Is Eric’s Success Plan a Major Scam?

ericssuccessplan homepage screenshotI’m not going to beat around the bush. I really believe Eric’s Success Plan is a scam. And it is because it has far too many familiar red flags that I’ve seen in other programs that deal with making money online. 

Eric’s Success Plan in a nutshell:

I believe it’s a major affiliate website that funnels people to join some third party services/programs & possibly an MLM program which I will be talking about shortly.


How it works:

The sales page as a whole is designed to make you believe that it’s simple to make money online. Eric talks about how people can make money through a “special website” he’ll show you and earn up to $5,000 a month.

I did sign up to see how far it would go because I knew almost certainly that I would have to pay eventually. I was right, but before that happened…

I was taken to a second sale’s page where I was shown more video”proof” of how much money can be made as well as Eric talking about starting partnerships with people who are very serious about making a lot of money online. Right here, I stopped 4 red flags:

1. There is never actually any detail/s on what you’re buying. Whenever I review programs that are rated very low and/or scams, one very common feature among them is that they always show off how much they are making and how easily you can do it too.

Yet they never get into details on what it actually is. In a way it’s a good marketing method to make people WANT to find out

2. He’s talking about starting up a partnership. Really? How can you commit to something/someone you’ve just met? Give me a break. This “serious talk” is something I would NEVER take seriously. 

3. He really overdoes it on trying to prove to you how honest and legitimate he is. This is not a good sign in my book. You’re getting 2 sales pages really talking about the same things. I felt like I was being “marinated” for some kind of sale’s pitch. 

4. The whole talk about sale’s people contacting you. Here is a screenshot:

eric's success plan coaching screenshot

This is always a MAJOR red light in my book. This usually means you’ll probably get calls/emails and have people sell internet marketing training to you which will likely cost a lot of money. I never trust these people because I feel the training is vastly overpriced.

Also if you read the privacy policy on the homepage, it will say your info may be shared with third part companies or you may be notified of “opportunities”. This means more sale’s pitches. 

4. It’s not really free. Let’s be technical here. On the homepage, there is a line in red that says “You won’t have to spend a dime” which I assumed meant I could get the information/product for free. Technically it’s true, because you can sign up for free and head into the second sale’s page. But then, it leads you into the actual site Eric says shows you how to make money…

5. The site he talks about from the beginning. Here it is:

businessinternetcoach homepage screenshot

I can’t really say if the site is a scam, BUT it does look awfully familiar to a previous website I checked out which turned out to be a scam: Online Income Solution. They aren’t alike in colors, but the format looks very similar. You decide.

This is what Eric is trying to push you to buy from the very start. Apparently it’s some sort of guide to helping you build an online business. And it’s seemingly cheap. All you have to pay for is shipping. No biggy right? Wrong. These “risk free trial” type offers is something you need to watch out for because…

6. You have to be aware of the 14 day trial. You will have to pay close to $10 for shipping, but this activates a 14 day trial, after which if you don’t cancel, you will be billed $40. Be careful.

What I “Somewhat” liked:

One thing that should be noted was when I tried to back out of one of the pages, I was sent to another sale’s page which promoted 4 products. I have experience with 3 of them. Here is a screenshot:

eric's success plan offers

Make no mistake. This is NOT an endorsement of Eric’s Success Plan. All of the links on that picture are affiliate links meaning if you purchased from it, the affiliate (most likely Eric) would make a commission.


As for the actual products themselves, aside from Easy Cash Creator, I’ve reviewed the others and was actually a member of Bring The Fresh until some major issues came up with them. But besides that, if you wish to check out the reviews for the above programs, you can find them on this site.

At the same time, none of those programs are really that great. This is the only place I recommend.


  • It tries to promote semi decent programs (if you click out of the site).
  • Other than that, I can’t really say much positive things about Eric’s Success Plan.


  • Too many red flags on the sale’s page (see above).
  • You will likely be sold other products & coaching. 
  • Watch out for the 14 day trial.

Important Update: 3/37/14

Turns out Eric’s Success Plan might be one of those copycat scams going around. I managed to find similar programs. Similar by name and site appearance: red flagPartner with Paul and Dan’s Success Plan, both of which follow a VERY similar style of marketing:

  • It’s a page talking about how the guy makes $100,000 a month.
  • He says how a personal business coach will help you on STEP 3.
  • He asks you to sign up to see the “special” website where he makes so much money.
  • There is also a nearly $10 shipping package which in this case is paid for by Paul. 
  • You get a DVD and booklet, but it promotes a company. After 14 days you’ll get charged close to $40.

And the coincidences keep mounting… Where have we seen all this before? Eric’s Success Plan. But in Partner with Paul, it’s a front to some sort of MLM company, one more reason I am against the program.

Now could it be that these sites/programs are entirely different? Sure. But this will not change my overall rating of Eric’s Success Plan. On the contrary, after seeing this, I’m going to be lowering the overall rating from 2 stars to 1, which is the worst possible rating. 

Final Rating: Eric’s Success Plan

1 star

Red Flag (Scam)

1 star out of 10. I believe it’s a scam and you should stay away from it. This product does NOT get my endorsement. See my #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts:

It’s not difficult to decipher these kinds of programs. All you really need to look at is the sale’s page. If they don’t really explain what you’re getting and just show how great it is and how much you can make, I see that as the biggest reason NOT to buy it. As I said above, most of the programs that I’ve reviewed in the past which turned out to be scams had these features in common.

So to put it all into perspective, I do not recommend Eric’s Success Plan. There’s way too many red flags.

If you’ve tried this program or have any questions, feel free to post your thoughts below 🙂

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