How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google?

The best way to get traffic is to get your website to rank high on Google, but certain factors (which I will explain below) make that process either shorter or longer. So how long on average does it take to rank in Google?

The short answer is: Several weeks to a few months. For most website’s and the keywords they are targeting, this is the general stat. But this is not always guaranteed. As I said before there are factors, 4 really which affect the speed in which this happens.

The 4 Factors: 

1. Your website platform. If you are using a basic HTML site, it will take longer to rank in Google. Stick to using WordPress for your site as it will not only make the process of making site’s and pages easier for you, but also help with Google’s spiders noticing your site faster. WordPress has a built in function which updates Google each time you publish a new page/post on your site. 

2. The quality and quantity of content you have on your website. What is content? Content is anything you put on your website. It could be an informative post/blog that provides valuable information to readers.

Quality content is absolutely necessary when trying to rank in Google. The better quality content you have, the more likely readers will stay and leave comments on your website which will greatly help in the process of ranking. 

Also quantity content is also important. You should aim to add new posts/pages to your website on a regular basis. On some sites I do this almost daily, other times semi-daily. If Google sees your site and notices fresh new content each time, they will reward you for this. Note this website. If you check back every few days, you’ll notice fresh new blog posts. This is something you should also aim to do with your website. 

3. The keywords you are chasing. Not every keyword is the same. Most people always try to chase keywords that get a lot of keywordstraffic, but unfortunately most of these keywords also have A LOT of competition surrounding them. New websites are going to have a very hard time ranking under competitive keywords, so your best bet when starting is to chase low competition keywords with preferably a lot of traffic and even just a little. Some traffic is better than none! And to do all of this, you can either…

Use this tutorial on how to find profitable keywords. It’ll help you find good keywords as well as their competition. 


Use a keyword tool. Keyword tools tell you estimates and even accurate data on how many people search certain keywords and how much competition they have instantly. There are a large # of these tools available, but I prefer this one above all else. You can actually try it for free. 

 Factor 4: Your website’s authority with Google.

This one is HUGE.  The more authority your website has, the faster your pages, both old and new will show up on Google. I’ve seen blog posts rank within hours after being published and this was only because my website developed authority with Google and this kind of thing takes time.

The process of attaining authority with Google really depends on the quality of content of your website (how to get an authority blog). Freshly built sites will not get this preferential treatment, but through time and writing up valuable content, their page rank will slowly rise and eventually get to a point where new posts will rank instantly.

In the end this is really a race where the turtle will always win. But there also a couple of methods I recommend which can help speed up the process. Here are 5. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be more than happy to answer them 🙂




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  1. Christina

    This is a great article. Just because you put up a site doesn’t mean you’re going to find it in Google right away. Thanks for teaching us to be patient and to keep writing! It will pay off.

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