Direct Online Income. Yet Another Scam Spotted

There is no doubt in my mind that Direct Online Income is a scam and there’s a lot of reasons why I say this. Read this report and I believe you’ll see it too.

Quick Report on Direct Online Income:

direct online income scam

Price: Either, $4.95 or $97 (Plus up-sells).

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars (Red Flag, scam)

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime, you already know just how many scams I’ve exposed that are like Direct Online Income.

If not, then what you need to know is that this place is yet another example of a copycat program that promises you a lot of money for supposedly very little. 

Most of the time, when I spot scams like Direct Online Income, they are usually through sites like these (the work at home special report scam sites): 

In the past, I’ve warned people about sites like these that always portray a work at home mom supposedly making tons of money. It is through these types of sites that I usually find the next scam. 

It also just so happens that these same sites often switch up the name of the programs being advertised but keep everything else the exact same thing.

So maybe today I’ll see Direct Online Income advertised there while some other time it could be another program that I’ve already reviewed and put on this list of work at home sites I’ve found. But it doesn’t matter because by default I automatically label almost any program I see on these sites a scam. 

However, for the benefit of the doubt, I went on and clicked the link on the above site to see where it would take me. Often times the site these pages link to is not the same as the one being advertised. In this case, the place I was directed was called Earn at Home Club. Here is a screenshot:

direct online income review

Most of the time people become confused when they see different names of programs and assume they are not related. I do not believe that is the case here. As I said before, the programs I review which I find on the above websites often change their names and this also includes linking to other sites like Earn at Home Club. 

One thing I want to point out is that in the past when I’ve reviewed sites which I was directed to from the Direct Online Income page, I would always be linked to a site which looks like this: 

online income

Obviously this image and the one I put up above are not the same. So for a second I though this time around I may actually be reviewing a legitimate program (On a side note, here’s 7 legit affiliate marketing programs). Well I signed up (Earn at Home Club page) and went on to see what was up. 

The bad new is that it’s a scam and the good news? Well I guess if you’re reading this now and you were considering buying this program, I may have just saved you a lot of money.

What you need to know about the Direct Online Income scam:

1) Direct Online Income links me to Earn at Home Club. Thus we can assume these 2 programs are associated with one another. Like I said before, the program most likely changed names like these scams are notorious for.

2) Inside the Earn at Home Club website, you are advertised some internet package for a “low” price of $4.95. They also give you a 5 minute timer to act before it’s “Too late”. I never fall for this and you should never either!

3) This $4.95 cost is probably just the start of what will probably be monthly charges and even more potential up-sells once you buy. How do I know? 

A) I’ve seen this tactic used before. Charge an extremely low price. Get people in and then spring surprise charges/up-sells on them. 

B) They even mention it in their terms of service (I’ve outlined the most important details):

direct online income terms of service screenshot

In case you skipped this part, you’re going to be billed a monthly fee after 3 days which is what they call your trial. But guess what? No where on the Earn at Home Club “membership” page is this 3 day trial ever mentioned. It just says order now for $4.95. 

And they do a good job of hiding their terms of service at the very bottom of their website where most people will never venture into (unless they’re me). 

4) Sales calls very likely. I see this occur VERY often with these programs. They always like to sugar coat under the words of consultation, 1 on 1 guidance, internet marketing coach and well you get the point.

But these are just fronts for hard selling sales calls you’ll likely have to endure if you purchase the product. These sales calls will probably try to get you to buy some super systems or coaching advice which can run you up to $1,000’s (no joke). Here is how they decorated it here: 

earn at home club consultation

5. It’s associated with Clicksure. This is a digital marketplace where unfortunately most scams like this one run rampant. Clicksure has a bad rep for this. The site itself is not a scam, but the way it operates and allows for scams like these to even advertise with them is what gives them a bad name.

With all these things to expect, why would anyone want to join this place? You need something you can trust and the only thing I can recommend without a doubt that works is my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate:


  • There’s never any with these programs.


  • Just another scam site promising easy money.
  • Direct Online Income is advertised on sites that are notoriously promoting scams.
  • Hidden costs and trials not mentioned until you dig deep into the site.

Final Rating: Direct Online Income

0 stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. No way no how am I EVER going to recommend this. Not Direct Online Income, not Earn at Home Club, nor anything like it. If you want to see a legitimate way to earn online, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts:

This time around, I believe the copycat scams are changing their game up. Before they used to advertise under the same look alike sites, just with different names.

Now with Direct Online Income going to a page like Earn at Home Club and that looking different than the other ones I’m used to, I believe the people behind these scams are starting to get desperate because they know people are catching on and it is imperative that more and more people be made aware of place like these.

Please never fall for this get rich quick scheme mentality. So much money has been lost by following this belief. It takes work to make money online and if you have the proper guidance and put the effort into making it happen, you can see amazing results. I’ve been personally doing it for 9 years (full time) and Wealthy Affiliate is the only program which I trust 100%.

If you have a personal review of Direct Online Income or whatever new alias it’s under and would like to share it, I’d love to hear your story! 

22 thoughts on “Direct Online Income. Yet Another Scam Spotted”

  1. All online income companies are a SCAM. And I believe that even that which Vitaliy is pushing is also a SCAM. Mostly because looking at the times he has posted replies to the comments. He shows he gets no sleep and spends all his time on the computer.

    Only if you work for a company that already pays you to work from home BEWARE. I also do a lot of research on these kinds of SCAMS. Just BEWARE and be CAUTIOUS. None of them will supply you with the income you are expecting. Well, unless you are willing to spend 23 hours a day doing it!

    • Hi Joe, it’s unfortunate that you’ve had to only deal with scams which is why you may think there’s nothing legitimate out there, but it’s just not true. I think if you gave Wealthy Affiliate a chance, you wouldn’t say those things about them or me.

      It’s literally impossible for me or anyone to work 23 hours a day. I just log on at random times to monitor comments and do work. Believe me, there are good places out there.

  2. I am now filing complaint with the BBB concerning the Earn at Home Club for their fraudulent advertising. They actually deducted 77.00 dollars from my account, and when I called them for an explanation I was told that it was for the three day trial. There was no indication of a three day trial mentioned on the membership page and the three days hadn’t passed yet! So now they’re going to try to refund only half my money back! I had to call my bank to get them to investigate the incident further and to replace the funds. But I believe if we all go to the BBB, we can get this business stopped. It truly needs to be stopped! !

  3. Yeah I paid the $4.97 to get my package or whatever then I decided to check reviews and scams for this work from home website. Now I don’t want to do it at all but will they take more money out of my account. I don’t know how to go about stopping them from taking anymore money out and canceling my so called membership.

    • Odds are, if you don’t cancel before whatever trial period they set, you will probably be billed one time or monthly. You will have to get a new credit card and dispute any unknown charges if they arise. Changing your credit number will probably be the safest way to prevent this from going further.

  4. It keeps telling me i already have an account but i dont ive never been on the site wtf somebody help id like to try it

    • If you’re talking about WA Wilson (not direct online income), I’ll provide your email to the founders and we can see if we can get you signed up. I’ll email you once there is an answer.

  5. Wealthy affiliate is not free. You get a free trial but eventually have to pay a monthly fee. I joined and really all it is is a community of people trying to make money online. there’s no real system they offer. The membership gives you access to there forums, some Web hosting and some keyword research tools. I guess I don’t see why wealthy affiliate is so great

    • Well Jamie, I’m going to have to disagree with you on a lot of the things you said. Perhaps you weren’t a member long enough to see the benefits of WA.

      1. It is free. You have no obligation to join the premium level unless you don’t want to.

      2. You get access to their forums yes, but you also get 2 websites and keep them no matter if you’re a member or not. The web hosting is a premium feature which is only for paid members. The keyword tool is also accurate.

      3. There IS a system they offer. The training is SEO & PPC oriented mostly, but training in various other aspects is also there. What they teach is building something REAL, offering people true information of value and making money that way. Out of all the business models I have tried, theirs has proven to work. It takes time to make it work, yes, but it’s solid.

      The program is great not just because of these things, but also because you get REAL help fast, including from the actual owners. Find me another program out there which gives people ALL of this. Trust me you won’t and I’ve done the research, believe me.

      • Ok so maybe I was a little harsh. The owners are in contact with you and do offer some support. The part that I really didn’t like was yes they give you 2 free websites and some videos to get you started, but the free video training only shows you enough to get started but falls way short of getting you to make money and the only way to get the real training is to buy the monthly membership. Once your free trial runs out the support stops and the site essentially becomes useless for you Unless you upgrade to monthly membership. I’m not saying that the membership isn’t worth because maybe it is but to me it feels like they pull you in show you just enough that you get excited but doesn’t allow to proceed on the path of really making money unless you pay.

        • That’s a fair argument Jaime, but the information you get within the starter membership, while general is actually stuff other places will ask you to pay for. Most of the experiences people get from the starter membership gives them a good idea if they want to progress further or not.

          You also have to take into consideration that there has to be some sort of monetary aspect to the business. You can’t just have people who are business oriented work 24-7, never get paid and be expected to keep providing that sort of service. I think for the price they put up for all the stuff you get is an amazing deal personally.

          • You make a fair point. I did get some useful information and you’re right about having to monetize their site, you can’t provide everything for free. I think I’ve grown incredibly skeptical of all programs Since everything I’ve tried turns out to be a scam. I feel it should be labeled different and not say free because if you want to learn enough to actually make money you will have to pay a monthly fee.

          • I know that skepticism Jamie and I understand your position, but they never make any promises of money at any point in time, even in the premium membership. It’s because it’s a two way street: The training and the person doing it. The training works, I know it. Now the person whose doing it, that’s another side of the coin.

            What they do provide is all you need (mostly in premium). Starter is very good to get going with. Most people are promised everything from most programs, get big expectations and fail because those programs are just scams.

            WA at every point in their training makes it very clear that the money comes AFTER you have created a real business that helps people and every part of their training, including the starter area makes that very clear. I would really recommend giving WA’s training a shot again and the premium training for at least a month. I know you’ll feel differently about them.

  6. I paid the $4.95 only to learn that you could go nowhere unless you kept shelling out $49.00 and when you tried to skip that, you went to another page that was $49.99, but then you could not get out of the program unless you just exit it. There was nowhere to get your 100% guaranteed return fees. A complete scam that keeps your initial money and no way to contact them to get it back that I can find. Beware.

    • There are few, but yes I have Amber. Here is a short list:

      1. Wealthy Affiliate (#1)
      2. Skillpay (review is pending but it’s legit)
      3. Niche Blitzkrieg
      4. Affilorama
      5. Bring the fresh (good training but stay away from their up-sells)

      Hope this helps!

    • You lost all credibility when you try to push your own program. I understand very well that I will recieve now multiple emails since I put my email address in. But it is an obsolete email and will just get you nowhere with your scam. What a joke to present yourself as a reviewer of these then to push your own scam…….

      • It’s unfortunate you feel that way Richard but it’s just not true. Most people who look for program reviews want to know if it works and if not, what does. That’s where I provide the answer. You are free to choose where to go, whether for or against my recommendations.

        The point here is that:

        I do not bad talk any program unless it is a scam which in this case, Direct Online Income is. You can go ahead and buy it if you want, but you’ve been warned. I really think you should check out WA before you jump to conclusions. I’m sure you’ll have a much different opinion.


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