this place or any like it. 

Keep reading this review to find out why I am warning against this place! 

Survey Money Machines in a nutshell:

The website was created by Hailey Gates.

Once you sign up (which is free, but comes with a price), you get access to a number of different survey websites.

You’ll have to sign up to each of them. Some will require personal info such as phone number. Some may require you actually pay up front first. Others will be free. 

You will receive a number of surveys each week to complete. Each can take you several minutes to do and once you complete it, you are supposed to get paid or at least accumulate points/rewards that you can then redeem for money/prizes/sweepstakes/ect… 

Here’s why I advise against trying this place:

1) First off, there are 2 websites that are almost identical.

Both use the name Survey Money Machines. Both were created by Haily Gates, but once site is named Survey Money Machines, the other is without an s at the end.

Why is this? 

Well in my experience websites which look alike but have similar/different names are that way because the other received way too many complaints from people so the person remade the site under a different name and basically kept re-selling the same program.

I feel this is the case here. In fact, just look at both sites and see for yourself. I’ve marked some similarities in a red rectangle: 

survey money machines site compairson

2) I’ve dealt with Survey sites before. I was NOT happy.

Basically what I experienced was very similar to what Survey Money Machines recommends. I signed up to a website (and paid $67!) to get access to the most “lucrative” survey websites around. After doing so, I signed up to EVERY single one of them. In total there were about 60 if I remember correctly. 

Long story short (full details here), some surveys I filled out did offer “some” opportunities, but paid very little, were not worth my time/effort to complete. Others paid you less than a PENNY per survey. I did receive calls for focus group meetings, but I never attended them. In the end, taking online Surveys was a BIG waste of time and money for me and I would never recommend it to anyone. To think some Survey site is going to pay you huge amounts of money just to answer questions is just ridiculous. Lesson learned on my part.

3) Survey Money Machines IS an affiliate page. 

An affiliate is someone who promotes a product/program through a website. If a visitor to that website buys the product, the survey money machines insideaffiliate gets a commission.

Sometimes these affiliates promote what are known as CPA offers where they promote a business where you have to sign up for. Once a person completes the sign up process, a commission is made for the affiliate.

What am I getting at here? Well I believe Survey Money Machines is nothing more than a massive affiliate website, not an actual survey site.

Each place they refer you to, for which you sign up for, the affiliate will get a commission. It would certainly explain why Haily is pushing for you to sign up to as many websites as possible.

How do I know this is the case?

Because I’ve been in online marketing for a long time and I can spot an affiliate link pretty easily (info on me). When I initially signed up for Haily’s site for free just to see what’s inside, I was then taken to a page with survey websites for which I would have to register for. When I clicked on a few of the links and looked at the URL, it looked very much like an affiliate link.

I don’t have a problem with affiliates promoting something, as long they don’t promote things that are disingenuous or scam people. I feel from my previous experiences and additional research I’ve done on this program, that this site’s recommendations are not what they promise. 


  • You can make some money through this program.
  • Free “initial” access.


  • You are going to receive A LOT of emails with surveys. I wouldn’t recommend using a major email.
  • Many of the surveys you take pay you VERY little or have restrictions making it difficult to cash out. 
  • I’ve personally had VERY unfavorable experiences with online surveys and wouldn’t recommend them.

Final Rating: Survey Money Machine/s (whichever they use)

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. An absolute NO for me. See #1 recommendation that truly works.

My final thoughts:

Not all online survey sites are the same, but a LARGE majority of them give you very little for completing their offers/surveys. Logically it doesn’t even make sense for a company to pay so much for you to just fill out a simple questionnaire.

And in my experience this has proven true. And it’s not worth completing tons of surveys to get paid a little. It’s just not a cost effective way to make extra cash, even though these sites consistently keep trying to make it sound like it is…

Unfortunately time and time again people who are struggling to make ends meet or just looking to make some extra cash fall for these scams because they promise so much. Don’t be one of these people. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Make sure you always do thorough research on a company/program/opportunity before trying it.

Also be aware that many sites where you can find reviews/information may be affiliate pages where the company is being promoted. This means whatever review you read of the company may be extremely favorable and if it seems suspicious and biased to you, move onto another website.

If you’re looking to make extra cash, I would recommend you try something legitimate like Swagbucks which has been rated pretty favorably on this website. It doesn’t pay much, but you do get rewards for doing fun or mundane tasks online which you can then redeem for gift cards. 

Additionally there is also my #1 recommendation which isn’t like SwagBucks, but it teaches people to create real and sustainable online businesses based on their personal interests/hobbies. This is more recommended for people who are looking to do something of their own. It’s also good for those looking to make something extra. 

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