How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website.

Most internet marketers fail because they don’t know how to get targeted traffic to their website.

In fact they don’t even know what it means. To most of them, the number of visitors coming to the site is what counts, whereas in reality, it’s the quality of the visitors where the success comes from.

It’s much better to get 100 targeted visitors a month to a website, than 1,000,000 to the same page if the visitors are not interested in the subject matter of your website.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you both paid & free ways to get targeted traffic to your website. These methods are beyond simple, yet it’s so easy to overlook. I myself have done this on many occasions.

1. Make sure your website, content & products being sold on the website are all relevant to one another. 

  • Dog training page (website).
  • Dog training tips (content).
  • Dog training books (products).

Notice how all of the subject matter is closely relevant to one another.

  • How to lose weight via diet pills (website).
  • Ranking top diet pills (content).
  • Selling diet pills (product).

Again another obvious example.

You would be absolutely amazed at how many people get this wrong. As I said before, I too have fallen prey to this mistake on a number of times and I have 8 years experience in the field of online marketing (go figure). If you’ve made this mistake before, nod your head because I am doing so even as I type this lol.

I can keep going on and on about examples, but I think you’re starting to see my point. A lot of times, marketers try to sell products that are somewhat related to the content of their website.

Can this work? Absolutely, but you’ll find the conversion rate of your site will dramatically fall if all your elements (website, content & product) aren’t closely related to one another. Remember this.

2. Target keywords that highly relate to the content of your site as well as the products you’re selling. 

For every niche/topic, there is an audience and for every audience, there are people who type in the same/similar things into Google’s search to find information. It is this audience that you are targeting. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they would type into Google if they were looking on information for “insert your niche here”.

Ex: Dog training guide.

What sort of keywords could the audience interested in dog training type into Google? How about this:

  • How to train my dog to sit.
  • Get dog to stop barking.
  • Dog training tips.
  • How to teach a dog new tricks.

Notice how each keyword is again closely related to the audience, the targeted audience. Make sure each keyword is in the title of your articles/post/pages. This is what Google will rank in their search engine and this is what will appear bold when this audience types those keywords in to Google.

Because your website and content is highly relevant towards the crowd as are your keywords, your page’s content will appear bold in the SERP (search engine results page). Bold results means higher ranking and more eye catching opportunity. This leads to better rankings, more targeted traffic & in turn more monetary opportunity.

Having trouble finding keywords for your niche/topic? Here’s how to find profitable keywords in seconds.

Followed by that is the content part:

With all the ways you can find keywords to get that targeted traffic, none of that will happen unless there’s content on the site. Here’s how it’s done.

And further, if that content is bad, then it won’t lead to the site you have getting that traffic and if somehow you do manage to get it, they won’t get you anything because of the poor quality of that content.

So make sure you read that article on writing content well.

Putting it altogether:

When you incorporate these very simple tips, you’re going to be essentially targeting a specific audience, using specific keywords and if you do this correctly, you will also see:

  • Higher SERP rankings.
  • More targeted traffic.
  • Better conversion rate.

There is no magic formula to this stuff either. Do I would avoid buying any kind of SEO service or program that says they’ll increase your website traffic and get you more hits. This kind of stuff is useless. Again, it’s way better to have less people visiting your site as long as they are targeted visitors, rather than having millions who aren’t visit the same page.

Happy traffic hunting 🙂

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  1. Great advice! Relevancy is key, and the more specific you get, the better. Generally, more “long tail” keywords are typed in by folks further along in the buying process, and and much more likely to lead to conversions.


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