$7 Dollar Secrets 3 Out of 10 Stars

A review of the 7 Dollar Secrets program. Is it a scam or worth it?

Out of the 7 years I spent in online marketing, the first 2-3 revolved around trial-and-error experiences. The $7 dollar secrets was the VERY first program that introduced me to online marketing. 

What the product is:

This is a online marketing guide which teaches you how to use your own experience to make e-books/products and use ready made websites for you to sell them through. The product costs $7 and consists of 3 things:

1. A PDF guide called the $7 dollar secrets which explains how you can make money through the internet by creating niche websites based on your own expertise in whatever field and sell that for money.

2. A build in wordpress website made for you with a checkout cart. Back when I was around, these used basic HTML sites. Nowadays it’s easier with WordPress. It’s basically a software which generates a website for you which fills in the basics and lets you put into your own content which in this case is whatever it is your site will be made from.

3. Access to a $7 secrets main site called 7dollaroffers.com where you can put your product up for sale for anyone to buy. The site funnels traffic through it’s affiliates and other partners and through this exposure you can sell your product through as well as through other internet marketing tactics.

When I was there, they offered you a free and paid service. The free service would allow people to find your product if they browsed through the store area (which was almost unlikely) and a premium (paid) option where your product would appear on the front page of the site.

My Experience With It…

When I first tried this program and read how I could make money through the internet selling my knowledge through a website and product, I started with an ebook which contained information on healthy living which at the time was something I was involved in personally. 

After I set it up, the 2nd part of the $7 secrets program was a website creator program which had a ready made: Sale’s page, order page and confirmation page. In other words, your own personal website with a checkout and all the essentials to get people in there to buy your product and help you make money (via paypal). 

After I had finished writing up my e-book (70 pages + another bonus ebook with 20 pages), I edited the sale’s page and images to fit my content. put the e-book up on the $7 secrets website which gets a lot of traffic and anxiously awaited the money to come in.

Here were my results:

After spending countless hours working on the e-book and editing the site I was given, I made a grand total of (Drum roll) 1 sale! This sale made me around $30. The product didn’t work for me, but it wasn’t a scam either. My inexperience with online marketing and believing in this product to be my saving grace were what prevented me from making anything big.

What You Need To Know About $7 Secrets:

  • It is not a scam and can bring in good profits, but a majority of the products which WERE making decent money were make money books. My market was health so all the customers being brought to the site weren’t interested in my product.
  • It is not a good product for people who are new to internet marketing. I recommend starting here if you’re new.
  • This product is only good for people who possess experience in the online marketing world and possess a product that teaches others how to make money online. If you are neither of these people, don’t get this product.
  • This product is EASILY substituted by FREE products. How so? 

1. You can create your own website without having any hired help . Don’t believe me? Well then check this out:

How to build your very own website in 1 minute.

2. You don’t need their $7 offers page to help you accumulate leads.  It won’t work well if your market isn’t related to making money online and even if it is, you can write up your own e-book (on any subject) and sell it successfully using basic marketing tactics! If you don’t know how to do this, get free training here. 

Final Rating For $7 Dollar Secrets:

3 stars

3 Out of 10 Stars: Borderline acceptable product but NOT for beginners & can easily be substituted with free products/services. See #1 recommendation.

All products which teach you how to make money online are rated on a 1-10 scale on this site. Based on the fact that this product does show you legitimate ways to make money and does offer good support from my experience made it a decent program to have, BUT…

What it doesn’t tell you is that it’s not good for beginners, something I learned the hard way. It simply glamorizes how certain people make $1,000’s in a week using the program, neglecting to mention these people most likely possess prior experience in online marketing, hence the reason for the 3 star rating which basically means: Potential to make money honestly, but not worth the investment.

Final Conclusion: Should You Try $7 Dollar Secrets?

I don’t recommend it. This business model worked many years ago, back when making websites was difficult and so was getting traffic there. Now this kind of stuff is basically obsolete.  

The original creator of this program, Jon Ledger creates a number of different products for internet marketers. His latest is Niche Jet where he makes a niche site for you. This one is more for the general audience, but the product is still obsolete in the end. 

You could make this product work for you, IF you possess good online marketing experience but in in the greater scheme of things, odds are this product won’t do much for you. Though it’s cheap and alluring, don’t let it fool you. The $7 gets you the book and information, but you’ll also need to pay extra to have your product exposed on the $7 offers site and for this you’d have to pay monthly. 

The product does work, but for a particular audience: experienced internet marketers, not beginners. I had a tremendous amount of trouble working through it because when I first started with it, I was a total beginner to the online marketing world. Though the program’s official membership site does possess good support and offers great help, the fact of the matter is, there’s WAY better places to learn how to make money honestly from.

Official $7 Dollar Secrets website.

See my #1 recommendation.

6 thoughts on “$7 Dollar Secrets 3 Out of 10 Stars”

  1. I just LOVE how ALL the WA (Wealthy Affiliate) members go about bashing and ripping off ALL and ANY ‘other’ affiliate site they can come across – redirecting enquiring minds to the WA website via their link!
    It rediculous actually..

    • Piet, there’s no need to generalize and make it sound like I’m shamelessly promoting WA. I think I gave quite the objective review of this program, and frankly every other program I review. If you can honestly tell me where WA is flawed compared to these other programs I review and/or where I am being shameless, I’d love to hear it, but putting me in with the shameless marketers is just wrong.

      You should judge my reviews on an individual analysis, not see a pro WA review and consider it as being one of those “bash the rest” type of reviews.

  2. Your analysis of 7 dollar secrets is flawed..

    1. Buyers are given an info report which they can then resale (resale rights given for this report) and earn their money back. Buyers of this report from any source get #2 below…

    2. The Script software provided to ALL purchasers of 7 Dollar Secrets allows for easy sale and delivery for anyone to create any digital product for any market.

    3. The potential of Resale of the 7 Dollar Secret ebook, Script, or any personally created porduct (or other digital products owned with PLR) did NOT guarantee any sales..

    4. As with ALL businesses, learning how to drive qualified traffic is keys to predictable sales..

    5. The 7DSS offer site was NOT meant to be a substitute for REAL and INDEPENDENT marketing..

    • Well you’re right about the re-sell rights and it not being necessary to use the $7 offer site David, but let’s be clear about my thesis on $7 secrets:

      It is not meant for beginners and it’s outdated in my opinion. Sure it’s nice to have all the pages to make your own product to sell with (or re-sell the $7 report), but what about just using a WordPress site?

      And if you’re a beginner, how in the world will anyone be able to make this work? You’re right about the qualified traffic being necessary and this report did not teach that as far as I can remember, so for beginners, this piece of information would make things VERY difficult for beginners which is what I was when I found it.

      Would I change my mind about it today? No, I still think this book and whatever it still offers is just not up to date. MAYBE if I were setting up some kind of program to sell on Clickbank and needed pages, I might use this report, but only for those purposes.

    • It’s an old program Kavinah, but it still makes itself look as though it’s useful in my opinion. Either way I think it’s outdated and anyone can do these things for free nowadays.


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