Computers Made Simple. Another Scam Program Revealed?

Quick Report:computer made simple review

Name: Computers Made Simple.

Price: $97. Some discounts included if you try and exit, but I wouldn’t pay even a penny for this either way…

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

They did it again (a low quality program switched names to this new one) and I am writing about it here to warn you about it.

Recommended program? No!

Any legit alternatives? Yes:

What is Computers Made Simple?

This is a scam work at home program but it is not made by the person you are led to believe it’s made by: Linda Taylor.

You see that person isn’t real.

This program is simply using a purchased or recycled picture of a woman, attaching a fake name to it and writing a fake, overused story about a mom who made it big using the same program that’s being pushed on you, aka the one you’re reading about now and it’s also pushed through fake sites like these.

And I know this because this is at least the THIRD time I’m encountering this program. However, the previous 2 times I found it were under a different name. But I know the 3 programs are exactly the same because I tried to purchase them all, and was told I could not. This is basically the message I kept getting, every single time:

Here’s how this scam operates:

So a little while ago, this program was known as Computer Geeks. The name behind it was Karen Williams. That no longer exists.

Then it switched names to Computer Technical Guys. Now that one was made by the not real Linda Taylor. And I literally found out and reviewed that program 5-6 days ago. That program no longer exists either.

Now it’s switched to the one we’re reviewing here: “Computers Made Simple” and it is also made by the same Linda Taylor. Here’s evidence of this stuff:

And the thing is this:

All 3 of these programs despite having similar, but still different names, still sell you the same program on the back end.

Now the problem is I don’t remember the name of it because I review and study scams a lot, so it’s hard to remember all of the names of programs I’ve reviewed (it doesn’t really matter though), plus these programs hide behind the above names so often, that I easily forget which one they are peddling. The real program being sold to you behind the above 3 is carefully hidden. That’s the bottom line.

And truth be told, I know I already have/had the program those 3 fake ones were pushing because as I said, they know my CC number and don’t let me purchase it again, so when I see that error message when trying to buy it, I already knew I had it.

But going through my memory bank, I know for a fact that if it was good, I’d easily recommend it. This is not the case here however. What I do know is either the program was bad and/or I refunded it.

So is there anything actually real about Computers Made Simple? Does it work?

Even if I try to be as optimistic as possible, this program would still be classified as a low quality program. 

Furthermore, remember, Computers Made Simple isn’t the real program you get.

The only real program is the actual one you buy and access and it’s name is completely different. So if nothing else, once you make the purchase and see the real program, that’s the only real thing about this whole system.

Everything else, including Linda Taylor, the fake work at home sales page you find this program through, the text (which is duplicated again and again on these sites, so that’s also fake), and a bunch of other things are all fake.

So when you have a LARGE majority of this whole system lying to you and being founded on fake principals, it’s not a safe bet to assume it’s a good program. On the contrary, when I see so many lies peddled, my rational thinking tells me the program behind this whole scam is also a bad one.

And if you’re reading this for the first time, you may be shocked to know about all of this, but I’ve been investigating these scams for years and I’ve seen how they deceptively hide these things from you, how they switch names on a consistent basis to keep selling you this stuff and how they try to trick you.

Update: This program has now switched names to “Computer Education”.

And the next fake name they are using is Nancy Tyler and it’s the exact same picture of the same lady as you see above. They’re triplets maybe? Nope, it’s just the same scam repeated with a new name as I said before. Watch out!

Final Rating: Computers Made Simple:

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. I still can’t believe it’s been a few days since I spotted the old scam version of this program and they switched to a different name so quickly. Well fortunately, it’s been revealed so now you know about it too.

My final thoughts:

Overall, what I can say is that if you buy this program, my bet is that you’re going to be VERY disappointed and also that the price you pay won’t be the final one, you will be pitched more things to get, including sales coaching which is where they can really get you for a lot of money. Stay away from this stuff, that’s my advice. 

As I’ve mentioned throughout this report, there is a legitimate alternative to this scam and the other scams like it. Despite there being a whole lot of bad programs, there are good ones too, but you just need to know how to find them. Fortunately, I’ve done that work for you:

I can tell you that if you try that alternative, that you won’t be browsing the internet anymore for other work at home opportunities, that it’ll be a settled search which you’ll be happy with. At the same time though, I have to be honest with you and tell you that this program, including any other rare, yet legitimate ones all require hard work to become successful with.

Programs like Computers Made Simple are notorious for trying to get you to believe money is made easily online and this is false. You have to abandon that way of thinking if you’re going to make money from home and online. But if you work hard and follow the good program’s advice, you will be able to make this work.

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