Does Squidoo Still Rank Well In Google?

For many years, Squidoo has served online marketers including myself with the ability to make good money online and honestly. But that was years ago. Does Squidoo still rank well in Google today? Yes it does. Yet this review isn’t going to praise them, because in the past 2-3 years, even though their lenses still rank … [Read more…]

How To Build An Authority Blog


There are a lot of misconceptions about how to build an authority blog floating around the internet these days. What you need to know is that authority blogs are something you can create on your own and I’m going to show you the most straight forward to make one. What is an authority blog? It’s basically … [Read more…]

Looking To Get Certificates In Online Marketing? Why it May Not be Worth it.


There are many schools & places which teach you online marketing and offer certificates, but before you take the plunge and sign up to any school/program, let me forewarn you: Most of these places overcharge and/or do NOT know what the hell they are teaching. Furthermore, like most college degrees, they are worthless. In fact, I’m … [Read more…]