Why Trying to Get Rich Quick is a One Way Ticket to Failure.

One thing I have noticed about life and online marketing in general is that whenever I attempt to try and do something quickly or get fast results, I tend to get the complete opposite. Mistakes are made, generally the whole endeavor is a failure and I usually have to start over. So with that I noticed the irony of trying to get fast results in turn actually takes longer to see results. Go figure…

But in regards to online marketing, I often say how the get rich quick mentality is what ends up leading to failure to pretty much everyone who has it, myself included. When I first started, I had that mentality. I wanted to make a “quick buck” and the result of that? Scam after scam, failed project after another which lasted for nearly 3 years. And it wasn’t until I finally stopped chasing this “dream”, sat down, started working hard, didn’t give up and was using proper guidance that I finally saw a breakthrough. 

Most people who get into online business (and by that I mean 99% at least) all enter into it with the hopes of making quick money. What inevitably happens as I mentioned is usually the following:

  • They see that it takes hard work to succeed and they quit.
  • They don’t see results “Fast enough” so they quit. 

And then unfortunately most of these people head over to programs which promise them those fast results and guess what? Most if not all of them are absolute scams. And this is how they catch you as well. They prey on that emotion and that need to make fast money and it’s not just in this industry, but pretty much any other where fast results are concerned:

  • MLM.
  • Business.
  • Dieting.
  • Fitness.
  • Ect…

So in a manner of speaking, in many ways it is the fault of  the person for wanting fast results and not wanting to put in the work necessary which leads to failure, but at the same time there are cases where it’s the program itself, but that’s another story. What I want to instill in this post is that if you are looking to succeed online or anything else in life for that matter, you absolutely need to get rid of that “get fast results” mentality. 

Do fast results ever exist? Yes, but in most if not all cases, it can only happen when you already have a foundation set up. For example:

A lot of online programs teach you to do list building and claim how it’s the secret to success. That if you just send out 1 little email, you can make a ton of money. This is how they get you. But what they neglect to mention are things like this…

In order to make that kind of money via 1 little email, you first need to do things like this:

  • Build a website.
  • Get people to sign up to your newsletter and then only sell them something.

This is just 2 things and it’s a generalization, but it takes time and effort to get there. And if you do get there, THEN and only then can you start making great money utilizing what you already built. This can take weeks (optimistic) if not months or even years. But it is from that foundation that future success comes. See the difference as opposed to the sales pitches about making money with 1 click? 

Focus on building a business, then on making money:

The only real program I ever recommend people try in order to make money online is this one and what it has taught me most of all is to always focus on building your business first, then focus on making money. 

Unfortunately so many people who join it constantly ask about how quickly they can make money, which is understandable if you’re new. But when they’re told it takes time, they quit and those who don’t usually don’t last a month (Believe me I ran the numbers) and again this is because of that get rich quick mentality that’s constantly getting in their way. 

It’s further unfortunate too because a lot of these people have great potential in building long lasting and thriving businesses but they are their own worst enemy in that optimistic belief in getting rich quickly which constantly leads people down the wrong road. 

What does it mean to focus on business first, then money? 

Let me put it to you this way:

No business ever makes money without first establishing the basics:

  • An idea.
  • An area of operations.
  • A product/s. 

And even then preparation takes a lot of time before the business opens up to the public.

In online marketing, you’re in luck, because the process is A LOT easier and there’s less hassles. In order to build an online business you need:

  • An idea (a niche).
  • Then you need a website. This will act as your “office” where people come to. 
  • Then once you get visitors coming to that website, then and only then will the money start coming in.

This costs very little to set up, but what it does require is time and effort. If you can truly focus on building this up, you can see great results. 

How long this process takes is really up to you and how much time you invest into building it up. My best advice is to follow a step-by-step system that goes through this process in great detail and makes it simple to understand. 

Final thoughts:

Even though I urge everyone to avoid that get rich quick mentality, I know full well it’s nearly impossible to do. To this day, I still have the urge to get fast results, but whenever this happens, I look back upon what it took for me to get where I am today and then I remember all the bad times I spent trying to figure this business out and just how deep into a hole the get rich quick mentality led me and I stop myself from making the same mistake again!

I urge everyone who is reading this and looking to make money online to also do the same thing and focus on what works, put in the effort, build up the business and then you will absolutely see amazing results. Remember the get rich quick mentality ironically leads to the opposite so don’t let it fool you!

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