Level One Network Vs Empower Network. Which Is Better?

Both Level One Network & Empower Network are 2 popular MLM’s that have a lot of things in common. In fact a lot their business structures are similar. But even though both companies have a lot of similarities, there are also a lot of differences between them. But on the subject of Level One Network vs Empower Network, which is actually better? Let’s analyze the facts. But I will promise you this, I don’t have nice things to say about either of these companies and the final answer will surprise you…

Background information: Empower Network (EN)

EN is a popular MLM company which functions by getting people to join it for $25 a month. Upon joining, members are “encouraged” to buy even more “products” from this company which is basically training to promote EN better. The price of these products ranges well into the $1000’s and buying all of their services is what they call “going all in”. 

The truth however is that this company is a massive pyramid scheme, which lures people into it’s program promising richs, but upon joining, reveals that in order to make any real money members need to buy the more expensive training. 

What you need to know about EN is that it’s a massive black hole. Less than 1% of it’s members actually make a profit in this company. But the main purpose of the company is to get members to buy all of it’s services and the only real way these members will be able to get out of the financial hole EN puts them in is to refer others to it. This is wrong on SO many levels. 

Background information: Level One Network (LON)

Level One Network is also an MLM company that has been around since 2004, but recently become much more popular because a lot of it’s members have been former Empower Network members and because EN has had an increasing rise in complaints. A lot of these former members have blogged about how much better LON is than EN. But is it? 

In short, LON is considered to be the better version of EN and through a lot of it’s services it really is. Though it has many similar approaches to it’s business which it gets from EN, there are differences. 

LON blogs have prestige (for now) with Google and members who post blogs through the LON network get higher rankings (initially) from Google. This means the LON blog can get more traffic than an EN blog. 

The truth: I’m not a big fan of Level One Network because it is an MLM. I feel all MLM’s are doomed to fail sooner or later and this company is no different. I feel it’s services and products are overrated and can be gotten elsewhere for much less and even free.

I also believe their blogs which at this time have prestige with Google will soon collapse as will all of it’s member’s blogs. EN once had the same prestige with Google and then it went the way of the dodo. LON is following in the same footsteps. More on that later.

Level One Network Blogs Vs Empower Network Blogs:

At this point in time (2013), LON’s blogs are better and will get higher rankings than EN’s blogs. This is because EN has earned a bad reputation with places like Google, Youtube and even Facebook for being overly promotional and having it’s affiliates basically spam blogs/ads and sites promoting EN too much. Thus these companies have banned EN blogs as well as promotions of EN through their sites. 

However, LON blogs are quickly are headed in the same direction EN blogs are now in. This is because it’s affiliates are quickly spamming blogs all around the web promoting LON. They aren’t as promotional or pushy as EN blogs, but it’s the same trend EN went through and the fact that SO much content that is pro LON is spreading across the web will look like spam to Google and other places, thus the Google slap will surely follow. The same outcome will await LON blogs as EN blogs and when that happens, LON members will lose A LOT of money and opportunity to promote this company.

Comparing each company’s products & structures…

level one network vs empower network


Couple of things to note:

  • Both LON & Empower Network are content farms, something that will eventually lead to their downfall (it’s already happening with Empower Network).
  • Level One Network offers better training than Empower Network, but still many of it’s products are a rip off and you can get them for less prices/cheaper.
  • Empower Network only offers training to promote itself. LON provides training in different internet marketing areas, but mostly how to promote LON to others.
  • Level One Network has better support.
  • Overall, you can make more money through commissions with Empower Network. However, did you know that less than 1% of all Empower Network affiliates make a profit? It’s true, and here is the proof.
  • Overall, Level One Network has more benefits, but this doesn’t mean it’s a good company. 

Which is better? 

I believe Level One Network is better than Empower Network, but because EN is one of the worst MLM companies I have ever reviewed, that’s like saying a bad product (LON) is better than a horrible product (EN). Both companies are founded on the same faulty principals which I feel are unethical and doomed to fail sooner or later. 

Both places use the same methods of marketing and EN is already suffering the consequences of this. Because LON has very similar methods to it’s marketing approach, it too will follow in the same direction.

Sure you can try to risk it and join the company, but the truth is you’d really be putting all your eggs into a basket that will break. Not to mention all of the training you get at Level One Network & Empower Network is a rip off. You can get way better/ethical training from other places: Here is my #1 recommendation. 

I would highly advise staying away from both of these places. They are VERY risky to do business with and sooner or later, both of these companies will fall. I would recommend reading my separate reviews on each company to gain a better understanding of why they are going the way of the dodo. 

See my Empower Network review.

See my Level One Network review.

What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts on this subject below!


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  1. Thanks for the review. I have had experience with MLM companies in the past. Even the few decent ones have greedy unethical members. It’s good to get the word out about companies that do not have their members best interests at heart. I am sure this review will save a lot of people both money and time.


    • Vitaliy

      Thanks for your comment Devan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single MLM company that has been successful ethically. I am not even sure if that’s possible with their model.

  2. Chip Paulson

    I love that term “MLM.” So many use the term so casually that it’s so easy to forget that it refers to a pyramid scheme! In the real world or the virtual one, a business model based on recruiting others and not much more is one that is doomed to fail. But atleast LON provide some (overpriced) real value.

    • Vitaliy

      Agreed Chip. LON may provide some value, but I think in the end, it’s business model is doomed to fail like all MLM’s as you mentioned. It certainly has potential and I like that it’s users are writing up mostly good content, but I don’t think this will last. Empower Network started up the same way and then turned into the monster that it is now. Still we both know what the best option is: Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  3. Mike Henry

    Great post Vitaliy before I read it I had never come across Level One Network the comparisons between the two are alarming to say the least.

    Having been a member of Empower Network I can speak first hand at all the hype that comes out of them. My sponsor wouldn’t speak to me unless I went all in.

    He totally ignored my emails and Facebook messages, that tells you all you need to know about how unethical their practice is.

    I left there feeling the odd one out because before I left I spoke to a few other members who I was friends with and they couldn’t understand my reason for leaving.

    They were caught up in the cult completely and if LON is anywhere near as bad God help their members. Because sooner or later they will be found out and some of them will take it very hard. Remember Waco?

    I’m sure it wont end like that but if you say something they don’t like, you better be ready for a volley full of abuse.

    Great post Vitaliy.

    • Vitaliy

      Thanks Mike! I hope you were able to get out of Empower Network before it was too late! Too often members encounter this kind of treatment from Empower Network affiliates (sponsors) and in many cases, they have to endure harassment, literally if they don’t “go all in”.

      I believe Level One Network is trying to copy the same business model of Empower Network, but if history shows us anything, it’ll eventually lead into the same nonsense you had to endure from Empower Network. I think it’s important for us to keep an eye out for copycat companies since many MLM’s have been sprouting since.

      When EN first came out and still had prestige with Google, members were happy and were making money (though unethically in my opinion), but when the Google hammer came down, their methods of promoting EN became increasingly hostile.

      At this time, Level One Network is also enjoying the benefits of having prestige with Google, but it’s a content farm, just like Empower Network and sooner or later Google will also bring down the hammer on them. I predict in the near future Level One Network will become the next Empower Network.

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