Is Push Button Millionaire Really a Scam?

push button millionaire review

My first impressions of Push Button Millionaire aren’t good.

The sale’s page from which this program is advertised features many of the same red flags I have noticed with previous scams I’ve reviewed. Basically it follows this process:

  • Shows off how much money the owner of the company is making,
  • Features “real” people saying how much ridiculous money they’ve made using the system. I really think they’re bad actors.
  • Says how easy it is to make money with their “simple” 3 step system.

And more.

I’ve seen my share of scams before and most if not all of them use very similar tactics I’ve outlined above. But I always give programs the benefit of the doubt and decide to go further. So in the case of Push Button Millionaire, I decided to give it a shot. Here’s what I found out:

Push Button Millionaire explained:

It’s basically a program which I believe refers you into a binary options trading program. From there you must deposit a minimum of $250 to get started.

For those of you who don’t know binary options are basically bets you make on stocks. This system works outside the stock market in the sense that you’re not actually buying stocks, but just betting on which ones will go up or down. If you’re right, you earn an X amount of money, if you’re wrong, you lose the entire investment. It’s basically a major gamble.

Supposedly Push Button Millionaire is made to help you “beat the system” by providing some super duper program which will show you which stocks to bet on/not bet on. In theory if you follow the system, it will help you earn instant riches. 

The problem with Push Button Millionaire: 

I don’t think this program is even necessary. I say this because there is no such thing as a system that can accurately help you make smart bets. Sure there’s stock prices listed on websites and you can see which ones are up and down and then utilize binary options to make bets, but just because 1 stock is going up does not mean it’ll keep happening that way and with binary options, if a stock goes down, it doesn’t matter how little, you lose. 

Additionally the problem with this system is that there’s no way to predict the future. This really adds on to the previous point I was trying to make, but the future is uncertain.

You could have 100% of people predict a stock will go up or down, but that 100% doesn’t indicate that’s what’s really going to happen. And again, 1 small decline in a stock you’ve bet on rising and you lose. 

Before I go any further, I’d like to mention that if you’re completely new to binary options, I recommend this quick tutorial on Binary Options. You should also know that it’s not actually a scam. The only real scam in my opinion are programs which try to make you believe they can help you beat the system. 

My personal opinion on Push Button Millionaire:

I honestly believe Push Button Millionaire is just a gateway to get you to register with a binary options trading platform from which Push Button Millionaire’s owner will make a commission of referring you there. Why else would it be free to try the program? 

But aside from that speculation, I do want to test the system. I’ve already signed up to receive the program from Push Button Millionaire and will be exploring it further. If the program does in fact work as advertised (which I highly doubt), I might give this program a green light, but for now, let’s score this program based on what we know. 

Also, do note that in the pros section, none of the positives are actually attributed to Push Button Millionaire, just binary options in general.


  • It is possible to make money through binary options. 
  • It is much simpler to use binary options than trade stocks the traditional way.


  • There is no system that can predict the future of a stock rising or falling. It’s a guessing game.
  • Push Button Millionaire features many of the same questionable marketing tactics I’ve noticed in previously reviewed scams.
  • I honestly believe the people who brag about their results in the sales video are just actors.

Final score: Push Button Millionaire.

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. I won’t be giving it my thumbs up until I see the system for myself, but for now, going by what I know, it’s unlikely the system delivers as promised. And if not, binary options are not really a stable way to earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate is.

My final thoughts:

Even though I don’t consider binary options to be a good way to make consistent money online since in it’s essence it’s really a gamble, I’m not denying it works. What I do question however is Push Button Millionaire as I’ve heard tons of stories about programs popping up promising you riches through binary options and a way to win the game using their “special” approach or software.

I’m not a believer in these things of things because I unfortunately have a very long history of falling for such things and being disappointed after it was all said and done. Though my personal experiences were not directly related to programs like Push Button Millionaire of the others which push binary options, I know for a fact that usually when something is hyped and promises such extravagant results, it’s usually not true.

Besides, logically speaking, why would the owner want to reveal his magic formula, system, software for free when he claims to be making so much money? It doesn’t seem like a smart business move in my opinion unless there’s a catch and he isn’t telling you about it. That’s what I assume is the case here which is why I gave this program 2 stars (for now). No one does this kind of stuff from the kindness of their own hearts. No way.

If you’ve tried Push Button Millionaire and want to share what you think about it, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “Is Push Button Millionaire Really a Scam?”

  1. I signed up for this system and they said in the video that they will guarantee that you will make up to $20,000 every month. They said they charged $67.00 to get rid of the ones who are not interested. There’s a guy, named Jay who does all the talking. I can’t get a hold of anyone from the push button system.

    • This is an old system, which honestly, I never even considered to be legitimate Cristal, if you paid ANYTHING into this program, I would recommend you seek a refund asap. Here are common ways to do this. You will be OK!


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