Is Cash Machines 2.0 a Scam? Why I Will Not Be Recommending it.

cash machines 2.0 home page screenshotWhen I started checking out Cash Machines 2.0. my “scam-dar” went crazy. This program uses an absurd amount of sale’s tactics to get you to buy it and this usually indicates poor quality products. Though I did not buy it, I will explain why I am against it and I strongly recommend you read everything here.

Cash Machines 2.0 in a nutshell:

This program is also known as Easy Money Machines. Supposedly you can sign up for $49 and get 5 money making websites. From what I’ve read on forums and other places, you will have to buy hosting and a domain for each of these websites. Now the numbers differ but if this is true, I’m almost certain Aaron War (Cash Machines 2.0 creator) makes a commission of it.

That being said, the program itself teaches you to utilizes those 5 websites and promote things such as Clickbank products through social media and SEO. The idea is that if you use the “amazing training” within this program, each of the websites you have will become Cash Machines. Clever…

I’ve seen the members area and frankly, I am not impressed. Most of the information within there isn’t exactly new. But besides that, there’s bigger issues I have with this program.

7 things about Cash Machines 2.0 that make my stomach turn…

1. The whole sale’s page hype. I see it again and again. The rich man driving his fancy car. The sale’s figures they see. The testimonials from people that I think are just really bad actors. At times, while watching the sale’s page, I almost laughed at the sheer BS I was hearing.

Basically with the way it’s presented, it almost seems like all you have to do is pay the $49 and everything else will be handled for you. Wrong. Sale’s pages which never really explain what it is you’re getting and instead show off fancy cars, money and testimonials are usually signs of scams.

2. They actually said there’s 1 spot left in my area. I also find this funny. Apparently they are using some sort of cookie to track where I’m from and then using the old “limited space” sale’s tactic on you.

I will venture to guess that no matter who you are, where you’re from, the homepage of Cash Machines 2.0 will always say:

“Your location has 1 spot left!”

And if I’m wrong on this assumption, please correct me, though I strongly doubt that’s the case. I’ve been around the block way too many times.

This is another shady tactic many programs use to lure you in. Most recently I’ve reviewed programs like Profit Web System which also implement this approach and say there’s a limited amount of spaces in your area. People who don’t know better get suckered in thinking it’s actually true.

3. The really bad testimonials. I know I talked about it before, but I have to re-iterate. Maybe I’m a bad judge of character, but to me those people seemed like really, REALLY bad actors. They keep looking away as though they’re reading off something and the way they sound just doesn’t sound genuine.

4. The whole $0-LOTS of money instantly. I’ve been in online marketing for many years. Is this actually possible? Yes. But it’s not going to happen for newbies. NO way. You need to have a good website and a lot of traffic for this to happen. And for that, you need to have truly proper guidance on how to succeed in online marketing.

5. They try to keep you on the site when you try to leave. This is standard MO for programs like these. You don’t like what you see, so you click out. So what do they do? They try to get you to stay by offering a massive discount. In Cash Machines cash machines 2.0 offer2.0’s case, I was offered about 5+ offers.

Each time I’d try to leave, I’d always get a new window of a lower price. We went from $49 all the way to FREE. But this offer is just me signing up to receive emails and more offers from Aaron. After I tried leaving that, I was sent to another program which also offered 5 sites and claims they’ll build them for me. Guys this is absolute BS. No person/company is ever going to create successful businesses for you, certainly NOT for a cheap price.

6. The program isn’t free. Notice in the image I placed at the top of this post. There is text that says “Free Download”. How is it free when I have to actually buy the product for $49?!

7. There are up-sells. There have been many products which follow the same approach to marketing. They promise you big things for a small price then unload surprise up-sells once you join. Now while they are optional, the way they are pitched to you makes it seem like you need them. I don’t like this approach to marketing. I just think it’s dirty. In Cash Machines, case, you will have a number of up-sells that will total to $100’s if you decide to spend it.

What does this all mean?

Too many times in my previous experiences/reviews with other products, the scams almost always shared many of the above issues I have with Cash Machines 2.0. Like I said before, I’ve been around the block enough times to see the scam symptoms and with Cash Machines 2.0, there are plenty of them!

Final Rating: Cash Machines 2.0

2 stars

Red Light

2 out of 10 stars. I won’t be buying it and recommend you don’t either. See my #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts:

Every time I do a review on one of these products which use the same marketing methods I outlined above, I laugh. But I also become very annoyed because it’s so easy to see what’s crap and what’s not.

In the end you need to understand that programs which glamorize how much you can make, show off the money but never actually explain what it’s all about are usually signs that the program itself isn’t that good to begin with.

In addition ask yourself this very simple question: Why would the creator of this program, Aaron Ward want to sell you something so “cheap” unless there was something in it for him. If he’s making so much money, why not keep it on the hush hush and continue to profit?

You should always be logical when looking at programs like these and not think of them are “winning lottery tickets”. As I said before, I will NOT be buying this program and recommend you not do the same. If you have tried it before, I’d love for you to share your personal review of it below.


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  1. Rick Jantz

    Great review. I was checking this “Opportunity” out earlier this year but decided that it was a scam. Thanks for confirming that for me, so glad I didn’t get in.

  2. Kyle

    If this sales video doesn’t set off red flags for you and you still buy this scam product after reading this review, then I think you are going to have a long road ahead of you.

    There are a few quick ways to determine a scam:

    (1) Over the top testimonials
    (2) Claiming quick riches
    (3) Driving around in fast cars
    (4) Selling the dream mansions, not the product
    (5) No actual product info

    And guess what, Cash Machines falls into every one of these categories. Based on this, the industry has hit rock bottom and it is unfortunately that people are getting sucked in by scams like this.

    • Vitaliy

      No matter how much they re-use this same formula, it always seems to work. People who are new to IM will usually be the ones who fall for this most of the time.

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