Is One Click Payday a Scam? The Bad Program it Led me to.

Quick Report:

Name: One Click Payday.

Price: $37.

one click payday review

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

So there’s 2 things to note about this program:

The first is that when you buy it, you are led to another program, with an entirely different name (And that program is a scam by the way).

And the second is that One Click Payday also tries to pull a hosting scam on you in that it tries to sell you hosting and a website even before you figure out what’s going on and if you pay, you’ll be HEAVILY overspending for a website and hosting that you don’t need.

Recommended? Oh no. Never.

Understanding what and how One Click Payday works (the scam)…

In order to explain why I’m heavily criticizing this program, I need to explain how I actually got to it in the first place, so let me do that now:

1) The first thing I need to explain is that through researching new potentially legit and scam programs, I stumbled across a website called Amazon Cash Websites. This turned out to be a fake news website that was promoting a system called “Clone my Sites”. 

2) Now I tried to purchase Clone my Sites, and after doing so, I was led to a log in screen for…

3) One Click Payday. So it appears that Clone my Sites is just a redirect to this program. But the problems didn’t stop there…

4) I was told I couldn’t log in and there wasn’t even a “forgot your password” option to select. So I contacted the support a few days ago and had to wait 2-3 days (it was during the weekend). Thankfully they got back to me, said my log in was approved and sent me a link to it.

5) That link sent me to a login screen, BUT it was not for One Click Payday, but for an entirely different named program called Profit With Our Sites, which I JUST did a review on (here it is).

An illustration of how this funnel works:

A quick word about the hosting scam I eluded to before…

So before the above events went down, I did mention that the program was trying to get me to buy expensive hosting I didn’t need. That’s a big part of this whole shady funnel I need to let you guys know about.

Why is it a scam?

Well that’s because many get rich quick programs attempt to up-sell you before you even get to see their system and a popular way this is being orchestrated today is through trying to sell you hosting right away so you can pay monthly for it and earn the program a quick commission.

Typically this hosting is also recurring, so it’s recurring commissions for the product owner, not to mention that it’s over priced.

Now while you do need a website and hosting to run an online business, buying this stuff before you even understand the system or can even have a chance to see if it’s legit, is a major red flag. And adding to it, the fact that it’s far more pricey than if you were to get it from other sources, add to it being illegitimate.

So after all this, the conclusion is that One Click Payday = Profit With Our Sites.

After all the redirecting, attempts at getting me to buy hosting and technical issues, this is the conclusion I came to.

So is the whole redirect issue a sign that a scam is going on? Well it could be, but there’s nothing conclusive. What IS conclusive is that Profit With Our Sites program was a complete disaster in just about every single thing it was trying to show me…

Now like I said before, I have the whole review of that program here, but just to keep this short, and to help lead you to a LEGITIMATE system, here’s all you need to know:

So that summarizes that program and what you need to know.

Final Rating: One Click Payday.

0 Stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. Overall, my rating of 0 wasn’t because of all the wild goose chasing that was going on, it was because at the end, when I finally saw the system and what was taught, I judged this program BASED on that and the truth is that the system was very poorly designed, taught and this would undoubtedly affect the success rate of people who were trying to implement what it taught. 

My final thoughts: The 5 scams going on here:

1) First off all, there’s a fake site pushing this whole thing. The fact that it’s fake, is already reason enough not to go further.

2) Second, you go through a host of different named programs, including One Click Payday, but in the end, that’s not even the program you get.

3) Third, they try to sell you overpriced hosting and other nonsense.

4) Fourth, once you finally get in (if that can even happen, since I explained how I had log in issues), they teach you ways to generate an income online that are horrendous.

5) Fifth, there’s more up-sells inside the end program (coaching) and there’s valid reasons there to believe that’s another wave of issues right there.

So overall, if you try to get into this program the way I did, it’ll be through a lot of confusion and a lot of deceptions. The only reason I understand how this whole thing works is because I have years worth of experience in figuring these scams out, so I can follow the flow and know where it’s going and how it’s trying to sell me stuff.

I do hope that in this review, I have cleared up how the system works. I know it was complicated, but I feel the summary I provided is clear. I’m very happy that I didn’t buy any of the other thing this whole funnel tried to sell me, because if I did, I’d be having to make a lot more calls and emails to get my refund.

Are there more issues? Yeah, but let me save you time and give you something that’s legit:

Unlike the other program/s (the web of scams basically), this program is legit from the front and back end. You don’t get taken for fake program names, there’s no confusion and you get a system that works.

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