Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Tool vs Jaaxy. Which is Better?

A very common question among members of Wealthy Affiliate (My #1 recommendation for learning online marketing) is which keyword tool is better, their’s or Jaaxy? Since I have access to both, I will help clarify this question in this post. 

wealthy affiliate keyword tool vs jaaxy

Here’s a couple of things you need to know about each keyword tool:

  • If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium program ($49), you can get free access to it’s keyword tool.
  • Both the WA keyword tool & Jaaxy were created by the same people (Kyle and Carson).
  • Although they are made by the same people, it is NOT the same keyword tool.  
  • Typically, you will get similar or even identical results for keyword searches on both tools, although Jaaxy provides much more info. 
  • I personally use Jaaxy as opposed to WA’s keyword tool because I find it more convenient, but if you’re tight on money, the WA keyword tool is more than enough to get started, although down the line, I’d recommend Jaaxy.

To further explain the following things, I would first like to examine each tool in detail and explain how it works before comparing both of them. First…

The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool:

Background: It is a tool that is available to you if you are a Premium member of WA. WA also has a starter membership which is free, but doesn’t give you access to the keyword tool. Just so you understand.

Overall, it’s very simple to use. You just type in your keyword, click search and you will get results that show you several things:

How many people search for the keyword on a monthly basis. There are 2 metrics for this:

A) Search. It just means monthly searches.

B) Traffic. It shows how many visitors you can get to your site if it’s on the first page.

How many exact competing pages exist for the chosen keyword known as competition. If the number is less than 300, it is considered to be a low competition keyword. Ideally when you do online marketing, you need to find low competition keywords because you can rank higher, faster and get visitors thus allowing the potential for good money to come in.

The other metrics shown are Article Power, PPC power & Dig. Honestly, I don’t even bother with those metrics and just focus on the first 3 since they are the most important. Here is a screenshot:

WA keyword tool

Long story short, if JUST keyword research is what you need and by that I mean you want to know the competition and how many people search for it, the WA keyword tool is more than enough. That being said, let’s move onto Jaaxy:

Insight into Jaaxy:

Background: This tool was also created by Wealthy Affiliate’s creators. It does show a lot more details on keywords you’re looking for among other very helpful metrics that go beyond just keyword research.

However, like the WA keyword tool, it also shows you monthly searches of a keyword, it’s competition and many searches you can get if you hit page 1. Here is a small screenshot:

Jaaxy keyword research

I had to make the image a little bit smaller because the whole image wouldn’t fit to scale, but the most important things you need to know are as follow:

What I circled in green is pretty much the exact same thing you’ll get with the WA keyword tool: How many searches your keyword gets as well as how much competition it has. 

The rest which is circled in yellow is optional but very handy if you’re looking for more insights on not just the keyword you’re looking for, but also things like what methods competitors are using to rank high for that keyword, a brainstorm option which shows you popular and hot trending topics on multiple popular platforms and a host of other helpful tools.

Obviously from this point of view, Jaaxy is the better option, but if keyword research is the only thing you’re looking for, you’ll get pretty much the same numbers in both tools. In fact, let’s run a quick experiment:

WA Keyword Tool vs Jaaxy. Do they really show the same numbers?

I ran the following experiment: I chose to look up the keyword “Anytime Profits” which was a program I reviewed awhile back, that’s now called Evergreen Recurring Income System awhile back. The reason this is relevant is because this is what the keyword tools showed me for this term:

WA Keyword Tool:

  • Searches (monthly): 532
  • Traffic (1st page): 91
  • Competition: 229


  • Monthly searches: 532
  • Traffic (1st page): 91
  • Competition: 226

As you can see, it is nearly identical on all fronts except competition, but the numbers are so close together, there’s nothing to complain about. However, one additional thing Jaaxy showed me which the WA keyword tool did not was this:

The 226 competition it showed me also had a yellow flag which indicates that the competition in spite of being smaller than 300 (remember less than 300 is good) shows that there are a lot of competitors trying to rank high for that keyword meaning, I should probably consider a longer version of that keyword or try another one. 

This is very important to know because I would be wasting my time trying to rank for a competitive keyword if Jaaxy hadn’t told me this. However, this is a very rare circumstance that occurs and this doesn’t really take away anything from WA’s Keyword Tool.

Benefits of using WA’s Keyword Tool over Jaaxy:

It comes free if you’re a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy can cost you $20 or $60 a month to use (first 30 searches you get free though). 

It shows you accurate competition numbers and in many cases is almost identical to Jaaxy’s results.

Benefits of using Jaaxy over WA’s Keyword Tool:

First 30 searches free.

It shows you pretty much the same thing WA’s keyword tool shows, but goes into greater insight on the keyword as well as additional perks of Jaaxy to provide you a much more thorough research experience.

Much more comfortable to use and organized. 

Update: Wealthy Affiliate’s tool has now been fully integrated into Jaaxy. 

When you join Wealthy Affiliate and use their keyword tool, it is now fully integrated with the Jaaxy tool so there is no confusion.

Furthermore, there are 3 levels of Jaaxy available: Free (trial offer), Pro ($19 a month) and Enterprise ($99 a month). Here’s a cool perk though:

Wealthy Affiliate has a Premium Plus membership, which if you join, you will get free access to the Jaaxy Enterprise keyword tool for free.

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  1. Thank you for this article. I am new to premium and was wondering how WA Competition compared to QSR. I think the WA tool will suit me just fine for a while to come now that I understand it a little bit better.

  2. Hi,

    Do you think that with WA’s keyword tool i could build my business to 100/month so I can pay for both WA premium and Jaaxy?

    • It can absolutely be done Fred. You WILL find great keywords with the WA keyword tool. But it will mean nothing unless you use them on your site.


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