Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam? An Unfortunate Revelation

copy paste commissions review

After buying and seeing so much of the same stuff from Michael Cheney, including in the Copy Paste Commission program, I decided not to recommend it.

There’s just no point in buying program after program of his when most of it says the same stuff his other programs do, and considering he consistently keeps pitching a high ticket program over and over, I’m starting to suspect that might be the main reason he keeps making multiple programs.

Quick Report on Copy Paste Commission:

Creator: Michael Cheney and Omar Martin.

Price: About $20 with an additional 2 up-sells, no surprise considering I went through this same kind of sales funnel before when dealing with Michael’s products. And there is also a high ticket program Michael pitches (as usual).

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars

It seems like every time I review Michael Cheney’s products, they seem to have a whole chunk of repeat information that to me feels like (and this is not a pun) copied and pasted (I’ll show you why) and considering how so much of that same information I already found in at least 2 of his other products, a 1 star rating is actually high!

A summary of Copy Paste Commissions:

Well if you’ve read my review of Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops (I call it CBO) or the other program he made called Commission Machines (CM), you basically already know what’s inside this “new” program:

  • The same kind of offer to join a high ticket program is also made again just like in the other 2.
  • There is an 80 page (77 pages of content really) eBook on similar info on getting buyers from email lists, traffic from FB, and what I considered a SMALL new amount of info I liked. 

Repeat information just makes paying extra a rip off in my opinion (and here is proof):

Here’s a small example of that same stuff. In the members area of ALL 3 programs is the SAME video talking about the same FB strategy and then Michael pitching a high ticket item:

copy paste commissions repeat stuff

Overall, I would say 60% or more of this “new” program is just recycled information from those previous 2 and here’s the thing, it’s not like those 2 previous programs were put together and the information in Copy Paste Commissions is a mix of it. 

Oh no, CM to me was a bunch of recycled information from Commission Black Ops and Copy Paste Commissions is just a large repeat of that too. In other words, you’re not really getting too much new information, but what is new is what I will cover in the review here. 

To date, I have now spent about $60 for 3 of Michael Cheney’s products (All on JVZoo) and being that so much of it is the same, I am basically wasting money at this point, not to mention that I didn’t particularly like any of them to begin with but spending more money on the same info is basically a waste.

Is there anything unique or worthwhile to this program at all?

Unfortunately very little in my personal opinion.

The thing about all 3 of these programs is that the strategy and information as well as product pitches are similar so if you read the information from ALL 3 programs, you are basically getting the same big picture.

It’s just that how they are delivered in each program and pitched that is a little bit different, the message and strategies are petty much the same in my opinion.

More specifically, the common thing between all 3 programs is the high ticket pitch, the same video on the FB strategy and the eBook you get with this program teaches pretty much similar stuff as the eBook I read from CBO with a few minor differences.

Now it is in THIS particular eBook that I was able to scramble some “new unique” information that I did somewhat enjoy reading about.

So is there really any unique stuff or is it a repeat again?

I’ll give Michael the benefit of the doubt here, but even at this point that “unique” info I think I found still has me wondering if I saw it in his other program. Because it’s been pretty long since I’ve done a review on his products, I don’t remember all the details of those programs to do an entire, detailed comparison, but anyway:

Here are the actual unique things about Copy Paste Commissions:

1) There are 2 things inside the eBook I found to be unique and they were FB related strategies involving retargeting and a strategy on “look alike” audiences in FB and honestly, I know nothing about either of these things, but what is recommended is using these 2 techniques to get an email list going and supposedly it is free.

But what made me very skeptical was that there were no images or case studies to support these strategies. It is always easier to mimic an idea when you have a case study to support it with screenshots or even a video. I did not see this. 

2) There are 2 videos underneath the eBook:


Both these videos are completely unique to my knowledge as I did not see them in the other 2 programs but anyway:

The Stealth Money Method: I don’t know if stealth would be the right word for this, but it’s a tutorial on how to win affiliate contests that have money prizes. 

Viral Bonus Method: To my understanding, it’s about making bonuses to give out to email lists and people to make better sales.

The content of these 2 videos is OK, not good or great in my opinion but at least it’s a unique aspect of a program I already have a lot of distrust for.

And that’s about it, other than the 2 up-sells, the high ticket thing I mentioned and a pitch for a “Commission Gorilla” program which I didn’t look into, but it is another product you have to buy.

Final Rating: Copy Paste Commissions

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. In my opinion, only people who haven’t purchased the previous programs by Michael MAY benefit from the strategies and also in my opinion if they have traffic and need ways to improve sales. For beginner marketers or those who have seen the previous programs, I feel this one will give them very little value. Overall, this is not a program I would recommend.

copy paste commissions alternative

My final thoughts:

Every time I encounter a marketer who basically repeats recreating similar products instead of really putting in the work on one solid product, it really disappoints me because now I look at everything that Michael says and puts out with distrust. His reputation depreciates with me with every new product I have found of his. 

In my opinion, putting out products with a bunch of the same recycled information over and over again in each, to me doesn’t solidify that your strategy works, it solidifies that not one of the products appears to be able to maintain success so the demand has to shift to a newer product, but if it puts out similar information, we get a repeat cycle.

I don’t want to keep buying stuff from Michael when it keeps doing the same things and rarely teaches me anything new.

A way, WAY better alternative to Copy Paste Commissions:

The only kinds of internet marketers and products I trust are those that don’t just work, but those that also update and improve themselves without having to repeat or make a new product every time and charge people a new price. 

That to me signals stability and trust and it is a big reason I don’t recommend Copy Paste Machine, but it is a BIG reason I approve of this program called Wealthy Affiliate. Here is why:


I hope that other marketers who continue to remake products learn from those guys.

Michael honestly strikes me as a charismatic person and I do hope that he puts out better products in the future that aren’t like Copy Paste Commissions. In my opinion, the program is not that good.

Copy Paste Commissions


Copy Paste Commission Score



  • None!


  • I have grown too tired of seeing the same info on Michael's programs.
  • Redundancy if you compare this program to Michael's others.

7 thoughts on “Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam? An Unfortunate Revelation”

  1. Hi Vitaliy

    It sounds like I’ll be giving this one a miss, certainly from a consumer point of view. I know there are tried and tested methods, but surely if they were good enough in the first place he wouldn’t have to keep repackaging the material he’d just improve the original product and develop it over time.

  2. Hi Vitaliy!

    I was in the process of researching about Copy Paste Commissions and found this really helpful.

    It is a bit upsetting to read that this product is simply a repackaged version of other products. It looked as though they contained unique information….perhaps it’s only the name.

    Although recycled, would you say that the pieces of information in Copy Paste Commission are found readily available to access elsewhere?


    • The only “unique” strategy I see literally copied and pasted is the FB posting idea Michael keeps talking about, although to date, I have not seen anyone else mention it. The rest is about making good sales pages which you can find in tons of other programs and free pages like mine.

      But I have never seen the FB idea work personally and the sales strategies work only if you get traffic. There is in my opinion not nearly enough good information on traffic generation in this program.

  3. I honestly can believe there are people out there like Michael because I have been a victim of those types who ditch one money making idea when the well runs dry to create a whole new one. They probably get away with it for awhile then people start catching on that they are the same person from another get rich quick idea. It is truly sad that we are taken in by some of these.

    • I really feel like all that Michael is doing is just trying to amass as many sales for his major high ticket program. And the fact that this is the third time I’ve seen him make a program shows me his other 2 probably didn’t do very well. Jumping from one program to another makes the repuation of the owner questionable in my opinion.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the information. I find it so weird that people like this Cheney guy are always hopping from one program to the next.

    I guess they must not have the capability to actually create a great product and then when the word gets out that their program is not great people avoid it.

    I guess when he starts a new product he can still catch people off guard. Really it’s a lazy way of doing things. If he’s willing to put energy into creating something new all the time he should just start a blog instead. Then he could get a steady income without having to disappoint people.


    • Its his name that ultimately in my opinion is questioned Robert. When I first went to the homepage of the site and I saw his picture, I prepared myself to be disappointed. That’s the kind of reaction people EARN from doing things so poorly in the past in my opinion and it’s definitely going to be a long time before I can trust Michael Cheney again.


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