Is Total Income Answer a Total Scam? Read This Review!

The answer is yes. Total Income Answer is a scam because of the many things I’ll tell you about it in this review.

Quick Report on Total Income Answer:

total income answer review

Creator: Karen Evans and for what it’s worth, the picture used to indicate her isn’t really her so there’s 1 of the many deceptive elements I’ll lay out.

Price: $97 with discount available upon clicking the back button. It will be $20 off ($77).

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars

I will list and show every deceptive element in this program and I will also show you what you can trust instead of this.

Total Income Answer in a nutshell:

Oh boy, where to begin:

The name Total Income Answer is NOT the name of the program you see once you pay and get access into the site like I did. The final name and what should be the official name of this program is Home Payday Vault

But the thing is, before you start from Total Income Answer, buy the program and then reach Home Payday Vault (which is where you actually learn anything), you will have gone through, 5 different program names. I am not joking.

Yeah it’s absurd, and I’ll explain my theory on why this is happening, but here are the 5 names:

1) The first one is the original site: Total Income Answer. That’s 1. Once you buy the program, you are given access to a thank you page where you have 3 completely different program names listed:

That’s 2, 3 and 4.

Here is proof and keep in mind this is exactly what you see when you buy what you assume to be Total Income Answer:

And finally after that thank you page, you are emailed a login which takes you to the final program out of this whole maze of names which is Home Payday Vault.

In other words, Total Income Answer = Home Payday Vault.

Now why go through all that trouble to mix up the names? Is there something being concealed here? In my opinion yes.

I’ve been studying, buying and exposing these work at home scam programs for some time now (years) and my theory is that:

  • Home Payday Vault has been and is a low quality program in my opinion. And the reason I say that is because I went through it, I didn’t like it and I personally think most people who went through it will also not like it.
  • Therefore, it will eventually stop selling well because the word will get out that it’s low quality. 
  • But if you slap another name on top of that program, say, oh I don’t know, something like Total Income Answer, you can still keep selling Home Payday Vault.
  • And if Total Income Answer starts to get a bad rep eventually, since it’s nothing but a name change, guess what?
  • Change the name again! And keep reproducing that same cycle to keep selling the original product. And it’s through this cycle that we eventually came to 5 different names and honestly, there maybe way more…

No other theory makes more sense to me than this one. How else can one justify that this program has been hidden behind so many other names? I don’t trust any program that has to make up a bunch of names to sell itself to me.

And not only does this deceptive approach keep the sales coming, but it also allows the program to really sell you into their main product:

Coaching lessons: Where the real money is made by these programs.

And it’s also where the scam is biggest. Upon landing to the Home Payday Vault, a big popup shows up which really stresses how big of a deal it is to contact a coach to “get started”:

But you know what?

Those things typically end up being more of a solicitation in my experience than an actual coach helping you “start up”. And that’s where the big money is made by these companies because they can make $100’s and way more from people who call them.

Trust me, it’s highly unlikely they’re going to go out of their way to “help you” unless you pay the right price. My experience has shown me these programs simply cannot be trusted. It’s a constantly reused method by these programs.

So is there anything valuable inside Total Income Answer?

In my opinion, no. All you basically learn is what CPA marketing is and how to “do it”. Basically it’s a form of marketing trial offers to people.

You usually see these with supplement companies, skin care products and companies of that nature offering trials to buy one of their bottles or whatever it is. If you market that to someone and they sign up for the trial, you get paid and that’s basically CPA marketing.

And what this program does is show you where to find offers, hot ones that are selling and so on, but honestly, the methods they show in my opinion are just simply low quality.

It’s really not difficult to promote something CPA related. You really need to have this:

If I want to market, say skin products, I will need to have a website and get people who are interested in skin care to that site. We call that traffic. The more traffic I get, the more people I can get into those offers.

This is the fundamental principal of online success, but inside this specific program:

It’s just not organized or updated enough to work in my opinion and thus the program itself falls short to meet my expectations in terms of…if would work for the general person who follows it.

People will get somewhere with it, but not nearly as far if they had a better program showing them how to do it.

Final Rating: Total Income Answer (or whatever cover up name you want to use from the list above)

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Poor quality program in my opinion. And extremely clever and underhanded means by which it’s being sold to people.

My final thoughts: Where’s the scam with Total Income Answer? I’ll tell you where:

1) There is no actual Karen Evans. The picture you may have seen on the sales page of Total Income Answer and the text is simply duplicated stuff I see on these scam sites all the time. 

For example, the other day I exposed another scam called Auto Home Profits. Prior to buying it, I looked at the sales page and I actually did a screenshot comparison of that program with this one.

This proves Karen Evans is not the person you see, unless she has a twin…or in the case of how often I see this SAME picture…tons of look a likes. Forgive me for that corny joke, it’s the only way I can balance out the mental chaos that comes with reviewing all these scams…

And there’s 1 scam.

2) I wanted to save this for last, but I actually did buy this program, twice. Among the 5 names above, one of them is Secure Home Profits and that was the one I purchased awhile back. 

The training in that program and inside Total Income Answer (Home Payday Vault) is nearly identical on at least 50% of the menus and things you learn. It has been a long time since I viewed Secure Home Profits so I can’t say it’s all 100% copied or duplicated, but either way, my point is: I spent my money twice on the same product…

And that was another big point I purposely left out:

With all these different names leading to the same program, you may end up buying the same stuff twice or more times like I did. That means you got scammed. 

So if you want to know what’s inside Home Payday Vault, read my review of Secure Home Profits. It’s the same layout basically…

3) It is NOT easy money. These programs always push this easy money idea and through the training I saw, marinated with what I know about this business and as someone who does know how to make it work, their program is simply not good enough.

4) The coaching stuff. Please never spend money on this.

So with these reasons not to get this program, do I really need to say more?

I think I’ve explained more than enough to help you make an educated decision of your own. 

I hope you didn’t fall for the TIS scam or whatever other names it’s been masked under. Either way, the final verdict for me is that the program is a scam because of it’s marketing and the content of the training is low quality, too low to recommend. 

And at the very least, not only do you now know what to expect, but you also know what a legit alternative is as well.

14 thoughts on “Is Total Income Answer a Total Scam? Read This Review!”

  1. First of all, I appreciate what you’re trying to do here. I quickly came to the realization that fast, easy money is not a real thing, and anyone offering it is full of it. If it doesn’t take real work, then I question the honesty of the money being earned.

    One other thought on their name change… I think you’re right that they’re just trying to package the same program under a different name, but it could also have to do with the actual words they previously used in their domain. Frankly, anything with “payday” in the title instinctively sounds sketchy because it likely makes people think of payday lenders.

    • I’m glad you’re also be cautious about this stuff Travis. There have been very few programs I have come across which had sketchy names like you say, but ended up being OK, and I think on maybe 2 occasions good.

  2. Wow, having 5 different program names is extremely confusing. I’d be confused with 3… I wonder how many readers actually pay attention to the names. I’m glad you wrote this article. So, I guess if one name gets a bad reputation, they still have 4 others…lol! Isn’t that interesting, Karen Evans, if that’s her real name is also on Auto Home Profits which I believe you exposed that one as a scam.

    I’ll definitely let my online market friends know about this one too. Thanks!

    • Yep that program is also bad. I only mentioned the other aliases by which this program goes to just illustrate how fake they are Monica. Most people who land on those programs will only need to worry about the first name. 

  3. So much great information. Unfortunately some things that haven’t changed through the years is how people work so hard at scamming people.

    Using 5 names is very deceitful and I am so glad you brought that up. Its about time we fight back and stop buying these programs that seem so great.

    • He probably isn’t, these sites use celebrity/businessmen photos without permission often and try to make people think they are associated someway, when they are not.

  4. Vitaliy,

    Thanks…again, for saving us the trouble of paying for these online marketing schemes. It’s been my opinion that the internet has about 95% or even 99% of just plain nonsense on how to make money online. Mostly from people that haven’t made any money themselves. It is a wonder to me how real and honest people actually stick with this and make it through the tough times. Can you explain how long you think it should take a newbie like myself to start to see traffic and potentially make money? I am not asking for anything other than your opinion or equally important your experience. If someone diligently works on their site everyday… what’s a good ballpark figure in regards to a timeline? Thanks in advance!

  5. Very informative, I had never heard of this ‘firm’ before but the way you dug in….I’l definitely teke your word for it. Someone did his homework 🙂

    I love that the article is fact ridden. You simply called a spade a spade, no “ifs” or “i thinks”. above all, it is first hand information, you are actually telling of your own experience.

    Great stuff.

    • It’s one of the only ways to guarantee a fair review. I don’t like buying these programs and I know that what I am buying is probably not good, but it is only fair to offer up a legitimate review in order to give the company a chance. Unfortunately for this fake site, it’s been exposed.

  6. Hello Vitaliy,

    Thank you for such an informative article. I had never heard of this company before, but one thing I can tell you, based on the evidence you have unveiled – I will be steering CLEAR away from them.

    It is so deceptive the way people try to scam your hard earned money, especially when you are trying to make a living for yourself in what you believe to be – a better way.

    It is upsetting to think that other people – scammers – could think that everyone is so stupid! Ok, unfortunately, there are ‘sweet talkers’ out there and they do succeed into talking up some honey.

    Once again, thanks again and keep doing what you do so well. Much success to you in your business.



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