My Thoughts on Peng Joon’s Membership Sites Blueprint: It’s Decent.

membership sites blueprint screenshotWhile I’m not exactly Peng Joon’s biggest fan, I will admit I don’t have major issues with his products. They deliver good information and are pretty legitimate. I recently stumbled onto another one he made: Membership Sites Blueprint which also is on par with his previous products, but in spite of being decent, I am going to have to say that this program isn’t for everyone and can be substituted. 

Membership Sites Blueprint in a nutshell:

You basically learn to create membership websites to sell your own product and have people pay you monthly to be a part of it. The idea is to have a stable, re-occurring income flow every month vs affiliate commissions which you can only earn once (unless they are re-occurring too!)

Peng Joon’s program goes very in-depth into the steps necessary to set this up. And when I say in-depth, I really mean it. There is a lot of training to go through once you enter the membership area. 

Understanding the idea…

Most people who are new to online marketing may find the idea of membership websites very interesting, but without actually understanding the basic/specific concepts, they will never be able to fully grasp the subject. So let me help you with that:

Pretty much most success which comes through online marketing happens following this kind of approach:

  • Having a website and getting traffic (visitors to it).

That’s the most broad way of explaining it. But if you go deeper, there are more details:

  • You need to have a website designed for a specific group of people. This is called a niche. 
  • Then you need to get that group of people (called targeted traffic or niche traffic) to your website.
  • It is through this process that you can sell to this group of people certain products and programs that can help them. 

Now when it comes to membership websites, the overall formula remains the same, except you are going to be selling your own personal service/program/product on your website.

Say for instance you are good at raising kids. You could make a website aimed for this niche:

  • Parents looking for parenting tips and create a membership website out of it.

This site could either be free for people to check out or you could charge a monthly price and give people certain products or information to help them in this niche.  As more and more people sign up to your website and pay, you can slowly grow an online business out of this. 

And the step-by-step process you go through in order to make the above end result happen is what Membership Sites Blueprint basically teaches you to do.

Digging into the program:

While there are PLENTY of learning manuals within the members area of this program, you also get a 30 day plan where you are told what to do each and everyday to create a membership website. I like this concept because it gives people guidance on what to do.

Most of the time, online marketing products just give you plenty of ideas, but no actual strategy of course of action to take. This leaves people confused and frustrated, especially newbies. I’ve been there, believe me.

Luckily with this program, that is not the case. However, because there are SO many tutorials to go through, it is easy for beginners to this sort of business to get lost. I wouldn’t recommend this program if you’re new to online marketing. And if you do decide to try it, stick to the 30 day plan initially.


Issue #1: Up-sells

It was hard for me to believe you could get so much information for a measly $37. I assumed this meant I’d probably be hit with up-sells if I tried the program. I was right.

There are 2:

  • 1 for $47/month
  • 1 for $197.

I’ve said it so many times before and I’ll keep saying it: I hate surprise up-sells because they catch most people off guard and make them think they need it to succeed. My advice is to never buy up-sells until you try the original program and see if it works, then consider it.

Issue #2: You don’t really need a membership website to make stable income online…

You can do affiliate work and promote programs/products which charge people monthly and make a re-occurring income. This whole idea that you need to make your own membership website is kind of limited and a bit advanced in my opinion.

 I would actually recommend you focus primarily on building a niche website first and getting traffic to it. Then you could turn that into whatever you want.

  • It could be a membership website where you sell your own products/services.
  • It could be an affiliate website. 
  • It could be you promoting a re-occurring product.

When you have a website that gets a lot of visitors, the sky is the limit to what you can do with it. Focus on doing that first before anything else. While you do get guidance on how to do this in this program, there are much better alternatives in terms of training to make that happen. 


  • Decent quality information.
  • Lots of tutorials. 
  • Teaches you how to take an idea and turn it into an online business via membership sites.


  • There are up-sells.
  • Membership sites aren’t something that is suitable for everyone.

Final Rating: Membership Sites Blueprint

4 stars

Yellow (Caution)

4 out of 10 stars. OK program. But the information is kind of focused on 1 thing and I don’t agree with everything he says. I recommend this place as a better alternative. 

My final thoughts:

It’s actually coincidental. When I reviewed one of Peng Joon’s previous programs: Work From no Home, I actually gave it 4 stars out of 10 as well, but in that instance, it was because the information was a bit outdated and somewhat limited.

In Membership Sites Blueprint, I see the same issue with it being limited because the information is leaned towards 1 route. What I’m basically trying to say (again) is that membership websites are NOT the only way to earn a stable income online and you can very well do that through affiliate work. The website & traffic are primary goals. Whatever comes after (money making focus) is secondary. 

Overall the program is good, but it’s not something I can give that green light to because I strongly believe most people who try out the strategy will not be able to succeed if their main focus will be just membership website/s. It’s just not something that everyone can do, including me and I have many years experience in this business. Instead focus on a more open ended strategy like this one.

Once you have your chosen niche, a website and the visitors start coming in, then you will have the choice of what you want do with it to make money. Most people instead focus on the end goal without building the basic foundations first, that being a website and topic focused on a specific niche. 

I hope this review has helped you out and if you have any questions, feel free to post them below 🙂





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    • Vitaliy

      Hi Samantha, to run any kind of GOOD membership site, you first need to have a reason for people to join the membership. What would you offer people? Would you provide fast support if they had questions?

      You should look at websites with great membership programs to get an idea of how yours would look too.

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