Is it Safe To Try Online Home Careers? I Say no!

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I’m glad you found this page because I want to warn you right now about Online Home Careers.

In my opinion, it’s not a safe place to put money into because I believe it’s a major scam. More specifically, I’ve seen and reviewed at least 5 other websites that look like this and believe they are basically “copycats” of one another.

Here’s what you need to know:

Online Home Careers in a nutshell:

It’s another one of those websites that promises you can make easy money by posting links for big name companies. Supposedly the site is made by a man. I say supposedly because I don’t even believe that’s the actual person who made the website as I’ve had prior experience with sites like these in the past and the person in the site or their picture weren’t associated.

Here is a screenshot I took once I went inside the program:

online home careers ryan stephens

Why I believe it’s one of those copycat scam sites:

As I said earlier, I’ve reviewed at least 5 other places in the past, all of which followed a nearly identical form of website design and marketing tactics. They all say you can make so much easy money by just posting links for companies. This is starting to feel like a broken record! 

When I reviewed the other copycat websites, they all followed a nearly identical form of advertising:

They start up, attract visitors, scam them, too many complaints arise, they shut down the website, open it under a different name and basically repeat the same formula all over again.

So how do I know that Online Home Careers is one of these places?

  • I once reviewed a program called Work at Home University (total scam by the way). 
  • I came across this program through a website which was promoting it. Let’s call it website X.
  • That site took me to Work at Home University
  • Recently I visited the same website X and clicked to see if it would take to Work at Home University again. It didn’t. Instead it took me to Online Home Careers. 
  • Online Home Careers has almost the same website design, very similar type wording. Here’s a screenshot comparison:

online home careers vs work at home university

Seriously are they that different? Not in my view… and this is the BIGGEST red flag. These sites that look the same should be absolutely avoided in my opinion. They are scams!

I see this kind of stuff happen more often than you can imagine. But it gets even more ridiculous as you go deeper into the website’s themselves: 

1. Notice in the picture I put above, there is a sign up screen. It asks you for your first name, email + phone #. I never enter my real information because I never trust these places, but I also experiment with this to see what will happen next. When I entered the information, it will always say a certain amount of spots are available in…”Insert my area”.

No matter where you live, it’s designed to spot it and say that same number of spots is available in YOUR area. This is total BS as it will always say this number no matter what. 

2. If you enter your phone # & email, you can expect to receive sale’s calls. This is on their privacy policy page. These sale’s calls are likely going to try and get you into highly expensive training programs or sell you similar products like this. My advice? Never put in your information UNLESS you know for certain the company is legitimate. 

3. Please don’t fall for this “As Seen on” labeling. It’s extremely deceptivePeople who have been scammed by places like these almost always tell me they buy it because they see it’s supposedly advertised on popular TV networks. Don’t fall for this! 

What these places do is they provide you with a video where a news report is done on people making money online, but it has NOTHING to do with the specific program. 

In other words, if you enter the Online Home Careers website, you will see a news report on people making money online, but it is NOT associated with the actual Online Home Careers program. And this program is NOT associated with the TV networks it shows on it’s homepage. 

Putting the pieces of the scam together…

It’s actually funny that as I go through each of these red flags, they all apply exactly the same way to Online Home Careers as they do to Work at Home University. Again this is because the site are in very similar in many ways. And these aren’t the only examples. There’s plenty more sites out there that are like this. 

Final Rating: Online Home Careers

0 Stars

Red Flag (Scam)

o out of 10 stars. Total scam. I strongly recommend avoiding this place! This is the only legitimate opportunity I recommend.

My Final Thoughts:

At one point in time, I actually became sick and tired of seeing and reviewing all of these scams, but I noticed many of them are starting to change up in the sense that they’re switching up their game, pictures and domain names faster than before. To me this signals that progress is being made and less and less people are falling for this stuff.

Plus I also feel it’s my duty to warn you about places like this as I have fallen for them before when I was first getting started in internet marketing. I know how tempting it is to want to buy products from people/places/services that promise you riches easily.

Unfortunately these are the same places which are most likely scams and you should never act on emotions when making a financial decision, especially with programs like Online Home Careers. Do your research. Find out more about a company before you buy into it. I’ve always said: Use rational thinking! There are legitimate opportunities out there, but in my experience, it’s never the same ones which promise you easy, quick results.

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and no matter how much programs like to make you think there is, it’s always done to try and sell you something. Besides if this formula really works and the same people who advertise it can make so much money with it, why reveal it to others? 

If you have experience with Online Home Careers or other places you think are like it, please let me know about them. 

2 thoughts on “Is it Safe To Try Online Home Careers? I Say no!”

  1. I think Online Home Careers is an old product, which is why they’re redirecting to Work at Home University. A lot of these old ones still receive traffic, but have been shut down from too many complains, so they just redirect links to newer scams!

    • It’s an endless cycle and it keeps working. They just rotate it, scam, shut down, re-open under another name repeat it all over again. I’m not even sure how they get so many people to their site in the first place. I assume they do paid advertising or some sort.


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