Does Traffic Brokers Work? This Review Reveals The Details.

traffic brokers review

I bought Traffic Brokers and I have to say, as much as I know about making money online, the formula in this program was a first for me. This review will explain what that formula is.

Quick Report on Traffic Brokers:

Creator: Jeff Walker.

Price: $4.95 (7 day trial) followed by $49.95 monthly charges. No up-sells, but optional offers are within the members area.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars. 

Green light. Very authentic program. It does deliver, but a lot and hard work will have to be put in to get a lot out of it.

Traffic Brokers delivers a very cool approach to making money online which in one way is unique, but on the other isn’t. This may leave you scratching your head, but that’s ok, I’ve got you covered in this review and will explain all of the details that you find inside.

Note: I don’t think Traffic Brokers is active anymore:

I attempted to access the Traffic Brokers website while updating this page on it and couldn’t do it.

This makes me think the program is no longer active, so if you found this review looking for answers to what the program does, I’ll still answer that, but as for other good, workable programs that I trust, here is my top choice:

traffic brokers alternative

Traffic Brokers (TB) in a nutshell:

This section of the review takes you through the program when it was still active and since I remember being a member there, I’ll explain what it showed me:

As a member of Traffic Brokers, you get access to training that deals with finding small micro niche websites (not making a ton of money or aren’t that mainstream) and seeing if they run ads on their sites.

If they do, you basically contact them and offer them to run ads straight out of Traffic Brokers. If they accept, you set up an account for them (to make it easy), they place the TB ads on their sites and each time someone clicks through the ads and signs up, both the website owner and you get paid. 

Now this is actually going to be a CPA type approach where the ads the website owners put up lead to a necessary action the visitor must make such as signing up for offers or free trials. The website owner is going to make a bulk of the money whereas you will make a percentage of that.

It’s not going to be much, but the key to making the TB formula work is to keep expanding and finding new clients (website owners) looking to put TB ads on their sites. The more “prospects” you find, the more ads that are going to be running and the more of those, the more chances people will sign up and you will make money.

TB offers a wide selection of pretty simple CPA ads you can pitch to website owners that have a high probability of having people go through them and having you get paid.

Traffic Brokers also offers a cool tool called the prospects tool where you enter a keyword on a niche and it returns a bunch of websites that are relevant to that niche. You can then individually contact the owners of those websites shown instead of looking through them manually on search engines. It certainly does cut down on research time. 

Example of the Traffic Brokers formula in action:

This should clarify any confusions you may have because when I first stumbled onto the site and started reading through it, I was also confused until later on in the training, it started to make sense:

  • The TB site has a bunch of different CPA offers ranging in different niches. This is where you’d start.
  • Say I chose the computer anti virus niche. You can find a CPA offer from within the TB site which promotes some sort of trial for an anti virus software.
  • Then you could use the prospect tool I mentioned above, type a keyword like “Anti-Virus” and that tool would return a whole bunch of websites that talk about anti-virus. 
  • You would then have to look through each site (anti virus topic) that was shown to you and see if they are running ads on their site. Note: It is not recommended to chase big websites because they usually won’t be as responsive. You should chase small websites that aren’t really in it for big business, but are just niche sites created by passionate people behind them.
  • If they are running ads and are small websites, you contact the owner/s and tell them about some CPA offers you have where they can get paid a big amount. Basically the pitch is that it’s a relevant to show ads dealing with anti virus software offers on their anti-virus site and if someone clicks through and simply signs up, they get paid.
  • If they agree, you set up their personal TB account and select the anti virus offer to run on their site. Set up is pretty simple.
  • Then if each time someone visits the owners site and clicks on the ads, then signs up, the owner makes money and you make a portion of that as well.
  • This is how you make money using the formula and if you keep repeating it for multiple sites/multiple niches, ect…, there really is no limit to how well you can do. 
  • Consider that you get a client that gets a 100 visits a month to their site and you sign them up with TB and they get maybe 5 people signing up to the CPA offers which pays the website owner $20 per lead and you get $2. They’d make $100 a month while you only make $10. But this is just for one person and if you increase this formula to many clients who each get visitors, there is potential for MUCH more money to be made.

Drawbacks of the formula:

It’s important to note that not everyone you reach out to will respond or even if they do, will be interested in taking you up on the offer you propose (that’s ultimately the biggest problem). This is a game of numbers.

To be fair, TB does provide a ton of content including emails you can send out to potential clients to get them interested and they DO let you know that it’s a process.

Now there were also reports of the prospect tool within the TB site not running properly as I saw being mentioned in their forum. However, the administrator of the site responded with a “we’re working on it” so hopefully these are temporary issues.

Even if they aren’t, the good news is that you can always search online for sites without using the prospect tool as well as other resources you are taught to use by Jeff Walker from inside the site.

Here’s a program which I recommend far above Traffic Brokers.

Additional things within Traffic Brokers:

The membership site is broken down into several sections:

The training (16 lessons + bonuses), the forum, the TB set up which includes the prospects tool I mentioned and a place to submit inquiries if you have problems:


The “STOP” area is just an extra offer they give to new members where they advertise a hosting service and the ability to make your own website. Interestingly enough, you don’t need either to use the TB formula, but it is recommended to have your own “broker” website just in case potential clients want to see if there’s more to you than just words. 


  • Very simple instructions on how to get started. A lot of video tutorials.
  • Many tools create a sort of “done for you” service which saves time.
  • You really don’t need a website to implement this business model.
  • There appears to be good support within the forum.
  • There is good potential to make good money with this system (long run).
  • $4.95 trial for 7 days which I liked. 


  • The prospect tool which saves time has been known to not function properly at times.
  • Your profit per sale is very small so you’ll need to find a lot of clients to make this work.
  • If I were a website owner, I probably wouldn’t sign up with someone advertising anything like this to me. I’m just one of those cold clients.
  • It’s not easy to find clients to sign up to this. A lot of them will either ignore you or it’ll take awhile before you warm them up to this idea. 

Final Rating: Traffic Brokers

5 stars

Green Flag (Get my thumbs up!)

5 out of 10 stars. I very much enjoyed reading about this approach to online business.

It’s not typical and the way it’s presented is easy to understand. You can definitely implement what’s taught even if you’re new, but be aware that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It will take time! But since it isn’t active anymore, then I have to recommend another option and here it is:

traffic brokers alternative

My final thoughts:

While it will take a lot of time before you can get to a point where this model makes you good money, it’s just the way things work with any legitimate online business. Just know what you’re getting yourself into before you do it.

While I personally like this approach, it’s not something I see myself doing as I prefer the more typical route which I think has more potential. The way I learned online business was very different from what Traffic Brokers (main site) teaches.

I make a niche website and get visitors interested in the niche to it, then sell them offers. I’ve never promoted CPA offers on my site because I usually like to explore a product prior to recommend it.

With what TB does, I don’t know if the offers they feature are good or not, but make no mistake, you can make money, but that’s only after you find the clients willing to work with you which is going to the biggest obstacle to overcome. 

Do you have questions on TB? Let me know! Or if you have personal experiences with using their system, how did it work out for you?

4 thoughts on “Does Traffic Brokers Work? This Review Reveals The Details.”

  1. I already plunked down $4.95 and worry if it might have been a mistake. I feel overwhelmed by the large amount of material they are asking me to digest. On the surface it appears that a lot of research went into this program. It doesn’t look like something you will fully understand in one sitting. It looks like something where it will take some time to put all the pieces together.

    I became concerned about the added expense of getting a website. If one is needed I did not see why I couldn’t use a website I already had or could get at a much lower price than what they are charging.

    • Well Kelly, it’s not easy to learn this form of business and it will take time for you to get it. Just know that with any legit business, some sort of hard work is always going to be necessary.

      • I left Traffic Brokers after only 2 days with them and demanded that the $4.95 be refunded. I became concerned with the large number of fees and expenses that were not disclosed upfront. Their failure to respond to my comments and concerns was a big issue. They failed to activate the TrackBack account I created twice. That was also a big issue. When I set up some survey companies I ran into multiple problems: Verification links that failed. Surveys abruptly aborted because they said I did not meet certain criteria. Increased junk emails at my inbox that were probably related to the survey companies sending my email address to 3rd parties.

        • Other than their membership fee, I am sure there are some other fees, but when I read about it from them, they seemed pretty disclosed to me Kelly. As for the survey sites, it’s very common to have to go through a verification to see if you qualify and it is also VERY common to then have a lot of emails be sent to you, many of the being junk. It is always recommended to have another email account ready for working with these companies so they don’t cover up your main account.


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