The Dirty Secrets About Empower Network Sponsors

You are bound to encounter a lot of people promoting Empower Network. These people are called sponsors who try to get you to join the network through them. In exchange they promise to help you make money in this business.

But there must be a catch right? Why would anyone want to help you make money online unless they had some stake in it too? There just happens to be one. Enter the dirty secrets about these sponsors and what you need to know if you’re considering joining Empower Network.

Before I go any further, I want to point out that I am one of Empower Network’s biggest critics. I find this organization to be nothing short of a scam. Less than 1% of all it’s affiliates actually make any profit (proof below) in this business and the entire model is based on a pyramid scheme. So if you’re being pushed by a sponsor to join this place, whether it be a friend, family member or someone whose blog you read, here’s the first dirty secret you need to know:

Dirty secret #1:

The biggest reason you’re being pushed into this program by a sponsor is because they make 100% commissions of you joining the organization. That is the biggest reason you’ll find them so “helpful” and “friendly” towards you. This is how they make money in this business, by referring others into it. Now I’m pretty sure many of you knew this, but if you do decide to join for the $25 they claim is all you need to get started, you’re in for a big surprise, and it’s not good…

Dirty secret #2: 

The $25 doesn’t actually get you anything. Just a worthless blog, but now begin the crazy up-sells of Empower Network where you are basically told by your sponsor to buy higher level memberships as well as all the other services this place has to offer to the grand tune of $5,000+. This is what they call going “all in”.

You would think this is something no one would ever do, but here’s the kicker: The rules of this organization are that if you want to make commissions, especially the big ones, you first have to buy the high cost products (which is nothing more than video training) first to be allowed to promote it.

The real issue here is that most people feel that they can refer several people into this organization, break even and even make a lot of money and so many of them do it. I’ve heard horror stories of people plucking down their last savings into this and not seeing results. Read Empower Network complaints here.

Dirty secret #3: 

There are different kinds of sponsors to this organization, but I’ve really divided them up into 3 categories:

1. The nice guys. The ones you see blogging about how great Empower Network is and saying they’ll help you make a ton of money through their awesome training. Guys like Rob Fore, Vick Strizheus (a scam artist & one of EN’s top earners) and others.  

While I can’t claim that they are as caring in reality as they make it seem through their blogs, do take the soft approach and make it sound as though they have tons of people trying to join through them who absolutely adore them and will help them make money in this business. I can’t attest to this being true, but this is what they make it seem like (although experience has taught me most of these people are full of you know what). 

Some of them are claiming that they are the top sponsor to Empower Network & promise to teach you secret and amazing ways to rank your website/s high and get sales. But the price which you’ll pay for this is not worth it! And these “secrets” are nothing more than basic SEO methods. Let me spare you their BS and just reveal what really works: Here it is.

2. The ones who are nice when convincing you to buy, but then flat out ignore you once you do. I hear this very often with affiliates who promote this program to others. They only really care about selling you the product, then once you do, they are gone, leaving you hanging and figuring out how to make back on your investment. 

3. The ones who are nice when you join, but then bully you into going “all in”: These are the worst. I mean literally the lowest form of sponsors you could ever encounter. There are many people like this who promote this network to you and if you join, they literally call you names and belittle you unless you “Go all in”. 

But regardless of what kind of sponsor you encounter (if any), the fact of the matter is all these people are promoting a scam. The scam is Empower Network. Think about this for a second:

The program is disingenuous to begin with. From the very start you are seduced into the $25 offer, only to find out this gets you nothing and to get anything out of this place, you need to invest even more money ($1,000’s). And if you do get all of this, you will be taught nothing more than how to promote the same scam to others. This is absolutely unethical and wrong. 

My advice to you is to think long and hard about this place if you’re seriously considering joining it. Check out my full review of Empower Network to fully understand just how deep the rabbit hole goes with this program.

Remember what I said about less than 1% of all it’s affiliates making any money. It’s true. Here is the proof I promised. Not to mention if you’re ethical to begin with, why would you want to involve yourself with this? If you have a story to share about Empower Network or a sponsor you know, I’d love to hear  about it. Please comment below. 







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    Thanks for the enlightenment dude. I am an EN member already but haven’t spent anything in it only just my precious time. I do appreciate your little lecture on EN but am still curious about WA and would like to join provided I understand it better please help me. And I still need more information about EN so as to post to other members to save them please. I still need more enlightenment on WA, how it works, it’s secrets. Thanks a lot.

  2. Chip Paulson

    Wow, am I ever glad to not have gotten sucked into this! It reminds me of the “crab in the bucket” mentality actually. Those who already sank their money into EN will resort to just about anything to get it back, including playing the nice guy or belittling others into entering the same situation they found themselves in. This nonsense really needs to be shut down!

    • Vitaliy

      It’s a very unfortunate situation to find yourself in but it happens very often with EN members who go all in. That’s when they resort to these tactics. I still believe there are some EN affiliates who try to be honest about things, but it doesn’t change the fact that the company itself is mud underneath all their advertised glamour.

  3. Kyle

    I have gotten a ton of feedback about this program over the past few months and one thing that I think you have really nailed down is the “personality” types of your sponsors at EN.

    You stated:

    “The ones who are nice when you join, but then bully you into going “all in””

    This is the most common, by far. People within Empower only make money when their recruits spend money. You are not going to make your sponsor happy if you aren’t buying all of the overpriced programs (going “all in” and spending over $5,000 programs).

    You can prepare yourself for insults if you don’t want to spend money and ZERO support. That is how the program works. You make money by sucking other people into the program, getting them to spend their last dollar on overpriced garbage, and then you try to teach them to do the same thing to others.

    Unethical in every sense of the word.

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