Online Income Solution. Is it a Scam?

I believe I’ve reviewed at least 5 other programs like the Online Income Solution and everyone of them turned out to be a flat out scam.

It is also my opinion this program falls into that category too. I’m not sure if this program and the others I’ve looked at before are being made by 1 person or several. But I do know that you should stay away from it and everyone of them that look like it.

Online Income Solution in a nutshell:

This is just one of the MANY copycat programs out there that promise you easy money. You buy into the program expecting easy money like they advertise, but inside the product is whole other story. 

I’m not sure about the rest, but I’m almost certain Online Income Solution is the same as the At Home Income Package. I mean just look at their sale’s page and see for yourself:

online income solution at home income package

You can also expect to have the personal information you provide be shared with what they call “third-party” companies in their privacy policy which is basically another way of saying you’ll be getting emails/calls from organizations offering you internet marketing training for a lot of money. 

Aside from staying away from this program in the first place, if you ever get calls from these third party companies, expect them to be either very friendly or pushy in their sale’s pitches. They’ll try to tell you that there’s few places left and that it’s a serious business. It’s basically what I consider to be brainwashing. Please don’t fall for this crap, otherwise you’ll be scammed to the tune of $1,000’s. 

Another clever thing these places do is give you the impression they are endorsed by big name companies. They are not. If you read their disclaimer at the bottom of the page, they even say they are not endorsed by them. 

Why are there so many of these copycat programs around?

Companies like Online Income Solution are just founded under the same business model where they start up, gain exposure, sell their product, get too many complaints or are shut down, restart the company under a different name and re-do the same model again.  This is why there are SO many of them infesting the internet. 

I really believe the reason they even become popular in the first place is because they use some kind of black hat methods of marketing to get themselves ranked high and reach a lot of people quickly. Even though this tactic doesn’t work in the long term, it does give them enough time to work over enough people and based on the money they make from previous models, they can keep recycling this formula over and over. 

There is however good news!

Because these companies keep changing so often is an indication that more and more people are catching on making these places go into overdrive on trying to sell you their system before they inevitably shut it down and restart the entire scam all over again. 

Also notice the price has lowered. This is also an indication that they are probably becoming more desperate to hook people into it. The At Home Income Package was $97. 

Before more and more people started noticing these repeat scams, these sort of companies would thrive for much longer periods. But as the consumer is becoming smarter, this model is slowly dying off, at least I hope so! I believe one of the reasons this is happening is because there are many blogs like this one which are warning people about them. 

If this is the case and my theory is correct, the profits these shady companies make are slowly diminishing and sooner or later they will no longer be able to financially keep up with it. 

Final Rating: Online Income Solution

1 star

Red Flag (Scam)

1 out of 10 stars. Just another copycat program you should stay away from. If you’re looking for legitimate ways to succeed online, here’s my #1 recommendation for that.

My Final Thoughts:

In most of my reviews, I carefully investigate the product, explain what you can expect, give you the pros/cons before I provide a final rating. In Online Income Solution’s case, we can skip the pros/cons because there’s really nothing positive I can find on it and plenty of cons. There’s really no reason I can find to ever recommend this program.

Now that you know the basics of the Online Income Solution, I want to point that you will likely encounter MANY like it if you look far enough. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve reviewed at least 5 of them before, but at the pace they are popping up, I just can’t keep up with writing reviews of them each time. I sometimes feel like a guinea pig on a wheel because the more of these programs I spot, the more keep popping up.

I am mentioning this because I want to help people avoid scams online and the best way to do that is through education. You should always use common sense when looking at programs like these and if they seem a little too easy, odds are they are scams.

Have you seen other programs like these?  

If you have, you can report them through the image on the right. You can also report other programs which you feel may be scams. This will get the word out scamsand help other people avoid them.

I would also ask if you’ve seen places like Online Income Solution, to please share them in the comments section below and I’ll do a review of it if need be.

Just in case, here are just some of the other programs I’ve reviewed which are almost like Online Income Solution:

Notice how many of them sound the same. And even though not all of them look the same, they basically follow a very similar approach and almost the same business model in every instance. So be very careful. 

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