SEnuke TNG Review. Why I Will Never Use it.

Quick Report:senuke tng review

Name: SEnuke TNG.

Price: $1 trial available, but it’s main price point is $97/month for 1 site, $147 a month for 3 sites, or you can just buy the whole thing for either $1,997 or a 1 year payment of $1,477.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

There’s some things I saw within this program’s promises that scared me. The SEO implications of what this program can do to your site are frightening in my opinion and I will explain why…

Recommended program? No!

SEnuke TNG in a nutshell:

This is an automated software program which does several things for you which it’s own sales page says are important for having your site rank higher. Here are just some of those things:

  • It creates tons of backlinks for you. They say these links are high quality.
  • It spins content you create and/or content you wish to create from other sites. 
  • From my understanding it creates “fake visits and clicks” to your site to show Google that it’s popular.
  • And more…

As a result of using this software…

These are the kinds of results you are supposedly going to get:

1) By getting more fake visits to your site and longer stay times, it’ll show Google you have a high quality site. This will boost it’s rank.

2) By using it’s content spinner, it will produce for you a lot of content and show Google your site is growing, thus also providing it with higher rankings.

3) By creating backlinks in bulk, it will also show Google that your site is getting appreciation and shares from many other sites.

These 3 things (and the other things SEnuke TNG does for your site) will all contribute to you getting higher rankings for your website.

In short, this software is supposed going to take the hard work needed to succeed in SEO and automate it so it’s easy for you to do it. 

Unfortunately, these promises are likely to fall short in my opinion…

Why you may get the complete opposite results…

When I was reading and watching the video of SEnuke TNGI had to pause and re-watch/re-read some of the things they were saying because I couldn’t believe that in 2018, such a program would still be in existence and doing this stuff.

You see, many years ago, many of the things which SEnuke TNG promised to do to help your site rank was actually something that Google did away with. In other words, the same methods used by this program was flagged and punished by Google.

  • If you engage in backlinking like this…
  • If you use article spinners…
  • If you try to fake visits and bounce rates…

You will be doing things that Google has warned users NOT to do, lest they have their site punished in horrendous ways, such as losing it’s rankings almost completely.

So the irony of using SEnuke in my opinion is that because of the contrary rules set by Google, you will get the OPPOSITE results of what this program is tying to do for your site.

Instead of getting high rankings, Google will catch you engaging in this type of activity and punish your site, thus de-ranking you.

This is why I said I was scared when I read what this program does for you:

If someone came to with SEO advice and told me about this program and if they should use it, I’d yell “NO, absolutely not!”. 

As far as I see it, this thing is just another black hat program to trying to cheat the SEO game and cheating the SEO game is not an easy thing to achieve these days. Even if you get away with it, you’re playing a game that you will not win. Google makes it harder and harder to get away with this and eventually everyone gets caught. Once they do, they have to start over with their site. It’s not a game I would ever advise anyone play. I’ve done that before, it’s not a good thing…

Cheap backlinking tactics for example are easily seen by Google and basically squashed. Even if you get high quality backlinks from this program, it still does very little to nothing for your site.

The even bigger issue I see is the “visits” this program says it’ll send to your site to give your page a stimulus effect in Google’s eyes. It’s just code word for fake visits. I don’t trust this method of black hat stuff.

And finally, the even bigger issue is the article spinner. I have said numerous times that article spinners are simply a form of plagiarism. How else would you define a form of spinning other people’s content?

And these are the 3 big red flags that stand out the most with this program. I’m sure if they weren’t so vague, I could probably find more, but honestly, these 3 issues are more than enough for me to know what will happen if a person engages with them: They will get the complete opposite SEO results than intended…

Final Rating: SEnuke TNG

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. If you know what white hat SEO is, then you will probably assume that what SEnuke TNG does is black hat and that will be enough for steer away from it. That’s how I look at this program…

My final thoughts: Alternatives.

I don’t have an easy answer for you if you’re trying to get good SEO results so I’m going to say it straight up:

You cannot rely on these types of programs to get the desired SEO results you wish. They will sink your rankings if you get caught. Avoid them entirely.

-As an alternative, you have to avoid doing backlinking for example. Socially share your site when you want, but do not rely on this to grow your rankings.

-Create your own content and/or pay someone to do it and make sure it’s completely unique and not copied from anyone.

-Do not fake visits to your site to try and trick Google. Grow it naturally by creating high quality content and letting Google do the rest. 

It takes more time to grow your site this way, but it is the 100% safe, profitable approach to reach success. It’s what I have been doing for years in my own SEO efforts and this is what works people. 

SEnuke TNG

$1 trial then monthly payments.

SEnuke score



  • None.


  • There is a ton of black hat stuff about SEnuke that worries me.
  • Black hat marketing almost always leads to destroyed rankings.

6 thoughts on “SEnuke TNG Review. Why I Will Never Use it.”

  1. Hey Vitaliy,

    I am so surprised that you even gave this trash a 1/10.This software program is clearly as old as the hills and plainly just preying on those that are inexperienced or unknowledgeable in regards to good, proper and clean practices to genuinely establishing a business online and with search engines.

    Spun content? Deregulated by Google some 6/7 years ago now with the panda update.

    Backlinks? At least 4 years ago and getting more difficult to get good links. I’d hazard a guess that they are giving low quality links in comments area of blogs and signatures in forums which are worthless (in SEO terms) anyway!

    Kudos for warning folks about this! Here is a cool SEO tip for your readers. SEO is easy, really easy! 

    Once you stop thinking it is difficult, it is surprising how easy it really is. I self-taught with some basic guidance found online. Just create quality content and Google will rank it (eventually with time). Without quality content google has no business model. Think about it!

    • It’s been a long time Derek, awesome to hear from you! And as usual, we agree on just about everything, although you were a bit more to the point than I was! I will add that in regards to the tip you provided, I will recommend that people seek those tips out in Wealthy Affiliate, it is still the best program to date which shows this same stuff.

  2. Black hat works for only a short period of time so it is not a good option for me since I actually want to build a legit online business. You said that it takes time. I wonder can I build an online business in a year? Or does it take more time? What is your experience with this?

    • Hi Furkan, you can absolutely make a business within that time. In fact, once you have good guidelines set up (niche and site) you are basically off the ground at that point and it’s then a matter of working hard on the content creation to make it work out.

  3. I can’t believe there are still software programs like this available today! I believe the only way they are still around and possibly making money is by taking advantage of newbies who don’t know any better.

    That’s why it’s so important to get the proper education. It would be such a shame for someone to have worked so hard on their website, only to have Google blacklist you due to getting involved with software like that.

    Thank so much for your review,


    • Yeah I agree Suzanne and having gone through that myself, I know how terrible it feels to set up a site, pay so much for it and have it go to in the fresh of SEO rankings. 


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