My Review of Content Gorilla: I Will Never Recommend This.

content gorilla homepage screenshotIt’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a program like Content Gorilla. Although unique in it’s own ways, it still utilizes a soon to be extinct method of marketing. While it is my opinion that you should avoid this program, I want you to understand exactly why I feel it’s a bad idea to use it. 

Content Gorilla in a nutshell:

It’s one of those content gathering software programs (in plug-in form) that takes information (content) from other sources and puts it on your website. The idea is to make content creation on your end push button and effortless while giving search engines and other places the impression that your site is filled with high quality information.

Content Gorilla also collects and posts popular videos on your website as well as an add on option to promote the most popular products from places like Amazon. In theory this kind of stuff can work. What happens is this:

  • The software collects content related to whatever subject your website is on and posts videos/articles and other various content on your website.
  • Content creation leads to ranking on search engines and usually the more content you put up on your site, the more/higher you will rank. 
  • With Content Gorilla, the idea is to rank high quickly, promote popular products from places like Amazon, Clickbank & other sources and reap the rewards while using this software again and again.

But again that’s mostly theory. Here is the reality:

1. These types of software programs are literally stealing content from other people’s work. Never mind search engines NOT liking this kind of stuff. You’re looking at downright plagiarism! In fact, here is a screenshot of Content Gorilla’s sales pitch I found on their Facebook page:

content gorilla facebook screenshot

Now I realize it’s a sales pitch and I’m certain Content Gorilla doesn’t really mean stealing in the literal sense but you have to realize if a software program is taking content from say an article written by someone who isn’t aware of this, not to mention DOESN’T consent to it, that’s plagiarism which is basically stealing. 

I’ve reviewed at least 3 other programs before that are very similar to Content Gorilla. The one which this program most closely resembles is SEO Zen. But it doesn’t matter how similar they are. What matters is what they do and in both cases, it’s plagiarism. I would never feel fine with anyone taking my content (without consent) and using it for their own site or worse passing it off as their own. 

2. Search engines like Google are laying the smack down on this. If plagiarism isn’t enough then perhaps if you knew that Google would slap your site or even blacklist it for doing these things should be the biggest reason NOT to do it. 

With every single new update Google releases to it’s algorithm, sites that are continuing to use this form of black hat marketing are becoming less and less successful. 

In the past, when programs like Content Gorilla came into the market, they would take the content and just paste it on your blog. This would be called duplicate content which is a no-no if you’re going to do SEO. Then as Google started shutting this stuff down, they smartened up and upgraded to what were known as “article spinners” which would take that same content, change the words and make it look like the final piece was completely unique. I call this “indirect” plagiarism. 

Putting history aside, no matter how far these programs evolve, they are always trying to beat the search engine systems in place and the search engines are constantly evolving in spotting these scams and they are becoming better and better at doing this.

I’m for running a sustainable online business and I just don’t see this happening through a program like Content Gorilla. I honestly feel like I would constantly be worried about my site being slapped. 

What is also true is that Content Gorilla doesn’t just target search engines, but social networks. But in even in that instance, the plagiarism argument is really what settles it for me. And in regards to the search engines, if you’re not showing up there, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the pie.


  • You could make this program work for you, but results will not last long.


  • It’s a form of plagiarism. 
  • This approach to marketing is frowned upon by search engines. 

Final Rating: Content Gorilla

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Not recommended at all. I will personally never use it. If you’re looking for alternatives, here is my #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts: 

I’m sure programs like Content Gorilla will come out again and again and people will keep buying it over and over because everyone wants an easy way to make money online. And you know what? With programs like these it is technically possible. 

I mean in theory you can just keep making websites, use this program and it’s abilities to earn rankings and get visitors, reap the rewards and if you get shut down, just restart again. One thing that does usually happen in the beginning is that you do see initial boosts in traffic numbers, but in time, the slap will happen sooner or later and to recover from that will take a VERY long time. It basically goes back to what I was saying: This is NOT sustainable nor in my opinion an ethical form of online business. 

Plus the plagiarism argument. How would you feel if your work was being used by someone else and they were making money off it? I doubt the answer is fine. So why then is it ok on the flip side? It isn’t, not in my book anyway. 

One thing I do want to add is that when I recently checked the official page of Content Gorilla, they said they were sold out and were giving out some other plug in if you signed up to their newsletter. I’ll be staying on top of this to see if they’ll release some new version of product.

Whatever the case is, I will never endorse this kind of approach to making money online. I feel you’re much better off utilizing what I consider proper forms of marketing and never looking for loopholes to exploit. This is the key to long term results.

You can certainly disagree with my opinion on Content Gorilla and whether or not that’s the case, I’d like to hear what you have to say on the subject.


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