How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel. Do These Things.

There have been 2 very valuable articles I’ve written in regards to getting crazy numbers of traffic to your site. One was targeted towards Google Trends, the other was towards Amazon.

Now I am going to add a third article, this one targeting a similar approach I’ve used with those other 2 places, but applying it to YouTube. You will learn how to get more views, subscribers, likes and make a lot of money from it. 

For a long time, YouTube has been an area of traffic generation that I haven’t used because my niche sites required I focus more on content writing, rather than creating video content and personally because I enjoy writing more.

But with a recent niche discovery I made, which then led to a long period of research, I discovered that this strategy was incredibly overused by many people, however, they weren’t doing it correctly and because I know about marketing, I could take it and make it work way better.

Thus we have the guide you are about to read right now:

About creating a YouTube channel that is going to get many visitors if you follow it. And then how to use those views to get subscribers, likes and build a business.

Here are details about the backstory to how I found it: I was writing about this niche discovery I made.

I then made a website on it and basically followed the best SEO strategy I was taught which by the way is working incredibly well. While I was writing content, I was gathering ideas from YouTube videos pertaining to it. 

What I saw was that nearly every single one I watched received at least 10,000+ visitors (views). Some exceeded a few 100,000 or more. At the time I already knew what I could do with it to make money, but I decided to do that later, after my site was more popular and getting traffic from Google. 

But what pushed me to write this article was when a hot game came out known as Warhammer: Total War which I was really waiting on, that I saw tons of people making videos about it and not a single person whose videos I watched about that game knew anything about marketing, yet despite that, most of them were getting so many visitors from it. 

But they were missing out on so much money they could make from it and that’s where I decided to add what I would have done in their position…

How this strategy with YouTube works:

1) Make a niche site or at least have some kind of niche topic chosen.

2) Discover popular keywords that are trending in this topic. 

3) Make a YouTube video covering each keyword you discover. 

4) With the traffic there, you now have a ton of ideas to make money.

Note: This strategy will likely not make your videos viral in most cases, but there’s incredible chances every single one of the them you make will get 1,000’s and possibly 100,000’s of visitors. There will be more consistency in each one’s success in terms of traffic and you’ll be able to leverage it.

5 popular niches this strategy is perfect for:

Video game niche.

Let’s use the Warhammer game I was talking about earlier. Because the game is still very popular, there’s millions looking it up on YouTube and the people who bought it and made videos on it are now raking in 100,000+ visitors, many of whom are becoming subscribers and liking them.

There’s many different topics that could be covered on it and each topic gets it’s own influx of visitors. And these kinds of things are being done by normal people and some who are really smart have used it to build empires on YouTube.

So if you love games, each time a new one comes out, expect that there will always be a massive influx of people who will want to see other people play it. If you purchase that game/s and start making videos with it, you’re going to grow an incredibly large channel in no time. 

What kind of videos can you make? Literally anything relevant to it.

Play throughs are without a doubt one of the most popular and you can break it up into a series of videos if the game is long. You can also do reviews of the game.

If it is a war game like Warhammer, you have 100’s of videos you can make on different variations of battles you can do or whatever the game’s topic is about. 

Believe me, if you know about the game you’re buying, your niche audience does too and they will find you with YouTube’s help.

Fitness and Health. 

If you’re into Fitness, you can review fitness programs or diets you’ve gone on where you record how you’ve changed or looked. You can also do reviews on fitness equipment you’ve tried. 

Since the fitness and health topic is generally very popular with constantly new products coming out, you’ve got an evergreen supply of video content to make. 

Also, one of the other VERY profitable strategies I’ve written about before can be perfectly used for this niche. It’s the strategy about Amazon I wrote. In this case, you can find the best selling fitness equipment and do a video on it over and over again. 

The niche I found and one I’m going to be using this strategy for! 

What I have regarding this particular niche is a combination of a blog where I write content, which I will then be making my own videos on. In this topic (which I hope you read about because I did link it above) the video topics I can cover are:

The various different accessories that people can use and wear in this niche + how to get around many common problems when people are going through it. 

In fact, while looking at YouTube videos for this subject, the biggest traffic generators were the videos where people who target this topic show you how to get around the problems of it.

Mobile Phones.

In topics that deal with SEO, such as blogging, it is always advised to chase the specific ones. Mobile phones are not specific at all and I would never recommend you create a blog on JUST mobile phones.

However, with YouTube, you can target this topic rather easily. I would recommend this topic and this specific approach to people who are mobile phone junkies and love to buy the newest ones which come out. You can do more than just review individual phones, you can also do comparisons between them and other popular ones, basically TONS of content ideas at your disposal.

How popular are mobile phones? Let’s check:


Almost a 170,000 people look it up every single month. Does this mean the videos you make are going to get that much traffic? No, it actually means you can get MORE.

How? Because you’re not doing actual mobile phone reviews, you’re going to be making videos on SPECIFIC models that come out. Typically specific models get a lot more traffic than general terms like mobile phones.

Example: Go on YouTube and type up name of a popular phone. Let’s say, the “iPhone review”. 

The first page features multiple results where some videos received well over a million visitors (EACH).

  • If you love the iPhone in general, purchased one, what’s stopping you from doing a review where you record what it’s like to operate it?
  • What’s stopping you from doing troubleshooting videos of this phone or another which answers common questions people have?
  • What’s stopping you from doing reviews on other popular phones that come out like Samsung or any other droid phones? 

Nothing, and with YouTube, with this niche, you can probably hit a million visitors.

Note: Do this experiment with every single example!

Don’t just check up that example, look up every single topic I mentioned that works with this strategy on YouTube after you read this article and even if your niche isn’t on the list, look it up anyway!  

Look at the  first page results you get, how many results show up and in addition how many visitors each of them get and know that you can do this too! 

Computers and Laptops.

If you’re a computer junkie, you probably follow the popular tech sites that talk about new releases or you can use the same Amazon strategy I linked to above to find the best selling ones. 

You can review any new laptop that comes out. If you buy them, used, refurbished, whatever, you still have an opportunity to make a video and get visitors for it.

You can also do reviews on popular parts to hot selling laptops and computers.

Do you understand how to use the steps with the above topics?

If not, then let’s clarify it here. Remember the above 4 steps? Well this is what this section will cover and for now, only the first 3 steps:



With every niche I have shown you, you already have at least 3 of the 4 steps I’ve outlined. Let’s clarify by looking at 2 of those 5 niches:

Let’s start with the mobile phone niche. Out of the 4 steps I’ve covered, 3 are already there:

The niche is there: Mobile phones.

The keywords are there too: Every single phone you find has a keyword to it so when you make videos, just make the title of your them the name of the phone. So if you were doing a review of the iPhone 6, just make your title iPhone 6 review. 

The keywords for any other products in this topic are also there now: If you have an example with the iPhone, you then have a reference for other phones you can review in the future, say some kind of new Samsung model comes out. Make a video about it where the title is Samsung (so and so model) review. 

As for the monetizing which is part 4, we’ll cover that shortly.

Now let’s do fitness and health topic. 

Your niche is also already there: Fitness and health.

Your keywords can easily be found like this: Find popular fitness products selling on Amazon. Each of them itself is a keyword you can use. For example, let’s say you found a fitness machine whose name is something like “Super Duper Fitness 2,000”. Obviously I just made it up, but if it were a hot selling product, all you’d have to do is make a video whose title says “Super Duper Fitness 2,000 Review”.

Note: I would recommend you add that keyword in the description and tag as well.

And for other products and keywords for them, it’s easy: Just find more products like it, and make seperate videos on it (And targeting the keyword in the title, description and tags).

Part 4: Monetizing ideas of this hot strategy:

In other words, this is what we’re covering now:


Direct selling on your videos: Provide affiliate links directly from each one you make to an affiliate offer. You can add these in your description section of YouTube. I have a case study where I did this and it’s making good money.

Direct selling of your services: This is perfect if you’re in the computer and laptop niche. You can sell repair services or make custom computers to give away to people. 

Here you’d need to have your own blog site or at least a landing page where your visitors can go to request these services.

Don’t sell anything, just keep making videos and let YouTube pay you for advertising. This can add up well if the one you make get tons of visits.

Link the videos you make back to a blog site. This improves the blog’s SEO. Also your video’s SEO will also improve in not just YouTube, but also Google. For my niche site that I made, it was more beneficial to do this specific strategy.

Collect an email list from this. Tons of people use the power of YouTube to drive traffic to a landing page where they collect an email list. Typically YouTube itself also has a subscriber option. where you can collect them free of charge.


Do you absolutely need to have a blog site to make this whole strategy work?

The beauty of this strategy is that you don’t! In certain niche cases, it makes way more sense to just go about making YouTube videos vs having a blog.

The other beauty is that you can go more broad with topic choices vs if you had a blog where you need to be more specific on which niche you’re targeting. 

  • There are topics which make more sense to create just YouTube channels with.
  • There are also ones which make more sense to create just blogs with where you just write.
  • And then there are those where you can write and have a YouTube channel. 

I try to focus on having both.

Oh right, we’re supposed to talk about getting more views, likes and subscribers!

Yes there is that part too!

How to get more views:

You’ll automatically get that if you make videos on the most popular topics and products out there, whether it’s games, or other hot topics on a market, ect… 

Make sure to use annotations to get people to sign up to your channel. Then each time a new video gets uploaded by you, your subscriber base there will know and have the chance to go to it. More overall channel visitors!

Create playlists. This works great for things like games (and other topics too). If say you’re going through a very long game, as I said above, you can cut the entire game into different parts, making a seperate video on each and creating a playlist to lead people from one to the next. This creates more retention in visitors staying will happen.

How to get more likes and subscribers:

This all depends on the quality of the video content you’re making. If you know about writing good content, apply that same way of thinking for this too. If you inform and create really entertaining content for people to watch and teach them things, they’ll hit the like button and subscribe.

I’ll use the same example with the game, but I’ll use 2 forms of it:

One person makes a YouTube video where he doesn’t really show anything, but tells people to hit the like button or go to a link where he sells the game. This is a horrible idea and you’ll only get tons of thumbs down for it.

Another person does the right thing and SHOWS people what the game is like by playing it. This gets likes and subscribers.

Whether you’re doing these or regular reviews, the more you show to viewers, the better. If you’re doing a phone review, show them what it looks like, turn it on, go through the different functions of it, tell a story about it, describe how you use it and ways they can too and cover it all in one video for 1 product. This is in-depth stuff viewers crave to see and you should always give them this.

My final thoughts:

This is an incredible strategy that can work for any video friendly niche, which there are many of. If you can find ANY popular niche going around, chances are it’s also popular on YouTube and applying the simplest methods of marketing to it like I showed you in the 4 steps can get you a lot of business. 

Update: 2 additional tips on YouTube.

Alex Becker has good tips on this subject and it’s explained here.

Furthermore, with the tips he offers, he and I also personally advise making your titles have more clickbait in them (shocking statements, capitalizing words for example)

20 thoughts on “How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel. Do These Things.”

  1. This is really great information. My niche is beach travel. I have thought about doing videos of the beaches I go to. I still can’t figure out though how to get the youtube viewers (once I get there) to say an affiliate site? Or should I just promote my website within the video? Great suggestions and I did look at how you are doing it, it just didn’t seem to pertain to mine.

    • There is definitely a niche for beach goers and in terms of YouTube, you can share different locations you’ve been to and how beautiful it looks, what people can also see there, ect…

      Regarding the affiliate stuff…

      You can link to within every video you make back to your niche site on beaches and perhaps on it, promote some special offers for getaways. Look into popular travel sites and see if they offer an affiliate program.

  2. I have my own YouTube channel that I started a while ago, but my views have been very few and far between, so your suggestions are very timely and something I will be putting into practice.

    I like the idea of monetizing your site by adding affiliate links in the description section. Once I start getting some more traffic, this will become very useful!


  3. I really love this article because is really useful, I love the fitness and gym niche, and I think if we love our niche we have to make something great and enjoy while we are making. You’re right, YouTube is so important for us and videos are becoming the main source of traffic over and over again.

    • Oh that niche is huge for making YouTube videos for Alfred. I think there’s a popular channel where a guy shows ab exercises and eating tips and he’s been able to crack a million subscribers.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this information! I recently started a project-based niche site, and am struggling with the amount of time it takes me to produce each post, due to needing to do and photograph each project along with writing about it. It’s been suggested to me that videos and YouTube might be a better way to go, but to be honest, I have no real idea where to start. What technology do I need? Also, I really don’t want to appear in my videos, just show my hands and talk about what I’m doing, since it’s project-based. Is that possible? I’d love to hear your recommendations, as you seem to have a great grasp on this topic!

    • Well I would need to know the niche to recommend if it would be better to use YouTube for it, but if there is any aspect to the niche where people may go on YouTube to see instructions, you can definitely make some of your own without even showing yourself.

      There are programs which you can use to record screens like Camtasia, but if you wish to record yourself, a camera would be more useful, which you would then upload to your computer, and then to YouTube.

  5. I’ve really been thinking a lot about getting into using Youtube to help with sales on my website but I haven’t had any clue where to start.

    I even bought a video making software so that I could start learning how to make good videos. The one I bought was called Explaindio and I just wasn’t getting anywhere with it.

    I personally don’t want to be in my videos other than maybe my voice so I was thinking I would learn some animation skills. Explaindio wasn’t all that user friendly in my opinion and so I just gave up and got a refund on it.

    After reading your post I now want to try to get back into this. I think I would do a little more research and try to figure out which video making software to try. I was thinking I would just take some of my existing posts and make a video to go along with them. Do you have any advice for me?


    • If you’re just focusing on recording your voice, try Camtasia, it’s the one I use. I am also not very good at using those kinds of programs so all I really end up doing is recording myself as I explain products I review and that tends to be enough.

  6. Hi, Vitaliy.

    I’m in total agreement of your strategy here. I’ve been reading about the power of Youtube and frankly, it excites me.

    I’m currently putting together a plan to do some product review videos for my camping niche website.

    It’s only a month old right now and I’m finding that keyword research really does pay off, as it’s already ranking on page one for several keywords in both Google and Bing.

    Following your suggestions for creating a series of product review videos for this site would realistically give it a huge boost in traffic numbers, I’m sure.

    This was certainly a good read for me. Thanks, Vitaliy.


    • No problem Forrest, for your camping niche, I recommend using the Amazon strategy, finding the popular items and reviewing them all. If you own one of those camping products, do videos on those!

  7. This has woken up a few of my brain cells that were laying down on the job. You have some excellent suggestions here and I for one will be trying them. I am not very good at making videos but I guess with practice I will get more comfortable. Do you create your own videos or do you outsource them? Thank you for writing this and sharing what has worked for you.

  8. Hey!
    This was a great post, thanks for writing it. I recently made my first YouTube video and you’ve given me some great ideas about how to proceed. What do you think about a single YouTube channel having videos about multiple niches? Do you think each niche should have it’s own channel, or is a category separation enough? Thanks, Tim

    • Hi Tim, I believe you may want to have different channels when it comes to niches unless you are seeking to create a brand name for yourself.

  9. Thank you Vitaliy for such in-depth tutorial how to use the power of YouTube to get traffic. I was thinking about making videos but the need to put yourself out there for everyone to see is what slowed me down. I think I will just have to get over this and start making those videos. By the way, how long does it take you to write an article like this one?

  10. Hi, Vitaliy.

    I am always hesitant to go into YouTube marketing as I think it is time-consuming to make a good video and a lot of time is needed to edit it after recording.

    May I ask, on average, how much time do you need to create a good video for your new niche?


    • Not long Edmund, I typically do very little or no editing. I also find a lot of the good YouTube videos also have very little of that. In that one case study above where I showed a direct linking example, I made a horrible looking video, but it crossed into a 50% conversion rate still!

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