Is Netspend’s Referral Program a Scam? Ways to Make Money With it.

Quick Report:netspend referral program review

Name: Netspend Referral Program.

Price: Free registration.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

This is a legit program (not a scam) to earn money with and I will show you awesome ways you can do it, but at the same time I will provide alternative options that can bring you in even more profits, as this referral program isn’t the only one available online to make money with. 

Firstly, what is Netspend? How does it work?

It is a prepaid card that’s quite popular in the United States (only). You load it up, pay a certain fee depending on your plan (3 options available) and use it to pay just about anything, from gifts to bills, ect…

Reloading the card can be done online and/or through one of the 100,000+ locations (ATMs basically) where you can do this. It is a popular program and supposedly there is no credit check done before registering meaning, anyone can join and that’s not exactly a good thing, but the fee structure is said to compensate this risk.

Ok, I got that, what about the referral program of Netspend? How does that work?

You can earn $20 per sign up as long as that sign up/s loads up their Netspend prepaid card with at least $40:

how netspend's referral program works

Getting someone to sign up can be done via word of mouth, linking them via email, or other methods which involve you getting a link from the actual program and having your potential referral click on that link, register and load up the card with money in which case you get paid then. Do note, the payment is one time only, meaning you can only earn $20 per person, it’s not a model that keeps paying you for the same person, just once. 

Can anyone make money with this referral program? Yes and no.

One of the biggest reasons this program became so popular wasn’t just because of the demand and rise in popularity of prepaid cards, but also because of it’s referral program (word of mouth basically) and because there is a big incentive for people to promote this opportunity, many have been able to make some or even good money with it.

However, while the opportunity to do this stuff exists, there are a lot of people who struggle promoting this thing for 1 very big reason:

They possess no marketing/sales experience…

This makes it tough as the only real option they have is to walk around and convince friends and family to join or talk to strangers and try to sell them that (This is a horrible idea on all fronts!).

So how can people make money with this program? Allow me to share my option:

I’m a marketer who runs several websites and promotes various different offers (kind of like Netspend’s Referral Program) and this has been my way of making a living for years (you can make a lot and this business model is called affiliate marketing).

One of the key things I’ve learned about marketing is that if you do it online, you really save yourself a lot of money, time and preserve friendships because you don’t have to go door to door or directly talk to people to make the sale, the people come to YOU. 

Here’s how it works:

1) It is very important to understand the audience which is best suited for the Netspend program.

Who are the people who would best benefit from it? The answer is several groups:

A) People with bad credit.

B) People seeking prepaid cards that aren’t mainstream (nothing involving popular banks).

C) People who seek prepaid cards with good rewards incentives (as this program has).

These are 3 different branches of audiences who would be well suited to sign up for Netspend and start using their prepaid card. And the amount of people in those 3 branches is huge. We’re talking millions of potential leads that are out there and can be your referral if you do things correctly.

2) Next, it is important to make a website. It will be your online business that attracts those audiences.

With a central website, people will be able to flood into the site. On it you will promote the Netspend program to them and they can sign up in droves. If you don’t have a website to do this stuff, you’re really missing out because doing this person to person is limiting in time and income potential.

A website that promotes this program for you 24-7 can work for you while you’re not available in person. It can simultaneously sell to dozens, hundreds and thousands of incoming visitors while you can sit back and enjoy this flood of profits.

You can also set up YouTube videos explaining Netspend and promoting it through there.

3) You have to write articles that pertain to prepaid cards, rewards programs and topics that interest those 3 audiences.

This is what we call content creation (articles). Writing up articles on the following topics does several things:

A) It lends trust to your website.

B) It gets indexed and ranked on Google, which in turn is what brings the visitors to your website.

C) Writing more on the 3 topics, produces more visitors coming to your page. In this particular topic, being that there are millions of people interested in the prepaid card niche, it would not surprise me if a website like this can bring in several 100 or several 1,000 visitors a day. However, how many yours will bring in depends solely on the amount of articles you write.

4) Promote the Netspend referral program within your website.

Every article you write can link back to a sign up page Netspend has set up for you, meaning people land on your site, click the link to visit the sign up page on Netspend, sign up to get their prepaid card and you get paid $20 for each one who successfully load $40 or more. 

As this is a business involving numbers, meaning the more of the correct audience you can get to your site, the more money you can make promoting this program to them. 

So with these 4 steps, you have the capability of creating a very successful online business through a legit program in the form of Netspend and it is with these 4 steps, that I’ve created my websites and sold 1,000’s of products (see how much I’ve earned in the past few years).

Final Rating: Netspend’s Referral Program.

Green Flag.

5 out of 10 stars. It’s a popular and widely known program across the country and it’s system is set up to pay you. However, the level of success you will have making money from it will be determined by how you market it and in my experience, with a website and proper marketing techniques (such as with the 4 steps), there is no limit to how many people you can refer into the company and get paid.

My final thoughts: Why I don’t limit myself to just this 1 opportunity (more money can be made elsewhere).

While Netspend’s referral program is good and you can make good money with it, the fact of the matter is, the 4 steps I showed you, this can be replicated in any niche market, anything and everything related to things like health, making money, ect… 

There are PLETHORA of topics you can re apply the same 4 steps to and make a successful website with and I have several examples here. 

Why would anyone want to do something else? Well because of 3 reasons:

1) You may have a different passion than just promoting a prepaid card. I know I do, which is why I prefer to use the 4 steps in other topics, ones I enjoy.

2) In many cases, you can make far more promoting other programs out there through the 4 steps.

3) As I said, the 4 steps themselves are fluid, meaning I can apply them to any market and make money online.

How to master the 4 steps and become successful at it:

Everything I have learned about applying the 4 steps has been through one program: Wealthy Affiliate which literally teaches you those 4 steps in a far more, in-depth manner to help you realize it and make it successful.

It is free to join and if you truly wish to experience how far an online business can take your income potential, that is where I’d start.

Whether you choose to promote Netspend to other people or just wish to use the same 4 steps in a different topic which you like more, Wealthy Affiliate is going to be that 1 program that will guide you through the process, step-by-step as well as give you tremendous help in the process so you succeed.

6 thoughts on “Is Netspend’s Referral Program a Scam? Ways to Make Money With it.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is not the first post I read from you, and my conclusions are always identical. Thanks for sharing such a clear, step by step process! I have never heard of Netspend before, probably because I don’t live in the US. But I clearly understand what you mean when you say that the 4 step process can be applied to many other products. You clearly made me enthusiastic about doing affiliate marketing! 

    I have one question though, you mention in your post that you run several websites. How long do you usually wait for before having a comfortable amount of traffic? Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Hi Julien, there’s a ton of factors that affect the answer. Sites usually take several months to see healthy traffic growth. It also depends on the niche, which if it’s less competitive, it may be sooner.

  2. While it a legit way to make money, it’s definitely hard to do it if you have no marketing skills. Building a niche site around it is a viable option, but writing about this stuff might not be your passion. I think when it comes to building websites and blogging, you gotta find your passion and write about it, otherwise you’re gonna hate doing it!

    • Well said sir. People who have interests in business topics and stuff more specifically related to credit/card topics would likely be the best suited people to market Netspend’s program. 

  3. Vitaliy,

    I have to admit, I’ve never heard of NetSpend until now. I might give this a try. I can see this working well on a college campus, I’ll let you know how it works out.

    I already have a couple of sites through Wealthy Affiliate, so I understand the importance of having a way of reaching a lot of people. I have really learned a lot from the WA community.

    Not only did I learn how to make a website, but I learned the difference between good and bad content, and how to get traffic.

    • Interesting though on trying to sell this program to college students. I assume since they are typically low on funds, getting involved with credit card companies and potentially damaging their credit would push them to get these types of cards instead. You indeed are thinking about this stuff from a niche marketing perspective, WA taught you well 🙂


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