Let’s Investigate The At Home Income Package. Is it a Scam?

at home income package scamI believe it absolutely is. I’ve been doing a lot of digging into the At Home Income Package and want to explain why you should stay far away from this “opportunity”. 

At Home Income Package in a nutshell:

You’ve probably seen websites that claim how a stay at home mom or someone with no experience in online marketing is making $100 and even $1,000’s through Google and other services and how the program has been seen on popular TV networks. 

Well that’s pretty much what this program is. However there are WAY too many red flags associated with it as I’m about to outline. 

The Red Flags:

1. There are too many copycat websites out there already which look the same as this. They have been accused of being scams. 

Seriously, I’ve seen at least 5 of them and they all look eerily similar to the At Home Income Package. Same promises, same endorsement pictures from TV networks and Google. It’s just some of them use different numbers. Some say you can earn $1,000’s monthly. Some say you can earn $300+ a day. Either way, the MO (method of operation) is almost identical. Many of these companies have been accused of being scams. 

There’s speculation that many of these types of sites are run by the same people who just use different names and website layouts because the previous ones have been accused of being scams and reports can easily be found online so to avoid all of that, they just make a new site, give the program a different name with pretty much the same layout. Other speculation is just scammers see how many are falling for these sites and just make their own versions of it.

2. The endorsements you see on the At Home Income Package website aren’t real. 

It’s easy to gain credibility in the eyes of visitors and unsuspecting victims when they see that the company is endorsed by Google & TV networks. It gives people the illusion the company is legit.

However, if you take a look at the At Home Income Package’s disclaimer which is carefully hidden in white text on the bottom of their website, it’ll say (I’m paraphrasing) that they are NOT endorsed, sponsored or associated with any of the companies you see on the home page. I’ve seen a lot of people believe the At Home Income Package is associated with Google. It isn’t! Here is a screenshot of their disclaimer:

at home income package disclaimer

3. There is no actual explanation of what it is you’re getting. 

The price of the product/program/service or whatever the hell it really is, isn’t explained at all on the homepage. All you get are supposedly genuine testimonials as well as claims how you can make $379 a day which by the way is a very clever number. Specific numbers tend to attract people more so than estimates. 

Whenever I see a program that promises you to make money online without actually explaining what it is, I click the back button and you should too. Programs that try to sell to you this way are notorious for scamming people. And unfortunately a lot of people who are NEW to the world of making money online fall for this kind of stuff very easily. If you’re tired of this crap, here’s my #1 recommendation for making HONEST money online.

4. There are a lot of complains against this company. 

They aren’t difficult to find either. There have also been refund issues noted.

5. Up-sells once you buy. 

The $97 does give you access, but before you actually get it, you’ll have to go through other offers which will likely cost you more. I’m not a big fan of up-sells mainly because I find them to be sneaky and disingenuous ways to market. It’s basically the equivalent of someone promising big, then once you buy, you discover the promise doesn’t hold and you have to buy more to get full access. It’s just not ethical in my opinion.

Here are additional red flags I’d like to point out without going into too much detail:

  • This service gives you the impression there are a limited spaces available (BS sales tactic in my experience).
  • Makes you believe you’re getting a discounted deal (another sales tactic to get you to buy NOW).
  • Your information maybe shared with third party services which in my experience means you’ll likely get sale’s calls/emails.

Usually at this point in my reviews, I have a pros & cons section, but there’s absolutely nothing I could list as a pro for this service and the cons have already been listed, so I’ll just skip to the final rating. 

Final Rating: At Home Income Package

1 star

1 out of 10 stars. I recommend staying FAR away from this. Too many red flags. See #1 recommendation.

Final thoughts:

It is very unfortunate that in the world of internet marketing scams are not just plentiful, they are like an epidemic. If you have experience with this company and feel you were scammed, I recommend doing 2 things:

1. Report it here.

2. Contact your CC/bank (whichever you used to pay for the service) and dispute the charge from this company. I find this method, although long does the trick. A lot of times companies promise a no questions asked return policy only to either ignore you or just not stick to their promises. 

Whether you’re new or not to internet marketing, I recommend you never believe a product/service which promises that you can make it in this business for nothing, quickly, without any experience and basically the typical “get rich quick” promise. These are all attempts to sell to you. If you have doubts, you can ask for opinions, post them here, or just research it. 

However, know that it is possible to earn online given the right guidance. Even though it is rare to find it, it does exist. As I mentioned earlier, this is my #1 recommendation because it teaches you honest ways to succeed in the business of online marketing. And it literally doesn’t cost anything to try.

As for the At Home Income Package, my final word on this product is to steer clear. Everyone who is interested in online marketing, especially if they are beginners want to believe there’s an easy solution to it. There isn’t. It’s like a real business that requires the will to succeed and proper guidance. I’ve already shown you where to get proper guidance. As for the will to succeed, that’s up to you. If you have both at your disposal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see success. 

I hope this review has been helpful to you and if you’d like to add to it, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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  1. Jason

    I fell for this scam and I had to cancel my debit card so they wouldn’t keep charging it. Getting my money refunded was a joke. they just said I wasn’t giving it enough time. My feeling is they were trying to buy enough time for the trial period of 3 days to end so they could charge my cc the full $97 I had to go to my bank and cancel my card so they could not charge it.
    Thank God a week later I discovered Wealth Affiliate which is what led me to your page. Keep up the good work. I found this very informative.

    Jason T.

    • Vitaliy

      I’ve also heard they claim that you don’t give it enough time as a reason to not refund you, yet promise a 60 day money back guarantee. I’m glad they didn’t end up charging you due to you disputing the charge and changing your CC, although the headache they caused is certainly not something anyone wants to go through.

      Thank you for sharing your story Jason and glad to hear you’re part of WA 🙂

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