Is The Banger Method a Scam? The Twist Revealed.

Just today, I purchased and got an inside look into The Banger Method program (I’ll show you). Immediately to answer the question I raised in the title, no it is not a scam. 

But do I recommend this program? Well, I have to say, it isn’t for everyone.

I certainly didn’t like certain things about it, but what it teaches, at it’s core is actually a VERY good idea and even from a veteran marketer like myself, while I was going through this program, it gave me some nice ideas to start using on my existing websites.

In this review, I’m going to give you the same inside look I got from this program and let you decide if it’s the right program for you.

The quick review on the Banger Method:

the banger method review

Creator: Brenden Mace, Mark Hess, Michael Thomas.

Price: $13.

Up-sells? Yes:

  • Up sell 1: $37, down sold to $17 if you don’t get the $37 offer. 
  • Up sell 2: $97, down sold to $47.
  • Up sell 3: $1,997 (no joke), down sold to $197. This is the one which made me angry. What happens if people purchase the $1,997 only to find out there was this down sell available!? It’s money wasted, so keep the down sell tactic they use in mind. 

What does this program teach? You learn the value of collecting an email list as an affiliate and then increasing conversions of what you’re seeking to promote by offering masses of bonuses.

This is proven to work within the program with at least 5 case studies they show case.

Does this work? The concept of including bonuses when you are trying to promote/sell something DOES work. I use it, and many other successful marketers use it.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

This program does get the message across about the VALUE of collecting emails and offering bonuses, but I could just as well give you the same tips, for free.

Plus this program doesn’t talk about anything other than this topic, so beginners to affiliate marketing won’t really be able to use these tactics unless they know about things like how to get traffic to their sites.

Recommended? If you are an intermediate affiliate, yeah, you can buy the $13 program, I just wouldn’t invest in the up-sells (although I didn’t get them, so just keep that in mind).

But more importantly, the training there “assumes” you already know about getting traffic to your site and are making sales as an affiliate. If you don’t have this down, do NOT get this program, get this one instead:

the banger method alternative

The core strategy of The Banger Method revealed:

It’s simple:

First, when selling stuff as an affiliate, don’t just do a review, then link to the affiliate offer, instead, capture the email of the person visiting your review, THEN send them to the offer.

Second, when selling affiliate offers, offer bonuses, increase the value of the pitch that way, and then sell the product.

Let me give you a very simple example that encapsulates what this program teaches:

Suppose you’re considering buying a product, but that product may be a bit pricey for you, so naturally, you are going back n forth in your head about whether or not to buy it.

You weigh your own pros and cons, you consider every angle you possibly can. But you’re still undecided.

Well in the Banger Method, as the person who is selling that product to you, which you have doubts about, they decide to add some incentive…

They tell you that they’ll give you some free gifts and bonuses and it’ll all be free if you get the product. More so, they add a “price value” on top of those bonuses saying you get all this free stuff that’s worth so and so.

Then suddenly, all that doubt you had in your mind shifts more to a yes than a no, because you now you perceive that you’re getting more value than you pay for the product, thereby making you more likely to buy it.

That is the message The Banger Method tries to get you to understand.

And it shows that it works through it’s own case studies. Basically one of the guys who created this program says that by adding this into his sales funnels, as an affiliate, he was able to double and triple his sales and becoming a top selling affiliate as a result.

Like I said before, this works. I use it and so do other marketers. BUT it’s not always a guaranteed method and list building is often reliant on many other factors if it’s going to work, so I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in this “method” unless you are experienced and know how to get email leads to buy.

Inside The Banger Method membership:

There are 6 training videos that talk about the art of offering bonuses with your affiliate offers. The training videos start by explaining the method, then getting into details about it’s done, how to structure your bonuses and get people to buy the offer.

the banger method members area

Then there’s 5 case study videos which explain the method in action and how the same person who was just giving you the tutorial on how it’s all done, shows you his personal results from using that.

And finally, after that, you get 4 bonus products which give you free things like a link tracker, an FTC disclaimer all affiliates should have up on their site and similar stuff. It’s not exactly unique stuff, but it is in it’s own way a bonus for buying this program.

Who this program is for:

I strongly believe affiliate marketers or those who have knowledge on list building and need to raise their sign up rates or sales conversions, would benefit from the Banger Method but likely not by much since this info is basically common knowledge for high level affiliate marketers at that point.

Who this program is not for:

I think anyone who doesn’t understand traffic generation, someone who has no list or knowledge on it, beginners and overall anyone who has enough common sense to understand that offering bonuses in your sales pitch is a better way to get sales…

Let me give you a personal example of how the Banger Method’s teachings work:

Offering bonuses isn’t some sort of new concept. Product launch people do it all the time. Just look at the titles of their blogs.

They review a program, promote it and offer “bonuses”, even though most of the time they are garbage, but that’s beside the point.

As for myself, I pitch a program on this website known as Wealthy Affiliate.

To get people to sign up to it, I add in a bonus of free coaching (which I back up 100%).

I have indeed noticed improvements in my conversions since I made the coaching bonus pretty clear and early on in my review.

Bonuses definitely raise value and increase sales so if you are currently engaging in online selling, start doing that.

Final Rating: The Banger Method.

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. The cheap $13 price for the obvious thesis (offer bonuses in your sales pages) is why I didn’t rate it lower. But that’s all this thing really teaches and one of those up-sells they tried to get away with, in trying to sell you for nearly $2,000, only to down sell it to nearly $200 is a total rip off in my opinion. I really think they need to take that offer down. Every other up-sell gets down sold 50%, but this one is ridiculous…

My final thoughts: 

Like I have said, I found value in the Banger Method and I even took some of the training I saw there and wrote down my own ideas for increasing my sales. There is NO doubt this works, but let me make something clear…

On the sales page of the Banger Method, one of the creators is cited for making A LOT of sales and this gives off the impression that anyone can do this too.

You have to understand that the person being cited as the main success story of this program is already a successful marketer who probably has his own huge email list and following, so he can make these kinds of sales on auto pilot, whilst the average affiliate marketer probably won’t, they have to grow to that same status. 

Overall though, to summarize, if you have existing affiliate page, traffic or sales, you have NO use for this program (yet). Instead get to that point through this program:

That last thing I have to say is that only invest in The Banger Method IF you have affiliate experience, otherwise, don’t spend a penny on it. Use the other program instead, you’ll get way more value (and my bonus coaching, see what I did there?).

10 thoughts on “Is The Banger Method a Scam? The Twist Revealed.”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to look into The Banger Method. It sounds very similar to all the programs I’ve been running into lately. Yes, they might offer a little bit of value, but the downsides are much worse.

    I don’t like when they’re not totally upfront about how much money you can actually make with their systems, especially if you’re new. And I don’t like that they don’t say that this isn’t a good program for newbies. And I definitely am not a fan of those aggressive up sells on more things that you “need”. Just put it all together and give me 1 price! 

    I especially am floored at the up sell product of $1997. That’s really pricey. I wonder what you get for that? And then to drop it all the way down to $197. Come on. That’s such a terrible tactic. I will definitely steer clear of this one!

    • I am in agreement in just about every point you made Christina. With regards to estimates on how much you can make, I have to disagree there, because the truth is that it’s basically impossible to give people an estimate of their income potential.

      You have to understand that this program can be used for a wide range of marketing purposes, and considering those marketing methods are used correctly, the success (income) that comes from that can vary greatly.

      What the person who pitches the program could do is display their own income numbers from using their said method and that could work out very well. And in fact, this is what the Banger Method does do, so I’m OK with that there.

      As for the other stuff, like the high up-sell, then super low down-sell, yeah, that is a cheap thing I’m not happy about either.

  2. This is a article that many need to read. The big problem with these types of programs is they’re not scams, but they don’t tell you who they’re for. I believe they do that on purpose because they want you to sign up anyway.

    After reading your article I agree if you’re an experienced marketer you could benefit from this, but you stated you can teach that for free and I highly recommend people to take you up on your offer. We need more articles like this so people who are coming into the marketing world can have a first hand look in what direction they need to go to be successful. Thank you for this great review and I’m sure many will get a chance to read this.


    • Hi David, I agree with your general point about these programs not specifying things like for whom they are best suited for, but on the other, we have to consider that this product was sold on JVZoo and this is a marketplace where the general audience is affiliate marketers who are involved in niche topics that are literally about making money online, so I suppose, in a way, one can assume that the creator of this program assumed that this program was perfectly made for the right audience, and I wouldn’t disagree with him on this. 

      Yet to add weight to your argument again, the level of these same people in these networks is generally low for the most part in that they are not successful. In the end, I’m just going to give the pros and cons of this sort of system and let anyone who sees the review decide for themselves. 

  3. What is the $1,997 for? Still for the list building? I personally think that when bonuses are advertised, they should be there for real. We all got some moral obligations to uphold to. This method of advertising can really bring results if clients sign up and have their expectations met.

    Wow your post was very inspirational, and has just given me a great idea. By the way, I love your objective review of this program. The very fact that you bought the package and used it before reviewing it is proof that you wanted to get your facts straight, and this only makes your review all the more authentic.

    Thank you once again for sharing.

    • Thank you, I try to buy every single product I can (if it’s at a good price) to give it a good review. To be honest, regarding the $1,997 upsell, I don’t remember what it was about, and that was because I skipped it when I saw it and the reason for that was because I so often see these up-sells thrown at me with their hyped messages that I just shut my sound off and head straight into the program to see what I got.

  4. I didn’t know about The Banger Method but I do know Brendan Mace, who is also a youtuber I discovered about two years ago. He’s a good marketer but he’s not very ethical (according to my own standards). 

    He has a built a huge list using mainly solo ads, which I believe is not always a good source of traffic. I also used Solo ads in the past and if you have a good funnel or website people tend to subscribe quickly and the conversion rate can skyrocket to 80%.

    The yellow flag is appropriate for this situation, We don’t really know the real value of this program and the upsells are a 2018 trend which bothers me as well. The down-sells are quit misleading and scammy I believe. The margins are huge.  

    • 80% conversion rate eh, that’s pretty insane and my congratulations to you for reaching that level. I’ve had about 30-40% sign ups, but it wasn’t through solo ads, but organic and PPC website funnels. Either way, I am in agreement with you in most of these things Juba.

  5. At the moment I am ready to offer something on my website I could use as a lead magnet to attract more visitors and get more conversions.

    I do not know if the Banger Method is the right choice. I will probably avoid it since you do not recommend it in general. I already received lead magnets from other programs and I could use those as a way of getting more emails.

    What do you think about this? Is it gonna work?

    • The thing is you are using the term “lead magnet” very broadly. What exactly do you mean? There’s many ways to define this term:

      Getting traffic from Google, from ads on FB, Bing, Adwords, from backlinks, could all be considered a lead magnet. Honestly, the best thing to focus on is getting hot, buyer traffic to your site, and in my opinion, doing that through SEO and even places like Bing Ads is what will bring in the “lead magnets” you speak of. 

      If you can do this, then getting the conversion becomes MUCH easier.


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