Why Profit With Michael Looks Like a Scam.

profit with michael scamI was browsing through some forums recently and stumbled upon a post from someone asking about Profit with Michael.

Seemed like an interesting program to check out and find out if it was a scam (looks like it is). In the past I’ve done reviews on 2 prior programs with similar names and both didn’t rank well on my scale.

This program won’t either! So let me explain why in my opinion you should avoid this place.

Profit With Michael in a nutshell:

It’s a website which says you can gain free access to it’s system that will show you in 3 steps how to make money online. Then supposedly you’ll be given a money making website which if you follow through with the steps given will start earning you the money.

Because it said the access was free, I decided to take a look, even though I already know there’s tons of red flags. My intention was to go as far as I could before I would be asked for money since with sites like these, it will always happen. Nothing in these programs is ever free.

However upon signing up (not using my real name/email since I don’t trust these types of sites), I was taken to a loading screen that said my account is being set up. After waiting for more than 10 minutes, nothing happened. In fact here is a screenshot:

profit with michael waiting screenshot

I don’t know if this means the site is still working or not, but I decided to leave the page because I honestly didn’t want to go any further since I can almost certainly predict if a site is legitimate or not and by this point in time, I had a feeling what I was getting into was not good. And I have a lot of years experience in this business to attest to that.

I suppose this loading screen was a mixed blessing considering my initial thoughts on this program weren’t good to begin with. I do want to share with you a couple of warning signs I’ve seen with Profit with Michael that I’ve spotted in the past with other programs that turned out to be scams.

The warning signs:

1. The sale’s page. You’ll see a video from a news network talking about how people are turning to the internet to make ends meet because around 70% live paycheck to paycheck. Then it switches into a sale’s page from Michael, the site’s creator talking about how great his system is and how you can access it for free. Here’s a couple of things I noticed here:

2. Like with most pages like this, there is no clarity on what you’re getting. There’s just Michael showing off his sale’s numbers and then telling you how easy it is to replicate with his 3 step system. The 3 step system isn’t very descriptive to say the least and in my experience is NEVER as easy as it’s claimed to be.

3. It says at the top of the sale’s page that there’s spots available in NY (my area). I’ve seen these location type programs use this tactic to get you to join. It’s supposed to give you the impression that this is a credible program.

But in my experience, this is just a location based system that turns up an automatic message and says “YOUR AREA has spots available”. With products like these, there is NO limit to how many spots are available and to me seems like a limited time offer type sale’s pitch to get you to join. 

I’ve seen this approach used in other places like Work At Home University and other companies, such as this one. In all the previous cases, those places were marked as scams in my book.

4. Before I tried to sign up with Profit with Michael, I tested to see what would happen if I left the main page. Usually with questionable programs, if you try to leave, they’ll attempt to get you to stay by offering some kind of extra/discounted offer.

Guess what happened with Profit with Michael? Here is a screenshot:

profit with michael promotional page

This page promotes another company to me which is said to drive traffic (visitors) to your website. I don’t believe in programs like these because odds are the traffic isn’t targeted meaning it will unlikely ever lead to success. More info on this.

Either way the point of this is to illustrate how in spite of NOT signing up to anything, it still took me to this page that said I did and then tried to get me to sign up to something else. Another RED flag. 

Oh and I want to also add that when I tried to leave the above page, it took me to another page where I guess a video was supposed to show, but there was no video and the area where it was supposed to show was just blank. I guess that page is no longer in business apparently. Oh well, more reasons NOT to join this company.

5. The page’s privacy policy/terms and other pages all lead back to the homepage. I make sure to ALWAYS check out the privacy policy and other pages of a site before I go any further. They will usually explain (in hidden speech) what I’m really getting. With Profit with Mike, it all links back to the main page. Another bad sign.

Final Rating: Profit With Michael

1 star

Red Flag 

1 out of 10 stars. I strongly advise against this place. If you’re looking for legitimate programs, see my #1 recommendation.


There’s a quick update I want to mention: I later tried to sign up to Profit with Michael again and it ended up working this time. But instead of giving me the 3 steps, I was asked to create a website for $29 which I was told was a 90% discount. I would pay the 10% of the price and Michael would pay the other 90% (Yeah right!). 

So now we know that cost of this isn’t free as I predicted. I was also told on the same page which advertised the creation of a website that Michael would then show me (for free) how to drive visitors to my website. I assume it’s connected to the program I talked about in page 4. I predict that isn’t going to be free either. 

Either way I assume the $29 charge is only temporary and odds are they’ll be more costs/hidden costs if you go further into this program. I’ve seen this kind of stuff happen before.

It’s never as easy as they claim and it’s certainly never as cheap as they claim. Stay far away from this one people!

My final thoughts:

Even though I didn’t actually get to try the program, I’ve been around the block WAY too many times in the world of online marketing to know a questionable product when I see one. I’ve also seen other programs that have similar names like Profit with Michael such as Eric’s Success Plan, or Partner with Paul (notice how they all sound the same) & more that didn’t turn out too well. 

Obviously these programs are not related because they are promoting different products, but it doesn’t really matter. What usually signifies if a program is good or not is their sale’s page and in this instance, I really can’t find anything positive with Profit with Michael.

The idea of making easy money with just a push of a button is technically possible, but it will never happen if you don’t have proper foundations set up. If a program makes you believe that you can have this easy success happen quickly, it’s likely a scam. 

If you have experience or have tried Profit with Michael or know of other programs like it, I would love to hear about it.

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