Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

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Here is a free keyword tool that I want to recommend to you. It’s VERY powerful and is free to try. Through this tool I have discovered many profitable keywords (and successful projects. You can see my case studies above).

It’s similar to the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool (designed by the same people), but offers way more in terms of benefits. I personally use it for my daily keyword searches and it’s very simple to use.

Let me give you an example: I have a website on kettlebell workouts which gets over 2,000-4,000 visitors a month. I was able to discover the keyword that led to this success through Jaaxy. This in addition to other high traffic sites I have made as a result from using this program.

This case study is not uncommon either. Finding very profitable keywords with little competition happens very often through this tool.

Although Jaaxy has paid options, you can try it for free, no credit card of personal info required. They give you 30 free searches. I’d strongly recommend at least trying the free version to see just how much it simplify online research and multiply your online success.

Update! New Jaaxy 3.0 version released. Way more features!

So just the other day (7/21/17), the creators of this keyword tool upgraded the service to show even more accurate, faster results. I’ve been enjoying this upgrade and I can tell you that very soon, the price of this service will be going up. Right now people who try it can still do it for free, but the paid version of it will be higher later, I’d recommend checking it out as soon as possible before this rate changes.

Note: Again, Jaaxy is still going to be free to try and enjoy the new features. BUT the paid options to upgrade will be the only thing going up.

See the keyword tool in action. Type any keyword you wish and see the results for free:


Here is what you get from Jaaxy:

#1. Accurate traffic and competition numbers on all keyword searches (This is what the Wealthy Affiliate too also gives you):

  • Monthly searches.
  • How much traffic you’ll get if you reach the #1 spot.
  • QSR (if it’s under 100, you have a GREAT chance to see your site on page 1).
  • KQI (green means good), SEO Power (1-100 scale. 1 is worst, 100 is best).
  • Domain search (let’s you find if .com, .net, .org’s are available).
  • To Do (adds the keyword to a To do list).

Video tutorial on how to use it:

More examples:

Here’s a screenshot of a keyword I searched “How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days”. The results were shocking:


What to make of these results:

Look at all keywords above which have green lights. This light means the QSR is less than 300 and if you write an article/post on one of the keywords above, you would have a great chance of landing on the first page and capitalizing on all that search traffic. 

For those of you wondering, QSR means “Quoted search result” which is basically the keyword put into quotes on Google and shown the EXACT number of competing pages. If it’s less than 300, you’re good to go! The best QSR you can have is 0 which means NO competing pages. 

Here are my rules of thumb when finding keywords: howtofindlowcompetitionkeyword

  • Make sure the keyword MAKES sense! 
  • Make sure the monthly searches is at least 50 and over. 
  • Make sure the QSR is less than 300. The less the better.

In the screenshot above, I have a TON of keywords which meet these requirements. So what exactly can I do with that? Here’s some examples: 

Option A: I have a website on dieting and keywords like these could be PERFECT for writing up articles/posts on. For example, I could write about “how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days” and explain how a certain way of dieting can help you do that. 

One thing I recommend is to always find keywords on topics you can RELATE to. This makes it much easier to write GREAT content about it as well as easier to connect with the reader. Better content = better rankings. 

Option B: I could create a pay-per-click campaign (if you don’t know about this, you can just skip this part) where I just choose a lot of similar keywords above, and write an ad on it, link it to a page on my site and promote some sort of diet. The good news is that with Jaaxy, most of the research is done for you.

There are many more options, but these are 2 that come to my mind. You may have your own ideas which is fine too.

In addition, this tool also provides…

#2. Related keywords to your searches which will provide you with tons of new ideas to work with. Through the example above, there were many related keywords which I could have also used. In truth there are an endless amount of keyword ideas you could come up with through this tool.

#3. A brainstorm section which lists popular trending subjects from places like Google, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa, Amazon.com best sellers, & Twitter Trends. You can use this place to discover hot markets early and take advantage of them. For example, I used Google trends to discover the 17 day diet, a project which brought me 6 figures in a year (see case study). With this tool, I am able to analyze all the popular trends from 1 page without having to go to each place separately.

#4. A tool to analyze your competition called SERPS (search engine rankings). For example, you can do a keyword search and then click competition. This will show you the top 10 sites for that keyword, what keywords they are using which will be able to help give you more keyword ideas as well as decide if the keyword you chose is worth perusing.

#5. A site rank tool: This allows you enter a keyword and a URL (could be your blog/website) to see how well it’s ranking in the search engines. You can also do the same thing with any competitor sites. All you need is their URL and a keyword to find out how they’re ranking. You will then be able to use this information for your own blogs/websites and be able to measure where you’re at.

#6. Affiliate programs associated with your keyword searches: For any keyword you do a search for, this tool will automatically find affiliate programs from where you can sign up through, and promote them directly. You will also be provided information on how much commission % they will provide you and be able to make the best choice which pays the most. This beats having to do Google searches and figuring out which affiliate program to choose, let alone if there is one available.

#7: Training. Full tutorials (with video) on how to utilize all of Jaaxy’s benefits.

Access Free Trial Of Jaaxy here.


My recommendation: If you are completely new to internet marketing, I recommend doing 2 things:

  • Get free training from Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership. There’s NO CC or personal info required to join. Just your name/email. Learn more here.
  • Use the free Jaaxy trial to get an idea of how it works.

If you have any questions about Jaaxy or Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to post them below OR if you have current niche/keyword ideas you need help with, simply post your comment/question below and I’d be more than happy to help you out 🙂

Note: If you’re going to ask me how to find keywords, please make sure to first try Jaaxy before anything else. This will make it easier for me to help you out.

13 thoughts on “Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review”

  1. Great article and video, though I’m not sure about quoted searches results, aren’t the top 10 results without quotes your true competition?

    • Not exactly Jeremy, when you put a keyword in quotes, then get the results, the top 10 sites within THOSE results can be considered the hardest ones to outrank, but even then, in most cases, the low QSR is the one of the best options.

  2. Vitality,

    I enjoyed reading your content about the WA University and Jaaxy. It all sounds credible and no-risk. However, my level of skepticism remains high after being taken several times by the empty promises of scam artists.

    Accordingly, please don’t take it personally if I ask you to disclose whether you have any personal financial interest, ownership interest or contingent gains related to these products do you enthusiastically promote.

    • I understand Richard and believe me, I don’t take it personally. I do promote both Jaaxy and WA, as well as other programs that I believe work very well. There are also other programs on this site I’ve recommended to my visitors, yet don’t promote personally, but would rather they know about them anyway.

      If this changes your mind about Jaaxy or anything else, I will understand, but you can always join those sites outside my website and you’ll see that it’s completely credible.

  3. Great informative video, I don’t consider myself a writer but when you understand the power of keywords, it really is motivating me to write more! Just don’t understand what it takes to optimize an article. Any resource you can suggest in order to learn more would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • The way I “optimize an article” is much simpler than what a lot of others would suggest David. I just target the keyword in the title and that’s really it for the keyword part. The hard part is the content. But since you asked for a good resource, I wrote one that I think will really help you. Let me know if that’s enough 🙂

  4. Hi, Just checking to see if you are for real, as my husband paid $27 and was willing to pay lot more
    because they promised LOT of money, “just clicking a button and we’ll do all the work for you setting
    it up”.
    Felt uncomfortable, but wanted to believe it cause as seniors, not enough to go around, and LOT of single
    parent families who need help, but we’re limited what can do. So, decided to do some research on the website
    “richjanitor.com” Somehow discovered your info. REALLY like your low-key approach, your thourghal (sp?) coverage.
    Especially appreciate your approach to ‘newbies’. I’ve been studying for YEARS, been scammed many times and like you, wasted time and money, so, I’m hoping you are for real, because really feel comfortable, and feel like can relax and finally do what been wanting to do for years…share my vast experience to help others who are struggling to make ends meet.

    Look forward to you responding

    SONshine S.H.

    • Hi Shari, yes I am a real person :). I did a very long review of Rich Janitor because I did buy it and I feel my thoughts on it were very accurate.

      What you mentioned about sharing your experiences is exactly how any good business should start. Passion should lead to making money because passion makes work fun and rewarding. That’s why instead of Rich Janitor, I feel you should give Wealthy Affiliate a shot instead since that’s what it’ll teach you to do.

  5. Hi. I was just wondering if you could tell me how many monthly serches I should be looking for. 30 seems very low. Thanks in advance. Daniel

  6. This is a great tool to use for keyword searches. It help to let you know how many monthly searches there are and what the competition is. Use it all the time.


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