MLSP vs Empower Network. My Unusual Pick.

MLSP vs Empower NetworkI have researched and reviewed both MLSP & Empower Network. When it comes to the vs question, I have an unusual pick: Neither. This is because I am not a fan of any type of MLM company. 

But if you’re still looking for which is better, I’d pick MLSP, for a number of reasons as I’m about to explain. But before I get into details, let me clarify both of these programs because there are MANY misconceptions about them:

MLSP Vs Empower Network. Understanding what they REALLY are.

First we’ll begin with My Lead Systems Pro:

MLSP is NOT an MLM. It is a program which teaches you how to create MLM’s and succeed in them if you decide to join one. It does have a referral program for which you can make money through direct referrals and that’s it. This form of making money online is basically affiliate marketing.

In MLMs, you can make money through what’s known as a down line in which whoever your referrals, refer, some of that money will flow up to you. Such is not the case with this program, meaning it is NOT an MLM.

In terms of the rating I gave, MLSP received 4 out of 10 stars. In my book that’s a yellow light. meaning borderline acceptable. 

Now onto Empower Network:

Unlike the previous program, EN is a scam. It received a 1 out of a 10 star rating on this site which is a red light and you should stay far away from it. Why is this?

Because it has pretty much ALL of the characteristics of a pyramid scheme. In fact, I’ve called it that in the past and still maintain my position. 

The reason being is that in a nutshell it sells you VERY expensive training which primarily focuses on getting others into the program. This training is vastly overpriced. We’re talking well into the $1,000’s for selling what can basically be considered thin air. There is no tangible good within EN. It is only training and even if you could put a price tag on it, it would never be anywhere close to the amount they are charging. My EN review.

How both companies stack against each other in these 4 categories:


Support: MLSP wins. 

From what I have seen, MLSP does have good support. On the contrary, EN’s support is based on how much you actually invest into the company. From what I have seen, there is no actual place such as a forum for support other than sending an email. 

However as I said earlier, how much support you actually get from EN depends on how much you invest into it. Most people buy into the company for $25 thinking they get much more, when in fact it is a gateway to up-sells which total to over $5,000. If you don’t buy into 1 or more of these up-sells, you are likely going to be given the cold shoulder. 

Training: MLSP wins again.

Though I’m not a fan of training people to succeed in MLMs because I find most of them to be pyramid schemes, I will say that you do get some great training within MLSP which is not only geared towards referring people into the company. The training can be used to build your own online business, but mainly on a MLM model. 

As for EN, the training you get there revolves around getting others into the system. Can it be used for other types of projects? Yes, but the main focus is on money making so it’s likely going to be VERY difficult to utilize the same strategies in other niches. 

Furthermore MLSP advocates high quality content writing which they call “Attraction marketing”, where you earn trust from people by writing up information that helps them. With EN, it revolves around writing content that is hyped to give people a “get rich quick” type of impression, something I am NOT a fan of, even though it unfortunately works.

Pricing: MLSP

Even though I feel some of it’s features are overpriced (slightly), I still give the edge to MLSP by far. The type of training and support you receive from this company is offered at a relatively fair price. You will pay anywhere from $50-$150 a month.

EN as I said before is ridiculously overpriced. I would not want to pay $1,000’s to learn ways of making money online when I can find alternative sources which charge me less or nothing at all. My #1 recommendation is a prime example of this argument.

How much you can earn: EN (theoretically)

This is the only category where this program wins out, but it’s based on theory. EN offers it’s affiliates 100% commissions on many of the sales they make, though they will have to pass up a couple to their up line (the people who referred them to the company).

Based on what I’ve seen, the training at MLSP is more likely to help you make money online than EN, but in terms of potential numbers, EN wins out unfortunately because of their expensive costs. People can literally make $1,000’s in commissions, although reality has proved that this doesn’t happen. In fact less than 1% of all it’s members make a profit (It’s that bad).

Overall MLSP wins, but I don’t recommend neither company:

In spite of the fact that in pretty much all fields (except potential earnings), MLSP wins by far, my main issue with the company is that it revolves around MLM training and I don’t find it an ethical way of making money online. It does however make up for this short coming by offering pretty quality training for a fair price. This is why I rated it borderline in terms of if I would recommend it. Full MLSP review.

As for EN, you already know my opinion on it. This is one of the most accurate examples of an unethical business model and why MLMs have been given such a bad rep. 

If you want to know my advice, it’s this: I recommend staying far away from ANY MLM’s. If you want to earn money online honestly, at least by my definition of it, you should try affiliate marketing in which you promote products from companies to people and make money directly, not refer customers/leads into some kind of referral web where it’s easy to get lost and fail. In my opinion this is legitimate because your customers know exactly what they’re getting and you’re just making it easier for them to understand if what they want to purchase is for them. 






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