Wealthy Affiliate University: Why it’s my #1 Recommendation For Helping You Make Real Money Online

Quick Report:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University by Kyle & Carson.

Price: $0 starter program (Click here to join for free). Also optional Premium program $49 a month.

Ideal for: Complete beginners-advanced.

Does it work? Yes, I will provide you with MY personal income stats (and show you other success stories below).

Final Rating: 10 out of 10 stars (Green flag & the only program I’ve ever rated this high).

Update to review: Added 2018 & 2019 income results (see below).

Why it’s my #1 recommendation:

Call me bias if you want, but after reviewing/trying over 100 different programs that all promise riches online and nearly all of them being scams/garbage, the only program that still continues to deliver REAL results for me is Wealthy Affiliate (Income proof is below). 

It is my #1 recommendation for helping you TRULY make honest money online, especially if you are a beginner. In fact, aside from it being better than the competition, here’s…

5 reasons I recommend WA to ANYONE who wants to succeed at making money online:

Reason #1: It’s free to join. No CC, no personal info, no risk. See for yourself

Reason #2: The support is AMAZING. You get 24-7 help if you need it, including from it’s creators who are millionaire marketers. Through the many programs I’ve tried, lack of support has been a huge deal breaker.

Most places rarely answer your questions or give you the right guidance. With WA, the support is second to none.

Having someone to help you is absolutely vital to success online. You can and will have questions and when that happens, you will need someone who will be qualified to answer them. And this is where the amazing support comes into play:

-In WA, you can ask/post any questions which will get answered almost immediately.

-There is also an online chat available 24-7 where there are always members around who are actively helping other members (including myself). 

-And in addition to this, you also get my personal help (one of the bonuses of joining), for free.

Join WA for free here and get access to the amazing help & support to succeed online.

Reason #3: It’s really a 1 stop destination for becoming successful online. Too often I see people searching for the “next best thing” in making money online whether it be expensive training or just hopelessly bouncing from product to product looking at it like a lottery ticket. This is WRONG and only leads to failure.

The secret to making money online is this: Proper guidance. This is exactly what you get in WA and there’s no reason to find something elsewhere, because what you learn within WA is up to date and legitimate. Most importantly, it works.

Reason #4: Legitimacy. It teaches you honest ways to make money online via helping people while doing what you love. It really comes down to these 4 steps.

Reason #5: I have personally been with WA for over 12 years so I personally vouch for them. You can consider me one of their many success stories (see real reviews from other members below). It is through their training and guidance that I was able to experience my first success online and now, it is a full time thing for me (income proof is coming up shortly). 

Prior to finding them, I went through a very bad cycle of scams/failures online which lasted nearly 3 years. Today I do online marketing full time and earn money from home. I attribute the success to the training I got here. If I can do it, you can too. And with that said…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that teaches you to build an online business. This could be based on a personal interest/hobby/passion/expertise you have or if it’s none of these, they show you exactly what you need to do in order to make consistent money online.

Now creating an online business isn’t scary at all. In fact, it’s fun and you can do it on your own time. The end result through the training at WA is that by building your online business, you can earn enough money to either:

  • Quit your job.
  • Supplement your current income.
  • Have more free time to yourself.
  • Spend more time with your family.

And basically get to do the things you want in your life and not be held down by anyone. In short: Financial freedom. As I said earlier, I do this full time. I’ve experienced 6 figure results implementing what they teach. Though how much you can earn varies, one thing I can promise you is that if you implement what they teach, you will get results.

Am I earning real money through Wealthy Affiliate’s Training? I totally am!

I work as a middleman (affiliate) for multiple companies and am actively making an income from 2. Altogether, I make over $4,000 a month:

2015 income report:


Update 5/29/16: A 2015-2016 year update. The income has increased…


The original income picture you saw was recorded up until August of 2015. The current one was taken from that period up until May of 2016.

As you can see, the income I get from those same affiliate programs has increased:

  • The first one is averaging over $5,000 a month when it was originally $4,000.
  • The other is actually making twice as much as before. From $200+ to over $400. 

And I also have a 2017 report for you guys (I update this page every year):

I wanted to show you these pictures to point out that with an online business that you learn to create from WA, you will be learning how to create a truly stable income that if you keep working on, will increase.

And the updated 2018 & a little bit of 2019 report:

Now I am updating this review in February 2019, so once the year passes, I’ll include a FULL 2019 income report, but I do update this blog post yearly as you can see.

I’m not the only one seeing success, plenty of members are too. Here’s a screenshot:

And here are a number of additional reviews I’ve also added as an update:

How Wealthy Affiliate works:

There is a lot of training within WA that teaches you various ways to make money online. All the way from A-Z. But if you’re completely new, the best way to start is through their Getting Started section. This takes you through the meat & potatoes of building an online business from scratch (preview coming up!). 

Even if you have NO idea about what you want to build an online business out of, the training will show an optional path you can take in which you learn to make money in a specific market.

Long story short: Begin with the “Training” section. Click it and it will take you to the “Getting Started” training. This will guide you through everything and answer all of your questions. Here is how the training section looks:

And once you click the Getting Started button, here’s a preview of the first 10 lessons:

How the training helps you make money online:

The training is broken down into 4 different parts. Each part has step-by-step lessons which you’ll follow. They are all focused on building a profitable online business. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose an interest (niche): This is the starting point. While it can be anything you want, it is recommended to pick a topic that you personally have interest in (and I will help you with this personally, just join here).

When I began doing online marketing with WA, I chose the diet & fitness topic because I have personal experience & interest with. 

2. Make a website: With WA, you don’t need any experience in making websites. They actually give you 2 free websites which are yours to do with as you please. The sites are pre-built and coded so you don’t need to worry about anything. You just select a name for the website & how you want it to look. The process takes less than 30 seconds (I’ve timed it).

Note:  The key is to use the training from WA and apply it to the free websites you’re given. 

3. Get visitors: In order to make money online, your website needs to get traffic (visitors). The more you get, the more money you can make. Through WA’s training, you’ll learn how to get visitors to your website interested in the subject you chose.

4. Make money: You’ll promote products on your site and when visitors come and buy, you earn money.


  • For step 1, I chose teaching dogs tricks as a subject.
  • For step 2, I’d make a website focused on that subject.
  • For step 3, I’d get visitors to my site interested in this topic.
  • For step 4 (the money part), I could promote products from other places like Amazon (books, training DVDs, dog training accessories, ect…) and earn money every time a visitor purchased these things from my site.

There are literally millions of different subjects to choose from to earn money with. Each subject has a large amount of people interested in it who look for information on it on a daily basis. 

By having a website with that information on it, you can leverage this and earn money in the process. This is exactly what WA will teach you to do, even if you have no prior experience with this stuff. The amount you can make is really limitless.

My personal results applying the 4 steps on my website:

What you’re seeing above are visitor stats for a site I made thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

Through following it, I built up the website and it crossed the 500 visitor/day mark.

The site is making money on a near daily basis and as time goes on, the profits are only rising. This is exactly the kind of trend you’ll see when you apply the training to your online business. Remember, the more visitors you get, the more money you can make.

And just as an update, in 2019…

I’m still growing the same site and it’s traffic. Furthermore, I’ve made other sites using the exact same steps and they are also getting 100’s in traffic every single day (and sales). This formula can be replicated in ANY niche topic.

Very important: This is a process and not a get rich quick scheme. But the lessons are very simple to follow. Each lesson is in video/text format and has a “to do” list at the end.

As a starter member (which is free), you get access to the first 10 lessons of this training. By the time you finish it, you will have:

  • Chosen your topic.
  • Created your website.
  • Established the foundations necessary to start getting visitors & earn money.

This place is all about TAKING action as you go through each lesson. You’re not going to be reading/watching tutorials and nodding your head. You’re actually going to be putting what is being taught into action.

The training itself will take you across the A-Z of online marketing. By the time you finish it, you will be an advanced internet marketer and in many cases already running a sustainable online business that’s earning you money. It can be supplementary or even primary like in my case. 

Niche topics I’ve personally made money with:

  • Making money online.
  • Weight loss.
  • Dieting.
  • Selling fitness equipment.
  • Selling women’s fitness DVDs.

How long does it take to see results?

If you put what is taught into action, you can start seeing results within a few weeks. I’ve tried WA’s approach to online business on

various sites. With ones with less competition, a few weeks is usually when you start seeing results. They aren’t big (at first), but it’s a starting point that only grows. 

With more competitive niches, typically 3-6 months.

Are there faster ways to see results? Yes & no. Most programs which promise fast results use shady methods of marketing which only work in the short run and then your site gets penalized by Google & other search engines.

What is taught at WA is completely straight forward and focused on long term results. The BEST thing you can do to see the fastest possible results is work at it everyday.

Do what is taught in the training and apply it on a daily basis. This will bring about results the fastest way possible, but focus less on making money and more so building a business. There’s a BIG difference.

So if you’re here to make make a quick buck, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not happening. Not with WA & not with any other program out there. And any place which promises you this is a scam. Take it from someone whose stepped on that rake MANY times.

There are people making 4, 5, 6 and even 7 figure incomes doing this stuff and they’ve reached this point because they followed through the training. 

WA also features a Premium Membership that’s available for $49 a month. This is basically an all-access type pass into the program:

Free membership (Starter) vs Premium:

Starter: Starter members (free) get access to communicate with the community, including Kyle and Carson (both for 7 days), get 2 free websites and also access to the Get Started Here training.

Premium: I very often get asked about the premium membership and want to explain it here. It’s optional, costs $49/month, but it provides access to everything within WA including:

  • 24-7, 365 support. To myself, every member and the founders. You get this as a starter for the first 7 days.
  • You can make up to 25 free websites.
  • Free hosting for up to 25 of your own websites.
  • Weekly webinars covering all aspects of making money online to further help you. There’s over 300.
  • 1 on 1 coaching & support from WA’s creators, Kyle & Carson. 
  • Access to 100’s of training tutorials.

Here is a comparison of the benefits of each membership:


There’s obviously a lot of benefits with premium, but my advice is to try the starter membership (which is free) and see if you enjoy what you learn. If you do and want to go further, then I’d recommend the Premium membership.

No one is ever pushed into premium. It’s all a matter of if you feel comfortable. Only try premium if you’re happy with WA. It is optional and you are welcome to stay as a free member as long as you like 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate’s Pros & Cons:


  • Provides all forms & levels of internet marketing training.
  • Simple to follow step-by-step training with tutorials and videos. 
  • Very newbie friendly.
  • Provides excellent support. 
  • Gives you 2 free websites. 
  • Costs $0 to join (no funny business, no risk). Join here.
  • Gives you access to top level internet marketers and support.
  • 24-7 online chat if you have any questions.
  • One of the few places where you learn to make money legitimately.
  • This is the most ethical program I have ever come across. 


  • Possible information overload usually happens for first timers, but this vanishes quickly. 

Final Rating: Wealthy Affiliate.

Green Light (My #1 recommendation).

10 out of 10 stars. Highest rated program I’ve ever tried and made money from. It’s legitimate, beginner friendly and the support is amazing. This is the program that will make you GOOD money online if you use it.

If you want to succeed online, here’s my BEST advice:

Try the starter membership and go through the training. There are NO risks and if you don’t like what you see, you can leave anytime you want, without being obligated. And even then, you’ll still have 2 websites to do with as you please.



Just please just do me 1 favor:

If you like it there, I’d really appreciate it if you come back to this page and comment on your experience. People who want to make money online really need to know about this place. 

In fact, here is a message I got recently from someone who knows about my coaching and their feedback on it:

wa coaching feedback

My final thoughts: 

WA is without a doubt my #1 recommendation for many of the reasons I stated above. If you’re looking to make an extra buck online or perhaps go further and do it full time like me, this is by far the best place to show you exactly how to do it. Join it today.

The key to success is utilizing proper guidance (which WA provides & my coaching adds to) and taking action. With these ingredients, I promise that you will see results.

If you have ANY questions about WA or if you’re a current member would like to leave your personal review, you can do so below in the comments section. 

Wealthy Affiliate

Free to Try.

Training Quality


Support Quality


Beginner Friendly Quality


Success Stories


My #1 Recommendation?



  • Free to try.
  • Free coaching from Vitaliy.
  • Free sites.
  • Immense value overall.
  • Great training for making money online.


  • None.

713 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate University: Why it’s my #1 Recommendation For Helping You Make Real Money Online”

  1. Guys, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. Honestly.

    Everyone on the platform is so welcoming and helpful, and that’s one of the reasons that it works. It will also take a lot of work and effort, so you have to put in the time.

    But it for sure is the real deal. I’ve just started and I’m already learning so much. There is nothing but help at every step. You can’t go wrong if you take the advice of those who have already and are currently doing it.

    AND GET VITALIY AS YOUR MENTOR! He is a rock star and so responsive and thoughtful. Big love!

  2. WA was the first affiliate marketing product that I joined so I can’t compare it to others, but so far I am satisfied. They walk you through everything and the good part was that I was able to join for free and the first out of 5 steps to creating websites that make money was also for free.

    I would encourage everyone to at least try the free trial period. And even if you join the premium, you can cancel any time.

    • Hi Wayne thanks! Just to clarify the free membership in WA is not a trial. You can be in it as long as you wish. The only thing that happens is that after 7 days my coaching and chat options with the community are not available, but before that, you are able to use those perks as much as you like, and you do get my coaching within those 7 days as well (free).

      Premium members obviously get all of that in an unlimited amount.

  3. WA is a great program I have already learned so much and want to continue. They have made the program really easy to follow. I am also a premium member and this helped me to go further. Love it.

  4. Thanks Vitaliy! After so many failed attempts at an online business, I stumbled across your website here. After reading your blog I was amazed at how I could join the Wealthy Affiliate community and not have to pay anymore upfront fees without taking a trial run.

    The training and support I received in WA was the best I ever experienced. With what I learned here compared to the other sites has been amazing.

    I now have a premium membership, and don’t regret any decision I made joining the WA family. I still can’t believe the support and warm welcome I got with the free membership.

    Thanks so much for the right redirect to actually making this work. To our success!

  5. WA is an amazing platform, especially for beginners. There is a ton of valuable resources and lots of help when needed. I highly recommend it to any one that wants to begin an online business.

  6. Hi Vitaliy,

    I just recently joined WA and upgraded to premium. WA has taught me a lot about how to create a real website and attract traffic. The training is amazing! There’s a lot to learn and I intend to incorporate my insurance website with my Wealthy Affiliate site to bring more traffic and create additional income.

    Thanks for introducing me to WA!

    • Hi Marci, thank you! I remember you asked me about WA before joining and if it would help you with your insurance business needs and as you already see, that is the case.

      For anyone else who already has an existing occupation, I can definitely tell you that the training in WA does help with expanding that skill into an online business.

      So in Marci’s case, she’s using the training to get leads to her insurance website.

      There’s many other people I speak to within WA such as accountants, lawyers, health insurance agents, ect… and many other people with a diverse range of experiences who also do similar things.

  7. I just want to say thanks to running across Vitaliy, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m no computer genius but Vitaliy has been there for every question I had, and the owners too. It’s a real deal at WA. The community is everywhere to help you, its a great place and its not like any other site or platform out there. They honestly care for your progress!

    Thanks Vitaliy and WA!

  8. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thank you for the great article and all the insights into the program.

    I joined WA a few months ago but have not been very active due to other private commitments. However, the free training that I got access to and the stories on the website, they all felt and sounded right, so I decided to go premium.

    I am aware at this point that there is much work ahead and totally agree with the cons mentioned in the article regarding the information overload. Once premium, you get access to everything.

    It is interesting to notice though how nobody in my close environment talks about programs like this. One reason could be that I live in Europe and this program is more popular in the US.

    However, the main challenge for me right now is deciding on the right mindset for myself: Even though I know that in the long term, no office job at any huge global corporation will make me wealthy nor happy.

    Good luck to everyone and thank you again Vitaliy for sharing your experiences with us.

    • Tatiana hi, I’m very glad you got to see WA from the starter membership and premium membership sides and this is helping you see the potential of being able to leave the traditional corporate job and run your own online business. This is what Wealthy Affiliate helped me do, although in my case, I was a student and not looking to enter into the traditional job arena.

      Regarding what you said about very few people talking about programs like these, it’s something I am very familiar with and used to. To this day, when I tell people that I do online marketing, I may only get a nod and very few people will ever understand what it can truly bring, and that is because this type of work is still not really “respected” or acknowledged as mainstream and I have to say, I have NO problem with that!

      I’ve spoken to many people who have led traditional careers and jobs give me snobby looks and remarks when I told them I work from home running my own business, but I consider this a great thing, because this lack of respect or knowledge of this business means there’s less people doing it, which leaves the field still very open to succeed in for people like you, me and anyone who reads this post about Wealthy Affiliate and the possibility of earning a full time income.

  9. I am so green in online business but I really wanted to leverage income so I started snooping around for affiliate marketing programs online and bumped into another one. For one of them, I paid about a $30 refundable fee for a 30 day trial. 5 days into the program and all they were telling me was to upgrade to a $100 monthly fee before I could even know exactly what I would be learning and how I will go about it.

    Then I bumped into this site about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I was curious to see what they offer at such a low fee in comparison to the other program I was trying. So I joined Wealthy Affiliate’s starter membership and by the 5th day I had learned so much, that I asked for my refund from the other program and decided to stick around to day seven with WA to see what I will have done by then.

    I had my own website through Wealthy Affiliate up by day 7!

    I have been on WA for about two weeks now and what I have achieved is honestly tremendous given that I was completely green when I started the starter membership. The community support is truly incredible. I’m gonna be around for a long time. 😉

    • Hey Janet, thanks for coming back to this review after joining WA and leaving your feedback 🙂

      As for the other program you were a part of, it’s VERY common for those other places to not really tell you anything about what you’d learn or give substantial value, which is what makes Wealthy Affiliate very different, because in those regards, you do get a ton of value, for free as you already saw.

      Great work on the site you made and I look forward to seeing it grow!

  10. Hi Vitaliy,

    Well, I’m one week in to this, and in all honesty, have never stumbled across so much useful and thorough information available for such a reasonable (albeit ongoing) price.

    After two days of being a free starter member, I decided to jump in to Premium, and do not regret it.

    Although there is a wealth of information available in the free membership, going Premium just unlocks and opens up a whole new array of tools, tips, videos, and connections to succeed in this marketplace.

    So far, so great! Thank you for being available.

  11. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best things that has happened to me this year. It is a big community of friends and everyone supports each other so well, and the training is so amazing!

    I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best training program I have been through and I have been through a lot.

  12. Hello! The reviews speak for themselves.

    I was looking for a way to supplement my income. I didn’t have grand thoughts of becoming a millionaire in a month. I was looking for a legitimate, real way to build extra income and came across Wealthy Affiliate through a blog by Vitaliy.

    I started as a free member but once I saw the wealth of information through the training and the awesome support and encouragement from the community, I upgraded to premium. I don’t regret it at all!

      • I am looking for some information on starting an SEO business and getting clients. Will this teach me or show me ways or do you know of any other good training programs?

        • Hi Kolby, the answer is YES! Wealthy Affiliate 100% will teach you SEO and to start your own website and even an SEO business like you’re seeking to do. Here is my advice on this:

          1) Join the free membership.
          2) Upgrade if you like the training.
          3) Do the whole training program because it will teach you SEO.
          4) With that knowledge, start your SEO business website.

          This is how I did it and I actually have an SEO website I started earlier in 2019 with the same business goals, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. But make sure to follow that 4 step guideline I just put up.

  13. Just wanted to drop a quick comment. I joined WA after reading this post. I was so intrigued that Vitaliy got a site to rank high in search engines as well as in paid ads. So I tried the free membership.

    But I wanted more and so I upgraded to premium. The training within is really good.

    All I wanted is to learn a skill so that when I leave my JOB for good I can survive with that skill. In the end, it’s not just me wanting to create a second income. I just want to develop a relevant skill that will pay me many times in the years to come. And I think WA is the way to go. Thanks!

    • WA is definitely a great program for this goal Lydia and since we’ve spoken within the community, I want to say thank you for coming back to this page and leaving your thoughts 🙂

  14. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple days ago, and I just wanted to come back and say thank you for pointing me in the direction of WA because I had no idea how to set up a website so joining WA was really the best click in my online history.

    Here I can set it up so easily, by following the lessons and training I feel confident I’m moving my way up in online business :). Thank you again.

    Best Regards,


    • You’re welcome Ziga! We have been in touch within WA and it’s been great communicating with you and helping you build your site.

  15. Hi Vitality,

    All I can say is that Wealthy Affiliate is amazing! It’s very simple, well put together and user-friendly. If it wasn’t for YOUR website, I wouldn’t be here today.

    I am a Premium member now and I’ve never been more confident in a decision in my life. I see the true potential here, within myself and Wealthy Affiliate!

    Thank you!


  16. Thank you so much for pointing me to Wealthy Affiliate! I’ve been struggling to figure out the whole creating websites and marketing online thing for six months already and have really struggled with programs or people not giving enough information to make the process easy to follow.

    WA, on the other hand, is right up my alley. Easy to follow lessons with specific tasks to complete to keep me moving forward. The tools they offer for free were so helpful!

    Thanks again!

  17. I joined WA for free after coming across one of your blogs, and I have to say I am very excited by the learning that I am receiving there. Thank you so much for putting this out there!

    I am planning on making it my mission to mention them myself once I get through the training and get myself established somewhat online. But I’m being patient and working hard towards the future in the meantime.

  18. I joined Wealthy Affiliate some weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. I’m learning as I go and it’s a process but an exciting one. I truly thank Vitaliy for being so super supportive and just keeping me on my toes.

    I greatly appreciate you and your advice and to anyone who may be looking to try something new please give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You will definitely not regret it all! The community is welcoming and very helpful. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask. Kyle is awesome! Vitaliy is the best!

  19. Well I just want to say I have only been here for about a week and already I am assured of making a profitable online business. I mean the help and support from all the members here is 100% IMO. If you have a question/problem, they are here to help you.

    I have made the decision to go premium in less than three days. In my experience that is a first, and I usually lose interest very quickly but not with WA. That’s about it.


  20. Thanks for the great info! I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate about a month ago and have enjoyed learning a lot about the affiliate programs. I’m excited to put what I’ve learned to use now. Thanks!

  21. I am three weeks in and I feel very comfortable to the point where I have moved from the trial membership to premium in my first two weeks. I am following the training steps with the hope of success coming within a reasonable amount of time.

    I must give credit to Vitaliy, who reached out to me very early and has continued to follow up.

    The Technical support team and the Wealthy Affiliate community as a whole have been very supportive and eager to help. I am still going through a few teething questions but nothing that cannot be remedied in short order. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Wealthy Affiliate, the members and the support team.

  22. I was referred to Wealthy Affiliate by Vitaliy and have found it to be an enormously effective marketing platform. Vitaliy has also been very helpful and supportive of my vision for my business, as have many at WA.

  23. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is actually the first comment page where I read every single one. I myself have been scammed a few times and spent thousands and by a few you mentioned.

    I was a member of WA a few years back but, didn’t do anything with it. I will probably check it out again. I really don’t know what my passion is but I can probably find something with your help. Don’t remember my user name or password so will you be able to help me find it?

    Thank you for you honesty and transparency and we all know that is hard to find on the world wide web and even offline. Thanks again Vitaliy.

    Mark A. Kohr

    • Hi Mark, there’s 2 options you can go with:

      1) You can try to rejoin WA, login and mention that you forgot your password. They will send you a link to make a new one and that should help you recover your old account.

      2) If there’s no way for you to recover your account, you can just join WA through this link and if possible, try to start a new account (WA has changed and improved a lot since you were there last time).

      One option or the other will get you back into WA either way you can see my tutorials on finding niches there, so that’s not something I would worry about. I will help you find a niche you like within WA either way.



  24. I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free in the beginning of March 2019 after many years of putting affiliate marketing in the too hard basket. Once I saw the benefits of the training and all the other stuff like the hosting and website platforms, I went premium.

    Best decision I ever made because I never thought it would be as easy to follow as this. The training is awesome. There are also many benefits to being a part of the community there. There’s many things which I never thought of to help my website get indexed and move up the rankings.

    I’m only one month in, but pretty happy so far. 🙂

  25. Thank you Vitaliy for leading me to Wealthly Affiliate. The training given by Kyle is very easy to understand and support on the site is amazing! Definitely go with Wealthy Affiliate if you want to get into affiliate marketing.

      • I have done many online businesses and nothing is like WA. The training is extremely easy to follow and it’s fun! The community you have to help you is like nothing I have ever seen. Answers 24/7, Live Chat and of course, you have Vitaliy, who is ALWAYS there to help! He is true to his word and willing to answer any questions! I say don’t hesitate!

  26. Thank you Vitaliy for providing a sincere, insightful review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am a beginner student on 3 other e-mail marketing opportunities/programs and now also pursuing Wealthy Affiliate, and because of your positive inspiration and encouragement to join WA, in particular for free initially and now as a premium member, I find Wealthy Affiliate to be the best choice going forward.

    So far, 2 weeks in now, I remain extremely encouraged and inspired with the wealth of knowledge and the always helpful community in the members area. The training is easy to follow, is well laid out, is presented from ‘easy’ to understand to quite in-depth and thorough. There are several profitable business avenues to follow as one progresses through the training courses.

    I find it to be a solid foundation on which to build a secure, progressive and scale-able online business system for financial independence.

    Thanks again and I look forward to further leadership, knowledge and guidance from yourself and fellow members of the Wealthy Affiliate family.

    Your truly,


    • Thanks Andrew, just a quick note regarding the 3 other email marketing programs/courses you’re in. If you’re paying monthly for it, I would just drop them and stick to Wealthy Affiliate, their training can help you build a profitable email marketing business and I argue that they provide way more practical ways of building an email list than most other programs I’ve seen.

      Most of them like to generalize that email marketing is easy, is all about getting leads and getting their trust, but in practice this is way more difficult and there’s more stuff involved most courses do not cover and if they do, it’s too general and too hard to actually use. In WA, you will get the training to make this process actually work, from creating a website to getting the right audiences to actually making them hot leads and more.

  27. I was in the military when I started to get interested in internet marketing. I had been in for 7 years and I was antsy! I didn’t want to deploy and leave my family again, and I always had the entrepreneurial “itch” (as they call it).

    I wrote 15 books over the course of 2 years (thinking that the royalties would help me transition out), and I was shocked when I heard crickets. I thought that if you keep writing books, the income would go up (especially since I was selling them at large retailers online).

    After 15 books and not much action, to say I was disappointed is an understatement, but the truth I learned is you can’t sell anything online without some internet marketing know-how. I had a genuine desire to help people.

    In fact, all of my books were on Christian lifestyle topics: marriage, peak potential, etc…

    After that, I took several courses to learn how to sell online. I honed my skill enough that I was able to make a full-time income freelancing, but it was a very active income where I’d submit lots of proposals and go out for the business.

    In 2018, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I started learning SEO and how to bring the business to me. That’s a much better way. The knowledge and community from WA has been second-to-none in terms of superb training, cloud hosting that outpaces most in the industry, and getting the opportunity to meet people like you, Vitaliy.

    Your blog and insight has been so helpful over the last year. By the way, I love this post! It’s great to see your growth year after year! It shows the power and what’s possible with the knowledge WA gives.

      • Hi Vitaliy,

        I’m already a member of WA but have not been active. I recently came across your review while researching Alex Becker. I want to become active in WA and would welcome your help.

        • Hi Keith, you are very welcome to message me within WA. Since you became active there again, being with the online certification course, it’s where I tell everyone to start.

  28. Hey there Vitaly! Hope you are doing well 🙂 I honestly was following and re-reading this post for about a year because I was always so skeptical and always busy with work, but as I have become more flexible and have seen these updates you make and general research it really has pushed me to do this, so I have a few questions if that’s okay?

    1) I have enough funds to invest in whatever niche but would you say that this is possible to make honest money from for someone who has absolutely no clue how to start?

    2) How long and how hard would this whole thing be? Because I really would be interested in affiliating with survival gear and equipment.

    3) Would results depend on the popularity of the subject and if so, is it best to follow that or more what you find interesting and as a passion? I’m really curious, I just turned 21 and I don’t know…

    I want more out of life I have been working since 16, labor work mostly and its just taking a toll on me in all ways because I truly want to be working for myself and to live more if that makes sense, I’m really inspired, driven and ready to dedicate as much of my time to this! I hope this finds you well :)!

    • Hi Tadas, thanks for reading my blog for so long! I can actually relate to many things you’re going through now, because I was a little bit younger than you before I started, but it took me a few good years of bouncing around different ways to make this business work, so looking back, I think you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and energy with the advice I’m about to give you, so here it is:

      1) You can absolutely start with Wealthy Affiliate with 0 experience. It is actually geared mainly to people who are completely new and while we do certainly have advanced training, which you can elect to do right away, the MAIN training is for absolute beginners, so as soon as you join (which you can do for free, remember), I’ll personally send you a link to the main course that’s in WA, so you’ll be fine.

      Every person who starts their own site, for the first time is basically starting with 0 experience and I certainly did when I started that training. By following each lesson, I managed to get to where I am today.

      2) The survival niche is awesome and I think you have a great pic there. I would recommend it be a little bit more specified and here is what I mean…

      What sort of survival are we talking about: Is it in the wild? Is it survival after a cataclysm? Is it survival against zombies?

      These are 3 different niches that are part of the survival niche if you think about it. You can target all 3 on a general survival site, but I’d probably start with the first one, the wilderness one, and that’s only if you’re passionate about it. If not, let me know which specific branch of survival you’re interested in and I’ll help you pick out an niche.

      Now how long it would take to see results from your choice will depend on how often you work on the site. I’d probably give it a few months as a safe answer for now, but the profit potential in this niche is big.

      3) Certainly popular topics matter. If you can find a popular niche topic + have interest for it, that is a winner and I think you’re good with this topic you chose.

      So these are my answers and advice for your questions. You can certainly communicate with me inside Wealthy Affiliate if you like (you can join here). I’d just join for free, for the time being and explore this in a safe manner where you don’t need to invest anything. You will safely be able to decide once inside if you wish to go further with this membership.

      • Hey thanks so much for the reply! It really boosted me to go and join and I am excited to see what the outcome of all this will be. I shall find you inside WA, I hope 🙂 !

  29. Hey Vitaliy,

    Nice post you got here. The major problem for me is that I’m from an underdeveloped country in Africa with little or no employment opportunities, so I’d like to know if this is something I can do considering my location because I’m on a quest to really make a living online.

    I also want to know if the free class will feature options by which we can make little amounts to help build our financial base so we can eventually become premium members.

    • Victor hi, there’s a ton of free training in WA and there’s certainly potential with that to make money to invest in the premium. WA is providing more and more options for this, but joining for free, I can guarantee you this: There’s nothing to lose.

  30. Hello Vitaliy,

    Is this course mainly about affiliate marketing only? I’m currently exploring niche sites that earn via advertising as well. Will this course still work?

    Also, I’ve been in a rut in terms of finding a course that works for me over the years and one main reason is I don’t really have a niche idea I can work on. I’m also based overseas so I really hope this course will be the final one that’s the answer to my prayers.


    • Ash hi, yes absolutely, WA teaches FAR more than affiliate marketing. It’s just that for most people starting out, this is the go to option since most people don’t really own products they can sell, but in your case, you can absolutely advertise your own products or other services if you’d like and WA will show you ways you can do this.

      Most importantly, this course has an extremely flexible way to build an online business so that you can pick from a number of ways to generate money on it, ranging from affiliate marketing to a bunch of other options.

      As for niches, I totally get you there and WILL help you pick one out as this is something I’ve nailed down pretty well over the years and help my referrals with.

      Just join here and please make sure to respond to my welcome message so I can get back to you and help you get going.

      I am sure that WA is the answer you need to make this stuff work for you. Hope to see and speak to you inside the members area soon!

  31. Hello Vitaliy,

    This will be a bit long winded…

    I am very curious about this WA opportunity. I am a stay at home mom, artist and writer. I have very little experience in outside work other than sales, secretary work, carpentry and painting.

    I got married young, 19 and life came fast. I ended up divorced at 22 and remarried while going to college at 23. I dropped out due to pregnancy. All in all my total work experience would be a total 5 years.

    I am 30 now, so as you can see my experience has been broken up over the last 12 years. Recently I have been searching non stop for jobs that can be done at home with no startup costs and no previous experience. And like most struggling families I’m broke. Broke like I have $8.65 in change broke.

    I also have a limited ability to do most types of online work, as my home environment is noisy so no phone or Skype jobs, I have no experience in marketing or SEO, and I will not do MLM’s. I have a 6 month old and a 6 year old to contend with on top of running a home.

    I am determined not to let my inexperience prohibit me from earning money and helping to improve my families financial issues. So my questions are…

    1. Does the free website provided allow real potential for income through Adsense or affliate marketing or is it like Wix.com and WordPress.com where the ads are for the host site and any residual income is pennies on the dollar, thus forcing the person to buy their own domain if they want to see real income? (Buying a domain is out at the moment.)

    2. Is this something that I can realistically do with small children running about.

    3. And will the free version profit be enough to get started with and then use as a means to move on to the paid versions?

    Again I apologize for the long winded dissertation, I’m simply frustrated and at my wits end. I’ve heard all the scams and fake gimmicks targeting people in rough patches, the ones that promise the world and deliver nothing but paper weights.

    Thank you for your time!

    • Megan hi, no worries about the long questions, I actually appreciate these things and thank you for sharing your story.

      It’s certainly not an easy thing to start something completely new like this given the circumstances you mentioned, with your history and current situation, but I will do my best to answer these questions and I will be VERY honest, because the truth is…

      I’m not the sort of guy who does those sleazy things the other marketers you mentioned do, but I cannot promise you an easy answer because this business is not easy, so here it is:

      1) The free websites in WA do NOT have that same limitation the others do. In other words, when you get them, you WON’T see ads on them and can go ahead and run your own on them, but I would not do that because typically, running things like Adsense ads on sites that don’t generate a lot of traffic will equal to pretty much nothing being made.

      I’d just start with a free membership, the free site, go through the training and not worry about upgrading until you truly feel ready. Remember, these things (the free stuff) has no expiration date so you can continue working on that even if you don’t upgrade.

      I will not be able to communicate with you past the 7 day period unless you upgrade, but within the 7 days, I’m more than happy to answer your questions inside the community.

      2) I cannot honestly answer that because I don’t know how much free time you have after the kids are out of the house or sleeping. You would need to check out the membership, assess the requirements to making this work and then decide if it’s realistic for you personally.

      I do I do personally know some people (single moms) which started this and became good at it. We have success stories within the community and perhaps if you enter, you can speak to some of them and if they can relate to your situation, they can perhaps suggest an even better path than I can.

      The important thing is not to rush it and understand that you’re growing a real business that is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

      3) This also depends. YES, the free websites can make money, but beginners will have a more difficult time making this work and certainly the upgraded membership, the extra training and experience will help with that.

      I can personally take the free sites WA offers today and make an income with them quickly, but that doesn’t mean it applies to the 100% of people who join, it’s because I know how to correctly utilize it. The truth is, I’m just taking the training which you will go through as well and just getting better and better at it.

      Anyway, I’ve included a link in this comment to Wealthy Affiliate (here it is) for free so you can check this out. Don’t worry about rushing anything or thinking about an endless amount of circumstances, I’d just go into the program with a clean slate in thinking, read the training, do what it says and then form the questions and expectations from that.

      Please let me know if there’s anymore questions 🙂


  32. I just started with an MLM company. I know that eventually I will need to use the internet to make any substantial progress in the company. Family and friends are only viable for so long. Would Wealthy Affiliate work for an MLM company?

      • Hi Vitaliy,

        Although I’m interested in earning income, I am looking for something I can sink my teeth into that could be a long term game for me. I do have a full time job, but am on medical leave at this time. I’d like to use the opportunity to explore this concept.


        • Hi Shelley, totally understandable, I’d just join WA for free and explore the training, the site, the community and then see where that will take you. In terms of long term…

          Yeah, this place teaches the long term stable business approach to things and having worked on this site for many years, that’s one proof you can look at to see how this works.

          Let me know if there’s any additional questions you have 🙂

  33. Hi Vitality,

    Thank you for all the information you provide regarding WA. I was a member previously and had to exit because of some health issues but have been thinking a great deal about becoming a member again.

    Though I would like to join again (as I did find the WA community to be very supportive and helpful), if I rejoin can I join under you or will my initial membership be reactivated under the initial person? I have no issues with them whatsoever, however, finding you site with a clear cut explanation about WA and how the company works has really impressed me.

    Ironically, after trying a couple of the other companies you’ve reviewed, I have encountered some of the same issues with them.

    Thanks again for your info, it has helped me greatly.


    • Hi Kathy, you’re always welcome to rejoin WA and I hope the health issues you mentioned having are gone now. To sign up under me, you’d need to do it under a different computer or phone that is connected to a different internet connection (IP address) and you’d need to sign up under a different email (you can still use your name).

  34. Hey Vitaliy,

    At age 15 I’m starting to save up for my own car. I have one part time job and would like another way for me to earn money. I had seen Wealthy Affiliate before but wasn’t really sure how it worked. While doing some research I came across your website and found your article extremely helpful. I would like to try the free membership and was wondering if my age would in any way be a problem.


    • Hi Sarah, great question and it’s great you’re considering entrepreneurship so early on. I was 19 when I got into this, so you’re starting really early.

      The only issue I see is registering with affiliate programs because you’re underage. They won’t accept anyone under 18 (or 21 in some cases). You can certainly join WA for free and explore blogging and it’s perhaps something you can start as a hobby and officially turn into a business when you turn 18.


  35. Thank you Vitaly for explaining Wealthy Affiliate. Can you kindly clarify this:

    1. I have an interest in two niches, so at the beginning, is it a sound idea to promote products for both niches?

    2. Can I make enough money to live without going for a job?

    3. Is Wealthy Affiliate suitable for everyone or is it too technical or hard to implement?

    Thank you

    • Hi there Arjun, thanks for the questions, here is my response to all 3 of them:

      1) You can absolutely have multiple niche sites and promote multiple products in each niche site, but I would honestly recommend you put all your focus and energy into 1.

      2) It is very possible, but I’ve had this same question asked of me many times and I have always given the same answer: Do NOT depend on WA to make you a full time income until you actually REACH that point. A lot of people focus incorrectly on the money and not the effort to build the online, which brings the money.

      You need to have an existing job or gig that’s bringing you money, while you create your online business through Wealthy Affiliate and once it rises to the point where it can REPLACE that job or gig, then you can make the intelligent decision to switch over to doing online marketing FULL time like I am.

      3) Yes it is suitable for everyone. There is very little technical stuff there because most of it is already set up for you. For example, you don’t need to know coding for websites, because the websites you get with Wealthy Affiliate are already coded, you just need to know how to create content on them and put up images basically and they teach you that.

      Whatever little technical knowledge that is needed is explained so that even beginners get it right. Eventually, as you become more experienced though, you will probably want to test out certain things on your website and that may require technical expertise, but by that time, you will have already figured out how to do it.

      Hope this helps you and if you have anymore questions, let me know.

      • Thanks Vitaly,

        So within 2 or 3 years, can I expect a job replacing income? After learning about affiliate marketing from WA, is it possible to create an affiliate website of my own? If possible how much cost is required for web hosting or can I do web hosting by myself?

        • I think you could expect it WAY earlier Arjun. I started having a high performing, high profit website within months in my case. You have to analyze what you consider a full time salary first, then you need to do the things I mentioned in my review of Wealthy Affiliate where I said the time it takes to see success depends on how hard you work WITH the training.

          And yes, you will be creating an affiliate website with WA’s training and it will happen within weeks actually. As for hosting, if you upgrade to premium within WA, that’s completely free and not just for 1 site, but up to 25.

          Hosting elsewhere is actually pretty cheap too, but unlike WA, they don’t give you extra free bonuses with that hosting. In WA, you get free security (SSL) a speed boost to the site, and very fast, helpful support. That is priceless.

  36. Hi Vitaliy,

    Many thanks for the length you have gone to in your review of WA. You have also demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the company that you are selling. CONGRATS!

    I work for a small local NGO which solely depends on donor funding for its survival. For the last two and half years, there has not been a single dollar coming through, thus making life very difficult for me and two other colleague employees of the organisation. They are still very young and can opt for other jobs. But I am almost sixty, close to mandatory retirement. I therefore decided to seek refuge in online jobs.

    For many months now, I have been engaged in a rigorous search for a suitable online job which is both legit and also pays well. But because I do not have the money to buy the high upsells of some of the online businesses, I decided to resort to surveys, but with no results. Then I started reading reviews of various online jobs. Many of the reviewers pointed to Wealthy Affiliate as their #1 recommendation too!

    I have done some reading about WA but did not think it is something I could do because I do not have good computer skills. I also cannot think of any subject/topic that I am particularly interested in to build a website around. Thirdly, somehow I had the feeling that one could only start earning any money after graduating to the Premium Membership which also costs money, and that it would take not less than six months before one could see any commission.

    Because of all these difficulties, I avoided considering WA as my saviour, otherwise, I would have already been registered for months now. Today, I was reading a review on AWOL Academy and followed your # 1 Recommendation which landed me on your review of WA, which seems to allay my fears to some extent.

    From this my long background information above, what honest advice can you give me?

    • Hi Luna, there are a number of recommendations I have given the story you told me about yourself:

      1) In terms of online jobs, there are options outside of WA to make money. You can consider places like Textbroker.com to find this, it should help you make extra money and you write very well, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

      2) I would recommend the WA free membership. You can make money with it, and yes it is recommended to upgrade to premium, but for people who aren’t sure if this business is for them or they have the types of questions you asked me, I always advice that free membership to make them see what’s inside and to get a better picture of what they’ll be doing, then to decide if they want to remain a free member, upgrade or leave, it’s the safest choice and you can try it here.

      3) Finally regarding you mentioning that you don’t have any passions or interests, I believe this is not the case. In fact, I’d be happy to personally help you find a niche topic you can build a business out of inside WA. Just let me know what types of things interest you and what you have experience in. Usually these 2 things are what I use to help people find niche topics to work on.

  37. I am wondering before I sign up is getting visitors to your site done organically? For instance, no advertising and no PPC? Please let me know. I want to know if the marketing is just going to be somehow getting it in the organic search and getting visitors that way only?

    • Hi Denee, you learn to use both organic and PPC methods to attract visitors to the site you make. The webinars and other training in WA also covers things like FB advertising, Pinterest marketing and other things, some of which are paid, some of which are organic too.

  38. Hi Vitaliy

    This may be long, so I apologize ahead of time. I have been checking out SO many sites and programs about making money online (Anik Singals’ Inbox BluePrint, Justin Ceners’ Print on Demand Masterclass, etc…) All of these want $997.00 up front…but not for a “full” package. For the rest of the tools you need, they want to charge another $800.00-$900.00 each. Each offering a different method (e-mail marketing only, print on demand, dropshipping, etc…). I started in AM near the beginning, when there was nothing but banner farms and link spamming, so I dropped out of AM and haven’t been back until now. My questions are:

    1) I should be able do everything needed to create site and make money through WA without the premium addition, and that it is just for added training and more support (as well as more websites)…correct?

    2) The two free websites…will they be like – mywebsite.wealthyaffiliate.com, or do I also have to spend an additional $10.00-$13.00 for my own domain? If left at the free domain, is it still possible to build trust and make money from them?

    3) You stated in an earlier post that you had to have a computer to do this. I only have a smartphone, with no money or opportunity to obtain a laptop or computer. I have access to MS Word and many other apps, plus an app to design a web page. Is there absolutely no way to do this program without a computer?

    4) I am not a writer, though I have been studying copywriting. Is there quite a bit of training for that in WA, or is it just about niches and website building?

    5) Since most of my traffic will come from SEO, is it possible to get visitors and clicks faster using long tail keywords instead?

    6) I know if I sign up through you, I know I will get some coaching through you for 7 days. Will I be able to get more coaching from you if I update to premium?

    Again…sorry for the novel, but I am getting shell shocked at all the “guru” programs and how much money they want, when I might be able to learn the same things from internet research for free.

    • Hi Debra! I’m always happy to answer all the questions people may have, no matter how long they are, so no worries! Here goes:

      1) Yes, you get a fully usable site for free and it is more than possible to make money with it and it is entirely possible to do with the training in the free membership and/or if you already possess experience from elsewhere. But I do advise premium for more detailed and additional rules if you want to explore further, as there’s a plethora of more great information there.

      2) You are correct in that the free sites you get are on sub domains such the ones you mentioned, but as I said before, they are totally legit and able to rank on Google as long as the content you put on that site is legit.

      Now ideally, WA and any good program does recommend you buy and own your own domain name and if you decide to do that, WA offers their own domain registrar that’s very cheap and easy to set up with hosting included and other FREE benefits which other registrars charge extra for. But if you don’t want to go this route, that’s totally fine too.

      3) You can technically do this over a phone, but it is annoying because of all the typing necessary. I would recommend trying to do this over a computer, whether it be in an internet cafe, a friends house or otherwise, as it would make the process easier. However, going through the lessons provided in WA is totally doable over a phone so you can at least explore what’s inside.

      4) Yes there is training on copywriting, but honestly, you write more than well enough based on what I see. I am honestly not even a good writer myself and I have made this work. You write just as well if not better than me, so I would not worry about this issue at all 🙂

      5) It just so happens that training in WA for SEO does involve long tailed keywords! So you will indeed be getting traffic faster as long you follow along with that advise. In fact, I always tell people to target long tailed keywords.

      6) Yes, you get as much coaching as you want for 7 days as a free member, and if you upgrade, the coaching is unlimited. Like I said, one of my top priorities is to help my referrals succeed and I make sure every question is answered.

      Overall, I can promise that you’re going to be quite surprised, in an awesome way with what you see inside WA. It is not a high ticket program and you will never get those crazy up-sells you got from the other programs you mentioned.

  39. Hello Vitaliy,

    I’m very intrigued by your success with Wealthy Affiliate. Indeed I have seen it with my eyes that the training they provide really works. It just tells me that I I need to be patient and apply all that I’m learning from this incredible community.

    Wealthy Affiliate indeed rocks and I’m going to speed up with my success this year by following through and applying every single aspect of the training. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your inspiring success story.


    • You’re welcome Stephen! You are taking the right steps within this awesome community to succeed, it’s exactly what I did too and I know it turns out very well!

  40. Hello there Vitaliy,

    I joined wealthy affiliate a few months ago and I have to say that I am having a really good time there. I have already started making money with it, not as much as yours though.

    But as I go through the training and implement the steps, I am taught each day through the training and I am able to see the traffic and the revenue increase significantly. Thanks for the motivation here.

    • No problem Dave, I am very glad to hear you’re getting results with WA! Anyone who follows the training there is going to see very good results, especially as the business grows, which will happen as you add more and more to your website that you build through WA.

  41. Hello my name is Edward. I am a disabled vet looking for a way to make extra money. I was redirected to this site after doing a search on (MOBE) and did not like the review. I have read this entire post top to bottom. I like what I see. I think I will sign up and see what happens. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Edward! I think you’re going to really enjoy WA! We actually have a number of veterans as members there too including one who has been with them longer than I have and is a success story as well! In any case, I know that if you join them and follow what to do, you won’t need luck, as it’ll all happen for you 🙂

  42. Hi Vitaliy,

    Great review and I completely concur with the 10-star rating you’ve given Wealthy Affiliate. I joined two years ago as a retiree and it’s been a life-changing experience for me. But, I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who want instant gratification. WA provides everything you need for success except the persistence and commitment that are required to make it happen. Your post does an amazing job of demonstrating the value of commitment and the growth potential that’s achievable when you treat this opportunity as a long-term business venture. Great job!

    • Hi Linda, thank you for sharing and it’s awesome to hear you’ve been part of the Wealthy Affiliate community for 2 years! Regarding what you said about other coming in with a get rich quick mentality, I do indeed see this.

      There are a lot of people who join from other programs they tried which didn’t work for them, but promised them fast results. The good is news is that WA indeed provides results, but it also takes effort on the part of the person and I make it very clear to people who join that they need to focus on that and the training to get results.

      As a result, I’ve seen many people who joined, including myself re-change their way of thinking and once they did, sat down and did the training, then that’s when the great results came.

  43. Vitaliy, as an auto mechanic in my late 50’s I have been thinking more and more about finding a way to retire from that trade yet still have a full time income. Forty years of this type of work eventually takes it’s toll on a person physically. I had been to this website a couple years ago and was impressed with what I saw. I came across it again the other day. What are your thoughts on someone in my position to be able to secure an income using this program? The idea of staying with my current trade for another 10 years is ok but not very realistic. After that my only income would be social security as I would be old enough to start collecting it.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the question! I absolutely believe that you will be able to reach your goals and beyond with Wealthy Affiliate. Allow me to explain why:

      Firstly, you have decades of experience in a field which has excellent niche potential in terms of having a site built for it. I would recommend making a site (through WA) where you talk about being a mechanic and giving tutorials on how to fix cars, things like changing the oil, the tires, common questions you heard and things you saw. I assure you, there’s a big niche for this and you can promote various products that help people save money from having to go to the mechanic themselves.

      And of course, you can also make YouTube videos giving out these tutorials, put them on your site and grow a following doing so. I really believe this can happen if you follow the training in WA. Or perhaps if it’s another niche you’re interested in, that can work too.

      Just check out the starter membership and see if the training suites you. With the way you wrote your comment, it’s clear that you’re a good writer and I have a feeling you’re more than qualified to do this sort of stuff.

  44. I have been researching for awhile now on different companies. I somehow was brought here 🙂 My passion is helping people. Specifically I currently take care of the elderly, and am in Grad School now to get my Masters in Social Work.

    My interests include…helping the elderly in any way, helping those with drug addiction, helping those with mental illness. I’m just thinking if this is supposed to be something I am passionate about, since those are the things I am passionate about. Would any of those work with this company by making a website somehow?

    • Hi Ashley, yes these are all options and I will help you narrow it down to specific niche topics:

      1) Drug addiction: You can make a niche site on ANY addiction you know a lot about but keep it specific to the type of addiction since it will be the niche.

      2) Taking care of the elderly is a good niche topic on it’s own.

      3) Helping elderly people deal with specific issues (and each of them is a niche topic): Alzheimers disease, how to prevent stroke, ect…

      All of these options are great.

  45. WOW! It took a long time to get to this part, anyway, I am very intrigued as to how this all works, I am a small business owner in a new area, so far I could use other income venues, I hope I can learn enough to put it to good use (me being a slow learner in my mid 60’s). I have questions that I hope I get answers to as I go after I sign up, do you have any advice?

    • Hi Jovita, I’m happy to answer your questions here as well as inside Wealthy Affiliate. Based on what you said in your comment, I would recommend the following course of action:

      1) Start with the free membership. Just enjoy the site, study the free training and see if you like it.
      2) If you do, then upgrade to premium. Since you are a business owner, you will absolutely benefit from the premium level webinars we have, which actually include training on how to make your small business thrive wherever you are.

  46. Hi,

    Can the Wealthy Affiliate site be used for a service you yourself provide and an affiliate for sites in related areas?

    The reason I ask is that I’ve been trying to find a way to build my own or find a designer I like who will build me a site for not too much money. Mopro is WAY too expensive for me.

    The site was originally going to be for the communications business I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a year. I worked for senior executives in Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry for over 20 years. Now, I have my own business, and I ghostwrite for people, most often executives, write their speeches, and speaker coach them as well as anyone else who wants only that. I also do entire packages of building someone’s individual brand.

    I also do resumes and career coaching, but I try to stick to working with executives as other people who are out of work can’t afford them. So you can see I have a number of communications services to sell, which I’m passionate about.

    There are many websites who offer services or products that are complementary to mine, and I want to be an affiliate for them, but not have that be the main focus of the site. Or would it be better if I did two separate sites? I’d like to make it one just so I don’t end up trying to run two businesses. Business is too slow on my own communications business. I spend all my time marketing myself. And I’ve been slow in getting my website up so I’m very eager to get started. Unfortunately, I need to earn some money and this sounds like it might fit, as I had planned to list affiliates anyway.

    Does WA offer a WordPress platform? Do they back up every day? I’m wondering where I can find out more techie info.



    • Hi Sharon, thanks for these questions:

      1) Yes WA uses WordPress websites when you create pages through them since this is the #1 platform today.
      2) Yes on the back up part. WA hosting backs up your site daily from my understanding if you host with them (premium service).
      3) As for your question on whether you can make a site and promote other affiliate pages, the answer is yes to this as well.

      As for your question on 1 or 2 sites, I’d do 2 different ones or just stick to one: Career coaching & resume tips and/or speaking publicly/writing speeches as these are 2 different topics. But yeah it sounds like Wealthy Affiliate would be perfectly suited for you 🙂

  47. This was one of the better reviews I’ve read for this company. I researched it for a while before I joined and read a few other reviews. I wish I would’ve come across this one first as it’s most in depth than anything else. 

    The thing I love most about WA over everything else that is out there is that you’re not stuck selling whatever the company promotes, which is usually something in the money making field. You’re literally free to promote in any genre.

    • Yes this is a major advantage Wealthy Affiliate has over other training programs, even the few good ones. Being able to make a business in ANY field you feel passionate about is one of the most important steps to succeeding in the online world. 

      This is something that most of the programs I’ve researched simply do not teach and if they do, they are very vague about it. Wealthy Affiliate’s training however makes it clear, right in the first lesson of their training.

      There have been and continue to be many members within the community who have followed the training there and created businesses they love as a result of this.

  48. I loved your review about wealthy affiliate. That’s a very impressive income you have there, and it’s cool that it continues to go up each year.

    Being a member myself, I also can’t say enough good things about it.

    Thanks for showing us how amazing wealthy affiliate is through your own accomplishments with them, and I know your business will continue to grows and be even better year after year.

  49. Hello. I was wondering how exactly do you get paid doing something like this? I would prefer to be able to use PayPal do to so, is that possible?

    • Hi Kim, yes this is totally possible. Different affiliate programs have their own payout methods, some use PayPal, some use direct depositing and others just send you a check. You’d have to see which affiliate program you are interested in and then view the available payout options, but PayPal is absolutely a popular one used today by many of them.

      • My only concern is a product. Do I have to produce a product in order to sell on a site or can I make money by simply promoting a site? I would eventually like to start an online business where I supplied the product and made profit, but I don’t currently have the funding to do something like that.

        • Hi Casey, the answer is, you do not need to create or have any product on hand to do this 🙂

          You can simply promote products from other sites/programs and as I said, this is called affiliate marketing. I have personally been doing this for years and every report I showed you above was done by me promoting someone else’s product and making a commission in doing so.

          You are absolutely welcome to eventually create your own product, but it’s not mandatory to make money online. Affiliate marketing can work just fine on it’s own and you will the knowledge on all of that from Wealthy Affiliate.

  50. What a wonderful and very informative review. As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself I can definitely agree with your reasons for joining. It is free so why not try it out and the support is amazing. I have been in affiliate marketing for over 10 years too and I have never seen a community as supportive and motivating as this one. The training you receive is unlike anywhere else and there is always someone there to lend a helping hand. Your success story is very motivating and I thank you for sharing it.

    • Thank you Melissa. You know the truth is I can’t say enough about that support, but you just added to it. I’ve been around a lot of internet marketing websites/forums and places that also had their own community and honestly, it’s nothing compared to how well it’s organized and delivered in WA. People really do get help FAST and are motivated by the training and other members to succeed. It is truly very positive there.

  51. Thanks for a wonderful review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member and I still learned a lot from your post. I am 100% with you, when you say that Wealthy Affiliate is the most ethical program that you have come across, because this is also how I feel. I have been through a lot of nasty scams and MLMs and I have to say that what I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate has really changed my life. 

    I love how nobody is forced to go premium, unlike other programs out there. I also love the fact that they keep adding GREAT features, and making the platform better and you never have to pay a DIME in upsells. If anybody is thinking of trying it out, they really should! It was the best decision of my life!

    • Hi Reyhana, thank you for sharing your experience with WA. You also confirmed many of the things I wrote in my review of it, especially the premium part. 

      As I tell everyone who reads this review and/or asks me about the program, the best thing to do is to try the starter membership which is totally free to see how awesome the program is. 

      As this program has for you, it also changed my life, for the better. I don’t have to deal with office politics or be involved in a regular type of job. This program helped me become my own person and work for myself, and it is a freedom I can safely say is unmatched.

  52. Joining Wealthy Affiliate changed my life. Initially I knew nothing about websites and I hated to write. But, I was instructed at Wealthy Affiliate to just go through the training.

    With the quality training offering at WA, I now have two websites that are having traction daily. I am now earning from Amazon and ClickBank.

    Great write up. If Wealthy Affiliate can help me make money all the way from Africa, anyone can make it.



    • Congratulations on having successful websites and being an existing member John! When I started with them, I actually also promoted stuff from Clickbank using their training. I then moved into other affiliate programs, including Amazon. 

      But the point you made at the end shows the potential of what anyone who does their training can reach.

  53. I’m currently a full time accounting student, and I’m just wondering if affiliate marketing can be done part time? Since I do want to eventually become a full time accountant, however starting my own online business does intrigue me.

    • Hi Tien, this is an awesome question because I was also a student back when I got started with Wealthy Affiliate. Firstly, the answer is absolutely yes.

      You can work on this stuff whenever you like, and of course as I did mention above, how much you work at this will impact the results, but of course I understand your priorities are in your studies and they should come first.

      But do know that it’s not like your work erodes or goes away if you just stop or take a break from it, it just pauses until you add more and then it grows again. At the same time though, when the rankings hit, they stay for a very long period of time, potentially months and years and while this is going on, you can choose to work more at it and/or focus on other things, that’s why this kind of life style is very comfortable, all coming back to what I said about you being able to work whenever you wish.

      And finally, being that you are in accounting, it is something I can personally relate to as I had gone through several courses in this when I was a student.

      If you really enjoy this topic and it is something you are going to build a career out of, I can absolutely promise you that having an online business as an accountant can be huge through the training Wealthy Affiliate will provide you and here’s how:

      You will basically have the opportunity to make a website in which you tackle accounting/tax questions (believe me, there are a lot of them!) and thus grow as an authority. For money making opportunities, you can offer to do people’s taxes for a fee and this can earn you quite a bit. I have personal accountants who do my taxes and operate from their home and they do quite well, yet if you do it from an online realm, you can gather quite a number of clients that way and again, this is where Wealthy Affiliate will help you.

      So to sum up my advice, I would absolutely suggest you try the free starter membership in WA, check out the training, keep the idea I mentioned on what you can try to do, but of course, keep your focus on your studies.

      • Hey man, I am literally just a dude who was looking for another part time job and stumbled across one of those survey site things. It sounded too good to be true so I Googled the name to see if it was reliable, and I ended up reading your review of it then out of curiosity, I clicked on your #1 recommendation and wound up here.

        I’m made of questions right now man so prepare for a novel lol.

        1. How can I trust the legitimacy of WA let alone your opinion towards it? (I’m in no way trying to offend, I’m just skeptical is all)

        2. I have absolutely no idea how to run a business nor has the idea of running a business ever crossed my mind until reading this. I mean, I work at a McDonald’s, so I have the basic concept down that you make no profit if nobody is buying your stuff therefore the consumer should always come first. I’m actually a manger there so I have a very small insight of how business works.. Anyway my question is can someone like me invest my time and effort into this and actually have something to show for it without any prior knowledge on this field?

        3. If I’m not exactly sure what kind of “niche” I’d be interested in how can WA help me figure myself out? I have passions but when I try to imagine how to market them it seems impossible. For example, I’m very interested in many subjects from Science, Government, Politics, History.. But those are all really broad fields and some, especially now, are cesspools for controversy and would require me to lean towards a certain demographic of people.

        But, on the other hand I’m still young. I enjoy video games and other common activities amongst people my age. Which makes me ask can a 21 year old who knows nothing about this turn it into something bigger?

        I’m sorry for the long comment, I’m very interested now that I’ve read your article. Thank you for the honesty, relatability, and transparency that you’ve provided. And please forgive me for being so skeptical, like the rational part of me is saying that you’re real and not just hooking people and reeling them in for your own self gain and promotion, but then the other part of me thinks just that. I just need reassurance dude, I’m just a dude trying to make some extra money and I appreciate and anticipate your response in advance.

        -Tristan, just some dude who works at Mcdonalds.

        • Hi Tristan, no worries about the long comment, I love answering these questions and appreciate you being skeptical. I honestly encourage that in this internet world because I’ve been through the bad things that it has to offer, particularly in work at home programs.

          But I am happy to answer all of your questions thoroughly, so here goes:

          1) Not offended at all, I am glad you’re being skeptical about this stuff, it’s a good quality to have as I said before, but to answer your question, honestly, I can only write and say so much good stuff about this place, but in the end, the best way I can guarantee how good it is, is if you try it, and I honestly encourage just joining for free.

          As I said, there’s no CC or personal sign up involved here, so 100%, I can guarantee you that you will lose absolutely nothing by joining the starter membership, there is only everything to gain.

          If you decide to try it, like I promise, I’ll be there to help you out and answer your questions (by all means, ask them on my site too if you like) and honestly that’s the best way I can show you how legitimate it is. Give it a shot, read the training material, make your own independent decision on it and if you don’t like it, no worries man 🙂

          2) The great thing about WA is that it is entirely beginner friendly as I mentioned earlier. I also entered this business without knowing a shred of info on niches, websites, content, all that stuff and believe me, the training in WA is geared to help you understand that stuff from a step-by-step perspective.

          I am absolutely certain that by the time you finish the first 10 lessons (as a free member), you’ll know a great deal more than you could have imagined and this will actually enhance your business ideas and goals.

          It’s great that you’re a manager and I can tell by the way you wrote your questions, that you’re very educated and eloquent, and in my experience, this is a perfect attribute to have in this business and also mixed in with the fact that you have the understanding of how important it is to make people happy, I have no doubt you’ll do well in this business if you get started.

          You can absolutely work on this as much as you like, when you like and even from nothing, you will gain immense knowledge and tools from WA to make it all come together. But obviously, this will require action and hard work. But the fact that you get a road map, my help and the community’s help including the tools to make this all work, and with the skills you already have, I think you’d do very well in this business like I said before. And the fact that you’re only 21 and have all these skills already is that much more impressive. Respect man!

          3) Niche questions are honestly some of the most common people have. They are often worried their topic isn’t going to be profitable or their choice is the “wrong one”. WA and myself will definitely help you there and you can be sure I’ll ask you some detailed questions on your interests to help you narrow down that perfect niche for you.

          For example, you mentioned you like video games. I’d ask if you enjoy computer games and know your stuff on things like gaming accessories for computers. If so, that’s a big niche topic I know is only growing. But even if it’s not your passion, I’ll help you find it.

          And to finish, you’re not just some dude, you’re a manager, at 21 who writes and (I’m guessing) speaks very well. You’re clearly humble, have the ambition, creativity, critical thinking and many more skills to succeed at this and I would honestly bet, at anything else you apply those skills to.

          I’d love to see you inside WA and to hear your thoughts on it. Like I said, at least try that free membership to see all the stuff you’ll learn. We do encourage people to go further with their business inside there, but we NEVER ever push anyone into it. I know you’re going to love the free membership.

          If not, it’s not a problem 🙂 In any case, I can assure you, you’ll leave with a great deal of new knowledge that you’ll be able to add your existing arsenal of skills.


          • Hey man, thank you so much for your kind words. I definitely felt weird going into this but I messed around with it a little bit last night and I think I could really get behind this thing. As you already know I started the free membership and am currently a member of WA. So far I’m enjoying the tools and very simplified training videos that walk you through step by step.

            Although I may have ran before I could walk because I made the website before I watched all the training videos, luckily the page editor will allow me to shift the gears so to speak if I want to. This is surreal to me because I was so convinced this was a scam and you all were just some silver tongues that talked this stuff up. But now I’m slowly starting to realize that maybe the internet isn’t completely full of crooks, and maybe there really are people who want to help me succeed without even knowing me.

            And just to reach out to anyone who shares skepticism before trying this, it really is what Vitaliy makes it out to be. This website only asked for my name, email and for me to create a username and password. No cards, no social security number, no nonsense.

            It’s really great and I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends. Like seriously, this is the real deal. I couldn’t believe it lol. I haven’t made any profits yet, but then again I just joined last night lol.

            Anyhow, thank you once again Vitaliy for introducing me to something I never knew I was interested in. I hope you and everyone else the best. -Tristan

          • Thank you Tristan! I appreciate you following up on your experience inside WA and I definitely look forward to working you inside the program.

  54. I have been an affiliate marketer for the past few years and I can honestly say that my earnings as an affiliate marketer have dramatically increased since joining Wealthy Affiliate and taking their training courses.

    The lessons are excellent, The community is friendly and helpful. The best thing is that cost of membership will not empty a person’s wallet.


    • I’m glad to hear you have seen improved results from using WA Ramona! I had the same type of experience, although my results were extremely minimal before finding WA and then doing what they recommended.

  55. I couldn’t agree with you more that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program. I had been marketing online on my own blog and for other clients for two years prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve found my bounce rates drastically decreasing on my site and my traffic has sky-rocketed since I implemented the things they teach. Great article!

    • Thank you Tiffany, just wanted to clarify for others who don’t know about bounce rates, they are basically a sign people stay on your site longer and explore it, which leads to helping it make more money.

  56. I wish I discovered your website sooner. I guess better late than never. I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can say I am amazed at how good the training is. I am a total newbie, and I already have 3 affiliate websites that are ranked on Google. Besides just the technical aspect of making a monetized website, you also learn how to engage readers with quality content. The support is top notch,

    • Nice work on having 3 sites already James! I would recommend you put your focus on your as you progress to let that one site become your main one. Most of the income reports I’ve put up above were from one site. Had I diluted my attention on multiple sites, it may not have led to such amazing results. 

      And yeah, Wealthy Affiliate has the absolute BEST support out of any site like it that I’ve ever seen 🙂

  57. Vitaliy, thank you for this blog. It really made the case for joining Wealthy Affiliate. I think what is noteworthy is there’s no upfront monetary investment. I can test the waters first and then decide how in depth I want to go. Honestly, the hard facts that you presented with how much you made each month after 10 years was all that was needed to convince me.

    • Thank you Christian and I totally agree with every point you made. The whole idea of trying this out for free and really having all space to test out the training, the websites and the community is really one of the best aspects of WA. 

      Other courses come with some sort of catch, every single time I’ve explored it, but not with Wealthy Affiliate, it really is open to try.

  58. Wow… I have heard so much about online businesses, but you really never hear about success stories. Your past years have been remarkable! You are where I want to be in ten years. Thank you for the opportunity to take my financial situation into my own hands. Wish me luck…

  59. Hi Vitaliy,

    I just landed on your website and although I am already a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate I just wanted to put in my sixpence worth. You really describe this amazing opportunity to “earn as you learn”. I have been marketing online since 2001 and, you name it, I have done it.

    As my main line of expertise is to promote client’s businesses and affiliate offers, I have very often come across the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity over the years, but never really looked into it, until less than a year ago as I wanted to refresh my online activity and try something new, so I decided to look at this opportunity that so many of my clients were promoting through me and soon after I joined, a horrible thought hit me: I could, and should have done this years ago and would have saved tons of money and thousands of hours figuring out how to make a living online.

    So, yes, your website describes exactly what this fabulous program can do for its members and my only regret is that I have not joined years ago.

    Best wishes,

    John ツ

    • Hi John, there’s no need to regret not joining earlier. The bottom line is, you’re there now and are making up for the lost time as I did when I joined and in my case, I also missed out on several years.

  60. Vitaliy, I like the straight forward explanation of the benefits of the WA program and the honest answers you provide for the potential income potential a WA member can expect . 

    And again it is the undisguised approach you take on how you line out the steps one has to take to be successful in this business. Showing the real stats of the potential income one can create following the WA program and not going for the lure of ‘multi million $$’ programs which are floating around the Internet nowadays makes your site even more substantial.

    Thanks Vitaliy.

    • Thank you for the kind words Rich. The irony I’ve come to understand is that the other sites that promise those big numbers end up being the biggest scams out there. 

      On the other hand, with WA, when I first joined, just as I outlined here, I was not promised these numbers, but I was told I could make a limitless amount if I worked hard and did the training. 

      Even though my profits rose to $60,000 in 2017, I honestly could have and WILL take them further. Those profits are proportional to the work you put in, which is why I tell people, that it’s basically a “two sided” thing: The work they put in the training in WA which they need to use. The training works, but people have to do it.

  61. I agree with you when you say that all those other programs are garbage. Because all they do is make all of these outlandish promises, but produce 0 results. Whereas Wealthy Affiliate makes no such promises and they produce so many results. And they don’t need to brag about it like all these “internet gurus” do.

    Overall, I would like to thank you for breaking down the benefits of WA, as well as giving us some niche ideas so that we can get an idea of how to find our own niches.

    If I didn’t already have my own online business (due to the training at WA) I would join again. Thank you for giving us some of your expertise,

    – Emonne

    • It is ironic that make money programs that promise so much often end up delivering nothing of the sort and with WA, it is indeed the opposite Emonne. Although I will say that myself and many, many others who are a part of this community have seen a lot of success by following their teachings. I am glad you are a part of this program too and see it’s benefits.

  62. How do you compare affiliating marketing vs. e-commerce as a viable online business and to that end could you give any comparisons and/or thoughts on a program such as WA versus Fred Lam’s Zero Up e-commerce training program. An unbiased honest thought is all I’m looking as I’m more tired of all these scam/con programs (get rich quick themes) that take your money but never deliver even if you invest the time necessary. Hard work and time is always necessary in trying to succeed in any business so this is already understood as both programs are claiming and I personally have know problem with that…been down that road before! But starting up, “new”, to all of this can be quite overwhelming and costly as well…just need some old-fashioned trust worthy advice and direction.

    • Hi Doug, I honestly have never heard of the program you mentioned (The Fred Lam program), so I cannot compare it to WA. However, being that you did ask about affiliate marketing and ecommerce, here is something I can give you my opinion on:

      Both of them can honestly be the same thing. There’s people who make eCommerce websites that end up selling products they are affiliated with. The real difference between both sites is that typically affiliate marketing is done through a blog type website, whereas an eCommerce one is more of an online shop.

      Both types of websites can work very well, but a majority of the training inside WA deals with the traditional blogging/affiliate marketing approach, and it is the same one I have built my personal business from. I have on a few occasions made very small eCommerce pages, but eventually returned back to affiliate marketing via blogging because it was most familiar and profitable for me.

      What I can tell you is that inside WA, you can get excellent training on both and that I totally understand your frustration moving into this as you’ve had bad, past experiences. This was also the case for me before Wealthy Affiliate. I can certainly guarantee that you will feel very differently and good about the program if you decide to join and I would certainly advise taking advantage of the starter membership so you can see all of the benefits I’ve listed in this response and the review above.

      I honestly think this program would be perfect for you because you already admitted that you fully understand that you need to work at this business and that’s exactly complementary to the training in WA because it will have you working to build your business, but in the honest way that will truly have it lead to something successful. As I said in the review above, if you use the training, you will see that it works and you will be able to build a real business like I and many others have there.

      Hoping to see you there Doug!


      • Thank you, Vitaliy, for responding back to my question and it is honestly quite refreshing to receive your thoughts about both directions instead of just a “rah-rah” response promoting just WA for the sake of having another customer. I initially had joined WA not to far back but stopped because I wasn’t sure or maybe didn’t feel secure enough in my abilities to accomplish affiliate marketing through a blog website. And much has to do with me being able to move on from my current dead-end job into an area of more interest, enjoyment (not saying you don’t have to work at it!) and hopefully more freedom both financially and personally. Vitaliy if I could just impose upon you one last thing? Could you forward any really good website examples of active affiliate marketing sites that you would recommend? It would be much appreciated by myself and once again thank you for your honesty!

  63. Do you use kajabi or a platform that includes everything or do I have to subscribe to multiple platforms like infusion soft etc. How many emails/contacts does your premium version support?

    • I personally do not use Kajabi Yvette and that program works differently than Wealthy Affiliate. WA has an autoresponder for you to keep in touch with referrals you bring into it if you decide to promote it and it works for an unlimited number of referrals. But if you decide to promote another program, you would have to get a personal autoresponder for that.

  64. I was looking into other ways to make money online and ran into your article. I really don’t want to jump into anything I won’t have time to do. I’m very busy and I’m afraid to add too much more, I have to have time for my kids. How time consuming is this?

    • Hi Sarah, you are free to work on the business as often you like, so whether it’s on your free time, or something you eventually decide to do as a career, ultimately, the amount of time you put into this will affect your success. The great thing is, you can personally gauge this with no risk by becoming a free member to get an idea of what this business is like and if you’re interested in trying it a little bit and/or perhaps possibly going further in it.

  65. You have mentioned that WA offers free training. How long is the free training? Days, weeks, months? Will this be long enough for me to learn a lot and be able to make money?


    • Hi Marla, access to the training is unlimited, meaning you can check it out forever 🙂 and yes it will teach you to make money so you can take the time to learn it at any pace you’re ok with.

  66. Hi Vitaliy!

    I certainly agree that the key to success with an internet marketing business is having the proper guidance and utilizing it. What I like about WA is that it offers a “hands-on” training, which makes it much less tedious and fun.

    Getting “information overload” at the beginning is nothing compared to all the great benefits. When I feel overloaded with information I stop for a little bit, recoup energy, and go right back at it. I wish I had more time to finish the training soon.

    • HI Janxio, information overload and excitement is common when you start, but I always tell people never to rush the training, because there is so much of it, to try and absorb it as quickly as possible is what leads to information overload in the first place. If you study and absorb the training in a way that is steady and slow, you will get much more out of it 🙂

  67. Hi. Very much appreciate the info provided here. I have read it all albeit with some (alright—lots of) skepticism. Let me explain.

    Over a decade ago I was in the same search I now find myself in, desiring to unchain from the “office” and determine my own course online. I spent countless hours/days/weeks/months doing this search. I spent an inordinate amount of money only to finally realize that the internet is primarily filled with toxic info from debased folks. Scam after scam after scam, I finally quit, for my own sanity and to preserve the dwindling bank account.

    Some skepticism might be discernible in this post 🙂

    I prostituted my faith to certain portions of humanity and paid the price. I find myself with time on my hands and the need to generate some income. I want to do this in an honorable way without again sliding down the slope. Is this you? If I commit to hard work, honest communication, openness to mentoring, etc. etc… Is this truly a viable option for me at this point in my life? Any “additional portals” I should be aware off?

    I appreciate the time you have taken to respond to others on this forum and look forward to your reply to this post as well.

    Thanks and regards


    • Hi Bob, what I can absolutely guarantee you is that you are getting the most honest online business program in Wealthy Affiliate, all from it’s training, to it’s support and the skills they will help you develop to create an income online like I did.

      I know exactly of the type of experiences you listed and the skepticism you generated after all of them and I do not blame you for looking at Wealthy Affiliate in a skeptical way. The best way I can reply to this skepticism is that you have literally nothing to lose with the free membership and have an open door to see how awesome this place is.

      You immediately get to go inside the program, I will get in touch with you and we can go from there. Unlike other programs and sleazy people, you will find that neither WA nor I will ever pressure you to go premium or buy anything. You will get a ton of experience from the free benefits there and a great look into seeing if this is something you wish to do.

      I don’t know if this is for you, but I do know that if you try the starter membership, you will absolutely know afterwards if it is and along the way, you will have myself to ask questions to within the community (or on my site) so we’ll help you out.

      I think that within a minute of entering Wealthy Affiliate, you will feel very differently about it than any other program you’ve been through before. It is very welcoming and the tone of the community is kind, helpful and understanding. I really believe you are going to enjoy WA and realize that not all programs on the internet are bad 🙂

  68. Hi, I’m becoming interested in looking into the free membership but also worried about if I won’t be able to attract people to buy the things I promote on the website. Do I need to tell all my family and friends or with this program you attract random people all over?

    • Hi Abigail, you will attract people from all over the world who Google topics related to the niche site you decide to make. There is NO need to go to friends and family. If nothing else, once they see how well your site is doing, they may also decide to give this a try and make their own niche websites 🙂

      And do not worry about not making sales, believe me, Wealthy Affiliate covers the subject of this very thoroughly, but in a nutshell, it all boils down to creating a website with information on stuff you know very well. By sharing this knowledge, incoming visitors will see this confidence and trust you, and from the point of trust, they will buy.

  69. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have been thinking of starting my own company for years, I’m sick of working my fingers to the bone for other people and seeing them make all the money, with all my effort.

    I have been thinking of ideas for a while, but I haven’t come up with anything as yet.

    I’m not afraid of hard work and want to make a successful business so my children will be proud of me (when they are old enough).

    I’m not sure where to start, but after reading some of the comments and reading this article, I’m hoping you can help me on the road to a successful change in my career.

    It’s the idea that I’m stuck with and not sure where I can start.

    • Hi Russ, I can completely relate to your ambition to do something that is yours and honestly, Wealthy Affiliate will totally help you with this. I would recommend just signing up to the free option right away and doing the first lesson of the certification course as it actually addresses your question in-depth about how to take an idea you have (or even if you have issues with picking one) and how to build from there.

      To answer that question right away, before you even start the course, the answer is this:

      1) You may very well find that once you start the training, that the ideas you already have may become even clearer and you’ll be very excited to push forward with them mixed with the guidance WA offers on how to materialize those ideas into a money making business.

      2) Even if you have too many ideas and don’t know where to start, I’ll help you pick one out inside WA by messaging you there. My advice would be to take the idea you love most of the existing choices you have and to just let the training you get from WA help guide you to do what I said in my first point.

  70. So I was looking at the online jobs now and almost went through with it but decided to look at reviews about it first, also paying money to make money just doesn’t seem right to me. Anyway, I came across your review and what you have said about WA.

    I would love to be able to make money from home but I’m very skeptical about many things. I am always willing to put in the hard work.

    Here’s a few things I’d like to know.

    I see where you said free members get 2 free websites and that you should have a niche to promote. I very much enjoy archery and would love to get others into it, especially more women. My question is this, I talk about archery and then promote websites where to get things correct? How does that make me money? So far as the other website I could do a number of things, possibly healthcare as that’s my background or I could have one about ACDs (Australian Cattle Dogs) since I currently have 4.

    I look forward to your response and it’s much appreciated. ?

    • Hi Karin, I totally welcome your questions and am glad you’re doing research before jumping into any program:

      1) I love the topic you want to make a website on: Archery. I think it’s an awesome niche. I personally own 1 bow and 1 crossbow. I don’t know the price of the bow, but the crossbow cost me about $1,000 when I got it a few years back, so there’s massively huge affiliate opportunities to make good money promoting them.

      Having said that, yes you are right in that YOUR personal site will send people to the other sites where they can buy them. The way you’ll get paid is that you will first have to find the right affiliate sites to connect with that sell bows, crossbows, arrows, and other archery supplies first, then get a personal affiliate link from them. That will be the link you send them through and everything else will be automated, meaning if you visitors click on that link and buy from that site, you will get the money.

      Now the good news is that WA provides you with a wide range of affiliate sites to work with and I think Amazon or something related to Dick’s Sporting Goods would be perfect for you.

      The only thing to consider is that some areas, such as states may not allow the shipping of these items to people’s homes. Honestly, I would not worry about this and would still go ahead with the site idea, especially if you love the topic.

      2) As for the other sites, both are great choices too because you have 2 topics which you personally have a lot of experience with. However, I would not go with these sites yet as I would focus your attention on your favorite, the archery one first. You do get 2 sites from Wealthy Affiliate, but it doesn’t mean you immediately have to use both.

      Keep in mind that you can start the free membership and just see how the training works for you and if you really enjoy it, I would consider staying in WA and doing a little bit of the premium membership, but this is not something you need to worry about. You WILL get free sites and free training as is from the starter membership.

      Finally, I’d like to address the topic of jobs. This isn’t a typical job, you’re basically creating a freelance type online business and it does require you work hard to make it earn and I am glad you said you’re happy to do that to get there. You will be able to turn these interests you listed, whether it be just one or all 3 in Wealthy Affiliate for certain.



      • Hello sorry to just comment on the post but, I was just wondering about taxes. How does the money get to you? Would I be getting checks? Or direct deposit? And will I have to 1099 myself?

        • Hi Justin, no need to say sorry, I encourage you to comment. About taxes, it really depends on which organization you’ve affiliated yourself with and how they operate. Most in my experience either send you a check or deposit the money through PayPal. In terms of how you do taxes, my experience has been, you will need to get an accountant and report the earnings to them, then have your accountant decide the best way to file that. If you do well in this business, I think they may suggest you open up a corporation so you can write off many things and save money on the taxation part.

  71. Hi,

    This sounds fantastic and I can’t help wondering where’s the catch…

    Anyway, I am new at e-commerce. Started in April this year with drop shipping, built 3 websites in different niches, 2 of them already have a blog and the third one is on its way.

    I started looking into affiliate marketing for different reasons; to supplement the drop shipping, to make the most of the articles on the blog, to have certain high-quality products that I really believe in and are not available in another way, and to provide high-quality and a variety of things without holding stock.

    Lack of guidance: Where to start, the step by step process and a place to clarify certain doubts is something that is not easily found in the sea of information on the web. On the other hand, there is an abundance of promises, scammers, braggers and time wasters.

    Having already 3 Shopify stores, will this work for me? I cannot put any more energy into creating more websites at this point when I am already managing 3 different niches.

    Thanks for your time,


    • Hi Denise, to answer your main question, yes, you will be able to improve your existing 3 sites in ranking and sales through WA’s training. However, I need to ask and even challenge you with the following question:

      How well are these sites doing? Is only one or all 3 of them successful? Are any of them successful? I am asking this because in my experience people who run different websites do so either because:

      1) The previous one/s are not making money so they feel that if they diversify their efforts into other niche sites, each site will make them something and add up to a full time income.

      2) They already have a successful site/s and want to try out a different niche market.

      Obviously having 3 sites to run is a pain on your own and it is important that your efforts are maximized. Through WA, you can literally have 1 site do it all and make everything you need. This page that you are on is such an example.

      I don’t know how much experience you have with Shopify sites or eCommerce in general, but perhaps if none of the 3 sites are successful yet, it may be wiser to pursue a traditional affiliate/blog site as WA recommends.

      In any case, like I said in the beginning, yes, you will get help, tips and good training to make improvements on the existing sites. The real question is whether it is worth spending time on 3 sites which may not be bringing in the money you want or if it’s better to start another one and forget the other 3 if they aren’t doing well as is.

  72. Hi Vitaliy,

    I was wondering, what if my website was like a review website? Like I tell people what I bought or where I went and how I liked it, on a wide range of topics. Is that something that would be profitable?

    • Under certain circumstances, it can be Lindy, but allow me to clarify:

      Typically the kind of site you’re looking to make will only work well if you review products in a specific niche. When you review a wide range of products, you’re likely reviewing across different topics and niches and unless there is a common niche behind them, this will hinder your site’s rankings. It is far better to pick a niche and review products in that niche to get recognized, ranked and get traffic.

      So my answer would be that you CAN do this, but do it the way WA teaches it. Product reviews will absolutely exist on ANY niche site you make.

      • So you’re saying if I were to make a craft review site, to narrow it to one craft such as knitting and stick to just knitting product reviews? Or make a knitting site and do a small section with some reviews?

        • Yes, you are correct on the knitting part. You don’t just have to review products Lindy, you CAN and should teach people to knit (through articles and possibly even videos) and supplement that with product reviews on knitting equipment.

  73. I live in a town where it is very difficult to get a job. I have recently decided maybe I should work from home to allow more time with my kids and to help on the family farm. My passion is horses, I can’t help anyone train them but would love to help people find tack options. Would this be a good fit? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Tami, yes, the horse niche is big and being that you live on a farm and actually know how to take care of them makes it that much more suited for you to make a website on this to help other farmers and horse enthusiasts learn about taking care of them and learning to ride them.

  74. Hi Vitaliy,

    Love the name! First of all, you’re the most knowledgeable and honest person I’ve seen on websites so far! I’ve lost so much money in the past, especially since I’ve been a single parent. I’ve been trying to find a home based business for years. Unfortunately, like million’s of people in the world, I had a stroke three years ago. What can WA help me with since I can type with one hand only? I have no knowledge of internet terminology and my son has the skills when it comes to technology. I have big people and little people skills only. Is there help for me? I’m trying to increase my disability income.

    Thank you for your honest opinion.

    • Hi Janet, I am sorry to hear you had a stroke and I am hopeful you’re doing better now. Reading the stuff you wrote and asked, I think I have the perfect answers:

      1) Yes, I do believe WA can help you given your financial and physical condition. You can do this stuff from home and even though you write with one hand right now, just do it as best as you can.

      2) Do not worry about terminology, the training inside the free membership is totally easy to read and do.

      3) I honestly think that if you join, your first niche topic should be on stroke prevention and/or how to live life after having one. I think you have a substantial amount of life experience and can help the same niche crowd with this problem and provide them with health products that can improve their life. This would allow you to earn money and help people in your health situation, which I think would be a perfect combination.

      4) Given that you mentioned your son, I would say to let him choose whether he wants to help you or have him build his own niche site through WA’s help. It is hard to have someone do the work for you especially if it’s not their topic of choice. Again, perhaps your son, through WA can find his own, different passion to work on and that can help you both financially.

      Given that you can start all of this for free, I’d sign up and check it out.

  75. Hi, Vitaliy,

    What I have in mind is about having a niche to talk about the love of God to humanity, godliness, cleanliness, and purity. How can I promote this?

    • Hi Kally, well you would be promoting this outside WA, on Google essentially. But more specifically, I would recommend you isolate the topic to either a particular religion or viewpoint such as new age thinking or spirituality. This would be the more appropriate “niche” way to talk about this topic.

  76. I’m very interested in WA and I hear a lot of good things about it from many people. I have a question, though.

    It seems like everyone that uses the things taught in WA is using the same niche, making money online. Doesn’t anyone create websites/blogs about other things? I’d much rather write about something I’m passionate about, other than making money.

    I’d be interested in knowing if that is any less successful than this niche, too. I know it’s huge. I have something very specific in mind and it’s something I could really get behind as a writer and artist.

    If you know of any examples I could look at to learn more, I would much appreciate it.

    • Hi Paige, Wealthy Affiliate’s training, especially the beginning, free training, fully encourages everyone to do a website on their own niche topic. In fact, that is plan A. The people who decide to make sites on making money online are those who either:

      1) Don’t have a niche topic they really like.
      2) Those who already have a successful niche site outside the make money online topic and want to create a secondary site that is based on that topic.

      I think the reason you believe so many people make their sites on this topic is because you were seeing a lot of their review pages and think this is all WA teaches. This is not the case, I assure you 🙂

      In my experience, MOST members actually make their own niche specific sites that have nothing to do with the MMO topic and I know this because I actively help members inside this community and most of the sites I see deal with many different topics.

      You are absolutely right going into this that you don’t want to make a website that doesn’t relate to your passion, this is how I can tell you’re going to do great and I can assure you, that you will be shown how to make a page you’re passionate about within WA 🙂

  77. Vitaliy,

    I am very passionate about our United States and our political system. Do you think this would be a good niche?

    • Hi Gerry, this is a good topic, but it can also be divided into other things:

      1) Making a niche site on how the political system works inside the U.S, sort of a tutorial on how the party system works, how laws are made, ect…
      2) You can focus on a specific type of political belief system in the U.S, such as liberalism, conservatism, ect… and explain how they function inside the U.S.
      3) You can connect both those ideas, talk about your own political positions and just try to become a voice in political talk. For this, a YouTube channel where you discuss the current political environment and topics will also be beneficial.

      I do want to say that in this topic, there is going to be a lot of controversy and opposing positions you encounter, especially given how things are these days, so I would say to be prepared to handle negative comments and opinions.

  78. Hey!

    I just read this whole thing about WA, I have a few questions:

    I have recently started crafting as a hobby, and I play the guitar; if I join free and then use one website to teach people crafty stuff and the other to teach the guitar, how would I make money? And how would that be partnering with WA?

    I love doing both of those things and I already work from home, so this would be a huge blessing on my husband and I if this was actually legit and could add to our income!

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Savannah, so there’s a few ways to succeed with what you told me:

      1) For crafts, I would honestly go deeper, because this isn’t a niche topic as there are MANY forms of crafts, I would pick one of them and then connect the idea with the training inside WA.

      2) For guitars, I actually had someone recently ask me a similar question, so my advice will be the same: Pick a type of guitar (acoustic for example), promote those through Amazon (that’s where you’d make money from) and do a site which teaches people to play it as well as video tutorials.

      This is a pretty vague blueprint, but I think the ideas are pretty clear. If you know these 2 topics well, you should have no problem making a site and videos on it through WA’s help.

      As for partnering, you wouldn’t really be “partnering” with WA because you aren’t going to be promoting it, though you have that option. I would stick to only promoting products that are associated with the specific crafts niche and/or the specific guitar and/or accessories for them.

      WA will just be there to specifically make you materialize this blueprint I just mentioned into a real business.

  79. Hi Vitaliy,

    I just have a quick question. They talk about 50 free websites and hosting, I would prefer to use my own site on HostGator, would this be a problem?


    • Not at all Robert, you are free to use your own domain and hosting. I just prefer WA’s hosting because it saves me a lot of money and the support if anything happens is quick. I have not heard the same things about Hostgator though, but if you prefer them, you can easily still use it and just implement what WA teaches.

  80. Hi Vitaliy,

    First of all thank you so much for a comprehensive and objective review of WA and businesses online in general.

    I am an entrepreneur with expertise mainly in music education, vocal coaching and education management.

    I am considering to completely transform my business from the classic frontal lesson to the online business but I am very confused at the moment on which is the best choice: becoming an infopreneur (using my expertise as vocal coach, education manager and so on…) or opening an online business based on selling certain products, I mean, physical products (i.g. voice helper or kind of meds for singers…).

    Yoga is also another big passion of mine, and maybe I could combine it with singing in some way.

    The point is:

    At the moment my business is based on the classic frontal lesson, meaning: I work 10 hours, I gain for 10 hours, period. So the online business could surely increase my income. But after learning a lot online about this new business, the feeling I have is that from working 8 hours, 5 days a week for let’s say that fixed 3K per month, you could become an online business man that works 8 hours 7 days a week for 5K per month.

    What I mean is: Is this really worth it? Is online business better than more traditional (and yes surely older) jobs?

    Thanks a lot for the support!

    • Hi, so there’s a lot of mini questions here and I will answer them, then get to my main point:

      On the topic of payments, your online business can compensate you in a much different way than an offline one can. In the case of your music business, if you teach someone physically how to sing, like you said, you will be paid based on the hours you taught, that’s pretty clear.

      In online business, you can actually offer consultations and vocal/music lessons through programs like Skype and be paid in a similar manner, only through the internet.

      You can also promote musical products, accessories for music, ect… and get paid affiliate commissions if it is someone else’s product, or if it’s your own, you can control the pricing of the product and how much you earn.

      So in that sense, there are similarities between having an offline and online business, the real difference is that with an online one, you have access to a bigger crowd because it is the entire internet and relevant niche audiences that can come to your site and in your offline business, we’re talking about a physical venue where you meet people, or they meet you.

      Now on the topic of niches, first off all, I would NOT mix whatever music related site you plan on making with Yoga, these are entirely 2 different topics which have VERY little relevance. I assure you, if you make a site on music lessons, vocal lessons, whatever it is, if you start writing content on Yoga, you will confuse your music audience and vice versa, if you did these sites the opposite way.

      It would be far better to make 2 sites, each focused entirely on their specific topic, but I would start with just 1 and that leads me to my main point:

      Like I said in my review, Wealthy Affiliate will help you make an online business and step 1 is picking the niche. Now you’ve mentioned a number of topics and not all of them are niches. Allow me to clarify:

      1) Music education. What do you teach here? Guitar, piano lessons? I would not make a site on the overall topic of music education unless. Here are some ideas:

      You can make a site on guitar lessons, electronic guitars, piano lessons, the history of classic music or ANY specific genre of music.

      For vocal coaching, you may want to make a separate site on how to improve your voice and help people become good singers.

      For education management, this is a very vague topic and I really don’t know what to suggest here. What sort of specific education topic are we talking about here? Pick one and let that be your niche site.

      Now in the 3 topics you mentioned, I just made them into niches and there are now more choices. I would pick one of them, use Wealthy Affiliate to create your business on that niche topic and then offer up your own personal coaching/vocal lessons (or whatever topic you pick out) through it.

      You can also incorporate affiliate promotions so for example, if you did a niche site on electric guitars, you can actually promote and sell them without owning them through places like Amazon which I personally know sells a lot of them.

      I hope this helps you figure out which direction to go. You can absolutely increase your current business by going through it online, but the manner in which you do that should be done the way I suggested in choosing the specific topic to center your niche site on, and from there, it should do well with the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best!

  81. I have a question about the topics on a website, I am interested in photography. Doing such things as photo mugs, putting people on fake magazine covers, making key chains and making photo buttons.

    I also do basic photo restoration. Do you think this would be a good money earning website?

    Also maybe for a second website, I sell unwanted items that I have no need for, is that a good idea or not?

    • Well photography is not exactly a narrow enough niche topic Mary. I would try to create a site on how to edit photography, where you teach people how to use editing tools and software to create images. You may also want to consider a YouTube channel where you show these tutorials through your own screen.

      As for selling, you can sell the same tools you use to edit images and even offer up services to people to do the type of customization you mentioned. This is how I’d advise going into this niche topic.

      Now for the second idea, I am not really a fan of it because it seems like an online approach to garage sales and in my opinion, it simply will not fit in with the with formula I mentioned about niche markets. You are far better off applying this idea through eBay and selling your things there in my opinion.

  82. Hello!

    I just stumbled across this page. WA sounds awesome! I do have some questions though. Can I earn money from the free websites without upgrading to premium? Also, if I have a full time job and do this for a few hours each day in the beginning, will that be enough for it to take off and earn money?

    Thank you for posting this!


    • Hi Jan, yes to both of the questions regarding the free sites and working several hours a day. I’d even say doing this type everyday, for hours is actually more than enough. Obviously moving forward, you will need to work on your site in the way WA recommends to get results, but it is explained in the free membership :).

      Also do note you have my help and the community’s help as well as a free member, so that’s added stuff to help you progress inside WA and with your business in general.

  83. Hey Vitaliy, I seem to be very interested in this WA opportunity, I will join soon because I always wanted to try out to have my own website, I just never had the right product to put on the website, now my friend has a product for himself and its really good, it involves fashion and clothing, my questions are, are these website 100% percent mine? I could do what I want with these two websites? And will I get help building in making it look good and professional? Thank you for putting this out there, it seems like now I found something worth it online.

    • Hi Steve, the answer is yes to your first question on the 2 websites, you have them, they are yours. And yes to the other thing about the training helping you make it a great looking site.

      One thing I do want to mention is that you should not focus on a particular product to promote as your starting point, you need to begin with the niche as WA suggests and as I explained in the review.

      If the niche choice aligns with something dealing with the clothing product your friend has, then go for it and use the WA training to build a website and promote that product, but if your personal niche choice does not deal with that, I would recommend still doing the WA training, but picking a different niche, the one you personally like.

  84. My friend and I have an idea for a youtube channel that we would like to do with a website. Ebooks would be a part of our venture. Does this offer (premium) include help with building a successful youtube channel, website, and potentially selling products on Amazon?

  85. Honestly, I’ve tried wealthy affiliate out before. I came to the conclusion that my time would best be spent marketing myself and my skills instead of doing yet another referral-based program. If I really boil it down, it’s just promoting someone else’s brand instead of my own, and getting others to join in. Isn’t that a referral program?

    • Hi Lynn, I’m not sure how long you were in WA, but in my review I clearly outlined that you get 2 options for making money through them:

      1) You market a niche site based on your OWN interest and topic. You can absolutely market yourself doing this. In fact, I have multiple niche websites where I make money and do NOT promote Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone who is a member is free to do this too.

      2) If you have no niche option you like, you have the option of promoting WA itself. There are some people who don’t feel that they have a niche topic they like, so as a default, they are welcome to promote WA.

      In any case, you are given skills to become a successful internet marketer in any field. So the skills can be used to market yourself, your own website and your own services and/or you can also do the same to market WA and any other product you wish.

      It would be great to see you back in WA 🙂


  86. Ok Vitaliy, I just joined WA. I clicked on a link in your review. I am assuming that I will still get your help as I make my way into the world of online sales/marketing??

    Will I still receive an email from you? Your review was thorough and informative. Thank you.

    WA definitely has my interest and attention. How many websites can I have? How many websites do most people have on average? Can you have too many?

    Thanks again! And I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards,


    • Hi Bruce, I did message you inside WA, you should have gotten an email notification 🙂 and yes, I am absolutely going to help you inside there as promised.

      Now as for your questions, free members get 2 websites, premium ones can get up to 50.

      For the other question, most people have 1 site in my experience and it’s totally fine to have this. Some have a few, but just start with one, trust me!

      Having more than a few sites really answers the last question in that yes, you can have too many and it will be too much work to handle.

  87. This is Amazing! Never heard of WA I will be checking it out. I’m with MCA but I’m on the road to help people find easy legit money from home. I can research WA and can add them to my list of companies.

    Thank you!

    • No problem Mazzi, WA is a great place and I personally know the owners, awesome guys who really like helping out every one of their members!

  88. Hi Vitaliy,my name is Quang. I was reading your page and I’m extremely impressed with the amount of income that you’re accumulating. I wanted to know which program or training or class in WA that you use to generate the traffic that’s coming through your website? I’m a member at WA.

    • Hi Quang, I went through the “Get Started Here” training and followed it very strictly. There is in my opinion no better training available.

  89. I don’t call you Bias. I myself have also tried over 100 other programs and having spent a small fortune. I did gain immediate experience on what to avoid.

    Forgive me for taking so long to reply, I went to the site to watched some training videos and checked the validity of the offer. I’m impressed, the training is top notch and current.

    I even asked a few question difficult for a novice to answer and I was quickly provided to correct answers and new ideas. Its very hard to believe how great this is. So many pay small fortunes to get the knowledge that is so readily available on your site. All I can say is Thank you! I will continue the journey with WA.

  90. Hey,

    Thought I’d ask on an open comment section before trying WA out. Can you foresee any issues arising if I’m getting started at age 17? I attend two schools and don’t have time for a job, so I’m trying to find an alternative way to start making some money for college over time.


    • Hi Noel, I’ll address both the age and circumstance, starting with your circumstance:

      1) There is certainly going to be a time constraint in your case and I will absolutely tell you to focus on your school work.

      2) Being 17 is actually not bad at all. Lots of people, older and far younger start sites. The only problem would arise is if you’re legally not old enough to file taxes and for that you’d have to check with the laws in your area.

      Either way, even if you are too young, you’re going to hit 18 soon and by that time, you should be good and even if you’re not, starting a website NOW is going to really help you invest into getting that site to help you fund your schooling, as it helped me when I started at 19.

      As I said, your schooling should come first, but if you have free time and want to try this, then yeah, get started right now and just take a few steps into this so you can see what it will take. You don’t have to pay anything for the free membership, but it’ll give you a great viewpoint on what’s possible.

  91. Hi Vitaliy,

    I am so glad thus far that I have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. The community within WA is amazing and growing everyday. There are so many positive and inspirational people. There is a wealth of good information provided. I have no doubt that if I stay focused, follow directions, and take action, that Wealthy Affiliate will be a great contributing factor to my financial growth. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Wonderful to have you there Lakeisha! I look forward to seeing you become another one of it’s success stories 🙂

  92. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I immediately knew I was at the right place, finally. The community they have created truly cares about my personal path to online business success and with their easy to understand and implement system + their continued guidance and support I know I will succeed.

    • You absolutely will Robert, it’s great to have you there. And I can attest that they really do care about every member.

  93. This is a very inspiring post even for myself who is already a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You have been a member 9 years already and it just shows that the rewards are reaped when you put in the effort. People should not want a quick fix to making money. Any foundation needs to be built and upon that you build your empire. Thanks for sharing your story. I will be following in your footsteps. See you at the top.

  94. I just started on WA and I love it already, extremely easy to use. The training videos are great and make everything easy to understand. I just set up my first website and I am excited to see where this journey takes me.

    • Awesome Amber! Just a few lessons in and look at everything you’ve got working for you. Yeah WA will get all of this done for you very quickly and know you are already on the path to making a great business flourish with their help!

  95. Hey,

    I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is top to none. I haven’t found another program online to top it. There are many people who are active whenever you feel stuck, and they will help you out if you ask in the quick chat. Best of all it is actually free to join. There is literally no risk to get started. If you want to start from scratch and build a successful business online, this is the place to start. Thanks for the review. You hit the nail on the head!

  96. Sorry I’m not saying its a scam but I’m scared to try it because right now I’m not in the best spot with money. I can barely pay the bills.

    • Hi Corey, no need to apologize, as someone whose been through scams on many unfortunate occasions, I can totally understand your position. Just know that in Wealthy Affiliate, there’s that starter membership and I can promise you, it’s free, awesome and highly recommended.

      At the very least, you’ll get awesome training and 2 great sites out of this without any risk 🙂

  97. Am I getting this right..?
    I can sign up for free, have 7 days of free training, get 2 free websites for as long as I want, and earn money from those websites!?!! Without being a premium member!? For seriously??

    • Actually, there’s one more benefit: It’s unlimited free training Sarah, the 7 days is JUST for chat, the other things about the sites (And training) is free forever 🙂

      Also in response to your other question about PayPal, I’ll answer it here: You do need to use PayPal, certain companies do send checks, but it’s better if you have the PayPal option available, it’s much more convenient.

  98. Hi Vitaliy!

    I am really interested in signing up for this, though my question has to do with the time involved with the initial set up. I am currently in my bachelors program taking an over full time course load, I work full time, have a new puppy and just found out I am pregnant!!

    My goal is to have something started and making at least a small amount of money by the time I have the child, end of October early November. SO I really want to get started right away.

    Since there is only a 7 day free trial, I really want to make sure that I am able to dedicate an adequate amount of time to getting the started. What do you think? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

    Thank you! And what a wonderful site!

    • Hi Jacqui, you can absolutely work on your site for as long as you want. The 7 days you mentioned is simply for communication inside WA, but access to the training, the website and working on it at your own pace is available for as long as you need it to be.

      There is NO time limit to being a starter member inside WA, you can be there as long as you want and thus so you can totally do this on your own schedule and don’t have to worry about anything 🙂

      I totally understand your position right now, with the full time college thing, the baby on the way (congratulations!) and the puppy, I absolutely get that you’re constrained on time, which is what makes the free and limitless time at WA you can spend perfect for this scenario.

      You’re absolutely welcome to join it and you’re going to love it in my opinion, I’ll personally help you out as well and I would recommend that while you’re there, while you have that additional perk of chat for 7 days, to use it fully. I’d be delighted to assist you.

      It also happens to be that I got involved in online business when I was a freshman in college, although I didn’t WA until my 3rd year into this venture. Had I managed to do so, I would have saved so much time and seen success faster.

      And on the note of success, obviously, the amount of time you spend on your site and the work put in will determine the results, but I think that as you become better acquainted with this business and understand it better when you join, the more comfortable you’ll be with it and the more accurate pace you’ll be able to set to meet these goals.

      You can totally achieve excellent results through this business and as I said before, I’d be happy to help you reach this. Just join WA through this page and I’ll be in touch 🙂

      And thank you for the kind words about my site, I appreciate it!

  99. Thank you for the ridiculously thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have some familiarity with the program and can see some of the value of it, but your review really helped to put it into perspective, especially with you sharing your earnings over time, which also helps provide encouragement that this program really can have a positive outcome for a person. I really appreciate your posting this review. Thank you.

    • No problem Christopher! You can absolutely do this as well, as can anyone who does what they teach. That’s really the bottom line I want to make clear about Wealthy Affiliate.

  100. Vitality, this is an extremely thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. But of course, there are so many awesome aspects of WA that that one can just write on and on about it.

    I joined it in January this year and I am working on building my business on a part time basis.

    I can certainly relate to all you have said about it, from the support, to the training, to the 24-hour help that is offered by persons from all over the world whom you have never me, but they are willing to help. My first niche is promoting WA and I know it will be great.

    I agree that you have to be able to manage the amount of information provided or it can be overwhelming, particularly for beginners. But as we go on, it becomes easier.

    Thanks for the great review. Keep up the good work.

  101. I understand how you are earning money through this process, but what I want to know is how you actually get paid without giving out personal info? In my experience, even as an independent contractor, you have to give out this personal information.

    • Well you can’t get paid by ANY company, without providing your info and tax information first, the same goes for any big online company you register with, they will ask you for this info.

      I think what’s happening is you are linking this to Wealthy Affiliate. There is a difference between registering for Wealthy Affiliate which is free (no personal info needed either) to just become a member and learn from them vs earning from them. If you wish to promote them, the most they’ll ask you to do is use a PayPal address.

      I hope this clarifies things 🙂

  102. Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be an amazing community full of helpful users and friendly faces! My favorite feature is the Live Chat, where if you ever have a question at all, you can just pop it in there and get an answer within a few minutes (if there’s other people online, which there usually always is). Highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Hi Jackson, yeah the live chat is amazing and in my experience, ALWAYS active and people can receive assistance and free advice all the time.

  103. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is a great review, It really gave me a clear picture of what to expect from the program.

    I’ve seen quite a few reviews of WA but none seem as comprehensive as yours.

    I’ve also read that keyword research is a big aspect of writing content for a website and good SEO results, does WA provide anything for this?



    • Yes there is a whole level dedicated to keyword research which will help you master it and use it wisely to achieve better SEO Geoff 🙂

      • Hello! Is this level dedicated to the keyword search available in the first 10 (free) lessons? Or is that lesson a part of the paid program? Thanks so much! 🙂

        • Hi Leslie, yes, you get that info for free 🙂

          The free lessons go over keyword searches and you also get a keyword tool to help you find them straight from WA itself, it is also the exact same tool I use constantly.

  104. Hi Vitaliy,

    I am interested in making money online since I work for a company that keeps whittling down my hours and am not given decent raises in pay. They’ve also decreased the number of employees which makes my workload harder. I have many health conditions and they just aren’t accommodating to my conditions.

    I’ve read all the reviews but I’ve not looked to see if WA is a scam. It sounds legitimate. I will check that out later when I’m off work tomorrow night.

    A question I have is in the free seven days of help with creating domains, do I have a complete guide downloaded on my laptop?

    Thank you for reading my email and your consideration of my comments and questions.

    Amie Love (my pen name)

    P.S. For the website I put where I found the information about WA. I’m not sure if that’s right or if you were wanting my website which I don’t have one.

    • Hi Amie, I will answer everything:

      1) Regarding the 7 days, the training is on the site, it isn’t a PDF, but you can technically copy the text. However, keep in mind that you will still have unlimited access to the training AFTER the 7 days, so you can check it out anytime without having to copy it or download it. Free members can ALWAYS work on their sites and see the starter training for as long as they like.

      2) You need not put any link when you put a comment, that’s for people who have sites who want to share it.

      3) Regarding the first part of your question about the TOS you asked about which I didn’t include in your comment because it would be complicated for others to understand, basically in WA, people post blogs about their progress and help the community and individual members rise up, those blogs get indexed and used on Google as well as shared by others. It is also a great way to attract more members into the community and see how much great info it offers, so that’s what the TOS was basically saying.

  105. Thank you for introducing me to WA. And for your welcome message over there as well. I also really appreciate your review of the Home-Job-Placement site. You saved me a bunch of money and time spinning around on yet another online WAH scam. Grateful to you for the no fluff straight talk.

    • There are a few questions. I am not interested in learning how to sell, I already do and have done that for years. I only want one very good web site FREE to start with,then may be expand.

      I currently have three, a face book page, a Found Myself website and Etsy website. They produce but I can not customize them to my preference. I am a professional model maker that makes high end model work boats from pictures my clients send to me (CUSTOM MADE), I have been doing this for many years.

      I am not after a large volume of orders because each model is custom made from scratch. I do want to be able to display pictures of about 20 of my completed models and have a very good home page with my picture holding one of my models. I am not interested in templates that are pre-made.

      Do you provide a free email, free engine search, etc…? I would like to use my existing Email. I Trust you can help me with this, my goal is to build the perfect web site, just ONE.

      • Hi John, yeah you can make that perfect site you seek with Wealthy Affiliate. You can use the free page they give you, and use your existing email as a way to get people to contact you through it.

        As for templates, the thing about them is that they are not pre made sites the way you think, they are simply general looks a website has and the customization and content that goes there is totally left to you to add.

        Think of templates as houses without anything, no furniture, no doors, no supplies, nothing, you will have to add that, but the basic house is already up so you don’t have to do it.

        I would follow the first 10 lessons of the starter membership, and you’ll see how your niche topic on model boats can attract customers from all over the world.

        Things like adding content, pictures of yourself holding them, making them, even doing videos is actually quite easy if you follow the training and I know you’ll get the results from this site you seek. The 3 pages you mentioned aren’t bad, but you’re not really the main owner of it, with Wealthy Affiliate’s website they give you, you will be.

        I can also lend you my free advice inside if you are in need of it, anytime!

        • Thank you for your answers, you did not comment on hosting and search engines? This is important especially if I have to buy hosting. Just what else do I have to buy to get exposure to the public?

          • I didn’t mention hosting because it comes free with your 2 sites on the starter membership John. Those free sites from WA are enough to reach the goals you’ve indicated so you don’t have to spend more.

            For search engines and the public seeing the page, you don’t have to buy anything to have this happen.

            All you have to do is start writing content on the site and you will be noticed. But this is explained throughout your free training.

  106. Hi Vitaliy,

    I haven’t joined yet but, I am giving it my #1 attention. I just need two questions answered. Is there a fee for hosting? I am on a very small budget. So I need to know the cost of this. That way I can prepare for it.

    Last question. I am working on finishing my Life Coach course. Do you think WA is a good idea to use in selling myself and my business?

    Thanks for your reply in advance,


    • Hi Kelly:

      1) Yes totally free hosting, but that is for premium members. You can use their 2 free sites as a free member and they will have hosting.

      2) Yes absolutely, you can totally use the training in WA to promote your own brand, business, name anything, including the life coaching course you mentioned 🙂

      • Okay Vitaliy,

        So, as a free member I pay for the hosting. Please tell me how much that is. I want to make sure I am totally prepared before I sign up? I do not want to waste the 7 day training, by not understanding what is being discussed or taught, because I can’t look at my website.

        Actually, I will be the Life Coach…I am working on finishing the course; my background is in counseling and coaching is somewhat different. So, with my background and the knowledge of Life Coaching, I think I will have what it takes to be an effective Coach, in helping others grow personally and achieve their goals, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

        Thank you for the information, and for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate that.

        Have a great weekend!

        • Hi Kelly, as a free member you do NOT pay for hosting, but you get 2 sites from WA with free hosting on them.

          If you upgrade to premium, you can then take advantage of the free hosting for any additional domains you buy. I hope this clears things up 🙂

          As for the life coaching, I would choose a topic within which you feel most experienced on. Things such as treating depression, getting over certain specific situations in life and then offering your life coaching sessions as a solution, this will ensure you are on a niche topic because life coaching in general can hit a variety of topics, but most of them broad. Better to stick to a specific situation for which life coaching is the solution.

          • Okay…thanks for all of your coaching and for helping me understand how you guys do the hosting, Vitaliy. You have been a great help. I appreciate you taking time to make sure I am on the right track.

            Take care. 🙂

  107. I really like what I’m reading about this program. About how many hours do you usually work in a day? I’m assuming a person must put in a lot of time when first starting.

    • Well you really pick when you want to work on this Mark, but yes it is best to put in more work at first to get more out of it later. Although I have gotten a bit lazy recently, I used to work a few hours a day for this site in particular. Now I’d say it’s about 10-15 hours a week and frankly, I am not saying that to show off. The fact is, if I work twice or three times longer/harder on this site, I can proportionally add more profits to it which should tell you how much you should be working when you make your own.

      Remember, you are your own boss in this business, but your success depends mostly on the work you put in 🙂

  108. I did not read all of the comments yet and yes I plan to. I simply want to say that I’m not computer savvy, I mean really. Could I learn this jargon and become an expert regarding the to do’s of all of this? Some of this jargon is over my head.

    • Yes Sunny, I get this question often as most people including myself, when starting out don’t know the terminology, the technical things and whatever else, but as I’ve said before, no matter your experience, you will be fine inside Wealthy Affiliate as it’s set up to make ALL of this very clear and easy to do.

  109. What a great review! I am new to the world of affiliate marketing, so as one of the newbies I can also vouch for how amazing the training is at WA.

    Thank you for sharing your success through affiliate marketing as I have just broken through the 3-month barrier (or limped through is more like it), when I see the results that you have had, it helps you to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thanks Anthony! It’s great to hear you’re moving forward with your online business through WA and that we’re in total agreement about how awesome it is there. Looking forward to hearing how well you’re doing within the next 3 months!

  110. I’m a relative newbie to WA and have learned a fair bit. Yet to start earning but I do feel as though progress is on the way. Biggest problem was picking a niche? What I thought was a niche turned out to be quite broad. I also had my golf blog which is how I came to find WA. Amazing the variety of sites out there?

    • Most people get stuck on the niche idea, but generally is it for 2 reasons:

      1) They really don’t study up on niches and pick something general.

      2) They are always worried their topic won’t make money.

      These 2 problems are addressed very early on in Wealthy Affiliate Pete and it is important to read the training and if you have questions, to ask the community. Trust me, they’ll let you know if the topic you picked is right and if not, which one to use to succeed.

  111. Really great review!! It’s always motivating to see other affiliate marketers making money legitimately and consistently. It’s good to know that Wealthy Affiliate offers an entire course for free to get beginners started before they have to actually invest any money. How d you feel about the weekly webinars that WA offers? Do they ever provide you with useful information?

    • Oh absolutely, after I finished the main training within the courses, I started exploring the webinars and they offer a bunch of diverse information on making money online that I recommend every single member watch.

      The person behind the webinars is also one of Wealthy Affiliate’s most successful members and I’ve personally met him several times. He’s a great guy who knows his stuff.

  112. After you get everything set up with your websites and you go through the training, what is the process? Do you have to spend money to buy products then which you sell as the middleman?

    • Hi Mike, no, many, in fact most affiliate programs allow you to promote their products for free meaning you don’t have to spend anything to promote it. As for the first thing, after you set it up, the training does explain where to go from there, which essentially comes down to content creation that deals with your niche.

      In other words, you write more about your niche topic and build your site/business. Again, this is all explained in the free starter training 🙂

  113. Hi Vitaliy!

    I joined WA’s free membership several months ago but, to be honest, never put any time into it. As I was “surfing” the web today for that new “best” WAH program I stumbled into this page and you. What you have to say here about WA as well as how you have answered the many inquiries here in your comment section have definitely renewed my interest in WA.

    I have been confident for years that there is a lot of money to be made with IM but, as I’m sure you know, the majority of programs out there only give you enough info, to get you in and excited only to leave you with a load of confusion and no incoming revenue. Of course, they would love to give you the next “allotment” of info, to get you to the next step (don’t put away that CC!) but I have yet to find one that is willing to take you from A-Z.

    No doubt, from a newbies standpoint, there is a lot to know in order to be successful in IM but what usually leaves me dead in my tracks is putting ALL of this info together in the proper manner to make it work! This is something I have been intrigued by for a long, long time but to date, has only rewarded me with a boatload of frustration and a maxed out credit card.

    If you are still willing to do so, I’d like to speak with you about your above offer of helping anyone interested in getting started. I signed up for the free membership quite some time ago and I am able to access WA through that. My plan is to start over at the “Getting Started” tab but would welcome any assistance you are able to give.

    I do have plenty of questions that I’m sure will be answered as I progress through the info. but would you recommend staying with the free membership for now and upgrading at a later time or would it benefit me to get started with the upgraded program? Also, are there any other fees that I will need to take care of such as hosting, auto-responder, domain name, etc…? I look forward to hearing back from you and to hopefully making this the answer I have been searching for.

    • Hi Edmund, as you said you didn’t put in the time for WA last time, so what I recommend is restarting from the beginning since you can go back to WA anytime you want and redo the free training and just go through all the lessons, and then decide on the upgrade.

      Your questions and frustrations will be answered in that training and yes I can certainly help you with any questions from WA. About the hosting, you can host sites there for free (as a premium member), auto responders are optional, and the training and work to become successful online can be done without one, believe me.

      Domain names are free if you get the 2 in WA, but if you wish to buy them which is a more preferable feature, it is very cheap at about $14/year.

  114. I don’t have a web site. What are you really selling online to make money?

    All the ones I tried were scams and cost a lot of money down the drain. I do not blog or do facebook or any other social web sites. They are a waste of time. I do however buy for myself on line. Can you help me?

    • Hi Evelyn yes and in a way you have answered the question because you mentioned how you personally buy things online. Well so do a lot of people and many of them tend to buy similar things for similar circumstances.

      That’s what WA will teach you to do and give you a website to do it with, to help you sell to a specific crowd through that site.

  115. Hi!

    So before I start this, I want to be sure something works. I am an Independent Sales Rep for a company that provided me with an eStore. I bought a domain name to make it easier for potential customers to find me.

    I am still at a loss as to how this all really works. I have tried so many ways of getting my website out there (blacklist) and have only been successful in getting marketing calls. (Wish I would have never attempted that because my phone rings off the hook now.)

    I am not really sure what my question is lol. I guess what I am trying to figure out if my website would reach people.

    Sorry if this makes zero sense.


    • Hi Denise, actually your story does make a lot of sense and I think I figured out what’s going on. This eStore you speak of, is it for a physical company you work for? OR is it for an online company you found that set you up with this for a cost?

      If it is the other thing, I would say you may want to forget this site and start fresh in WA. I say this because lots of companies, like MLM programs and other types of scam sites tend to also provide these eStore businesses making people think they are hard to set up as well as making them hope that having this type of store will set them for life.

      However, as you’ll learn inside WA, making an eStore can be done easily, without a price tag as there’s literally FREE plugins you can install on your site that can get this up and running.

      Now the second part of your site blacklisted and getting calls is also familiar to me and it is also another reason I suggest moving away from the eStore and into WA for a fresh start.

      If the eStore is blacklisted, that word itself may mean it is blacklisted on websites and possibly search engines, meaning efforts to have the store rank on Google may already be in jeopardy and I would also consider setting up a new personal email account and forgetting this one as the emails will keep coming no matter how many you filter as junk.

      I know that on one hand this may be something that’s hard to accept since I imagine that you have big goals for your existing site, but at the same time, it is a good thing that you found this page and WA before you went further as now you have the right choice to change the direction you’re going in and become successful.

  116. Hey Vitaliy,

    I am in the travel business as a freelance travel consultant from my home. In this business 30+ years. A lot of my business is the music industry (travel for music groups, bands etc…).

    Unfortunately, I have lost my major account recently (passed away) so I am trying to supplement my income and get some new clients. I already have an up and running website which I would like to use but not sure how I can direct people to this website and promote myself.

    I also arrange business/corporate travel (not so interested in 3-4 days packages to Hawaii or Mexico…LOL) . Do you believe that WA can assist me or should I just choose a completely new field?


    • Hi Ron, yeah it totally can. I actually recently wrote about making your business in WA on a travel related niche topic. Although in that case, it was more related to the person traveling, recording their experiences and getting visitors to buy tickets from them to visit those same places, in your case, it can totally work as well since people do love to travel.

      If you can make your blog target locations people type up often and offer them discounts for it, I have no doubt your business can reignite and once again, yes, WA can totally help make this happen.

  117. I always find it interesting that when someone reviews a competitor and then plug their own program it is hard not to be skeptical!

    Vitaliy, I have a FB niche page and want to drive more traffic to the page as opposed to a website. Does WA teach this?

    • I totally understand Set, but when you know this business as deeply as I do, you’ll know how tremendously difficult it is to find a GOOD training program and I’m telling you, this is the place.

      As for FB training, absolutely. One of the top guys there recently did a 5 week video course on this. Strongly, strongly recommended if you’re into FB marketing.

          • Hi, Vitaliy!

            I have been dealing with chronic illness for over 35 years, and am interested in starting a blog about it or some sort of money making forum dealing with it. Is WA a good fit for me to do this?

          • Hi Gloria, the answer is yes! I am sorry to hear about your condition, but this can absolutely be made into a niche website. I will tell you this:

            A lot of people inside WA actually create niche websites based on personal battles they’ve fought, and most of those battles involve illnesses. Depending on the one you have, this can turn into a niche site where you tell others who have the same condition/s about how you deal with it and what helps you.

            Through this process, you will be able to help others with the same condition and promote products that also help you.

            Let me give you a personal example: I’ve had knee problems, so I actually started a niche site on this as through my years dealing with it, I learned how to alleviate it. Now through that page, I can share that knowledge with those who also go through that.

  118. Hello Vitaliy
    I have researched Many on-line business opportunities and have come across WA several times from several credible sources. I have an eBay account & sell old camera collection items, coins, other antique items I’ve had for many years and such.

    I have a couple questions.

    1: You mention SEO – not familiar with that, please explain.

    2: You mention Blogs – I’ve never written formally so not sure about that aspect.

    3: When you talk about niches does it have to be a single thing on a single web page? We have several interests that could be considered – I’m assuming we can sell others products on the web page or at least link to the sellers page.

    4: You mentioned the training for ‘making money’ is in the Premium Membership part.

    I’m an older retired disabled vet on a fixed limited income and want to earn some additional money on my computer. Could you please give me some advise on the above questions. I want to start a WA membership, just need a little advise. I’m thinking I should use a separate email address expressly for WA.

    One last question: My email is stacked everyday from ‘unknown’ addresses and names selling things. Not sure how it started but I mark everyone for the Spam folder. Is this the kind of email list I would be developing and sending?

    Thank you very much for your answers and help.


    • Hi Rick, here is the answer to all the questions:

      1) SEO is just a term to describe how to rank in Google and the best way to do it so when someone asks if you do or know SEO, they’re basically asking if you know ways to rank a site high there.

      2) In internet marketing like you learn in Wealthy Affiliate, blogging is more than just writing about your day, it’s a form of writing about a niche topic, connected with your personal experience that is aimed at getting other visitors to see it (SEO).

      So let’s say you were writing about old cameras that you mentioned selling, there is a niche crowd there that is interested in the different antiques that are out there and your blog as well as expertise would be informing them of the different types there are, as well as potentially selling it to them.

      3) A niche site itself can have a whole bunch of pages on it. Think about your antique cameras again, I’ll bet that there’s hundreds of old ones that you can talk about as well as other topics on where to get them, fix them, ect…, all things that combined together can equal to way more than a few 100 blog posts or pages.

      Now if you want to try another niche topic, you certainly can, but just use the same idea of the old cameras, except for whatever new niche topic you’re covering. It is best to sell one type of product on a niche site. Now that can be multiple products, like various different old cameras, but as long as it’s something that has to do with the topic, it’s fine.

      4) That is incorrect, the starter membership DOES teach how to make money online, and I think it’s around lesson 2 or 3, so you’ll get to it very quickly. Premium just adds way more tools, support and a bunch of other amazing training on top of the already awesome free stuff.

      5) This is about the emails. I take it you’ve probably been to other sites that talk about making money online and odds are they asked you to sign up to their email list and get all their “secrets” and what not.

      Well even doing that on one bad site can lead to the problem you’re having now. Basically your email was shared and/or whoever you signed up to is basically doing their best to sell you ANYTHING they can, aka, spamming.

      This is unfortunately a VERY common tactic in this business and it is VERY frowned upon by legitimate business people, including those in Wealthy Affiliate.

      So in short, no, you will not be doing that in WA. You will learn to build a legitimate online business that actually helps people.

      I hope this answered everything and thanks for checking it out!

  119. Hi,

    Is there an age requirement for this program?
    Also, is it best to make a website about a more common thing or something more unique?


    • Hi Alex, anyone can join the free program, but if you decide to get into affiliate marketing, many companies require that you are at least over 18 so you can sell for them. Studying this stuff in Wealthy Affiliate however is totally fine for any age.

      Regarding the website question, I assume you’re referring to a niche topic vs more broad topics, go with niches.

  120. Hello! I did sign up for the free site a few months ago, 3 or 4 months, but never did much with it because of being side tracked. I got back to this site and the student is ready to get down to serious business. Do I need to start over again or look for my original login? Not sure what email was used. It may have been a gmail account.

    • Hi Deborah, glad you’re wanting to rejoin. I would try to rejoin using your original log in. Play around with a few that you think you may have used to join back then as your original information is still in the WA system. They have ways to help you do it and if you run into problems, let me know.

      Regarding what happens when you do come back, it depends, if you did very little of the training and/or didn’t make a site, then I would recommend starting a new one and beginning from lesson 1 to refresh the whole thing. Sometimes that works better 🙂

  121. It never fails, whenever I am searching for a way to make money or researching on a potential business to see if it is legit, the person that always gives the negative review always has something they are doing at the end for people to join.

    How do I know your business is not a scam and you are the one making money?

    • Well Rene, because the site is free to join and there’s a whole bunch of members there that speak very positively, including those who also though the same way you did before joining.

      All I can tell you is that you should try the free membership. I only ask that once you do, that you let the other viewers of my site know what you think.

      I won’t tell you what to say, I would rather you come to the same conclusion so many happy members at WA already have 🙂

      • I wanted to start an online business in December of 2014 and within the first 4 months I had companies coming at me from all directions assuring me that they could make me a success and after, it all came crashing down om me I am in the hole, almost $26,000.00 and have no savings left and credit card debts I will never get rid of, and my checking is just staying above water.

        I even have a company that charged my $3,000.00 to recover my losses plus the money they charged me. That started 9 months ago and I am still trying to get them to fulfill their promises but they want converted statements that are virtually impossible to get. My website cost me $2,000.00 to start and I never got a single order even though I was cheaper than over 100 sites like it I found on line.

        • Yeah that’s a crazy story, but companies tend to try and swarm new businesses like yours Steve when they come up, but as you unfortunately saw, it turned out horrible.

          In Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll never have to go through this, what I said in this review about them and their services stands.

          But the thing is you will learn how to make your business work, but it’ll have to be done by you. I know that online businesses can generate incredible profits through WA’s help, but it does require work from you to make this done.

          Either way, I would recommend you stop by their site and learn a few things about SEO and online businesses so at the very least, even if you decide not to stay, you’ll know that if you get approached by another company making you big promises, there’s less chances you’ll step into their trap.

          At the very least, WA’s education will help you not get scammed again.

  122. How good is the training. I’m tired of sites claiming to provide excellent training only to find out I can’t reach a human being on the other end. Does this site provide detailed instructions from beginning to end?

    • It absolutely does Lisa, and you immediately have the chat, among other contact features to see how interactive this whole program is 🙂

  123. Love this program. This is the first time I ever got this far on a make money online site and actually know what I would be doing to make the money. Great site, easier to understand and get started than any site I’ve ever been on.

    • Indeed Cecilia! As I have also been around a lot of other programs that “claimed” it was easy to get started, they simply look like rocket science books compared to how simple WA has designed their training.

  124. Hi Vitaliy

    It looks very interesting but I want to know something….

    This works only in English? Or can you help people in Spanish too?

    Gustavo A.

    • In any website that has content in a different language, Google will rank it in the regions where people search for terms in the said language. So if you’re promoting something on a website where the content is Spanish, only people who type in Spanish terms that relate to your site’s content will see it.

  125. Vitaliy, I just joined as a premium member last night and the community is just awesome!! I felt very welcomed. Thank you for dropping and commenting on my profile, it was a very encouraging message. I looked around at the training and it’s very well organized and very thorough. Can’t wait to dig in.

  126. Nothing personal, but there are so many scams out there, you just have no idea what to believe. You seem very honest in your responses and I appreciate that. So I can join for free and keep that as long as I want? It always seems that there are hidden costs. I keep the two websites and the hosting is free forever, correct? Are there any upsells at all? Thank you

      • What about traffic and leads, etc. Everything I have looked into, there was no mention of how much money was going to be needed for that until you got the program. Being unfamiliar with online business, I didn’t know where to start with that and didn’t have the money to waste. That is why I am here, looking for an honest answer and business. Thank you.

        • Leads come after traffic comes to your site Greg and there’s 2 ways you learn to do it, the main way which is the free option, aka SEO. The programs you are probably talking about decided to upsell you a traffic package or something when you got their system which is a total scam. You will never get that in WA, you will learn it right away without having to purchase anything extra.

          • Sorry to keep asking questions and taking your time. How much time per week is necessary to do what needs to be done to be successful? And I ask per week because I teach and coach in high school and don’t have a lot of free time during the week by the time I get home. Thank you again

          • No problem Greg, your questions are totally fine and I’m happy to clarify: There are 2 parts to this answer:

            The first is how long it takes you to complete say 1 lesson in Wealthy Affiliate. I’d say on average, 1 lesson takes about 30 minutes at most to understand.

            Then the second part is doing what the lesson tells you to do in it’s tasks, this is where you’re taking the action. Now this really varies upon the niche you’re in, how you write and how often you can consistently keep doing that. If you can, then you can get results within a few months.

            Just remember, everything you’re doing on your site initially is only adding to the business long term so it’s not like you have to work consistently for years to make a few sales.

            Once you hit the point where the site is getting traffic, it’s going to keep going that way and if you keep working, it’s only going to increase so what I’m saying is at that point, you can technically relax and let the site do the work, but by that time, the business becomes really fun to take care of and you’re going to want to naturally make it bigger from there.

  127. Hello Vitaliy,

    Thank you so much for replying back to my response. It is nice to have someone like you to be so honest and interact with everyone’s questions and concerns, this is a first and I think it’s important to have people out there like you to go out of their way to help others become successful. That’s the kind of entrepreneur we all should be…

    Even though I have mentioned that I purchased this program by Adrian Morrison, he limits his students to only make money from Facebook and now looking around your site and reading different articles, there’s more ways than Facebook on how to make money online!

    Now, I do have a question or maybe a few more questions:

    Should I shut down my ecommerce business right now and focus on what WA has to offer? I haven’t really sold anything yet and it is a fairly new store, although I am doing paid ads to get traffic which sucks right now and somehow I feel WA may give me more valuable info on how to use other resources other than FB to increase traffic to my site without paying for them daily.

    I just somehow feel that I am wasting my money on paid FB ads now that I’ve stumbled upon this opportunity.

    Second question: Does WA offer ecommerce training as well if I want to keep my website and do affiliate marketing? Or do they offer just one way of doing online business?

    • Normally if people have an existing website or business, I tell them to hold onto it, and try a new one through WA and if they like it, to continue doing the WA one and/or to apply the knowledge to their original business. If your current FB project is not making any money, I would put it on pause for now.

      If you do not have an interest in the site you have other than it making money, I would also pause the work you’re doing for it and as I just mentioned, work on a new site inside WA.

      Now regarding the ecommerce, affiliate site and ecommerce sites can exist together, but generally I find that blogs tend to have a much easier time managing vs an ecommerce site and their rate or success + the speed at which they can become profitable is much faster.

      Finally there is a lot of diverse training on IM inside there including FB 🙂

  128. Good morning.
    I have an idea for a brick-and-mortar retail store, but I would first like to try it out with affiliate marketing, and I’d like to try WA. My question is will my intellectual property still be mine with WA? If I name my WA site the same name that I’d like to eventually use for my store(s), will that name still be mine?


    • Hi Julie, any domain name you create and any content you create on that domain is your property. As for the business you’d like to build, I think the topic you chose is good and WA will definitely be able to show you what to do with it.

  129. Wow! Its look likes amazing…

    1 – I have just two questions… you said that there is a A LOT of information in WA. is there a “step by step” to get started with all of lessons?

    2 – I’m from Brazil, do you think that I can put all your lessons in practice using popular products here, or will I need to use only products outside Brazil and focus on international audiences?

    • 1. Yes, it’s the official (main) course.

      2. You can actually do both. Your niche site can attract audiences worldwide and if you make a site that is specified with something that is only in Brazil, you will most likely get ranked for people who live there, but you can still attract outside audiences depending on the subject you choose.

  130. I followed your automatic edge review to your page here and wish to leave my comments here. I joined automatic edge a few days ago with skeptism because I too have done quite a few businesses/mlm’s that didn’t pan out. I spoke with my coach yesterday and was supposed to call today, which I did, but I was specific about the times I needed to call because of being at work and when I could talk on the phone. The coach did answer my calls which made me feel very frustrated, especially because he sent a text confirming he would be available at the next time I told him I could call.

    I don’t believe Matt Lloyd is a con or scam artist, but in doing some research because of your review on the company names switching, I am thinking automatic edge is a company capitalizing on Matt Lloyd’s business philosophy and there is definitely a pyramid scheme feel to it because there is no outright ‘this is the product we will teach you to set up and sell.’

    MOBE is Matt Lloyd’s personal business company. Not Automatic Edge.

    I don’t want to join a pyramid scheme. I don’t like the shady business practice they conduct. I intend to get a refund.

    You have piqued my interest with WA. I’m looking to supplement my income and am not drawn toward making millions. I sort of fell into the idea of Internet marketing because of finding the one site that leads you into the Automatic Edge business.

    You seem like someone who can be honest and who I’d like to ask a few questions to. If you are willing, please email me.

    • Automatic Edge is an affiliate of Matt Lloyd’s Sarah, but I will email you regarding WA, it is a much better program.

  131. Your review is spot on and I enjoyed reading it.

    Being a member there myself going on 6 years I have to agree with your recommendation, it really can be done by anybody who can follow the training. being step by step makes it a no brainer! I have not found a program that can even pretend to compare with this one, thanks for the read!


    • And thank you for the comment Shawn. We’ve always spoken a lot inside WA and it’s great to see you’ve been there for so long. I’m approaching a decade soon and I couldn’t be happier with how much they have evolved and continue to grow.

  132. Hello Vitaliy. I find it nothing short of refreshing that you come right out and let us all know that Wealthy Affiliate is a process, and not a get rich quick scheme.

    I’ve been reading a little about affiliate marketing. The more I learn, the more I like the idea of it over say an ecommerce website with a store.

    I am surprised to hear that you make that much a month. Is that all with one website? How long did it take you to get to that point. These are all questions I’m sure you get all the time, but please do tell it at least once more? Thanks. Geoff.

    • Hi Geoff, the screenshots I posted were from 2 affiliate sites I have. For the one which provides the bigger checks, it grew to that point which you see now, but I’d say it took a little less than a year before sales hit several thousand a month.

  133. I started using Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and have been amazing at how much I was able to accomplish in just a few short months. Before I joined there is no way I would have ever thought I would have a fully operational website that has the potential to make money. I’m still working on fine-tuning my site in order to make my first sale but I know with the training that Wealthy Affiliate has given me it is just a matter of time.

    • You absolutely will Nate. A lot of people go straight into trying to sell something without really setting up the site properly to be spotted by Google.

      With WA, you set up your site like a house, starting from the foundation, which is what the starter training takes you through and then through the next lessons build it up, so it stands against everything and makes you every prosperous. That’s the right series of steps to take in business and WA is spot on in this.

  134. I am pretty convinced as you have answered all of my questions before I got to the end of your review. According to what I read this seems by far the best educational platform. Is it that simple to get started inside? also, how much can anyone earn with this type of marketing? is there any limit?

    Thank you very much, I really want to start earning money online too.


    • Hi Alexey. Yeah, it’s very easy to begin in WA when you sign up (which is also easy). I have found that there’s no limit to how much your site can make once you follow WA’s training!

  135. Nice review and apparently honest. How many lessons are in the free version and is it enough to get you up and running? Do most people eventually join the paying program? There appears to be many more lessons for the $47 per month. True? Thanks so much.

    Ted Lacy

    • Hi, there are 20 main lessons and over a 100 other free lessons available that are made by members. It is definitely enough to get started. I would say about half the people join premium and yes there are many more lessons available there too, including awesome webinars!

  136. So, 6 years and you are making $4000/month. Now, let’s be realistic here. If you are not qualified to make that claim, it should not be made. After 6 years, in my conservative opinion, “limitless” is considerably more than 4k/m.
    Please pontificate, as I am not convinced.

    • Hi Paul, the years in WA were not just spent on one site, it was spent on different ones and some of them made me over $100k in a year thanks to their training. If you visit the case studies above I put up, you’ll find this.

      The image you see above is an example of just one site I have used to exemplify the results of WA.

  137. Hello, quick question. What is the difference between WA and Source Wave? Both of these programs sound the same. Does WA teach how to sell on Amazon, e-commerce,shopify, etc…

    • Source Wave is a brand from what I remember built by a man named Alex Becker. He has many products which range from being cheap to very expensive. In Wealthy Affiliate, you get the best knowledge and yes it will teach you about all those networks and doing e-commerce sites as well.

  138. I have a website that is already registering something like 200 unique visitors per day but is not making any money. If I join WA do I have to transfer that to the WA hosting plan? Would it make a difference if I don’t, meaning I retain the current hosting plan but apply WA training in making the website profitable?

    • Hi Jimmy, you don’t have to transfer your site to WA’s hosting unless you become premium and decide to want to get the free hosting, then I’d recommend it, but you can use the training for the site either way.

  139. I am now a Premium member because of this recommendation, and everything you said was true. Wealthy Affiliate is a huge step up from SBI.

  140. Hi, thanks for your reply, I forgot to add is two hours per day an acceptable amount to spend on Wealthy Affiliate per day to build it?

    How does it compare to doing online surveys? I did this for a few weeks and found it extremely boring.

    • I think that’s good enough Michael. Online surveys pay very little and get you nowhere, so obviously, big difference compared to WA 🙂

      • Thanks for your response:

        1. Even if you do not know a niche for your business can Wealthy Affilate help you come up with one?

        2. Do you need to register it as a business so you pay income tax etc?

        3. Finally out of the member range in WA is the success range very large between the members?

        • 1. Yeah, WA’s community and training will definitely help you pick out a niche.

          2. Until your business starts making money, I would not worry about this part.

          3. People who follow the training have a VERY good success rate.

          • Hi thanks for your response, do you have to make significant investments in your business in order to scale it up? I.e like web hosting, etc…

          • It may come to that point depending on the website’s success. For example, you may decide to start doing paid ads, paying people to write your content, and buying other things to accommodate the rise of your site. The web hosting in WA is free though.

          • Hello Vitaliy,

            Not too long ago I purchased a program called Ecom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison. Do you know anything about this guy and his program?

            The reason I ask is because although it is a legitimate program (I guess? I feel a bit ashamed at the fact that I may have been scammed because he over promised), I feel that it is outdated techniques that I am using in ecommerce for the price I sacrificed to pay for. And the reason I feel that it is outdated is because everyone is already doing everything that he teaches me to do.

            But it’s no longer a secret because everyone is doing it and that terrifies me. I fear the extreme competitiveness of the online market. Is there high competition doing what WA would teach me? Are too many people doing this? Are they up-to-date with the current online market? I really need to know before I get started, I am very hesitant. Thank You.

          • Hi Shana, I believe I may have done a review or two on Adrian’s programs, but the one you mentioned is not one of them. But I do thank you for mentioning it because now I have an extra program to check out. Regarding the ones I did check out by him, I didn’t find them to be great and did not recommend them.

            Now regarding the competitiveness question, it an exaggerated illusion. There are endless niches you can work with and even the most “competitive ones” have more than one way to overcome them. I even wrote about this because there are actually many people who also get worried when they hear about competitive markets. Trust me, if you follow the teachings inside Wealthy Affiliate, you’re going to do great and I would love to help you.

            Finally regarding the other message you posted about the ranking, honestly, this program has become so good and continues to improve that a perfect 10 is probably more than suitable at this point.

  141. Vitaliy, I’ve been toying with joining for some time now, but I have two questions. First, how long does it take to go through all the training you get with the starter membership? I have a busy few weeks coming up, and I want to make sure I have enough time to take it all in.

    Second, can a username be changed, and does the username show up on the sites you make? I have a real name and a pen name, and I might want to have affiliate businesses under both.



    • Hi Beth, with a maximum of 20 lessons in starter, how long it’ll take you to go through it will depend on your experience and ability to comprehend the lessons. I would say to go through all the lessons thoroughly since you have unlimited access to it 🙂

  142. Hello,
    I have been reading the comments of others. I have been in the coin op business for many years. I would like to reach folks initially within an hour drive time to fix their Juke Boxes, Pin Ball Machines and Arcade Games in their homes or business as well as inform them on how to DIY. The could text or email photos of things to be repaired or replaced. I want to sell them either services and parts and equipment. I want to give the customer options and be able to charge by way of PayPal or direct deposit to my bank account. Will WA teach me all this and more? How will I get top place in search engines like google and others. Will certain buzz words direct them to me locally?.

    • Hi Harry yes it will. In fact, I think you can build a site on this topic that targets local clients and people around the world. As for reaching top positions, yes you will also learn that from WA. In fact, there are a lot of webinars on the site dedicated to local marketing.

  143. Hi, is it still possible to make money with Wealthy Affilate in 2016 since it will be much more common now thanks?

    • Hi Michael, yes, the training still works. In fact, most programs still don’t keep up with the training from WA.

  144. Hi am absolutely a novice in this online business thing but very interested in learning it and making money doing it. My question is:

    1) Please clarify…It entails creating a website, choosing a niche, posting links connecting to a vendor site concerning the niche. If any person buys from the vendor through the link I posted, I get a commission from that purchase?

    A) Can that one website promote other ideas other than d niche idea?
    B) Can one put up items for sale in such sites as well?
    C) Do you think a niche in crafts will do well in this?
    D) About what percentage of the sale of a product comes to me?

    2) Does this entail registering a company?
    3) Is what WA does the same thing that click bank does?
    4) Is it WA that pays me or the company who sold the product to my referral?
    5) Is there a restriction on the number of companies you promote products from? Must they be endorsed by WA?

    • Hi Rita:

      1) Correct.

      A) Yes, but every niche site should ideally promote products within that topic.
      B) Yes you can sell your own products through you niche site.
      C) It’s very broad. Wealthy Affiliate will help you make the best choice.
      D) Every affiliate program pays differently.

      2) You have to register with any affiliate company you plan on promoting for. If you are talking about starting a company, you can do that too.

      3) Both WA and Clickbank offer an affiliate program. WA provides one while Clickbank provides a lot, but WA has training you can use to promote Clickbank products too.

      4) If you promote WA, then they pay you, if you work for another company and make them sales, that company will pay you.

      5) No restrictions. You can be registered with many different places and promote as many products as you like. They don’t have to be endorsed by WA but they do show the most honest ones to work with.

  145. Hi Ernie, I’ve never said that every program is a scam but WA. There are good programs and I have reviewed and properly rated them as well as recommended them. Unfortunately, there are FAR more bad ones than good which is why most of the time when you read my reviews, most of them will be bad.

    I’ve just developed very high standards for internet marketing products after seeing what a great program is with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • I need to supplement my income due to job loss and taking a big cut in pay. I am not looking to get rich, just help my family. Can this really help me? Also my daughter is interested is there an age requirement?

      • Hi Jim, yes this can help you, but begin with a regular free membership for now. As for age, anyone can register with WA, but if you’re going to sell anything online via affiliate programs, there are age limits.

  146. How do you get paid for the efforts set forth? Do you need a pay pal account? Or do you get paid by Check or Direct Deposit?

    • It can be all of these options Dawn. Often times certain affiliate programs which pay you will require you only have one of those things.

      • My next questions:

        1. Do you need any special license or documentation?
        2. Are State Taxes taken out of the pay received?
        3. Is it pay as you go or someone orders or Weekly pay?

        I’m just asking I have been burned in other programs.

        • I understand Dawn:

          1. For joining affiliate programs? Generally no, but some do require that you show them some kind of website and give them stats on it.

          2. That you will have to do through an accountant or personally. Different states/countries vary with tax laws but whatever you make will be sent to you as a check which you will then have to report on your own.

          3. I don’t understand the first part of your question, but if you’re part of a membership site, then you pay monthly, but if you’re part of an affiliate program, you will generally not have to pay any fees. Weekly pay also depends on the affiliate program. Some pay weekly, some bi-weekly and others every month.

  147. Hey Vitaliy,

    I have read your review and read most of the comments as well and I must say that I am very impressed with WA so far. However, I do have a couple of questions:

    1) Will this indeed work with any niche? For example I have two major niches that I am passionate about…. #1 is the making money from home niche (the problem with this one is that I haven’t made any money with it yet so ethically I feel as though I cannot promote this until I start making money myself). And #2 is the Spirituality/New Age niche (which I have always heard should be free since that niche should not be exploited ie real spiritual knowledge should be free).

    2) I have always heard that the money is in the list: The problem is that building a list can take months even years to build, I don’t have that long. So my question is: Can I buy traffic (Not Leads but genuine traffic to my site) and if so how much time do you think that it would take me to start making a decent amount of money?

    The reason why I ask this for is because you said that if I follow the WA program that I could start seeing results in 4-6 months. The problem is that I am currently unemployed, and I am having a hard time finding work and if I don’t start making some money soon, like within 3 weeks I am facing homelessness and starvation. This is unacceptable to me, but I honestly don’t know what else to do. I can buy traffic real cheap on Fiverr. But I have tried that before with other products that I was trying to promote and I haven’t made anything, so I am not sure if this is going to work either. (Traffic don’t pay the bills or put food on the table.)

    Thanks for your time,

    • Hi David:

      1) Yes, any niche site can make money including the topics you mentioned.

      2) It’s not always necessary to have a list David, but for buying traffic, only PPC works for me.

      Now as for the situation you mentioned, until it’s better, I do not recommend you put any money into ads or internet marketing. But you can join WA’s starter option.

  148. I’ve spent about an hour or so going through some of the comments and your replies on this page, and the info is valuable. I have some concerns about building a business with the proper foundations and longevity of it all. I know that results are dependent upon efforts and consistency in making it work, so on this side of it all, I do not know how much time would be required to create the kind of money I need to earn and I am in a bad place financially right now, so immediate earnings are very important.

    Just thinking out loud. I love motivation and maintaining the proper mindsets throughout life’s situations and would like to move in that direction and I do have some other ideas too. So, is this a continuous upsale promotion as an affiliate, because I know the importance of auto responders and other marketing programs to make the level of income more feasible.

    Having said that, what amount of money should I plan on putting into these kinds of programs, and do you offer those as an affiliate marketer and could I also do the same? Before I move on this, I have to make the commitment to invest my time, which is all that I have at this time, but as time produces income, I would like to know an average of how much money needs to be invested in order to create the complete business system to earn 6 figures and upward. You have provided great responses to all the ones I have read, and if you need to email me on this, please do. You also have permission to edit this, just in case I have been too lengthy, LOL! Thanks!

    • Hi Lester, I’d like to first address the points you made before you asked the questions and that was about building a good business, but you also said you wanted to do it quickly. In most cases, you cannot start and build a quality business that pays for years and have it all done in days for example.
      That level has to be achieved through putting in the work especially when you first start. When your business begins to make money on it’s own which typically takes months, then you can make or add new changes and see more immediate results take place.

      For example, when you first build a website, it won’t have traffic until you build out enough content and that’s wheat you’ll be focused on mostly and every step is explained in Wealthy Affiliate with support to help you if you get stuck.

      But when the website does reach a point where say you’re getting 200 visitors a day, you can make changes to the website that affect those daily visitors and see almost immediate results. You can change what you promote. You can change banners. You can start list building, ect…, but these tests and their results will come when the website reaches that level. You cannot reach that level right away on a new site unless you pay for traffic.

      Now onto the autoresponder question, it won’t be an “essential” component of your business all the time. For example in some promotions, if you funnel visitors to a website and their sign up to the autoresponder there, they will be taken through a sales process without you having to do it and if they buy it, you will be given the commission regardless of when the sale happens. In some promotional funnels, having an autoresponder can be a bit redundant.

      You will have to decide on that based on your niche, but the good news is that you DON’T need to worry about it because with Wealthy Affiliate’s training, your online business is built with a sort of “insurance policy” in that you are learning to get a lot of free traffic to your website. Where you decide to funnel that traffic to be it a list, a free ebook you write or straight to a promotion will come later. The focus for anyone who wishes to make a successful online business isn’t the promotion, it’s the actual building of the business which is where the main focus of WA is (promotions too).

      And finally for the amount of money to be put in, it depends so I’ll give you the cheapest to the most realistic:

      Option 1: Free signup with WA and use their free sites. The cost is $0.

      Option 2: Sign up for free, and if you’re very serious, go into the premium membership and buy your own website. Cost: $47/month + $13.99/year for the domain and use the keyword tool in WA for free.

      Option 3: Exact same option as 2, but there is an outside keyword tool developed by WA which is also free, but eventually costs $19/month.

      I’d go with option 2, but don’t decide on that until you start for free and see what time of commitments may be required and if that’s something you’d be very interested in.

  149. Hi Vitaliy, I have a few questions. If I go to a premium membership then I get out how come I have to move my hosting what if I have nowhere to move it to what will happen if I just leave it there. Next question. Can I just promote somebody’s product to make a commission and not have any thing to do with shipping or having any products?

    • Hi Mike, hosting takes space and servers which is why premium members get the ability to use them for free. If you leave WA, that space has to go to the next member. Starter members also get space but for 2 websites and if they leave, in those cases, they keep the hosting for just those 2 sites. You do have 30 days to move any personal websites you host with WA.

      As for earning without owning the product or worrying about shipping, you can totally do that through affiliate marketing 🙂

  150. I want to do pastoral counseling online for a donation fee that would support a non-profit religious missions ministry I’ve incorporated. I also would like to solicit funds from businesses and individuals who are needing a tax write off for donating to a non-profit. Is this something that would work through WA? Or do you have a better suggestions for me to channel this passion?

    • WA would work with both of these ideas. We do have members who work in niches dealing with religious topics and they too accept donations.

  151. Hi Vitaliy, I have just read your story here. Impressive indeed, you are surely one of Wealthy Affiliate success stories. I know that there are more like you, but my impression is not too many. Of course all what you write here is true and indeed support as you rightly write is amazing.

    Your graph with the traffic is impressive. I wonder what the magic limit is when it really becomes a sustainable business.

    I myself am struggling with the traffic, it is growing steadily but enormously slowly. Frankly, sometimes I think it will never be good enough. Thank you in any case, you are one of sources of inspiration for many at WA.

    • Hi Jovo, thank you, I do want to say there is no real limit to how many visitors you need to make the website a sustainable business. The more you get the better, but that magic limit you’re talking about varies. In my case, I would say when I received 200 visits or more a day, it started feeling that way. For other websites, if it’s targeted enough, even having a few visitors with the proper promotion that pays well can equate to a fully sustaining business.

  152. Hi Vitaliy, I sat ana read all your post on this page for about 4 hours, my concern is, that I don’t know much about internet or affiliate marketing, and have just decided to venture into this market. I only know basic computer functions, I am trying to learn a bit more, since I’ve found that I am interested in making money using this platform.

    • Hi Tammy, most people who join WA also have similar experiences and in many cases, way less, however the training in WA is as I said, geared to help you understand everything 🙂

  153. Vitaliy,

    I have been reading the questions and comments above for about a week and appreciate the questions as well as the clarity of the answers..very succinct and informative. I wouldn’t have known to ask most of these questions so thanks to everyone!

    An additional question I do have which was raised in reference to the 30 day period in which to move hosting to a new provider, is there a fee to WA to do that and what happens to a site if someone fails to move the hosting in that time period? (I guess that was 2 questions).

    • Hi, there is NO fee to move your hosting from WA because it is free there. However, other hosting providers outside WA have their own prices. I do believe WA still holds onto the FTP files for a few more months if you don’t move it anywhere in 30 days so it offers you more time to act, but really, with all the things you get in WA, I find a lot of people join it just to get the hosting. They keep it free for premium members.

      • Vitaliy
        Well, I just can’t think of any reason not try this opportunity. It certainly seems to offer a low risk way to create and launch a home business with tremendous support along the way.

        I’m ready to take that first step, and am open to the experiences and knowledge I gain along the way…

        Thank you for being so generous in all your responses!

  154. Hi, I hope this is still something you are helping with. I need some sort of income to help supplement my household but I only have a few months to try and get it put together. I am willing to put a lot of work and time into this since I’m unable to physically work. I like the sound of this but I’m cautious on if it’s a realistic way to make some money. If possible I’d really appreciate an email. Thank you

    • Hi Lindsey, a few months is usually the time it takes for most websites with active work to become seen and start monetizing. There are a lot of people I know of who are also in similar situations for whom work online like this fits just right. I will email you as well 🙂

    • Yes, even though I don’t really like anything that’s MLM, it can be used to promote it. However, I do ask that you really investigate MLM programs before promoting them to other people.

      • Free for “most” of the products? I’m in the same boat as Lindsey. I have to make money, there is no other option. I understand you can not gaurantee anything. So just hypothetically if you join the program follow their instructions truly invest yourself, what type of monthly income could possibly be made?

        • Hi Heather, while I get this question a lot, the answer is always different because it depends on the person, how often and how hard they work, but I know you need some specific numbers or a range. I would say it’s COMMON to see several $100’s and even $1,000’s every month for most people who really work hard on their business.

          As you may have seen from my screenshots above, this is what you could be making on one or more niche websites. However, I also have case studies where I have made 6 figures doing the exact same things.

          But that was in my case. Most people do not succeed at this business because they simply do not want to work for it. Those who do will make 3-6 and possibly even bigger digit incomes. The point is that in this business, it’s all possible. Wealthy Affiliate has the keys to unlock this.

  155. Hello Vitaly,
    Forgive my skepticism, but are you being paid for promoting Wealthy Affiliate? How soon does one start making money. I like many others have been burned regarding online businesses. I don’t like deceit or twisted information. So, I am trying to understand everything.


    • I do promote WA Debra, but I do it because I have built an entire business upon what I learned from them and I know it can do the same for anyone. But I do also help any member who asks me. For time frames, as I said, up to several months.

  156. I am a designer so much interested in painting and photography, for a long time I have been looking for making money online but in vain. I came across this guy Walter Green but as I was being very continuous on the reviews I found out about you and about WA, it seems legit.

    1. When you register and do all the necessary does it mean you can earn cash without going to premium?
    2. I am Kenyan based in Tanzania, can I join WA and make money through paintings?
    3. If I have a few paintings in stock for myself how I am I gonna get more to my stock and how?

    • Hi Patrick:

      1. Yes.
      2. Yes for your location and yes for the painting question.
      3. I’m not sure how you get paintings in stock, but if you have a painting niche site and it gets visitors and money, you can use that to buy more painting to sell, as well as your own.

  157. Have been looking for ways to make money on the internet. I am very glad to have found your review and after reading the reviews on this page am so glad to have found this. I am new to this BUT very eager to learn and succeed.

    • No worries Vickie, I was also new when I joined, as are 99% of all members who come there too. You’re going to be fine and the training is designed for that beginner level, and at the same time, the results are that of an expert!

  158. Hi Vitaliy,

    Great review. I have already joined the starter membership but have not acted on it yet. Your review is inspiring me to finally get going. I am really short on cash so my questions below center around trying to do this with minimum investment at first. If my questions are too long you can email me your responses. Thanks in advance!

    1. What exactly does the Affiliate Bootcamp entail and how does it compare to having your own niche website?

    2. What do you think of the idea of doing a niche review website where all i do is review affiliate products with minimum general articles. Can this make good money? I’m not sure I have enough passion (or any) for any particular niche.

    3. In general, what type of sites are most lucrative in the long run?

    4. How long can one make it just on starter before going premium? Can i build up business to point where am making enough to invest in premium monthly fee? Do you actually know of anyone who has made good money just with the starter membership?

    5. Once I can afford to go Premium, is that all I will need going forward to succeed? Example 1: Is their free website/hosting enough (no limit to scaling up, all required plug ins etc) compared to having own domain?

    Example 2: Are there some services I’ll need to purchase outside of Wealthy Affiliate like auto responder services?

    6. I have heard that for SEO, content is very important: will I get faster results outsourcing article writing so that i can get to afford premium sooner? (obviously if i get quality article writer for less than $45 a month). My concern is (as indicated earlier) that I just don’t have enough passion for any particular niche to be able to be inspired or have enough knowledge to write lots of content. I’m just a hard worker in general who is keen on achieving financial freedom for my family.


    • Hi Rita, let me answer all of those questions right here in case others are also interested in similar things:

      1. Affiliate bootcamp is all about promoting programs in the make money online niche. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can promote the program itself or use the training to promote others like it. Vs other niche topics that you can pick out and follow the Certification Courses with, this one is already chosen for you.

      2. I think this is a good idea, but I believe any site which reviews a lot of products needs to have the author whose writing about it have a position people can trust. I often run into people who always promote anything they can and this is wrong. It shows the audience that you don’t care about what’s good for them. That’s why if you decide to do this, be careful and make sure to review even bad products. When people see that you don’t just promote everything and have a reason for recommending things, it creates more trust.

      3. Honestly, anything that is a niche. Obviously anything related to money, being healthy and I would say dating or love are massive markets, though competitive. You should enter niches within these topics ONLY if you understand them. I would NEVER tell anyone who has no experience in the make money online niche to start a site on it only because it has “potential”.

      4. The answer varies. You are given a lot of benefits for 7 days, but even after, you can still re-take the lessons and visit the site. You can certainly wait on the starter and see where it goes and I have seen people make it with just that. How long also varies a lot on the person and their niche choice.

      5. I would say yes it is enough, in terms of education, help and resources that you get. Being able to communicate with a knowledgeable community is so rare these days and luckily WA has that. For the hosting, yeah if you plan on buying a lot of domain names, utilizing that free hosting would be equal savings.

      For the outside purchases outside WA, if you’re talking about resources to succeed, I would say no. The only thing they optionally offer is a keyword tool which is awesome, but they also have one built in on their site you can use as a premium member. For autoresponders, the answer is that it’s optional. You are not required to buy any of these things.

      6. If you have money to invest in article writers, then I’d say don’t do it yet and go premium instead. Get ALL the knowledge you possibly can from WA and use it for your website. When it begins to make money, then find someone. For $45/month, I don’t think you’ll find any good writers and it’s risky. Go with premium first, become knowledgeable in the field and when the time comes, you’ll be able to make your own decision on whether or not to hire people to write for you.

      And another thing is that MANY people feel they don’t know what to write about. But when you do the training, I am sure you’ll have plenty of ideas and flowing!

  159. You mentioned there’s an option for premium program $47/month. Can I sign up for just one month or do I need to commit the whole program?

    • Yes you can do this Des. Committing to the program depends on what your goals are. There’s people there who do come for a month or even a few, then get what they want and decide to do something else. We also have members who have been there for many years. There’s a lot of benefits and savings (free hosting) of being a premium member. I recommend you begin with the starter though 🙂

  160. I’m a young stay at home mom of two girls. My husband has a great job so I’m looking for a honest, dependable, flexible way to make some extra money from home. I know there are ways to make money online at home, but I just don’t know how to get from here to there. To say I’m nervous and skeptical would be a huge understatement!

    Just a few questions…

    I really don’t know how to make money online or through a website. It sounds like WA teaches me how to create a website about something I’m interested in (my niche) and then I put links to things people can buy about that niche and then if people buys those things then I get some of the profit? I’m nervous to start something and become a middleman/salesman where the only way I get any money is hoping someone will buy the things I post. Is that what I would be doing? Maybe an email would be better?

    I’m also a little confused about the 7 day trial period. So I have 7 days where I can ask people any questions I want and WA teaches me how to create 2 free websites. What happens after those 7 days are up? I need to either decide to become a premium member or what? After I become a premium member I pay $47/month forever or do I ever stop paying that monthly payment?

    Thank you for your review and help!

    • Hi Brittany, I will answer all of those questions, but first I’d like to quickly talk about the nervousness you’re feeling. It’s completely normal, trust me 🙂 anything new we start in life always comes with skepticism, confusion and doubts about where it will lead. Internet marketing and starting a business in this field is no different. I remember how nervous I was when I started getting into this and always wondering if it would ever lead to anything.

      Having gone through these experiences, I can tell you that they will pass as you try it more and more and you may find that it becomes very fun and addicting to be involved with this stuff! I think of WA as a parent in this regard because they really did lead me into this comfort level and stability. I feel very comfortable being a part of this place and I’m sure you will too.

      Now as for the questions you asked, what you said about the websites, putting up links is right. The part about being nervous as a middleman is also normal to feel. But think of affiliate marketing as a conversation you are having with friends that have similar interests. You often tell them of things you bought, liked, didn’t like and you engage them in a discussion about this. This is basically what you’re also doing on your website.

      When you mentioned about emails, I think you meant list building. If that’s the case, then with your site, you are totally free to take it in that direction if you desire. Your site is your business and you are the boss. Some people prefer doing only affiliate marketing, while others prefer to collect lists and email leads. You have a whole bunch of ways you can go and WA will give you the best education and help you decide on that. Also you are always free to test different methods on your site as well. No one says you have to start and stick to any one thing. It can start with one thing, move into a different idea and you can stick to what’s bringing in the best results.

      For the 7 day question, the only thing that will be unavailable is the chat, lesson access and website access is still available forever. Premium costs are also charged monthly and you can stop them anytime.

      • Just a quick question. Do you automatically start earning money when google realizes you are getting a lot of traffic and are posting good quality content? Or do you have to apply for the payment?

        • Not quite Luke. What Google does do is give your website higher positions which lead to much more traffic. That traffic can be leveraged to make money. The money can be made via different things: Selling programs as an affiliate or as a vendor, running ads on the page (Google also offers a service called Adsense which does this) and things like email building.

  161. I’m from the U.K. and I’m wondering if I have to pay a fee as I’m not in the U.S. I like the idea of WA. I am retired but could do with cash to supplement my pension. I have a couple of ideas running around in my head but being a novice at this I would like to be put on the right track. Can you email me back to discuss them with you please?

    • Hi Malcolm, I’ve emailed you, but for your main question, there is NO extra fee if you’re not in the U.S. The free and premium membership are all the same.

    • Yes. Link posting is the same as posting affiliate links Pam. You’ll have to do that on your website if you want it to make money.

    • You can definitely navigate the entire website, lessons and participate in chat that way Sabrina, but when you do the actual editing of your website, it’s way easier to do it through a computer.

  162. What if I don’t have any specific interests/hobbies or any experience/training in marketing and business? I am interested in the idea of making money online, but would I be good for WA? I have no skills in this, but can I work for other companies on WA and make money that way? If I did this part time from home, would it even be worth the trouble? Thank you,


    • I think you’d be very well suited for WA’s training Jack but you can always see if that’s the case by just trying the lessons within the free membership. Before you reach the end of that training, you’ll know if this is your thing but believe me, very often people do not have a niche they like and in those cases, there’s usually 2 things that happen:

      A) They do the training and realize they really do have a niche.

      B) If they still don’t have an option, WA gives them plenty of choices to connect with anyway, so in the process of following this, that may become their main business or it can lead into one.

  163. Like many, I have been scammed with make money online sites. I came across yours and it seems legit. But I have a question. I am writing my dissertation for my Naturopathic Doctor degree (holistic health). I see from reading the comments there are links to sell products (vitamins, etc.) but is there any way to also do consultations from these websites and make money doing it before I try this?

    • Absolutely there is Judy! It’s actually one of the many ways you can monetize your site. There are many who make their site and instead of selling affiliate products, have their own expertise they want to help people with, including holistic health. You can make this happen by offering consultations over the internet with people who visit your page. I actually have a future site I intend to make with this exact idea.

      • Hi vitality it’s overwhelming trying to keep up with all these questions. So let me ask a few, I’d like to just jump into things but I have no experience with selling at all so tell me can you help me with finding stuff to sell and getting step-by-step instructions with everything? And also if I paid a premium cost and start making a lot of money, can you just cancel it and go on your own?

        • Hi William for your first question, the answer is a full YES 🙂 As I said in the review, you do get step-by-step directions and you will be shown where to find things to sell on your site and how to sell it properly.

          Regarding premium, yes you’re absolutely free to go on your own if your business becomes successful. WA will never bound you to their services. The thing I have found though is that members love this place a lot and they stay even when they become successful.

          Plus there’s also very big cost savings involved if you host multiple websites through WA, which is free through premium. Add to that, the fact that you can get professional help on your site from experts 24-7 and the community, I think you’ll really enjoy it there.

  164. Hi Vitaliy
    Sorry to bother you, I’m from the UK and just came across your reviews on The Automatic Edge Program. I’ve just signed up to them and paid the joining few, about £70 in UK currency. I’ve only done step 1 and starting on step 2. After reading your review about automatic edge I think I’ve wasted my money.


    • Hi Melvin, believe me, you are not wasting my time. However, I have looked through the reviews I’ve done and it doesn’t look like I’ve reviewed the one you mentioned yet. But either way, it’s good that you landed on this page that reviews Wealthy Affiliate because it is the best.

  165. Do you think I can start using my phone or do you recommend using a computer? I’m so excited to get started! But I do not have a computer.

    • Hi! Vitaliy, I read a lot of positive reviews of Wealthy affiliate. I’m very thankful to God because after all those scattered scam schemes, there is still a legit online business. This sounds interesting because I’m so tired of joining those other scammy online business. I’m a current travel agent who has a website under the travel business, and I want to inquire if WA can help me with my online business. Thank you, God bless you!

      • Hi Marites, yes it can. Head over to the site, read about the training and let me know if you need help. I know of several members who are also into the traveling niche and were or are current travel agents. Just know that you can build your own business outside the travel agency.

  166. Hi Vitaliy
    Thank you for sharing. I have been searching on internet marketing for guide/help. As my computer/internet knowledge is very weak. I do not know which website that I can trust.
    After reading your blog. I have decided to join WA joined the free membership. Just completed registration. Can I seek your assistance whenever I need help?

    Have a question. Who will send us checks? Does payment come from WA or otherwise? Appreciate your reply.

    • Hi Nance, of course you can get my help. Let me know your question either on my site or through WA, I’ll always help out. As for checks, it depends on which company you register with to make money for. If for example, you register with Clickbank, promote products from that company and make money that way, they would send you out the check.

  167. I have been working on my web site and updating a blog weekly, but just haven’t figured out getting my business to monetize. If I already have my site, hosting, and an autoresponder service can you help me? Thanks – this does sound good!

    • Hi Eric, yes. There are a lot of people who join WA’s starter membership because they already have a blog or are trying to set up a list that need help with the monetizing part. Check out the lessons in WA first to give you an idea of how a niche business should be set up and then if you have any questions, let us know. I’ll also help 🙂