Secure Home Profits Review. Is it a Scam?

secure home profits review

I can’t tell you if Secure Home Profits is a scam with 100% accuracy, but I can tell you that I don’t recommend it at all, and that comes with a 100% assurance. I’ll explain why and give you a better option!

Quick Report on Secure Home Profits:

Creator: Amy Sanders.

Price: $97-$47. No up-sells.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars

There’s a lot of deceptive practices used to sell this program that I’ll go over and there is also a lot of training, but they just don’t teach you the right and more importantly updated sort of things you need to do to make money and talk too much theory without giving you enough examples.

Secure Home Profits in a nutshell:

A very basic compilation of old and somewhat present videos showing you ways to make money online through niche marketing, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, CPA and that’s about it…

Secure Home Profits continues down the same road of marketing I’ve been speaking out against for a very long time. By what I’ve seen, if you include this program’s name, there’s at least 4 other names this program has been bounced around for who knows how long:

  • Your Income Getaway.
  • Online Home Cash.
  • Home Profit System. This last one is probably not as directly associated because I’ve seen this name on websites over and over lead to completely different places.

The deceptive part of this program is really one of the 2 main reasons I am against it with the other being the actual training which isn’t as bad, but like I said, not good enough. I’ll explain both of these things in this review.

Problem 1: The marketing.

I find the way this product is being marketed extremely repulsive because it shows desperation, no shame and there’s just too many lies. For this program, it all started with me reading an MMA blog and in the comments section seeing someone post about how they are making so and so every day or hour and giving a link to a site.

I’m certain you’ve probably seen this sort of advertising at least once in your life upon reading any kind of blog, but anyway, since I know most of the time these things lead to scam programs, I did go along with it so I can talk about it here. 

Going to that link led me to the following fake special report websites where I encountered the 1st of 4 names for Secure Home Profits:


This is a fake news site and I see them all the time when doing research. They are incredibly common and misleading.

I took this screenshot to show you the first name which is Home Profit System which I did actually do a review on a long time ago.

Back when it first happened, if I remember fully, it was on a different domain name, but almost all of it was duplicated and clicking on that link actually took you to a different page than Secure Home Profits and that’s really the whole point, to show how fake these sites are.

They are just going to keep linking to the next new program that comes out.

However, clicking on that link today took me instead to Secure Home Profits Website.

Note: After I purchased the program, I went back to the “news” report site, clicked on the same link and it took me to a completely different page. Like I said, it’s all fake and it’s just there to sell.

On that site are more misleading claims including the one about possibly making money in the next 5 minutes.

Then there is also what you see on the next page which is the woman (Amy Sanders). I’ve been around these sites for a long time and I still don’t believe people like that are real. These sites use the same images and keep re-using different names. 

But I still go forward with this and buy the program (it’s my job to test this stuff). Upon making payment, I see this:


No doubt this may confuse a lot of people. After all, we just went from Home Profit System, to Secure Home Profits, and now we have 2 additional names added in: Online Home Cash and Your Income Getaway which brings the total names for the program up to 4.

So to put it all together in the marketing program, as you can see, there are a lot of problems going on here which can make people think they got scammed. I can’t stand when programs market like this. Deception which is what I see here shows me that I can’t trust it. 

Want to see an authentic program that doesn’t deceive, then check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

Next problem: The actual program.

Ok while it’s a GREAT thing to see there being a program behind Secure Home Profits (or whatever association it has), I went through it, and saw a lot of holes. Let’s start with the first one:


Besides it being Your Income Getaway, the other problem in my opinion is the person in the video. She basically provides a testimonial for the program but never actually NAMES it. It’s just a video where someone is given program X a positive rating.

This is so broad and can easily be misconstrued. With all the other “if’s” with this program, how can I believe this person is given the actual program a positive rating? What if this testimonial was just purchased or used from another program? Legitimate questions if you ask me!

Next after that is the training, which is nothing but videos! The positive side is that there A LOT of them:


This screenshot actually doesn’t even begin to come close to the amount of videos you will see. All the menus on the left (that have a white background) open up a new set of sub menus (light blue background). 

Also look under welcome name. You can see 2 other names: Start Up Freedom Club and Stay at Home Revenue. More programs to add to our list? 

Anyway, looking into these menus, each would open up a video. The first set (Proper Mindset) goes into explaining how to basically be positive. Nothing I really found to be informative, just basic. 

Then we went into niche research which will I honestly admit was very well done. I think it was one of the most practical tutorials on the subject I’ve seen. 

But then things became a little bit stale for me. All these tutorials (for the most part) would turn into was presentations and bullet points on what you can do without much practical examples. At times, they would use websites to describe ways you can use the same tactics when you make your own, but sadly, this absolutely mandatory part was not shown enough.

The person/s in the videos when talking about the website creation talk about buying domains, but I didn’t see any video on how to edit your site, nor did I ever see them go into it to show where to make changes, just tutorials on what you should do.

How is a person who has never made a website supposed to figure this out? They’re going to have a VERY hard time so to help you with this part, look at my tutorial on building your own websites

It’s one of those things where you get so much information, but when you begin to try and take action, you find out that without screenshots of videos giving you exact steps, you’re going to run into issues. And that’s really what happens when you continue on with the training which gets into the marketing. 

They talk about building e-commerce websites, but addition to not really giving the type of information or specific steps they could have, PLUS being contradictory, you are building a business with holes as I see it.

For example:

There is a specific tutorial which talks about black hat techniques and which ones not to use. Basically you see a list of which things not to do when making your website and marketing it, one of which was “link farms” which are basically called content farms where you post on different websites, including article directories to get links back to your page in order to raise your website’s “page rank”.

Overall, it was one of the few tutorials I really did enjoy watching including the niche one, but then I get further into the training and they start talking about article marketing which contradicts one of their black hat no-no’s. 

There is an article marketing tutorial which talks about posting links on article directories. What!? Not only are they contradicting themselves, but article marketing through this form is also basically a dead practice. 

The training continues on and on like this with a few good things, but overall lacking.

Final Rating: Secure Home Profits (or those other names)

2 starsRed Flag

2 out of 10 stars. Poor training and bad marketing make for a bad product. 


My final thoughts:

Even though there are probably close to 50 videos altogether, some of them didn’t open up for me and when you see how covered up Secure Home Profits was from the very beginning, then you get into the training which I also pointed to had some serious problems, you get a product that I would not recommend for making money online

I know the people behind this program put in a lot of work to make those video and in many ways, it is organized, but it’s just missing the pieces that can literally make up the heart of your business and without proper understanding of it and not teaching it right, how can you expect to become successful? 

Secure Home Profits


Secure Home Profits Score


Success Stories



  • Not really any.


  • It's marketed through fake work at home sites.
  • I doubt the creator is a real person.

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