Binary Matrix Pro Pro. Can it Deliver Results?

binary matrix pro review

There is a lot of hype behind Binary Matrix Pro and the things it can do to make you money online. But is it true? Well in this review, I’ll explain why the likely answer is no.

Quick Report on Binary Matrix Pro:

Price: Free to join (costs later on to deposit money)

Overall rating: 2 out of 10 stars (Red Flag. Avoid)

Binary Matrix Pro will the third program I’ve reviewed on this site dealing with this subject. With the previous 2 companies I’ve reviewed, both were given a red flag (usually signaling a scam) for just about the same reasons I also gave this place a red flag.

I will say that out of the other binary programs I’ve reviewed, this one seemed more professional in it’s sales page and it almost made me want to go further, but I decided not to because frankly, I don’t believe in these programs as I’ll explain in this post.

But if you’re looking to make a “quick buck” through binary options, you’re going to find out that it’s really just a gamble and to this day, there is no known program (to my knowledge) which can accurately predict the future of stocks and frankly, I doubt there ever will be because if that ever happened, it wouldn’t be given away for free like this program is trying to get you to believe.

What is Binary Matrix Pro?

It’s just another affiliate type sales page that tries to get you to sign up to a binary options program. Once you do and deposit money (which is always required), the site owner makes a commission of you.

Generally the minimum you can deposit is a few hundred dollars ($250 usually). But with this program, it can potentially be far more.

How much more? We’re talking tens of thousands. After I signed up with this program, it took me to the actual binary brokerage page, which asked me to deposit. See for yourself:

binary matrix pro pricing

Seriously, $50,000? That’s insane, but I guess most people would start with the lower end.

Since the popularity of binary options, there have been an immense rise of affiliate programs like Binary Matrix Pro all aiming to try and get people to sign up to binary trade sites through them. But how do they create incentive for people to do it? 

It’s simple: They tell you they have a super secret program that will help you “beat the system” essentially. In the cases of Binary Matrix Pro, they give you their system which basically signals you to make the right call on a stock and hopefully make money in the process. 

Binary Matrix Pro also adds other incentives:

They claim that the places they try to get you to join are regulated or in the process of being regulated. This gives people the impression that they are in safe hands, but I’m personally very wary of this because many binary brokerages aren’t regulated and this has led to many scams being perpetrated so the claim that something is in the process of being regulated isn’t good enough for me. Here is a screenshot:

binary matrix pro regulation

The next incentive they add is that they give you a $300 credit for which to use their signal program. Basically the program tells you whether to “call or put” on a stock which basically means to bet if it’s going to rise/fall. For each signal the program gives you, you pay $0.01. With the $300 credit which they say has no expiration period, you can use these signals many times, but this can quickly add up as many people place bets on multiple stocks. 

After the $300 credit goes away, you will have to pay $0.01 on each signal the program gives you. Just keep that mind. Here is a screenshot:

binary matrix pro incentive

Can Binary Matrix Pro really be trusted?

Watching the sales video, the man behind the program really does a good job in pitching it. He’s very transparent and frankly, I like that. Compare that to trash like Free Money System which just hypes itself to no end while never explaining what it actually is, this is a breath of fresh air. But being a skeptic and that’s due to my previous research into these businesses, I simply don’t trust it. 

Binary options (the industry, not the programs which try to get you to join it) in my honest opinion is a gamble. You’re betting on whether or not a stock is going to rise/fall and it is from the process of guessing right that you make money.

So how can you succeed within this business? Well you can either:

  • Literally guess the future of a stock. 
  • You can try to learn more about the stock market and make more informed decisions.
  • And there’s the third option, which is an illusion as far as I’m concerned: You can use one of these programs like Binary Matrix Pro that “helps” you make the right choice on stocks and make money.

The problem is that most people who know next to nothing about binary options will be easily swayed to try the third option, but not once in my research on these programs nor reading about them from places I trust have I EVER stumbled onto a legitimate binary options program whose system is actually proven. 


  • Pretty transparent sales page. This is not common among the other binary options sites I’ve reviewed.


  • I don’t believe there is any system than can help you make accurate bets on stocks. We’re talking about future betting and as I said before, unless there is insider information or possess experience in the stock market, there’s simply no way to tell which way a stock will go.
  • I have a hard time trusting any binary brokerages places like Binary Matrix Pro recommend, even if they claim they are regulated.

Final Rating: Binary Matrix Pro

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. It’s a bit better than the other places I’ve reviewed, but my opinion of it remains the same: Avoid. If you’re looking to earn money online, forget gambling like this. Here is my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate and it doesn’t involve anything shady.

My final thoughts:

In my opinion, the secret system they claim to give you is nothing more than an “illusion” they use to hook you into signing up to a binary brokerage under them, period. I’ve made the argument on more than one occasion that there simply can’t be a system that predicts the future of stocks.

There’s so many factors that influence stock fluctuation and anything can happen at anytime making it simply impossible to create a program that can take all of this into account and still guide you to make the right choice.

As far as I know, these programs which claim to help you beat the system don’t have any access to insider information on the stocks. So how can they predict where a stock will go? They can’t! But they can give you the illusion that they can and this is why I just don’t trust it! 

Do you agree with my position on this program? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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