Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam? This Review Explains The Risks.

zip nada zilch review

Zip Nada Zilch is not a scam, and despite the name, can actually produce people rewards and money if they know what to do.

But in this review, I’d like to explain why there’s more risks and better ways in my opinion to spend your time than to try and earn rewards and possible money through this network, because it’s just very hard and takes too long to do. 

Quick Report on Zip Nada Zilch (ZNZ):

Creator: Uknown.

Price: Free to sign up.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

ZNZ is not a scam, but not a program I’d personally use either.

Zip Nada Zilch is an interesting program to review because in many ways it has many of the same similarities to other rewards programs I’ve reviewed which I’ll get to. Besides that, after checking it out, I don’t believe it’s a scam (as I said before), but there’s also a very slippery slope in my opinion.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything, but I have to interject into my review for a brief moment and say something important:

zip nada zilch alternative

Zip Nada Zilch in a nutshell:

Think rewards programs. That’s what ZNZ is.

It is a free program that you can sign up for which gives you credits (rewards) for completing offers such as signing up for trial memberships with various other sites/services. Some of these trials are associated with big name companies. You get rewarded with credits for this which you can then use to get prizes and/or commissions.

Prizes include anything from a laptop, phones to a gaming console and other various items. An affiliate referral program (see my guide to affiliate marketing success here) is also available with ZNZ, which is common with these types of sites that pays you anywhere from $20-$130 a referral as they claim.

How does Zip Nada Zilch make money?

When it comes to making money on ZNZ’s part, they are promoting the companies they advertise and earn some sort of compensation when someone joins through them and completes a trial offer or signs up.

In return, they’ll give the person they referred a credit/s.

If you look at their FAQ page, it’s explained very clearly:

how zip nada zilch makes money

More important information about Zip Nada Zilch:

The credits you are awarded for completing offers are then used to basically legitimize earning referral commission.

What I also found was on the main ZNZ site, you were given the option to select 21 other sites associated with the main Zip Nada Zilch site, each of which pays differently (or the same) per referral as well as requires you first earn a specific amount of credits before being eligible.

Some of you may have heard of ZNZ One, Big Cash and other names. Well these sites are part of that group. Here are some other names I found:


I’m not sure why this is even happening as these other sites look like duplicates of one another and they could just promote these prizes on their main webpage in my mind. I suppose it’s being done to make more money?

The only thing that stands out on these sites is the prizes they offer. Everything else is fairly similar. 

You may also find people who promote this site and others like it and they may even be willing to pay you to sign up through them. This is a method of making money programs like Project Payday teach.

Why I can’t recommend Zip Nada Zilch (3 cons):

Remember, the only benefits you can get from ZNZ is to complete offers and/or refer people.

The big money is in promoting people, but to first get there, you will need to complete one or more offers to be able to do this.

This is where I don’t like the way things go. And this is what brings me to the cons:

1) Paying to get credits. 

The trial offers they have (most of them) actually require you to pay for them, while receiving even less credits in return.

So if you are joining ZNZ to make money, know that certain offers (the ones which pay the most) may require you to pay more to get the credits.

Why then do that? 

For example:

Some of their offers will require you sign up to some sort of trial period with the companies they’re promoting. This may be free or cost anywhere from $1-less than $20 from what I saw.

But if you take into account the offers which cost money, you will actually be rewarded less in credits than what you pay into it. This maybe a marketing tactic to get you to try more things so they can earn more money, but personally, I do not like this at all. 


From the list of offers I saw, there were 28 on each page and out of one of the pages I saw, only 6 were free. But even those have a catch and will require you sign up with a credit card.

How do I know? Well if you hover over the offer, it’s mentioned (right):

2) Putting in all that work does not guarantee payment.

Now what makes this further bad in my mind is that when I read the terms of ZNZ, they do mention that they can change their policy and/or refuse credits you get:


Now they do mention fraud as a reason, but it’s not the only reason and that raises my suspicions. I’m sure they pay people and while they are doing this to protect themselves, when they have as much control as this, I have my doubts. 

3) The referral program seems like the only way to make good money.

I do not like rewards programs where the only real way to make good money is by referring people. I find the whole thing very much like a pyramid scheme.

Considering ZNZ, it’s a mixed bag because on one hand we have a program which provides “value” in connecting people with offers that offer them that.

But in most cases they have to pay for it or there’s some sort of “catch”, and the rest when it comes to referring people who then do the same is not my idea of offering value to people. This is why I have my suspicions and believe most people who join ZNZ will only do it to take advantage of the referral program as will their referrals.  

I don’t feel comfortable promoting a program like this to people, no matter how much it pays. I prefer offering people programs/offers which I feel give them real value. Some say the trial offers they have do just that and they maybe right, but I’m not of that opinion.

Final Rating: Zip Nada Zilch

3 stars

Yellow Flag (Caution)

3 out of 10 stars. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt (though not a thumbs up either). Excluding the arguments I made, you can make money with this program, though unless you possess good marketing skills, probably not a lot. Wealthy Affiliate is what I consider a much better & realistic alternative.

My final thoughts:

Personally, I won’t be trying this program. I don’t believe it’s very practical to make money if you’re a beginner and there are some other issues I raised that led me to this decision, although we can forget them because it is my opinion.

I first heard about ZNZ from someone who commented on my review of Instant Rewards Network which is very similar to this place. There are many places like this and their main purpose is to refer you to their promotions.

A very important message about this review:

Understand that this is how these sites make money and that rewards system always MAINLY benefits the site, not so much the people in it. The people in it have to work WAY harder to make these types of sites produce decent income/rewards for them.

If you’re going to spend so much time and energy (possibly money too if you pay for the trails that give you credits), you may as well try something that will pay you back WAY more, a personal, profitable website, that’s how I’ve done it:

I have been through rewards sites like ZNZ, but in my case, what made me realize how tough it is to make money with them is I tried paid online surveys, which are pretty much similar and identical to rewards sites and I lost a lot of time and energy working on them and made VERY little.

Because I decided NOT to chase the easy money “lie”, I switched to doing what I do now full time and it’s what truly produces me a GOOD income from home. The link above explains everything about what I do.

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