Internet Earnings Path Review. Not a Program I’d Buy.

Programs whose titles are like Internet Earnings Path’s usually have me roll my eyes because often they don’t really do anything or sort, but rather give off that impression. In this review, I’ll show you why this is not a program I would buy and what is an actual path to earning money online.

Quick Report on Internet Earnings Path:

internet earnings path review

Creator: Unknown.

Price: Well so far, it’s a $1.95, 5 day trial to receive what looks to be a pre-built website, then after the 5 days, it’s $29.95 to keep it which pays for hosting and “maintenance”. 

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

There’s nothing about this site I like. Yes it looks good visually, but if you just look carefully enough, you’re going to read a difference message: Scam.

Internet Earnings Path in a nutshell:

One of the problems with these sorts of sites is that they are hyped like crazy and there’s really no information on what you’re buying, so you can either speculate and not do anything which would probably be the best decision in this case or you can risk buying the program to see what you’re getting and that tiny little fee of $1.95 may end up being a mistake.

I am on the skeptical side of things, but my position is backed by many programs I’ve reviewed which have run similar operations like Internet Earnings Path. I look for specific “keywords” which tell me what the program is about. Once I see the right word, I usually know what’s going on.

The keyword with Internet Earnings Path is “hosting” which is a service you need to have if you are going to own a website. Other information I looked into point to that you’re given a site that is probably a duplicate and has content already on it so you can begin selling.

  • If it’s just the hosting you get, it’s a scam because you don’t need to pay so much. 
  • If it’s a duplicate site, it’s also a scam because sites that are duplicates are not going to rank high on search engines.
  • If it’s both, well then it’s a double scam. 
  • And then in the disclaimer, there’s talks of you receiving information on new products which means you’ll be getting emails or phone calls, and probably the spam kind. 

What they try to make you believe:


That’s how they always do it:

  • They claim fast money.
  • They say it’s easy. 
  • They say all the hard work is already done.

These things always overshadow the important things on the site and those important things are always the small text you have to read. Never make hasty decisions on hyped claims which is what you get with Internet Earnings Path.

But is it possible to make money “tonight” like they say?

I’m not going to like saying this, but yes it is possible, though my answer is not based on the site they give you. This is based on personal sites like this 1 page website I’ve made that have made money with within a few hours after being set up, but there were a lot of factors that made that possible.

Just because it’s technically possible to make money quickly does not mean Internet Earnings Path is worth buying. A lot of things are technically possible, but realistically, most people are NOT going to make money overnight.

In MOST cases, people who buy this program or any others like it are probably very new to the whole business and just getting a website is not enough to make it start getting money. You will need to know how to market it and I suspect there’s probably additional training you’ll have to buy to get information on that. Right now what I think you’re getting is a website without an “instructional manual” on how to use it.

There’s always a catch with these programs. Remember that. There’s very few honest programs (Like Wealthy Affiliate) that tell you upfront what’s going on and usually those are the ones which won’t promise you fast money. 

Other websites almost identical to Internet Earnings Path:

I mentioned it briefly, but there’s really A LOT of them. That whole page with the phone, people celebrating, money, “real” testimonials and simply entering your information and then paying a small “activation fee”. They are very easy to find. Let me give you one specific program:

Online Web Cash. If you look at the homepage of this site, you’ll find little differences between it and Internet Earnings Path and if this surprises you, don’t let it, because this is a completely normal operation the people behind these sites run. And also if you read my review of that program, you’ll see I warned that you’d see this scam more and more often.

I also learned a long time ago that these sites switch the scams they promote. They rotate around very often. Today Internet Earnings Path could be promoting one thing, but tomorrow, a week, a month or a year from now, it could be something completely different. Out of the list of work at home scams I found and have reviewed, not once have they ever promoted a program that is legitimate in my opinion.

Final Rating: Internet Earnings Path

0 stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. Just empty promises in my opinion. Sites which have such little information and mostly advertise how much you’ll “make” aren’t sites I ever recommend believing in.

My final thoughts:

What’s kind of “funny” is that Internet Earnings Path is a bit more revealing about what you’ll be charged vs other programs. The only thing they are upfront about is that you’ll be charged the $29.95 after the 5 day trial which to their credit I’m glad they mentioned. 

But the part about getting those emails and phone calls, they don’t “directly” mention. I do not like that. In the end, when I look at this program, I see maybe 1 or 2 pluses and a lot of minuses. 

My hope is that by reading this review you’ll stop looking at sites like Internet Earnings Path, because in my opinion, they do not offer any real road to success. 

Chasing that quick money promise was what personally led me to being scammed many times. Like it or not, real success in making money online is going to have to come from hard work and none of that is going to be served on a plate for you. 

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