Pure Leverage Review. Is it a Scam or Legit?

Pure Leverage is an MLM company which many have deemed a scam and a copy of Empower Network, which is now by the way, gone.

It is basically a pure leverage reviewprogram which helps you make money online by offering you “all in one” tools to lead people into the system, and make you and them money.

But this itself is one of the red flags of this system that I’ll be going over in this review.

Furthermore, the company boasts 100% commissions paid out to affiliates as well as 50% matching checks for accrued income made by people you refer to the program.

These claims are pretty outrageous (at least in my mind), so let’s examine what’s true and what isn’t because I can tell you this right now, there’s A LOT of smoke and mirrors behind this program and you’re going to find out about it in this article. 

Before we go any further, I’d like to tell you that I am an online marketer with over 10 years experience in the field who knows how the process of making money online works.

So I’ll be debunking the promises this company makes and tell you the truth on whether or not this company is legit or a scam. You’ll be the judge…

Inside Pure Leverage. What it offers (5 main services):

I’m going to be breaking down the most important things you get from Pure Leverage but at the same time explaining the catch as well as if these components are the real deal or not. Just a heads up, most of them will not be as advertised. 

Now I want to say that this program’s been around for MANY years, and I did review it in 2013. Since we are in 2019 now, I have looked to see if there have been improvements and changes made, at least enough to rate it higher.

I haven’t notice much changes, so this review is still applicable to today, and therefore, my verdict on it is still the same.

1) The company offers 2 membership levels:  

A lower level for $24.95 & a $19.95 monthly level which is basically the cost to promote it as an affiliate. This is one of the first red flags as paying a fee to promote a program is not something I’m happy about, as it feels like a money grab.

Anything you pay for inside a program, should be backed up by equal value being provided in return. This just seems like an arbitrary fee to make extra money on their part.

2) 100% commissions off people you refer, here’s the catch.

The catch 1: It’s only 100% for the first month referral. After that it’s 50%. Not bad to be honest, but it’s not exactly explained unless you dig for that information. At least that’s how it was when I first reviewed it.

The catch 2: That monthly fee to promote it is one of the big ways this company still survives and again, I don’t like paying extra to promote something. There are certain programs that charge you to promote them, but they offer you tools, services and value, so you can see a good reason to charge extra there.

Here I just don’t see that…

3) An elite coaching program: 

Quick note: I actually offer my own coaching, to succeed online, that is very different and in my opinion better than what this system offers, learn more here.

This training takes you through the whole process of understanding all of the benefits Pure Leverage offers you as well as how to utilize it in addition to tactics to seducing people to join it, getting them to attract others and in the process make you more money overall.

What this is all about REALLY is making blog pages promoting the company and attracting others to join them through you. However, instead of offering real value, most of these blogs do nothing more than copy/paste the same text the main Pure Leverage site have and woo visitors with images of riches, fancy cars, bold money claims and more (shiny object syndrome practices). 

If you’ve done your searches for Pure Leverage reviews, odds are you’ve seen many of these blogs. In my mind a blog which offers glamour more than content is full of well you know what. I find this method of marketing sad and unethical. 

It also reflects the kind of training you get from Pure Leverage. If all these blogs essentially promote this company the same way, it shows that they are being taught to do so by the company, which in turn reflects just how they do things.

And this is actually one of the reasons why there’s a rumor about Pure Leverage being a pyramid scheme…

4) An internal autoresponder for lead generation.

Autoresponders are programs which collect emails from a site and then allow you to send out follow up emails to sell something. Through Pure Leverage you are given an autoresponder program to use which they boast is better than top tier autoresponders on the market. This may be true, but in the bigger scheme of things, it may not matter.

The idea here is that you use this autoresponder to generate leads and potential clients through the autorespodner system and then refer them to Pure Leverage.

Upon doing further research, I found members complain that the autoresponder is not as it’s advertised. Emails you send out to potential clients end up going into the junk folder and thus never being opened. If this is true, then it defeats the purpose of having this kind of program. 

5) A live conference package.

This is basically an added service to your membership allowing you create webinars and meetings to (what I guess is) get more leads into Pure Leverage. 

 Final Rating: Pure Leverage.

2 stars

Red Flag

My final thoughts: The main issue I have with Pure Leverage:

One may look at all these extra services and tools provided by this company as being awesome, but I just see it as a self promoting system and tools to help you achieve that goal.

If Pure Leverage provided good training on promoting stuff outside of just promoting itself, I’d have no issues recommending it, but the problem is that as far as I see it, it’s self promotional and all the tools and training is geared to do that.

Toss in a near $20 a month fee to promote the system and it’s closer to a scam in my opinion than anything else.

Very often, these self promotional companies like to exaggerate the tools they offer as though it’s a one of a kind thing, but it isn’t. In my personal opinion, it’ll be quite tough to make good money online, legitimately through this system. 

8 thoughts on “Pure Leverage Review. Is it a Scam or Legit?”

  1. I think when anyone has to dog another company to promote their’s is pretty unprofessional dude…Its obvious your not that successful with online marketing or you wouldn’t have to resort to such slander. Im not apart of either program but your negative comments towards a competitor online is pretty low and truly does not make you look good. You might want to rethink your strategy in building your business. Besides I have been in business for many’s years and I have come to know that the majority of people that choose to not invest any money into a business typically never succeed because they have no skin in the game. So lets be real…

    • When a program is a scam, I call it out Steve and I have more than enough experience to do this. I don’t share how much I make, but online marketing is a full time business for me and I have invested a lot of time to learning it. The time and money I wasted is what I try to help others avoid.

      I welcome competitors, but only those who actually do a good job of helping others succeed. I have linked to a number of good programs that help people. Unfortunately most of the programs out there such as Pure Leverage are not good.

  2. I have checked out some of the instruction videos of Pure leverage. They are ok for the beginner like me who is trying to learn the concepts of email marketing. However, I did notice that some of them would phase out and you would have to restart the video or advance it to the last part of what you were watching. I don’t think they have updated them since 2013. A lot of those videos are in the host for profits web hosting. As my opinion, the reseller program is forced on the user to upgrade in order to earn commissions down many levels. I am glad that I am not doing the reseller program for $20 a month. I think,as a consumer of the pure leverage,
    I should get the affiliate money without upgrading to the reseller deal. Not too happy as I use to be with GVO.

    • This is one of the reasons I cannot stand the program Michele. The forced part of the business or least the feel you need to upgrade or buy their extra products is what many of these “businesses do”. If the program is so good, why force it? I say let people decide if it’s for them. Give them quality information and earn their trust, not shove it in their face!

  3. PL is much the same as EN – Maybe they are playing catchup! I don’t have a problem with owning the program in order to promote it but they should be more transparent with the commission structure from the outset. These mass recruiting programs need to continually reinvent/improve in order to keep their members because as EN found as soon as they reach a critical mass, advertising with the pressure of internal competition forces spamming and bang goes any ‘authority’.

    • Well said Red! This is one of the reasons there’s so many affiliates coming up with “new” programs which are nothing more than funnels into EN or Pure Leverage (or whatever other pyramid scheme there is).

  4. Yup. Pure Leverage is simply Pure Crap. I signed up with them to see what it was about, and in one month the owner sent me over 50 emails. That’s more than 1 email per day, telling me to upgrade, telling me how it’s my ‘last chance’, and it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. Yeah right!

    The biggest joke of the system is the authority blog. I have NEVER seen a Pure Leverage blog listed in Google!

    • Thanks for posting your experiences with this company Nathaniel. Companies like this always seem to have the same M.O: Promise extravagant things then promote a ton of upsells once you sign up. Empower Network does this kind of stuff too. I’m glad you got out before it was too late.


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