Authentic Income System Review. Is it Really a Scam?

Don’t let titles like “authentic” make you think something is legitimate. Such is the case with Authentic Income System based on what I found out and in this review, you’ll see what I mean.

Quick Report on Authentic Income System:

Creator: William Matthews.

Price: Says it’s free, but it’s a binary funnel and will cost you $100’s. 

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars (Scam).

Authentic Income System in a nutshell:

I just love programs like Authentic Income System whose sales pages start with showing off a fancy car and giving you the impression that easy money is just moments away. There’s so many things wrong in those types of pages and if you know what’s really going on, you’ll know the program is probably a scam. 

Out of the all the holes I spotted, the biggest is that this program is a binary options promotion. And if you’ve read my reviews on these types of programs before, it doesn’t matter if you have no experience with it. All you need to know is that these places are just out there to make money from you.

The system you’re promised for free, called A.I.S (just an abbreviation for the program name) can only be received once you make a “small” deposit into one of the trading sites. And coincidentally, these trading sites are connected to A.I.S in that once you make a deposit, the owner of A.I.S makes a nice commission. And this is really the whole scam in a nutshell and it’s being used constantly. 

Why there’s little authenticity here:

Excluding the actual binary options scam itself, here’s somethings that I spotted which further show me this place is not to be trusted:

1) On the actual video, there is a point where you’re told you can make some specific amount every single month, with the word guaranteed used:

authentic income system review

That’s always a nice reinforcing word to use, but if you look at the other pages on the site and read through all the text, you’ll find this:

authentic income system disclaimer

I always find it funny how these sites say one thing but if you read through everything especially their terms and other things, you may find a different story and a lot of contradictions. 

One of the problems with these sites and many other scam sites for that matter is that no one ever reads this sort of stuff and the main reasons are:

  • They usually don’t even see these pages.
  • The text there is too complicated to read. You really don’t need to understand it all, but as long as you spot the keywords like the ones I just showed you, it’s enough to tell you what to expect.

I know it can be annoying to look through all this stuff, but remember, it’s your money that’s on the line. Plus if you can’t find anything and still have doubts about the program, never hesitate to do a search online for it. 

One other thing you will find with this Authentic Income System as well as other binary program sites like it is the fake countdown and if you don’t act before it reaches 0, you won’t see the offer again. Never fall for this:


The timer is set for 20 minutes. I purposely waited for it to go down all the way to see what happens. And guess what? Nothing happens. In fact, if you refresh the page, the countdown resets to 20 minutes all over again. So there is nothing real or rather “authentic” about this. 

And what about the system? Is there any authenticity there?

I don’t believe there is, but I never signed up to the trading places this placed promoted. What I do know comes from reviewing many other binary option offers like this one and never have I seen anything that works like it’s promised.

I’ve also made points with other programs like My Binary System and how difficult it is to be successful in this business. And since the topic of another program like this came up, I want to tell you just how similar all of these sites are. 

Seriously, if you look for other binary options programs (they are not hard to find), you’ll find so many common methods used to try and get you to sign up. It makes you wonder if anything about these places is real. 

The last thing in regards to how authentic this site is goes back to the sales page. Notice how we cut away from the car to William talking. Whose to say that car is even his?

Also notice how we never actually see William Matthews show himself throughout the entire sales video. We just hear what we assume to be his voice. The other people you see within the video can very well be actors (this happens a lot too). So based on all of these things, there was very little I found to be real about this site. 

Final Rating: Authentic Income System

0 Stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. I don’t see anything authentic here. Just the same method of selling, other sites like this use and they are all scams too. I avoid binary options altogether because there’s too much risk. I believe there is much more safety in other methods of making money online.

My final thoughts: 

Binary scams are everywhere and A.I.S is no different in my opinion. While I’ve never tried binary options, I do know there is the chance to succeed with them. I just don’t recommend ever trying them if you don’t have a lot of money to start with or for that matter ever going through programs like A.I.S. 

In addition to that, if you ever plan on trying this, make sure the binary trading site you’re thinking about joining is certified and even before that, study the system itself by researching websites that instead of funneling you through their affiliate offers (see what affiliate marketing means) actually provide you with good information on how to get started and succeed in it.

Research is really key here. At no point in time do I recommend you rush into it or anything related to making money online. People who do, often end up finding scams and falling for them, over and over again and very few places actually explain that honestly, one of the good places being Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned this.

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