My Unbiased Review of Super Affiliate Millionaire

super affiliate millionaire review screenshotI am not promoting Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Millionaire, but I did want to talk about his product and let you know how I personally feel about it.

Overall, I like the guy and he strikes me as a legitimate individual, but his program in my opinion is vastly outdated in it’s methods of doing business online.

While some of the methods are still practical, there’s really better and less expensive ways to succeed in this business nowadays.

Super Affiliate Millionaire review:

The overall idea of this program is to help you become a successful affiliate promoting products through email marketing.

While this is the main idea, when it gets into details, you’ll be doing things such as creating websites for people to opt into (sign up to receive email newsletters from you) and eventually promote them products that fix their problem. 

You’ll also be getting traffic to your website by using article spinning methods, article writing, backlinking approaches basically and even some paid advertising to get visitors to the site, where they will sign up. From there the possibility to make money is in theory endless.

Getting into details of this Super Affiliate Millionaire review:

What I do like about Ewen is that he’s pretty transparent in his sale’s page. It’s literally a 50+ minute video where he talks about affiliate marketing and how to get started with (here’s my way of making money online explained), the potential that is available, as well as general ideas on how to succeed. 

And I am a super affiliate and have been for many years so this strategy works.

Obviously he’s pitching his program at the same time, but aside from other crap products I’ve already reviewed which in their sale’s page tell you basically nothing and only hype themselves up, I like that Ewen takes the time to earn trust from his visitors. Plus he sounds pretty genuine. 

But now comes the opposite end of the coin. There’s a number of things I am not a big fan of that Ewen pitches:

1) His approach of marketing, besides outdated in my opinion is kind of backwards.

He says that to start, you need to find a product that solves a problem. From there comes the process of finding people who have the problem and then selling them the product to fix this.

This kind of approach to affiliate marketing, though practical is a few years too late. It used to work this way and I personally utilized it, but nowadays it’s a bit different. In my experience, the best way to go about affiliate marketing is this:

  • Find a niche. This could be the group of people who have a problem.
  • Make a website on the niche and add content to it. 
  • Promote products on the website that can directly help your audience (niche) solve their problem/s. 

This approach is more practical in today’s (2014) world of online marketing. To many people who are new, it sounds like it’ll take more time, but in reality, it’s much more sustainable in the long run. I didn’t get into too many details but if this approach is what you’re looking to learn more about, I’d recommend this tutorial on making money online.

There are exceptions to this rule, but if we’re talking about building a long term online business then this is probably one of the best ways to go.

2) Most of the paychecks you see on the sale’s page are from several years ago.

The world of online marketing is ever changing. A few months is enough to cause great changes in what works/doesn’t. And with years, it’s even more drastic. 

This means that tactics which worked then may likely not work now. Things like:super affiliate millionaire outdated

These are examples of methods which used to work VERY well and we’re talking 2006-2011, but then they started to lose their potential because many people basically abused these things which made search engines not exactly like them.

  • Article directories used to be good & would give you high rankings in search engines until too many people started writing up low quality content which led to an overall bad user experience.
  • Backlinks were also abused to no end and people tried to game the search engine system by giving them the impression their website had massive authority (more backlinks back then meant better authority/rankings). 
  • Content spinners are also an excellent example. They’re basically programs which take whatever you write, change it’s wording around to keep the same idea, but written differently. Many times, this leads to wording that is very difficult to understand.

Long story short, these methods once worked until search engines got smart and realized this kind of approach to marketing was damaging their reputation, so they put a stop to it. 

And because a lot of what Ewen suggests for list building involves these things is why I can’t endorse it. It’s literally outdated. Ewen if you’re reading this, I really want to give you my thumbs up, but I can’t until you update this! 

3) Email marketing isn’t something I’d recommend for beginners.

I say this again and again especially when I review programs who keep preaching that the best way to succeed in online marketing is to build an email list. It can definitely work, but it’s not something for beginners. 

To succeed in email marketing, you need: An autoresponder like Aweber, a website & traffic. But things like traffic don’t come until you implement proper traffic generating techniques and in this day n age, not many places show you the right way to do it. Wealthy Affiliate does.

So my main point here is that while Email marketing can be super profitable, it’s an advanced tactic of marketing that in my opinion beginners shouldn’t get into until they’ve experienced success in things like SEO and in many cases, there’s no need for email marketing. If you have a good website and it’s getting visitors, it’ll make you money. Then if you want to add email marketing to the equation, go for it.

There’s way too much emphasis in Super Affiliate Millionaire on list building. I think the focus should be setting the foundations in place: Niche, website, traffic. 

If you’re convinced email marketing is the way to go, I’d recommend a more updated program like the Academy of Online Success which focuses on that, but also teaches paid advertising (no SEO however).

4) You can really get this kind of information nowadays for free.

I’m absolutely serious about this. Maybe a few years back, charging $297 for a program like this would be OK, but not today.


  • Ewen has a good reputation, but most of that comes from years ago.
  • There is a lot of transparency from his end. 
  • There are still practical methods that you can use to succeed today, but not nearly as many today as when this program first came out.


  • Lots of outdated training.
  • The price of the information is too much in my opinion. You can really find this kind of info for free.
  • List building is NOT the only way to succeed in this business.
  • When I tried to leave the page, I was bombarded with tons of offers. I don’t like this form of marketing. It feels like spam.

Final Rating: Super Affiliate Millionaire

3 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

3 out of 10 stars. Some of it is still practical, but overall not worth investing time into. If you’re looking for up to date training on succeeding in today’s world of online marketing, here is my #1 recommendation that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

I think there’s much more focus on making quick money with this program than there is in trying to build a long term business. Believe me there is a HUGE difference between the two and unless you possess excellent communication skills when it comes to email marketing, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to succeed in the long run through this approach in my opinion. 

Like I said before, I like the guy and really want to give this program a green light, but unfortunately I cannot do that if I don’t believe the methods will work for people. Some of them still do, but much of it is a waste of time in my opinion and some of them can hurt your site’s SEO more so than help it. If Ewen updates the training to 2014 standards and I like what I see, I have NO problem giving him the nod. 

But until then, there are much better/cheaper/updated alternatives to Super Affiliate Millionaire and as I said before, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. If you have a personal view on this program you’d like to share, let me know!

Also, Ewen Chia has a bunch of other programs and similar systems as this one. Here is another example of an Ewen Chia program, you will notice a common trend in his teachings and personally, I prefer my approaches better.

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