Is Greedy Mentor a Scam? A Big Warning.

I had heard about Greedy Mentor today, from someone who joined my alternative program and told me their bad/scam experience with it (I’ll post their review shortly).

This led me to look it up and I have not seen anything positive about it, the general consensus is that it’s not trustworthy. So let me go over why that is…

First of all, here’s a few honest (3) things I need to clarify:

1) I could not find the official site of Greedy Mentor, so therefore I could not even see the page, nor join it (I probably wouldn’t even do it if I could). Perhaps it’s no longer up (this happens typically with scam or fake sites).

2) Everything I have to write in this review is based on the experience of the person who joined my other suggested program, Wealthy Affiliate and told me about it, as well as the vast numbers of blogs I used to research this program.

3) Based on everything I have heard, the conclusion I’ve come to is that Greedy Mentor is not a recommended program and it looks to be a massive high ticket coaching scheme. 

What this means is that they get charge you to join it, then up-sell you for expensive coaching training to make money online, and the price is well into the $1,000’s. 

The quick review of Greedy Mentor:

greedy mentor review


Meaghan Harper.


$67/month with one huge up-sell that person told me about ($2,500!). Being that he wasn’t selling me anything, I had no reason to NOT believe him…

What is this program?

Supposedly it’s an online marketing training program which leads into coaching to make money with that program.

People are told there’s a limited amount of space for this program to join in an effort to get them in fast, but I haven’t seen anything positive from this…

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

There literally is NO positive evidence that this program is real or works. I know it exists (or did exist), but as an actual online marketing coach who has seen schemes like this, I don’t believe it’s a legitimate program at all. 

Recommended? NO!

greedy mentor alternative

Alright, so let me share with you that story…

Like I said earlier, the only reason I even heard about Greedy Mentor was thanks to someone who found my site, joined the legitimate program I suggested, and then contacted me on my profile through it.

Here is his testimonial regarding Greedy Mentor:

greedy mentor reviews

Although I blocked his name and profile picture (for his own safety), this is a real person who contacted me and told me about this whole program. 

Afterwards, I took to Google and started researching this program to get more info, and after reading several blogs which all basically said the same negative things, connecting it with my experience in how much I know about online coaching schemes, I had a pretty clear picture about Greedy Mentor…

Here is the clear picture:

There are many make money online type programs which pitch huge dreams, easy money and fast money to you. They get you in with those promises and then most of the time, right after you buy it, the first major high ticket up-sell hits you and in regards to this program, it is a coaching up-sell.

The message they are sending is that you need a coach and you need to pay top dollar for him/her to help you succeed. Well whatever happened to that initial promise that got you to join the program?

Was that just an empty promise? Most likely…

You see this is how many of these programs operate and how they trick people to join them. One of the best ways to find out if you’re been had is to examine what you get AFTER you join…

If you were promised a lot of stuff, signed up, didn’t really get much, but were then instead hit with an up-sell, a big one at that, run, run away folks. You’ve just been scammed.

Final Rating: Greedy Mentor.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Based on all I’ve seen, there is too much negative stuff about this program. Based on what I saw, it does seem like there’s a greedy person behind this program who is preaching about their mentoring service and I see no justification to trust them. And to counter their mentoring, I offer my own legitimate coaching here

3 reasons you don’t need to pay so much for coaching (and what you should do):

1) Well firstly, based on that review from the guy I showed you, he was never even told about that up-sell until after he joined. This is a form of trickery, is totally unacceptable and is a sign that this trickery won’t end. At that point, I would never trust the program and would get my money back ASAP.

2) Most coaching programs, even the legitimate ones cost WAY too much to try. That $2,500 figure the person cited is no surprise to me, and why in the world does someone deserve to charge so much when they used trickery to sell it to you in the first place?

There’s legitimate people out there who justifiably can charge this much to coach people, but they first need to earn that privilege. People who have a good reputation, are known to be successful coaching experts can reach that position, but in this case, we’re looking at a program that used trickery to get you, so that doesn’t make me trust them at all.

3) Finally, and most importantly, having been through all of this for years, here’s something I can tell you…

You can get coaching from me, a real online marketing expert and I would never charge you this much for it. That same gentlemen who first sent me his review of Greedy Mentor was also someone who joined my recommended program (with which I include my personal coaching with) and he is a happy client right now.

That same program is free to try and yes that does include my actual coaching. There is an up-sell (no surprise, just giving you a heads up), which is $49 a month and no crazy prices, but all that stuff is optional.

Anyway, if you want to get my coaching, get it for free through Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the full details of the program that teaches you making money online like it taught me and get my coaching included here:

One final thing. Regarding the “creator” Meaghan Harper, I had heard from the blogs I researched that she wasn’t real and her picture and name was used in other similar, get rich quick programs. 

I am saying this because if you see other programs with her name on them, do let me know about it in the comments below so I can personally investigate it and potentially warn people about it if it’s true.

6 thoughts on “Is Greedy Mentor a Scam? A Big Warning.”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, great article by the way, yes indeed, with scammy sites, they usually go offline within a few months, even weeks.

    Greedy Mentor seems to be a very big scam, to know it is already offline, probably, makes it even more clear.

    I’m confident you saved a lot of people from falling into that scammy money trap, but to see still how many people they can make money from after 1 day (like $2000), is really unbelievable. I will bookmark this site, since you have really great posts, and warning articles about these things.

  2. It sounds to me as if Greedy Mentor is using a subdomain landing page to get it’s new customers hooked in, especially if you cannot find a official site through a search engine search. 

    I thought the initial price of $67 a month was not too bad – a little pricey but manageble….but a huge upsell of $2500 – what is that for? Do you really need this upsell to carry out the techniques that Greedy Mentor is teaching?

    I really hope that the refund policy this program has in place is worthwhile – because I can see more than a few people wanting their money back…

    • Yeah to go from $67 a month to $2,500 is absurd Chris. I will say that sites which hit you with those up-sells rarely make that money since it’s pitched so quickly. In any case though,I’d never recommend that up-sell no matter how “valuable” it can be. And that is because Wealthy Affiliate will give you the best value.

  3. Thank you for sharing your friend’s experience with Greedy Mentor. I hope she got her money back in the end. 

    These people try to scam honest, hardworking and paying customers out of, first of all, their personal details, then a monthly fee and then relieve them from thousands of dollars for some bad website. To do what exactly? I don’t think they even know. 

    I can’t believe how unscrupulous that is.

    Glad your friend found you and got some proper guidance on how to succeed in online business world.

    It does require some training and hard work, but it is all worth it. In the end you have you own business and don’t depend on anyone else. 

    • Hi Alenka, the thing is, when money is the main goal and people are ready to spend it, the person selling the product very often doesn’t care what they’re selling, in fact, they may even believe they are selling something good. Either way, the friend I mentioned is doing a lot better now with the other program I suggested.


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