1% Of Empower Network Affiliates Make Money. Shocking Proof.

You’ll often see Empower Network affiliates bragging about their earnings and trying to get you to join this organization. But what if…

I told you less than 1% of all these affiliates are actually making any profit with the company? What if I also told you I had proof to back this up and it came from none other than Empower Network themselves? This is all true. Prepare to be shocked. 

One of my recent posts on Empower Network received a comment making the claim of how few affiliates are actually making anything with this company, so I did a little investigation and turns out it as true. Don’t believe me?

Simply do a Google search for “Empower Network Income” and you’ll see charts from their own website detailing how much money is being made by their affiliates on a weekly basis. Here’s one I found and took a screenshot on:

EN income

Looks like everyone is making money right? Not so fast. This chart is actually a lot worse than it seems once you understand the business model of Empower Network. And once you do, you’ll see that chart shows that less than 1% of all it’s affiliates actually make any money.

The Quick Summary Of The Empower Network Business Model (What You Need To Know):

The idea behind this organization is you’re hooked into the program for $25, but once you join, you find out that in order to make any real money or get any real training, you need to purchase an expensive $100 a month membership and “Go All In” and buy well over $5,000 in training products. Not everyone does this, but those who do are in a financial hole.

However, if you do decide to “Go All In” and purchase everything this organization offers, the training you’ll get will be horrendous. You are only taught to promote EN and in many cases through shady tactics which will come down to referring other people into the same problem you are in. In other words, to get yourself out of the hole you’re in with this company, you’ll have to get others into it. Full review on the scam here.

Though not everyone spends the $100 a month, Empower Network makes it so in order to make any money from the program, you’ll need to first BUY IT. In other words, if you wish to make $100 a month of each referral, you’ll need to be part of the $100/month program. In order to see their most expensive packages (some which go over $1,000) you’ll need to first buy it.

With These Facts In Mind, Let’s Look At That Chart Again…

Keep a couple of things when looking at this chart:

1. A lot of the people in that chart already invested $25 a month – $5,000 (For all in products) meaning they are at worst -$5,000 which means that any earnings under $5,000 in the chart are still leaving people in the negative (if they went all in).

2. To get the most accurate representation of who makes money with this program, look at: % of average weekly distributors & Weekly income —> average amount. These will be the most accurate #’s.

EN income

Now whose REALLY making money with this program? Apparently less than 1% of it’s members. This also means the many blogs you see promoting EN network with their earnings are flat out lies. Ignore the annualized average income.

Will anyone in the red zone end up making a profit? Yes certain people in the red zone will be making some money off this program if the members they refer will continue to stay. But how long will it take to break even/make a profit? Months? Years? And what about the large majority? Will they get there? Not even close.

So if in reality less than 1% actually make money with EN, what happens to the other 99%? Well this pyramid picture I created should clarify that question:

Who makes money with Empower Network?

empower network pyramid

What To Take From This Pyramid:

Though 3 sections are green, in reality, it’s still less than 1% of affiliates who really make money with this program. Furthermore, notice the $$$ pointing up.

Why is that? Because if you purchase a product from EN be it the $25 blog or the “All in” packages, the money goes to what’s known as an “up-line” meaning if someone referred you to buy the packages and you purchased them, they will get 100% of the investment and if no one referred you, the money goes to the owners. It lessens with the more people you refer and when your referrals refer others (It’s confusing I know).

How Empower Network itself explains their own compensation model:

Empower network compensation plan

Does this make any sense to you? I don’t understand it, but put a pyramid around that picture, then it’ll become more apparent that this program is just that. Also replace the “You” at the top with the owners of EN and it’ll be more accurate.

The bottom line is, all money made through this program funnels to the higher ups and eventually the owners. Most, and by that I mean 99% of the people who put money into this program do not end up doing well. It’s something you’re not told but need to know.

Here’s another income chart:

EN income

What To Take From This Chart:

This is a more recent one. Notice that less people made money with this program than with the previous one. Why is that? I personally believe its because a lot of complaints about this company have been building and it’s reputation has been gradually worsening among the public. See Empower Network complaints here.

EN in order to preserve their reputation has recently released a 2.0 version which they claim is better and “Different”. But in reality this program is just more of the same, the only difference is there’s more fancy tools to keep this scam going. Full review of EN 2.0 here. 

What You Need To Know:

This program functions on the basis of having people refer more and more people into it’s business. And because they offer what I consider to be nothing, it’s a downright pyramid scheme. Not to mention the up sells…

1. A lot of people have been suckered into this program for $25 as I said before, only to find out they’ll need to purchased even more products from EN to make money.

2. A lot of these members who do end up making these purchases (Going all in) are in deep financial holes and EN ONLY teaches them to refer other people into the business.

3. Think about this for a second: You just purchased a product you felt tricked you. Now to get out of the hole you’re in, you’ll need to refer others into this same hole. And THIS is how the business functions. Please tell me how this is right. If you’re going to be an Empower Network sponsor or affiliate, you’ll essentially have to get other people into the hole you were put in to make this program work for you.

This is not a legitimate business in my opinion. If you want to make money honestly online, Empower Network is not the place to do it in. Here is the only place I recommend for that.

What do you think? Is this place a scam or is it really a legitimate place to earn money online? I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you already have had experience with this organization. Please share them in the comments section below. 

Update: Yay, Empower Network is gone.

This may not come as good news to the few people who were making money from it, but it had to be done because it was a scam. What happened after? Well one of the two owners went on to make a high ticket program called Legendary Marketer, and it changed the format, not being an MLM but a high ticket program.

I tried it and here’s what I thought. And everything I said about trying a better program remains.

2 thoughts on “1% Of Empower Network Affiliates Make Money. Shocking Proof.”

  1. Wow now I knew EN was bad but just, wow! The only people making the real money are people with big lists and followings willing to sell out. Pathetic business model, really.

    • It’s hard for me to believe people go to these lengths to make money, but unfortunately this is all too common in the world of online marketing (and offline) Chip. I just hope more people become informed about these scams and help the paradigm shift to the good side.


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