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I put this page up to show of my successful online marketing campaigns. This isn’t meant to show off, but to let you guys know it is possible to make a lot of money through the internet. I’ve made nearly $500,000 throughout my 7 years in the online marketing world and a lot of the sites from which this money came from will be explained below.

A lot of people who put up websites on how to make money online only talk the talk but never have any proof behind their words. I would like to mention all of what I learned was through my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. They gave me the tools and training to make these successful sites.

Before I get into them, I want to help you guys understand 1 very important thing about internet marketing: Not every site you make it going to make a killing, but the ones that do can make you so much that you will be able to quit your job. The important thing about making it in this business is to keep learning from your mistakes, utilizing proper guidance (get the guidance here), and taking action!

Never stick too long to a campaign that you see isn’t going anywhere. I’ve had plenty of sites which I had high hopes for fail miserably and instead of dropping it cold turkey, I kept holding onto the hope it would work. That was a waste of time and money. Some campaigns do require time to work, but if you see after a month nothing is happening, maybe it’s time to move on.

Case Study 1: Utilizing Popular Movies To Make Money

A popular movie trilogy called the Bourne Identity, Supremacy & Ultimatum came out a few years back. One of the most popular aspects of the movies was the fact that the main character Jason Bourne fought so well. He introduced a fight style into the movies that had never been seen before and revolutionized movie fight scenes since.

In fact the Bond movies which featured Daniel Craig also implemented them in order to keep up with the popularity of the Bourne franchise. However, no body really knew what the fight style of Bourne was and flocked to the internet to find it, yet there only existed massive speculation and no clear answers.

I discovered the answer and set up a website called The website to this day receives massive traffic daily. On some days this site gets close to 400 visitors a day and this is all free traffic. I collect an email list from that website to anyone who signs up and give them a training guide and sell them martial arts equipment. 

I also work with a martial arts school which specializes in the same exact fight style Bourne uses and we are planning on launching DVD series to sell to the email list. The success of this site is all about answering the questions people have. The site has made a bit over the years but it’s main intended purpose is to collect a huge email list, provide subscribers with beneficial information and eventually sell a DVD series to them.  

Case Study 2: How 1 website made me several $1,000s in a year all with free traffic.

A popular online diet called “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” exists which pays it’s affiliates anywhere from $26-$38 per sale. This diet in early 2007 was EXTREMELY popular amongst affiliates and promoting it through the keyword “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” was far too competitive, so I decided to dig more into the product. This led me to discover a way of marketing that I conquers unconquerable niches. I put up a full blog post on it here (with case studies).

Long story short, I discovered that Fat Loss 4 Idiots used a technique called calorie shifting to make up it’s diet method. I also discovered the keyword calorie shifting was highly searched after with little competition. So I put up an article which talked about how to do calorie shifting, which linked to a page which promoted Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

The article ended up getting over 100,000 views. In fact here it is. If you look at the very bottom, you’ll see the # of views. The site which promoted Fat Loss 4 Idiots has been down since early 2013 due to the popularity of the product dropping significantly.

However, the fact remains that this method made me $1,000’s and all of this was pure profit because all the traffic I received to the site was free traffic. All I really paid for was hosting and a domain which amounts to pocket change yearly. 

Case Study 3: How a 1 page website earned me 6 figures in a year ($40,000 in the first month)

It was the December of 2011. I was regularly looking up ideas for new ways to promote whatever came out. To do this was I was constantly looking at Google Trends, a popular free website on Google which helps you monitor popularity subjects that arise on a daily basis.

I discovered a diet called “17 day diet” was gaining a lot of attention, made a 1 page website promoting it:, put it up on Bing advertising and promoted the same Fat Loss 4 Idiots product through that page.

The result? An EXPLOSION in sales! My first day yielded $400+ in profit. I would later have days where I would made $1,000’s with the biggest day being over $7,000. My first paycheck for this niche amount to over $20,000 (for 2 weeks). I will be putting up a picture of the check VERY soon. My second paycheck was about $18,000, both of which amounted to over $40,000 in revenue. 

This niche would end up making me nearly $200,000 with about $60,000 being spent on advertising on Bing. Either way, it was an incredible feeling to wake up every morning and see $100’s in sales. 

What to take from all of these case studies: 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this page, not every niche you undertake will bring in profits, but the ones that do will be enough in some cases to substitute your current income or if you’re a student or unemployed be enough to help you pay for school and living expenses. 

I’ve had A LOT of failed attempts at making successful sites but it was through them as well as the training at Wealthy Affiliate that I got the experience and guidance to improve upon these mistakes and succeed. You too can do this, but if you’re new, you absolutely need guidance. Again I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate as being the BEST place for this, because their training is top notch, easy for beginners to understand, COMPLETE, and you can also join it for free. Learn more about it here. 



  1. Mike

    Just trying to wrap my head around this, I create a site say “The hard the hungry and the wonderlusters” Based on how to support the wanderlust of adventurers . Where does the income come from?

    Thanks a bunch

    • Vitaliy

      The income would come from promoting the right offers to the niche crowd Mike. You could sell accessories (backpacking gear, tour books, maps, travel guides and so many more things).

      The thing about this particular niche is that it’s very broad. A lot of people love to travel, but specifically, what do they want to see? Nature? Historic areas? Both? Start a site with one of these groups in mind and then sell them specific products. So for the nature travelers, backpacking gear and accessories for things like camping (tents) would be a great website.

      This is what I’d do 🙂

  2. Elvira Clemons

    ha Have tried surveys that lead to nothing, I got laid off on my job on 2 / 13 / 15 due to new people getting the contract,and I am on unemployment for now, until God blessed me with another job. I am very interested in learning how to make money at home, and not be scam. I really don’t want to go back to a job, I am 55 years old and I want to make money and enjoy life the rest of my days. But I don’t have but a 8th grade education, will I be able to do this kind of work, please let me know.

    • Vitaliy

      I can’t say for sure Elvira. This business is not guaranteed to work for everyone. Also is English your second language? I ask because if you have a primary language you are fluent in, I would try to build a site through that language because it will be easier. Either way, if you look at my page on Wealthy Affiliate, that program will show you everything you need to know.

  3. Lin

    I am a member of WA and it has helped me tremendously. I have a site up now but I have been feeling lost with what to do next. This article has come at the right time in my progress. Thank you so much for giving us an insight into your past

    I will move along and start up something new and give my other site a break. You are inspirational!

    • Vitaliy

      Hi Lin, if you’re feeling lost, make sure to let people know in chat and use the question feature a someone will always be able to help you. In fact, if there’s anything specific you’d like to ask, let me know right here 🙂

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