Online Jobs Now Review. Another Day, Another Scam?

Let me ask you a few quick questions:

  • Have you heard of Kelly Simmons?
  • Is this your first time hearing about Online Jobs Now?

online jobs now review

If so, I really hope you didn’t spend money on this program and if you are on the fence about it, I will personally say it’s not worth it because there are at least 10 things about it you should know before you buy, and all of them are are either moderately or highly negative.

And if you already did buy this program and aren’t happy, here is a quick guide on getting your money back if you wish to. You see I usually review scam programs like these left and right and just earlier today, I reviewed another one of the MANY programs behind whom Kelly Simmons is the “creator” of and that is Increase my Bank Account.

For all intensive purposes, both that program and Online Jobs Now are exactly identical, at least in terms of their sales page, the creator’s name and the pricing. 

I need not repeat what I already exposed by the fake Kelly Simmons so before I write my 10 things, let me tell you something very important…

online jobs now alternative

If you need more proof Online Jobs Now is a fake program, I have you covered:

I just want you to read my review of Increase my Bank Account. You can literally replace that program’s name with this one and you will have the exact same, and accurate review.

I just don’t want to keep re-writing the same things about a program which doesn’t deserve your attention, let alone money in my opinion, but that article will expose Kelly Simmons. 

Just so we’re clear, here is the back story to all of this:

So that review/link above just more clearly proves those 4 points. I’m just honestly tired of repeating this information and it’s not because I don’t want to expose these companies, I’m genuinely interested in helping people who wish to work from home and make money actually find legitimate ways to do it. 

The problem is programs like these keep disappearing and emerging back again, under different names so often and under the same styles that I’m just considering making an index of these places instead of writing a separate review each time, but for now, we’ll stick to writing one article because sometimes, these programs CAN be decent, but this is not one of those cases.

So let’s get down to the real question: What works?

If you think Online Jobs Now will offer you an actual job in exchange for the money they charge you, you are likely wrong. All the evidence I have gathered on these programs suggests that instead of getting a gig with some company, you just pay to learn how to run an affiliate marketing business of some sort.

Whether or not you consider that an actual job is up to you, but my opinion is that if a site advertises as one which will help you find gigs, it shouldn’t teach you how to make a business, or at least it should offer that type of training as a side tutorial.

Whatever, the point is, if you actually need to find jobs that pay you to work from home, here is a number of them.

On that link, there’s 10, but not all of them are traditional gigs, some are actually sites that teach you to start a business, so whatever you’re interested in trying, you at least have FREE access through that link and that’s how it should be. And they are all legitimate places. 

What credibility do I have in offering this alternative advice?

Here are just some facts about me and why my advice about this program as well as what is better for you to pursue is worth taking seriously:

1) I actually work from home doing affiliate marketing and you can find out more about me here. This is a business where I promote other companies products for them to people who would best benefit from using them. Here is a full explanation of how this works. 

2) I like to think I am quite successful at this because I do it full time and while I don’t like to elude to exact earnings, when I say full time, I mean close to six figures, at least in 2019 and 2020 too.

3) One of my personal goals in doing what I do is to help people reach these same levels of success and the way I do that is by steering them AWAY from scams like the one in question here and towards legitimate programs, 10 of which I already revealed to you in this article alone.

4) Make no mistake, I do not just “assume” programs like Online Jobs Now are scams, I go as far as to buy them and trust me when I say, when I know what works to help people work from home and see what is behind that program (which I have), I know it will either not work for them and/or it will never be as good as the alternative programs I recommend. 

5) There have been WAY too many examples of me reviewing/exposing programs to reinforce my arguments. At this point, it’s almost like a law, when I find programs like Online Jobs Now, they almost always suck, at least in my experienced opinion.

My final thoughts:

Like I said, just today I reviewed a replica of this program, by the same exact, fake person. Even a little critical thinking will dictate something shady is up. But you need not worry because I’ve already researched this for you and determined the program to be anywhere from below average to a total scam. 

That being said, I also provided you with actual programs, most of which make me NO money whatsoever recommending that are actually valid places you can sign up to, get hired for and work from. 

While I will absolutely recommend you check out my #1 recommended program if you’re looking to start a business, if that’s not what you’re looking for and just need a gig from home, again, visit the 10 recommendations above I pointed to. 

Oh and I just want to point out that in the next month or two, expect the Online Jobs Now website to disappear or change its name. That’s what I’m always used to seeing in these scams. For giggles, you can bookmark that page and just check it yourself from time to see to see when it changes.

Let me know if it does change names please. I usually do this myself, but it always helps to expose extra scams/bad programs as early as possible so people don’t get caught in it.

8 thoughts on “Online Jobs Now Review. Another Day, Another Scam?”

  1. Please help me. My unemployment is going to run out in 4 weeks. For 10 years now, I am and have been the caregiver for my 90 year-old-mother who has heart disease and dementia and cannot be left alone. I cannot afford home nurses at $23/hr. nor can I afford to place her in a nursing home, nor would I want to. I want to take care of her and keep her at home with me. I need to work from home so I can be there for her. Can you guide me to a legitimate work at home job? I have over 25 years of administrative experience, a BS degree in Communications with a minor in Economics, have experience doing payroll, AP and AR, created human resource department from the bottom up and have been in HR for years. Please help me so I can help my mother.

    • I would not recommend you buy any programs that say they’ll give you a job Lori, that’s #1, ideally you should try to find a physical job somewhere. Working from home the kind of way you’re making it out to be will involve you working for a company that trusts you to take the work home. I cannot recommend anything specifically that will suite you based on the resume you gave me, you will have to seek out real companies that require those degrees/experiences.

      I can only recommend a general list of 10 places, and I don’t know if they will suite you, but you can absolutely check them out. Like I said, ideally you will want to work for a physical company, that will be the most solid thing you can find at the moment.

  2. Thank you for your advise. I have seen this pop up today on my browser and found that all of the adds for it were just within the past week. When they said that it was on tv and radio and many of people were using it, I thought that it was impossible because I couldn’t find anything about the company past last week. And, one comment under an add from a reader was the same exact comment under a similar program add but under a different user name and had the new name of the program in the middle of it.

    • That’s the copying nonsense they engage in all the time in action Hannah and I am glad you did your research, not just on this review but through your own research. They really do just recopy everything to a new page, the same pictures, comments, ect…

  3. Isn’t it annoying!? Goodness, most of these programs are telling you that it’s possible to make thousands in a matter of days. Yes it is possible but that day may be months/years down the road depending on the niche they decide to get into. 

    You and I both know that to properly structure something evergreen, it takes a bit more time than…I don’t know.. overnight maybe! I’ve been scammed, I feel like we all have to some degree but I’m glad you know the legitimate websites to point people to.

    That was an awesome WA review by the way! Bookmarked for motivation 😀

    • Thanks Jaron, it seems we both agree on the time frame and realities of getting rich through this industry and that it does not happen quickly and how to treat programs/websites which say it can! 

  4. Wow! Thank you for such vital information. It’s very sneaky for someone to use the same scam program but change the name – not cool!

    I’m glad you gave actual options that work! This was a really informative review and I’m glad to know that there are legit options out there.


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