Stealth Income Machines Review. What’s Really Going on

stealth income machines review

One of the oldest scams in the make money online opportunity world is what goes on with Steal Income Machines. In this review, I’ll basically expose it and this is my opinion.

Quick Report on Stealth Income Machines:

Price: It’s not free. The total prices ranges as you’ll see.

Overall Rating: 0 out 10 stars (Scam)

At no point in time did Stealth Income Machines come off as sounding legitimate when I began looking into it.

Aside from the same claims I hear oh so often from other programs about making easy money online with no experience by simply using some automated system and how I’ll get it for free, it always turns out to be false.

With this program I knew something was amiss and felt there was a scam happening. So I dove deeper to find out what was up and here’s what I found:

Steal Income Machines in a nutshell:

The theory behind this program and I stress the word theory is that you are supposedly going to get a free “money making” website from the creator of Steal Income Machines. Matt Walker (creator) says he’s only opening up this opportunity for only 40 people because the organization he’s partnered with will only allow that many so the secret doesn’t get out.

He’s willing to give someone who has no experience in online marketing a free website with no catch (yeah right) that will make them potentially a six figure income and to prove he shows off his sales figures which in my opinion are fake, but that’s beside the point. His whole explanation for this is that by giving away these website and you earning the bulk of income, he makes 10% commission.

I honestly didn’t get too deep into the whole explanation because I though it was covering up the real truth. All I heard was that you’re going to get something for free even if you have no experience and it will make you a ton of money.

Now if that doesn’t strike you as odd, I don’t know what does because in truth this is not what’s really going on. As I dug deeper (which didn’t take a lot of work to be honest), here’s what I found out.

What really happens:

Basically you’re going to have to sign up to a hosting program in order to even get the Steal Income Machines program. This is the catch and it’s a big deal. 

The reason is that this is a common scam that occurs and I’ve seen/reviewed it from other programs before. In all the other instances, I saw a very similar approach:

  • They promise you a website/riches for “free”. 
  • Then when you try to get it, you are told there is 1 step to get that site and it’s to sign up to some hosting company. 

Now besides this practice in my opinion being very deceptive, the price of this hosting is much higher than other places. Some places are free while others won’t cost you nearly as much as what Steal Income Machines promotes.

The biggest problem other than there being lower prices in other places is that you’re going to have to pay at least 6 months in advance for something you won’t even know is going to make money. 

With the hosting that this program promotes, this is the price range:

stealth income machines hosting prices

Now that $89.70 is for only 6 months while the 36 month price is going to total to over $300. Even the most expensive hosting packages never cost me more than $6 a month. 

Now in addition to the hosting, the “pro” is that you get a free website with the purchase. The problem based on what I saw is that this website was 2 things:

1. There were already named websites for me that added the name of my location. In other words, they found my location using whatever type of software and automatically generated a website name with the name of my location in it (the city I live in).

2. I could choose my own domain name. 

The problem I see with both of these options is that it presumes you know what you’re going to be building the website on and people who are completely new to online marketing are going to have problems.

Everything in online business starts with a niche and as far a as I’m concerned, any business model which doesn’t start there is likely going to fail.

Now if that’s not enough, the other problem I see with this is that I don’t really know the “automated software” that is going to be used on your site once you buy the hosting. I’ve never gone deeper that the checkout cart with these systems because I knew it was a scam and I didn’t want to invest money to prove something that had already been evident to me. 

What I can tell you is I have experience with automated done for you sites and systems and not in a single case was there ever a situation where these systems proved to be amazing. In every circumstance, automated systems generally do things that are not liked by search engines in that they try to trick the system.

This has caused many search engines, especially Google to put in place things to prevent sites that use these types of automated systems to ever get far. So even if you do get a software program with Stealth Income Machines, I wouldn’t bet too far into them working out in the short run, let alone the long run.


  • None.


  • It’s promoting a hosting program and the price is too much.
  • I feel the program is a scam.

Final Rating: Steal Income Machines

0 Stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out 10 stars. I don’t trust these programs. The hosting they promote and the software they preach do not meet the hype in my experience/opinion. You need legitimate ways to earn money online and it’s not going to come from programs like these in my opinion. Here is my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

It doesn’t take a lot of logical thinking to find holes in the sales pitch this program brings. Even if you have no experience with a business like this, something does sound fishy when it’s claimed that you can make easy money and that everyone wins. 

The biggest indicator should be when they ask you to pay for something in order to receive something free. When I first stumbled onto these sorts of scams, as I dug deeper, the scam became bigger. I advise staying away from programs like these.

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